Saturday, August 11, 2012

Lazy Saturday and "The Stick"

I slept the sleep of the dead last night all the way into the late hours of the morning.  The first day in two weeks I haven't had to get up to the alarm.  It was pure bliss.

Hubb took the young ones to the field to get them out of the house and the old fogies and I lazed around in bed for a few minutes and when I got up took a peek outside, it was sort of less humid and cloudy.  By less humid I mean 80% rather then 90%.  It looked like rain so I thought a quick walk around the neighborhood would do all three of us some good.  Half way down the block and we turned around, the park sounded like a much better idea!

Loaded the old fogies in to the car and off we went!

Run Run Run

And they enjoyed a little drink from all the rain we have had!

Gizmo: "Sage, really? Must you stand IN the water?"
Sage: "slurp slurp slurp"

There were some geese but they didn't bother chasing them, seems way to early to have the Canadian geese starting their trek down South.

Geese?  Already?
And nice yellow and purple flowers, making me think of two very special ladies in my life.

Once we arrived home it was decided to watch "Downton Abbey" and knit!  Yes, I am relaxing. Love love love "Downton Abbey"  Jane Austen meets sarcasm meets "oh my" meets British Aristocracy = Entertainment.  One more episode and the latest baby sweater will be 'stick a fork in it' done!

Oh "The Stick"  I had a boss who used to call me "The Stick" mostly because I would quietly observe a situation and then jump in with a well thought out question and stir up thinking (or trouble),  He would just shake his head and mouth "Stick" to me from across the table.

Not the same sort of stick is "The Stick".  My calf is still super tight, despite all the stretching and walking and yoga.  I bought "The Stick" at a big box sporting goods store and used it.  WOW!  It really did help to break up the fascia causing all the tightness.  Woot!

Tomorrow a.m. long run.  I am so looking forward to this. It has been too long, two weeks is a long time.  I have enjoyed my recovery however it is time to start back pounding the pavement. Plus I received the best gift today!  A CD of Marine Corpsesque Drill Instructor Rhythm, should be grand!

Beth back in her shoes again!