Saturday, August 25, 2012

Restful Saturday

My agenda today was rest.  The activities making up 'rest': Laundry 6 loads, full change out of bedding, cleaning bathrooms, watching a movie, and catching up on blog reading.  I do feel rested, and I am wicked ancy to run run run tomorrow a.m.

One of my girlfriends asked how on earth two people generate THAT much laundry in a week.  Well it is a bit more than a weeks worth, plus two extra sets of sheets (company coming the next two weekends), a quilt and we seemed to go through extra towels this week. I don't know how people with families do it. Laundry is done daily?

I watched First Knight, yes, yes, I am decades behind in movie watching.  Nothing ever seems good so I wait for recommendations, this one was recommended this week.  Definitely on the re-watch list.  Although it seemed like they edited out parts and then referred to them later so that was a bit annoying.  If you know the story it flows, but if you don't it may be hard to get from one place to the next.   Plus spending a few hours with Richard Gere and Sean Connery is never a bad thing!

Caught up on Running Blogs.  It is so nice to read about other people running and their thoughts and challenges. Run Pretty Far is one I enjoy for her commentary and her music recommendations.  Sometimes it feels like Jenn is in my head.  I aim for her level of endurance. She is a mother runner.  I'm a non-mother runner, I guess?  We do have four dogs and I have a full time job so maybe that puts me up near the 'mother runner' level.  My time is limited too!!

Tomorrows run will be the same route from last Sunday.  That was a nice route, and I can add on more miles to up it to 17 if I'm feeling up to it.  Read: if my knees don't crap out like last time.  Since I didn't walk 8 miles to day I think they have a fighting chance!  Wonder if Mr. Gray Truck will be out there cheering me on??

Hubb should be home shortly, oh yes, I did get to spend the day alone, just me my rest activities and the four dogs, it was lovely.  I am sure enjoyed his time out of the house as much as I enjoyed my house time.  Yep, I have the perfect spouse and perfect marriage for me!

Beth, well rested and raring to go!

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