Sunday, August 19, 2012

The Road Less Traveled

Today's run was 15 - 17 miles.  I had it mapped out, with the alternatives to extend to 17 if I felt like I could handle it, and ready to go!  Loaded up my Fuel Belt with water, GU, and money (so I could buy more water along the route I mapped out).

The actual route, 14.2 miles
Like every good plan there are contingencies you just aren't prepared for, and just hope for the best. I am so grateful for the folks at Greenhaven Marina, well more grateful for their porta potty.  One of the things I was very happy to see on my training run today.   And looky you can even see the little line off the course where said porta potty is located. Tee hee.

This was the second time I noticed the guy in the gray pick up truck, he beeped softly and stuck his hand out the window with a thumbs up.  Damn that made me smile.  My more paranoid friends would probably go into stalker alert mode.  I was happy for the positive affirmation.

The next off the beaten path was The Road Less Traveled, not maintained by the town, not really sure what to expect, but I figured the three miles out and back would be worth it!

Nice and shady, so far so good, little bit of a hill, not bad.   The sights I saw took me away to different times, and one well, just was disturbing.

My Father needs one of these!!
There was also a little cabin just past this sign.  Interesting little place, very neat and tidy, not at all Ted Kaczynski style. But I sorta thought I heard some banjo music.

This was a bit weird.  I know, how does a tree stump and a sign weird me out?  I think it was the glowing eyes, they caught just a hint of sunlight peeking through the trees...  Congratulations to Tom and Laura for what ever they accomplished!

Then I started seeing what I expected to see, nice houses, really nice houses, cobble stone driveways, and expensive cars.  Less than a dozen of these houses. What a view.

The view, Stonington Borough in the background

And it was back up the 1.5 miles to the main road.   A mile or so in to the same old same old, then the gray truck drove by again!  WOOT! Another THUMBS UP!!! Oh you paranoid people, settle down.  He is probably a runner too!!

My path took me straight rather than my usual right to head back home.  Uncharted territory again.  30 MPH seems to be a suggestion on the roads, as do Stop signs.  I take it all with a grain of salt.  What I didn't remember from driving this route were the hills.  Well more the big down hill.  My knees did not like that.  I think they were tired from walking yesterday?  I've never had both of them hurt so much.  After mile 11 the walking (well a little hobbling) started. Mile 12 was the gas station I thought was closer appeared.  Some Chocolate Milk and Gatorade.  Why, yes, I do have a strong stomach!  And had I been running it would have seemed closer!!

Elevation Chart

Had a nice chat with a lady advertising for her tag sale.  She asked how I liked the Fuel Belt and I gave her the pros and cons.  She has been running with a bottle on a waist pack.  She ditched the hand held a while ago, it gave her neck problems too.  Hmmmm... I wished her well on her tag sale and she wished me well on my training and on I went.

I was never to happy to see this f-cked up intersection, ever.  Crossing it in a vehicle is tough.  It is a usual 4 way intersection, however you have the added bonus of a rail road bridge pylon turning it into a nightmare for anyone turning left in any direction.  I hobbled across knowing I was nearly home, just one long hill to climb.  Fortunately going up is way easier than going down!

So what did I learn:

  1. A mile walked is way longer than a mile run
  2. What I thought was a convenience store is actually a bar
  3. A rest day pre-long run is important
  4. The road less traveled should be taken, everyone needs to see new sights
The gray pick up never appeared again.  Wonder if I will see him for next Sunday's long run? I do so love the drive by cheers!!!

My splits, if your interested.  I think I'm getting slower...

Beth enjoying icing and writing this entry.