Wednesday, August 22, 2012

I'll be 15 Minutes Late

I texted the girlfriend I was meeting for drinks, "I'll be 15 minutes late".  I love friends that know when I say that it means I'll be what a normal person means by "On time" arriving no later than 5 minutes past the designated meeting time.  I was at the bar at 5:00 on the dot, I took a drive around the block so I would be there at 5:05 and she was just walking in.  Pshew.  I had intended at stopping at the library to pick up some books I had on hold.  I got to the door and they were closed for the day.  Seriously?  Closed?  Well that sucks.  I dug through my tiny purse no iPhone no Blackberry, well shit, I could go home and get them and deal with the ridicule of my husband but then I figured I'd be more than 15 minutes late, which I would have been at most 15 minutes late, if the library had been open and I went back to get the phones.  Seriously, closed, ugh...

Our Library, isn't it the coolest looking building?

So anyhow that tomfoolery didn't take the 15 minutes I thought it would.  I drove on to my destination, hoping to speed up to dry my hair and my body, now clean but sweaty, WTF?  Why do I insist that I'll be fine after a shower after a run?  It was a 'short run' only 6 miles, at a slow pace, why am I so boiling hot and sweaty?  Anyone else have this problem?  Buller?  My hair was happy to be free and flying all over the place, grrrr...  Makes me miss my Capri, Chip, my $8K hairdryer as someone called him.  He was a darn good hair dryer, better than four open windows in a Volvo, for sure.  Much more even.

1991 Mercury Capri - loved this car!!
As I was jumping in the shower Hubb arrived home from his fishing trip, he caught three fluke and brought two home, mmmm we will be eating fresh fish for a few nights!  Before a scurried off to my 'date' I mentioned I met the new neighbor, Marsha.  After she said Marsha, Marsha, Marsha, I doubt I will forget her name! Nice lady, widower.  What shocked me was when she said "Where ARE you from, I can't place the accent." Krikies after living in New England for 13 years I still have my MI accent, good to know. Not that I didn't doubt I still whined my A's and dropped my T's.  Marsha bought the house up the street where the wife died on the back porch and the husband fell down the stairs in a drunken stupor, broke his neck and died just about a year later.   Wonderful couple and he really died of a broken heart, it was nearing the 1 year anniversary of her unanticipated death.  The teeny tiniest little spitfire of a compassionate giving lady you'd ever get to meet, died of a massive coronary on her back porch.  Totally not the image of someone you'd expect to keel over from a coronary. Goes to show you that you can't tell what is going on with a person just by looking at them.  Marsha didn't know all of the story, she'd cobbled it together from newspaper articles.  She just wanted to be sure he didn't off himself in the house.  I assured her it was not a suicide, he died of a broken heart.  As she is also a widower, recognizing the second anniversary of her late husbands death she 'gets it', and I believe her.  She said the first year was the worst and while it isn't easy it does get easier.  I congratulated her.  I couldn't think of what else to do.

It was nice catching up with my girlfriend, having a few cocktails, gossiping, having a cheese burger and fries, YUMMO.  Although I haven't weighed in for Weight Watchers this month, I indulged.  I'm up a few pounds but still under goal, at least according to my scale at home. Saturday, I'll go Saturday!  We caught up on the goings on of General Hospital.  I think I may start taping it and watching it...  I do so love to look at Jason, and as Steve Burton is still on the show I imagine he has only improved with age, just like a fine wine.

Today's run was 6 miles.  I managed to get turned around in my own town.  How is that for funny?  I'm blaming it on my not quite right stomach.  No!  I'm not pregnant, although that is a panic point, especially at my advancing age, and the near impossibility of it actually happening!!  I think I gave myself a touch of food poisoning by drinking tea from a mug I had stashed in my drawer at work and had not washed before drinking out of.  So anyhow, I was a bit concerned about vomiting on my run, but figured I'd run anyhow because who knows if I'll ever have to vomit on a run and well it would be good to be prepared, right? Well, not to disappoint, but no vomiting occurred.  My stomach did feel better a few miles in to the run and I got my groove on, slowly.   

See the little stair steps?  Got a little turned around there.
Beth who when she says she'll be 15 minutes late means she will be on time....

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