Sunday, August 26, 2012

New Things Hurt

I did it, I freaking did it!  17 miles!!  I am on the verge of sobbing right now.  Is that normal?

Per usual the first 4 miles sucked, man that mind of mine really is a major downer.  I felt a knee tweak just after the 4 mile mark and thought, oh shit.  Then I remembered what a friend's husband commented about aches and pains "If you are changing your gait change it back to your normal gait."  Gary is one smart cookie, that is for sure.  I imagine I am changing my gait in some small way.    The pain is acute and behind the knee cap and only when it tweaks.  My knees are always sore after I run, sore, not in pain.  I suppose this is Runner's Knee?  I'll look into elastic braces and start the appropriate strength training exercises to get things to stay aligned.

During the first four miles I passed the usual folks.  The guys looking a little mystified as to where they are and where is their car.  The ladies who sit on the stoop and smoke and drink coffee. The old man taking his ailing pup out for a morning tinkle.  I imagine him as some bad ass Marine back in his day. Chomping on cigars giving the grunts hell.  He has that broad shoulder build.  He is always so nice and waves and says good morning.  The couple who walk side by side and don't skootch over for anyone, cars, bikers, runners.  They had their dog with them this a.m. the dog like to walk ON the yellow line!  It isn't a hugely traveled road, but still it is windy and hilly and we should all SHARE the road!

I got up and around and down on my first out and back and felt pretty damn good, and then the second out and back was just shortly after that.  Down there I ran in to the Watch Cat.  She watched me run by the first time and was still there on the back part of the out and back.  Didn't move, didn't blink.  Cutie, isn't she?

Watch Cat
My cheerleader in the gray truck wasn't out.  I was bummed.  Still a few people did wave back when I waved.  There were a ton of bicyclists out.  Wonder if it is the season or there is a race or something?  Always nice to give and get a "Good Morning" from a fellow masochist.

Just when I was starting to get a little tired, and where everything went to hell last Sunday, Sargent Vines came on the iPod.  Perfect timing, since the iPod was not on shuffle this would play for the next hour and get me damn close to mile 17.

I love "singing" along. It is nice to just grunt or bark or say something that would make no sense to anyone not hearing what I am hearing in my earphones.   Love Love Love Love

Traffic on US 1 was good, people skootched over when they could.   Drivers paid attention, awesome, thank you drivers!  Until I got closer to civilization.  What is it with New York drivers?  Do they not pay attention.  If I wasn't paying attention he could have run me over.  He was looking left to turn right (which is totes normal) but not right to make sure there were no pedestrians.  So I did what any one would do I smacked the window and then the back quarter panel of his car.  THEN he noticed me.  I continued on my run as he pulled over to the side of the road trying to figure out what the hell had happened.  Tee hee!  THIS is why runners need to pay attention and run defensively.

I spied a tennis ball in the middle of a parking lot.  Awww  Diesel is cheering me on.  Miss ya Big Guy.

Wow, this is getting long.  Well I could take a short cut and just wrap it up with my stats.  But like I did this a.m. I decided to tackle one more hill.  It is a lot steeper than it looks in this picture. Left would have taken me on a more direct route home, and it is down hill.  I went up hill and am happy I did.  What an awesome run!

I walked the last 0.25 miles home and did a check how do I feel.  The inside of my calves hurt, they had never hurt before, better pay special attention to stretching them.  Everything else ached as it normally does.  It wasn't until I got into the shower that I found the chafing.  YOWZA does that hurt when you get water on those spots!  I've been having problems with chafing and my sports bra and I should have used some glide.  What I wasn't expecting was the chafing under my arms from the tank.  Next long run I am wearing my Team Lung Love jersey, just to see if or where that may chafe.  YOWZA that hurt. Better dig out that "Glide" from my gym bag and use it!

My stats:

The route looks how I imagine a "Dementor" looking.

Stayed under a 12 min mile overall pace, woot!

Beth who is tender in new places and says "17 miles isn't for wimps, when do I get to do it again?"


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  2. Sorry, edited for typo...

    Beth - Keep up the good work, you rock...
    ... side note, ran a couple miles myself this week, foot hurt but not during my run, and not any more than normal after. we'll see.

    1. Awesome Rod!!! Hey if the pain is going down that has to be a good thing right?

      Thank you for the ups! Means A LOT to me!

  3. Outstanding! You truly are a rock star. Congratulations on an important milestone!

    1. Thanks Don and Suzan!!! Much appreciated and means A LOT to me!