Sunday, January 29, 2017

1/23/2017 - 1/29/2017

And another week begins with Monday.  This time not a holiday, so that was a bummer, back to full work weeks till May.  There has got to be a better way...   Not a running day and I was kind of ok with that with the wind.  Spin it was and my legs were a teensy bit tired from Sunday. I got through the class and really worked on heavy gear and intervals.  That may help mountain biking.  No one got a walk, it was raining.  If it was day light and raining, I'd consider it, not at night with the number of people not paying attention to driving while driving.

Wicked wind and rain over night and more expected for Tuesday, a running day.  A morning of meetings and a text from Faith wondering when I was running, not if.  When, it is nice when my friends know I'll run in anything to avoid the treadmill.  She asked to join in and I said sure, I probably wasn't going to run 5 so she'd need to meet that magic number on her own.  Since the wind was 20 MPH from the NNE that is the direction we headed for the first half, we were also treated with a nice steady rain to complement some nice rolling hills.  We were rewarded for our efforts with a pleasant place to run and a tail wind and the houses blocking the bulk of the Easterly wind. We could have added in a loop around Fort Trumbull to get to the 5.  I was happy to get out and away from my desk.  

The rain was full bore by the time I got home so two not so happy dogs for the evening. If it was just a drizzle I'd go out, I feel guilty not getting them out two days in a row.

Ro is in Florida so power walking the hill loop turned into running it on Wednesday because, well, I'm not going to walk that fast on my own.  It wasn't too horrible, I was in to the wind going North and West which meant up hill a bit and with it at my back a bit.  I was glad to have it at my back for School St and Latham St.  The stairs at the top of Latham St really did me in though.  It took a lot to muster up running again.  I did!

Spin at night, interval class, which I definitely need and upped the tension on the bike to really get something out of it.  Spin twice a week is actually helping, I'm feeling a bit more better about the classes.

Then got the boys out for a short walk after beers and pretzel sammiches at The Malted Barley with Faith and Joe for Faith's birthday.  I love it when people like to recognize their latest lap around the sun!

I was pooped and fortunately the short walk appeased the beasts and they let me sleep!

Thursday wasn't too bad with a decent night sleep, yeah I know dogs in the bed is a big part of the problem. Gus spends most of the night in his hut and Jax pretty much settles in and stays in one place.  It's the up and down of Gus wanting to snuggle then leaving. Makes me miss how well Gizzy and Diesel snuggled.

Another running day I aimed for 6 miles and hit 5.95, good enough.  Did all three points around campus and was happy with where I ended up pace wise.  It was spritzing when I started and was raining pretty steady through mile 3, mile 4 and forward the sun came out more and more.  Which was nice, because I was slogging up the backside of campus on the part of the road I dread.

Gus took me out for an energetic walk, he'd keep going if I didn't force him to go home!

Exhausted and sore from three days of running, and not looking forward to strength and core.  I do need it and it is making a difference.  Class was good.  Chris is a fun instructor, he talks through the whole class. My body was sore at the start and more sore at the end.  Will be interesting to see what Saturday holds.

Took Gus to explore another Westerly Land Trust preserve.  I had read about it and was tired of the same old same old, it was time to try a new place and while we hadn't been to one we know in a while I really didn't want to don on the orange.  It's a weird thing with me, not worth getting into.  Very pretty preserve, we did the perimeter loop and will go back and explore the interior loops at some point.

Gus hates selfies.... yet he spends a good 15 minutes every morning admiring himself in the mirror
I swear I hear him singing Meghan Trainor "Me Too"

CELC (Charlestown Early Learning Center) 5K in the afternoon, I wasn't sure about biking before this, I figured I wouldn't be running much of it but still...  Dave was happy to go out with his buddy, but a little disappointed.  That made me feel good and guilty all at the same time. After finding out the Lululemon Strava challenge gave out actual merchandise; I thought what the hell and went up to their Cranston store to claim my goodies.  I don't know if I'll ever get up the nerve to wear the running shorts, they are short!  The shirt, is nice and will work well with spin.  I don't have the right legs for their stuff, a thin muscular leg looks better than a thick muscular leg.  My leg type works better with a different type of short.  Note:  I'm not being hard on myself, I'm pretty clear I was blessed with my mother's awesome legs!!!  Hell for shorts that run $58 and a shirt that runs $68, seems worth the potential uncomfortable-ness, even if I only use the shorts for swimming!

The 5K was good.  Jennifer has surfaced again and I was glad for that.  She's been attending Wed night spin pretty regularly.  She went through a pretty rough personal patch and now has a rough professional patch.  She has a plan for the professional, and frankly having been there myself, the professional is much easier to manage.  We ran and walked averaged a bit over a 12 minute mile.  I'm good with that.  This wasn't for me, it was for her and it was for the kids at the Charlestown Early Learning Center.  Seriously.  

After a beer and some nachos with the girls I took Gus to the newest preserve I found and we had a really good time hiking the interior loop.  Lots of granite ledge to scramble up and a new view of the abandoned granite quarry.  We had a good time and I was definitely feeling Friday's class and looking forward to Amy coming over on Sunday morning to torture me with a deep tissue sports massage.

Happy to scramble up some ledge and show of his mad skillz


Everyone over slept this Sunday a.m. which means Dave scrambled to meet up with his bike group, Gus's tummy was a disaster (if he doesn't eat by 7:00 a.m. we all have hell to pay), Jax didn't have the appropriate amount of time to wrestle and was whiny...  fortunately my only to do was get a massage and Amy was coming to the house and I had time for coffee!  My back has been stiff, not to mention my knees and hips.  It was time to get poked and prodded with the magic pointy elbows and feel like a spry 45 year old once again!  This one didn't hurt as bad as times past so the scar tissue is lessening and I should push for some progress.  Perhaps a bit of speed work.  Since I'm nailing two of the three points in The Art of Stress Management for Runners  I totally embrace run at a comfortable pace and enjoy the process.

No, really, I've been enjoying how much less angst I feel about running.  Angst might not be the right word.  Maybe dread for that first mile. It is getting easier, or I'm noticing the suck a whole lot less. 

Took Gus out for a quick hike through Wahaneeta and Dave went for a long hike with Jax.  Gus was dragging, I guess he is 9 and possibly slowing down.  He ran and scrambled up and down the ledge quite a bit yesterday, plus the whole upset tummy thing this a.m.  I think it might have been the potato chip (or two or three) Dave gave him last night.  He can't handle fat, pretty much any fat... 

So that ended a pretty good week I hit my arbitrary mileage goals, however did not get out on the Mountain Bike or Road Bike even though the weather was ideal for it. I did get to a critical point in my latest sweater and am letting it sit for a day to make sure I don't make some bone head error I'll have to rip out.  The book I'm reading "Pretty Girls" by Karin Slaughter is probably not a good one for me to be reading right now but I can't put it down, much like it is so difficult to go slow by a car accident.

Feet:  31
Saddle:  30

Beth, Calling it good and ready to start the new week with no regrets.  

Monday, January 23, 2017

Weekly Recap 1/16/17 - 1/22/17

Well hello there Monday holiday!  Still kind of in a funk and really don't want to leave the house.  I'm pretty sure I know why, a week ago a dear friend would have had his 50th birthday.  He's been gone 20 years now.  Anyhow, that is that and we move through it and on with our lives remembering there are other people on this planet and not to run them down while we are in our vehicles those who love them miss them when they are gone.  

I accomplished quite a bit off my chore list so that was a plus!  I found a hat I made a few years ago.  I had totally forgotten about this, it was in a bag of yarn.  I'm not surprised to find this bag of yarn, I was surprised to find the hat inside it, and some baby booties.  I totally forgot I made those too!  Fingers crossed I don't have any more huge bags of yarn hidden in the attic.  

Got Gus out to hike and a sunset to dark hike.  That went well.  We were well on our way back when the sun went down. My headlamp lit the trail well and Gus being the sure footed creature he is led the way back to the car.

Tuesday became hill day as Ro was going to VT to ski.  Sure, that works.  I want to get my running to 3 or 4 days a week and that does help since I didn't do much on Monday.  We did our usual hill loop and it feels a little easier than it did in the heat of the summer.  I do have to get serious about training for a 1/2, a plethora of 5 mile runs isn't going to help a pain and injury free completion of 13.1 miles!  I think I have another week or so I can put this off.  Gus got the walk and he didn't want to stop.  OMG seriously, he kept turning away from home.  It was a bit of a fight to get him to head towards home. 

Finally back to somewhat of a normal early get up schedule, Dave has some sort of a cold, hopefully he doesn't share this with me.  Wednesday I was up and out on time and even got the dogs fed so he could sleep in.  Once they eat they are more than happy to curl back up in bed and snooze the morning away.  Ran at lunch and it felt good.  All that training the fast runners do make them look so miserable.  Spin after work and Jennifer seems to be back on track, so hopefully I'll see her more often in spin.  And Jax got the walk.  I had maybe 30 minutes more of movement in me and he was angelic on our walk.  Even walking through a group of men (which always makes me nervous no matter who they are) and I know he senses my discomfort, he focused forward and we walked, no growling, snarling, barking, or lunging  (and he behaved himself too!).  Ha ha ha.   My first 'triple' in a while...

The little monster looking all cute and innocent, don't let it fool you.
What a day, the big yellow orb was in the sky this Thursday morning!!! I was beginning to think we were living in Michigan where you see the sun a grand total of 14 days between Halloween and Valentines Day.  Well at least there was usually some snow on the ground so it made the gray drab days sort of bearable...  not surprising the SSRI and beer consumption also went up during this period of time.  Nice 5 miles with some hills for lunch.  It was a far more impressive elevation gain graphic on the iPhone than on the computer!  Still I worked some hills and am not disappointed.  Hopefully we get into Mt. Washington Road Race this year.  It could possibly be my worse year, it is so beautiful to climb up the auto road, probably more beautiful to climb up the trails though...   I will train nonetheless.   

Work holiday party, I was kind of dreading.  It was actually fun!  No pressure of the holidays, lots to talk about with the new year.  

Not a running day, Friday, a cross training day.  I did get Gus out for a walk after dinner and we were both happier for that.  I'm dreading and looking forward to my upcoming training for the 1/2 marathon on April 30th.  I'm sure that will pass.

Dave made plans to ride with one of his buddies on Saturday, his cold is finally going away!  I took the opportunity to run in the morning.  Ugh, not my favorite.   I can't believe I used to get up at 5:00 to run and enjoyed it.  Crazy.  I got in a reasonable 4 miles, working on lifting my knees when I run in an effort to improve my form and increase cadence, gave me something to think about.  After I took Gus and Jax out for a cool down walk.  Both the dogs got out for individual hikes before dinner.  Spoiled much?  Made for a very quiet evening for us, so totally worth it!

After a crappy night sleep I was kind of dreading Sunday's ride in Duval.  Razz told Dave they were pretty mellow trails, and for the most part they were.  I didn't hate it but I would have liked it much better if I felt better.   Surprising amount of elevation gain.

Road riding is definitely easier than trail riding.  Trail riding forces you to do intervals, lots of short steep hills.  Road riding is far more long hills you can grind up.  Duval would be some place I could manage on my own, would be great to run to.  If I ever get back to running more than a few days a week.

My stomach never did settle down, I tried to nap, that wasn't happening so I decided to have an adventure with Gus and go to Lantern Hill.  I had no idea what to expect.  It was a 300+ foot climb up then climb down.  Gus did great on all the ledge, definitely not an easy "hill" to climb the views were nice, they would be much better on a sunny day.  I could see the ocean so that was cool for being so far inland. 

There was someone at the very very tippy top texting, I didn't want to disturb them to get a photo with or of Gus....  next time!!


Feet - 35.2 
Saddle - 13

All in all a higher mileage week on the feet!


Beth, moving forward and moving through.  

Monday, January 16, 2017

Weekly Recap: 1/9/2017 - 1/15/2017

My quick nap on Sunday afternoon, paid me back by being wide awake between  2 a.m. and 4 a.m.  I even tried tricking myself that I had to be up at 5 because of course if you have to be up you can fall asleep quickly!  Well that didn't work so Monday was a bit sluggish, I really felt like doing nothing.  Fortunately Ro had rescheduled our hill work out so I HAD to do something and hoped that would give me some energy.  Not so much but at least I got a nice comment from my Garmin it went something like this "This is an unusual amount of activity for you on a Monday", yeah thanks?

Dave decided he wanted to take the dogs out for a hike after dinner.  Ok sure, in the snow in the dark on a trail with lots of rocks we can't see.  Sounds like a brilliant plan.  The brilliant part was getting the dogs out and letting them burn off some crazies, that worked.  We hiked/trudged about 1.4 miles, I think I twisted my ankle, but then I'm not sure if it isn't just hurting from snowshoeing.  Something to keep an eye on for a couple days, probably nothing more than a clue (if history tells us anything, I'll likely ignore) something is looming.

When the moon came out from behind the clouds and reflected off the snow, it looked like someone turned on all the lights.  Very cool.  The boyz had fun romping and chasing and stalking and investigating, they will reward us by sleeping soundly through the night, and well that is good by me because well, I really really like sleep!

Woke up to rain on Tuesday and the weather in the process of taking a turn to the warmer direction, I think it was raining, I stayed in for my exercise, if you can even call it that.  I think I was planning on doing one of the strength classes but got to the gym at the wrong time or something like that.  I plopped on the exercise bike did some hills for 10 miles with resistance and 100 +/- 10 cadence, while reading Discover, that was the interesting part and then did some half hearted bridges on the stability ball and called it done.  The rain hit at night and Gus pouted about not getting a walk.  I did too, kind of, but the ice with a layer of rain just seemed dangerous and frankly I wasn't feeling at all like being involved in anything.

Game of Thrones season 6 came in at the library the Imaginary Husband was looking forward to watching that after dinner and I started a sweater.  Found this great designer, her sweaters are named after cocktails.  The pattern that best matched the yarn up next in the cue is a shawl collar cardigan with some cables, named Dark and Stormy.  Gus curled up on the ottoman at my feet while I struggled with the pattern and trying to remember who the hell all these people are on this show I've now watched 5 seasons of and can vaguely recall a story line and the only person I remember seems to have changed her name!!!  Gahhhhhh...  The writing is good, the costumes and the scenery are fantastic, visually it is great, I can't keep the plot in my head, and I've even read the first two books in George RR Martin's series.  There is too much going on may be the issue.  I determined I made one stitch incorrectly and carried that mistake through the 12 rows I had knitted so I pulled it all out and by that time we were through the second episode.  Gus had moved to the couch and Jax was not happy to share the couch with him.  Those dogs...
I got some new kicks so decided I'd try them out on my run on Wednesday, INOV-8 f-lite 195s, I think they aren't my type of shoe, but they were a cool color and worth the risk.  Probably more for shorter runs and better on the trails.  It has been fun experimenting.  Just not feeling like doing anything and I had hoped the run would help me snap out of it.  Kind of.  Guess the January doldrums are poking out their nasty heads?   To top of my malaise was a mix up with spin bike reservations and nearly getting booted out of class, but because I am a regular, my name was clearly once on the list, it would be ok.  New spinner person wore perfume and ended up next to me.  Oh lovely.  Between the waves of nausea and not being able to understand Kim I was nearly ready to storm out.  I didn't.  That would really be childish.  Suck it up buttercup and move through it.  It's tough being an adult.  Definitely not for the squeamish or the childish?  Ha ha...

Restarted the sweater for episodes 3 and 4 of GoT.  Imaginary Husband contemplated cracking open either the Ommegang Valar Morghulis or Ommegang Valar Dohaeris, but we were already one beer into the evening and well while it's not dry January it is one beer on a weeknight January...  crazy talk, I know!!  Got the stitch I messed up done correctly and stopped before I needed to start any of the cable rows, I wanted a bit of time to think through how I wanted to manage that part of the pattern and had the feeling I was on the verge of messing something up.

Spring has sprung this Thursday in January, ugh... still though for my run I should have had light gloves.  Took most of the afternoon to warm up my fingers. It was a decent run, gave me sometime to noodle through a work project and finally figure out how to get that moving.  WTAC Board meeting, my first official as Secretary, I think this will be a really good experience for me over all and hopefully benefit the club also.  The evening ran late and no walk for Gus who was now not speaking to me...  I kinda figured that might happen.  Worked through the next few rows on the sweater very glad I put it away when I did because yep, I was going to make a big mistake. Got through that tricky part and worked on it for a while till things were changing again and it was time to set it aside. 

Imaginary Husband quizzed me on things happening on the show and I barely passed, I failed, ok I failed.  Gus was back on speaking terms because he didn't want to miss his pre-bedtime snack and kinda ticked Jax curled up on the ottoman at my feet. 

The malaise seemed to be short lived, woke up Friday not feeling like I wanted to crawl back in bed into the fetal position.  Not a running day, Core and Strength day!  Took Chris' class at the gym, I still am not quite getting all the exercises right, but fake it till you make it right?  All in all after a month of these (4 classes!) I'm not totally dying mid way through class.  Progress and time to step it up?

After an appointment with the financial adviser Imaginary Husband was off on a bike ride and I took Gus to Champlain for a hike.  He was a little bonkers, major fail on dog guardianship for me this week.  Dave took Jax on a ride on Wednesday so we both didn't score to many points with the pups. They didn't reward our bad behavior with any of their own bad behavior so we have that going for us.

Nice start to a long weekend with sleeping in on Saturday.  I can't believe I was out until 8:30!  I panicked thinking it must be close to noon!!  It wasn't!! I was relieved, I really didn't want to sleep the day away but guess I needed it.  Dave and I went out for a bike ride and to get some of Jax's crazies out.  He was a maniac, Jax, not Dave, on the ride; barking like a crazy dog.  He did get to meet up with one dog, then two dogs, then three dogs, all golden retrievers and very calm.  He managed to be a stupid head and one of them had to put him in his place, he came running to me  "those dogs are picking on me"  yeah, right, you did something stupid, think about it.  He decided to run and see if Dave would give him some sympathy. HA!  Fortunately less running has been helping Jax's knee, over use injuries happen in all creatures.

Putting my front tire back on my bike with the handy thru-axle I managed to not get the axle all the way through and whoops, it cross threaded.  Dave got it fixed and we had more remedial lessons on how to put the tire back on.  Guess I'm lucky I managed to get it correct before the ride and only have the OOOPS at home.  Something just wasn't right and now that I've done it 5 times in a row I THINK perhaps I'll know when it is seated properly..

Took Gus out to Barn Island on Sunday morning.  No intention of finding the illusive "border trail" we wandered in and out of side trails to see where they took us.  Gus even managed to find a trail I thought wasn't a trail.  Good catch there bud!  He's been trying to pull me down that way for a while.  With the dusting of snow on the ground it was a bit easier to distinguish what was trail.  Guess the hard packing makes the snow stick better?  I have no idea.  We also found a trail marked with pink ribbons.  Dunno, it was fun and had crossed plenty of old stone walls so Gus could jump over them.  I am surprised at how graceful he can be.  Boxers aren't running dogs, but they both holds their own when the weather is cool like this.


Don't know how I feel about not having a mileage goal.  Definitely makes it more fun to just get out and run or hike not feeling like I have to hit some magic number.  I do have to get my act together and train for the 1/2 on 4/30 in NY.

Beth, moving forward...

Sunday, January 8, 2017

Weekly Recap: 1/2/017 - 1/8/2017

Well sometimes a person needs a day off from everything and assist the Imaginary Husband as he fixes a leaky shower.  That day was Monday, This required taking the whole thing apart and finding the place that wasn't caulked 9 years ago and fix that and caulk said spot reassemble shower and re-caulk said shower...  These things really shouldn't take all day but it did.  It also took 9 years for the mistake to be evident in the kitchen ceiling.  Wonder how long it will take for that to get fixed...  Seriously we need a "handyman" on retainer.  I'd love it.  Give him or her a laundry list of things to investigate and fix and magically they'd be done!  It would be brilliant, right?

Ok maybe not, but maybe?

Back to work on Tuesday, I'm actually very glad to get back to a schedule. Everyone was in good spirits and Number One Smart Guy, who was supposed to retire in April of 2016 was in good spirits, guess that happens when you know you don't HAVE to work?  He was telling the story of finally finding out the jerky he asked his wife to buy was actually dog treats. For the last four months he'd been leaving them on the counter and muching on them for a protein snack.  Granted they didn't taste all that great and Murphy and Seamus were really interested in said jerky.  He had to go looking for them, they were particularly healthy sounding Chicken and Sweet Potato, but whatever, he really couldn't figure out why his wife put them with the dog treats.  Then he read the package, AFTER putting on his glasses.

My double day is Wednesday, hills with Ro at lunch then Spin after work.  No dog walk... of course they will give me hell for this, but I'm tired....  woe is me.. first world problems!  They did need food for breakfast so that was my excuse.  I don't think they bought it, they pestered me all night long.

Up early for a Thursday in mid town Manhattan, fortunately my meeting were 10 - 3 so it was only a 6 hour day on top of a 6 hour commute.  I got into work 15 minutes late, luckily I banked an hour, I did get home with enough time to get Gus out for a nice walk and we both were better for it.

Woke up to snow on a non-running day, Friday.  Well crap.  I had already committed to go to spin with Ro at lunch and I didn't want to bail, and I really need to stick to my running schedule, even if I didn't run on Thursday because of NY....  Spin was good and we were going to be blessed with snow starting up again mid to late day on Saturday.  SO I was OK with missing this snowy run.

Addy did some 10 second sprint 10 second recover for 10 times at level 8.  OMG my legs were dead by the end of class.

I got Gus out for a snowy walk in Champlain and by the end I was struggling to get up that last hill and out of the park.  This would be my perfect excuse for my poor performance at the race!  HA!

Who says dogs can't skip, he totally was skipping!

The snow was due to start mid day, and then moved up to about the time of race start (10 a.m.) on Saturday. The wind was coming from the NNE ( 10 - 12 mph), so the bulk of the race would be into the wind.  Or at least in my mind.  Resolution Beach and Trail 5K was fun!  Snowing and windy and of course I was the wind block for 4 people (because yes, I am that LARGE) who then left me as they had fresh legs to my dead legs for the last 1/2 mile sprint on the beach. I was dying by the time I got through the stone house.  I couldn't lift up my legs.  This must be what real runners feel like?  Ha ha ha.   It was a great time and Scott Mason Photography was there waiting, he's a good guy.  He was waiting for the American Flag to come through the stone foundation and he got some great shots of that.  But I was in between the fast people and the flag so he got me too.  :)

It was fun and my slowest time on that course yet, by nearly a full minute.   It's fun to see all the competitors doing their best and to run on the beach in a snow storm, what could be better?  Nothing, at least not for me this morning.

Dave went with me to get Gus and Jax out to scrub off some crazies.  Because we are pretty much snowed in, and no one was out and about it was perfect to take the two of them up to the High School and let them run in the courtyard off leash.  If we went down to the park we'd have to walk back up hill and there probably would be more people there.  Dave did have a good point.  So we took them up the hill and did a couple laps around the courtyard to let them go bonkers. We were out a whole 30 minutes and it was just enough to let them get their kook on and give us a few laughs at their antics.

The plan was to clean out the dining room and find a way to store my three bikes (my classic circa 1995 Bontrager mountain bike will remain in the basement until the appropriate 'throw back' ride to drag out that beast) and the Imaginary Husband's 4 bikes in a way that also made the room usable as more than a bike and beer storage room, perhaps as a dining room and eat at a table like adults?  Well there was a Sunday  snowshoe hike in Arcadia with some of the NEMBA (New England Mountain Biking Association), folks  because, well with 15 inches of snow (a little less inland, probably 10) the usual Sunday crew wasn't going to be biking.  Dave encouraged me to come along, Haley would be there so I'd have a girl to talk to.  OK, sure.  Better than taking Gus out to Champlain, I probably spend too much time by myself?  Of course I'm always intimidated for group activities, what if I couldn't keep up?  Dave just laughed.  Ok so I'm silly sometimes.

Me, Jason, Bart, Dave, John, Scott
Photo by Haley, she did not want her picture taken I offered to swap places...

The snow was piled high on all the tree branches and rocks, it was so freaking beautiful.  I love the cool crispness of a winter morning after a big storm.  The bright blue sky, the sparkling untouched snow.  We hiked a couple hours 5.9 miles on the Garmin, spectacular.  Nice to get caught up with Haley, I'm not much of a talker, I need to get better about that.  But the sound of the group of the 7 of us tromping through the woods was mesmerizingly calm and soothing and seeing the beautiful woods after snow was a visual delight.

The picture doesn't do it justice
It was a good outing, and a small part of me was happy to not be complaining about hip pain that the rest of the crew was grumbling about.  Cross training is really important, only biking isn't good, only running isn't good, really important to keep a variety!

Oh and we don't have a garage, so that's why the bikes are in the dining room.... and the basement is his workshop.... in case that is where you were going next with your question.  Perhaps next weekend we will tackle the dining room project.


Feet:  25.9 for a yearly total of 33.7
Saddle: 30 for a yearly total of 30

Beth, happy for some snow, sad it will be 50 by mid week.  

Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Farewell 2016! Howdy 2017!

So I set out some goals

2016 Goals:

Biking: PMC, starting out of Sturbridge MA - the full 192 miles, 2 or 3 Century rides - TBD I'm over TFCE, and I'd like to to Mt. Washington again but it is the week before the PMC and I don't know if that is going to give me enough recovery time.  I have to do some research and make some decisions before the end of January.  2,016 miles on the bike, it MAY be doable with one or two spin classes a week and commuting into work on the bike in the summer.

What happened?  I did the 192, against my Physical Therapists direction.  1,567 on the bike

Running: Full Marathon - targeting the Indianapolis Marathon in September.  Possibly at 50K in the fall - I'd love to run the Delaware Water Gap 50K.

What happened?  Injury, no marathon, no 100K, no 50K, a couple 1/2 marathons before it went pear shaped.  713 walking miles and 954 running miles for a total of 1,667 on my feet.

Stretch goal:

2,016 walking + running miles:   This is a HUGE stretch goal for me.  2015 I achieved 1,679 miles between running and walking.  Will I make it?  I'm not sure.  Will I try?  Yes.  I've set up  my training log to keep track of the running and the walking miles and what I need to hit each week to achieve it. It is essentially 12 walking miles per week and 27 running miles for 52 weeks.

All these miles put me at 4,036 miles for the year, about 800 more than I'm trending.  That means about 80 more hours on the bike and about 130 more hours running through the year.  It will be interesting so see how committed I am.

What happened?  I totally recognized this as a possibly un-achievable goal.  I was on track until I got sidelined in June...  Could I have done it?  Probably.  I was certainly tracking appropriately for it  until July 8th when my bank ran out.  Will I try this again?  Probably not, it took the fun out of an enjoyable activity for me.   As for the bike, well the hip takes a lot of repetitive strain so that was out the window before it even started.  

Bottom line, this isn't pass fail for me, I had a pretty good year, I learned a lot about my self, I can now, for the first time in a long long time touch my toes immediately after a run not after holding a stretch for 5 minutes!  I think that's good.  I have a better appreciation for my body, my mind, ice packs for injury, beer, and going for what I really want.

I'll call that a success and move forward into 2017.

So what do I want to accomplish in 2017?


Every race is fun.  I'm not going to place, I don't have the drive to do the work to achieve this.  I do think that races are for everyone, from the top 10 to the bottom 10. If I can't enjoy it, I'm not doing it!

Run, Walk, Ride, Hike, explore and enjoy the great outdoors every single day, in one way or another.

Rest when I need it, and try and not beat myself up for it.

Drink good beer.

Read books.


Beth, looking forward to this really big year of the 5-0!!!

Sunday, January 1, 2017

Weekly Recap - 12/26/2016 - 1/1/2017 - And Yearly Stats

Well another year seems to be speeding by.  Why is it when I was a kid it was FOREVER till another year passed and here I sit, in the same chair, on the same laptop, different beer (so that's good right) thinking similar thoughts.  Well not really.  Last year I was thinking how I never managed to run more than 13.1 miles at a time.  I think that's right...

Hold please and let me check...

Yeah, close enough for hand-grenades and lawn darts (I can't see anything more than 13.4 miles in my 2015 spreadsheet)

No 20 mile runs this year either.  I topped out at 14 in one shot before my hip finally said enough is enough stupid head.  Hmmm so is this a weekly recap or a year end post?

I'm still tinkering with the format for these, my narcissistic ramblings, because yeah, I really think I'm THAT important.  No, hardly, but it is nice to have something to look back on and remember where I was at a particular point in time. I tried the diary thing as a kid, my handwriting is atrocious and it physically hurts to write things so that never worked out so well.  This, well, this works.  Happy to have you along for whatever you care to partake in.

The last week of the year popped off with a bang on Monday, exhausted from the first of several late nights, I took Gus out to Barn Island to attempt to get it right.  I should have reviewed the detailed and copious notes Gazelle made on where I went wrong and what to look for.  I didn't, all I remembered was "Matthew and I tied A ribbon to a tree to signal the not obvious left you missed."

At one point Gus decided on a right that didn't seem correct, it wasn't, it led us along a trail littered with horse poops, he was looking for a snack?  So we back tracked and got back to the trail we were on.  I was fairly certain about this, I remembered the rock.  Because, yeah in the woods all rocks look a little different. I'm really not sure if I'm serious or this is sarcasm.

And then we stumbled upon something that sort of looked familiar and then a lot of ribbons tied on trees.  Well actually all over the woods were ribbons tied on trees.  At one point I saw a bunch of ribbons tied on a tree and thought, well maybe that's the way but that isn't near the trail we are on.  Are we on the wrong trail?   I know the purpose of these ribbons, so that one, well off the trail Gus and I were on was probably just marking the spot of a deer?

Well marked, even I couldn't miss it...
Truth, I did venture ahead a bit and realized, yep, that was it!!
Many Thanks!

And the left was just up ahead!!!

Gus found it, he was waiting, impatiently, for me.
Truth, he found it the last time too...

We followed the trail and when I hit the Jimmy Smith Single Track (see where the green and red diverge) sign we went left not right/straight, so that right should have taken us out to Greenhaven and then back.

I'm not disappointed in what we did, after a mile of hiking Gus was ready for some speed so I kept up with him best I could!!

Blue - my and Gus' first attempt
Green - Gazelle and Fawn
Red - my and Gus' second attempt
I was happy to get home and see that yes, we actually were supposed to end up out on the hard top (the point where the green and blue hit and go straight together and then the green /red diverge) and then back to single track!

I'll call it mostly a success.

Dave and I took Jax out on Sammy C's, Outenback, and the Vin Gormley for a hike to wear him out a bit.  His right leg has been bothering him, probably knee/ACL, at least it isn't the leg that was crushed when he was a puppy.  That's how he ended up with us, his owner ran him over and decided it was easier to dispose of him rather than fix him....  to each his own, thankfully there are rescues out there willing to fit the bill and do the rehab.  Jax is a pretty great dog!

They share the orange vest!

Quite the full day for a Monday with a full evening ahead of us....  The holidays are exhausting.

After getting home at an unreasonable hour, again, the boyz had us up on Tuesday at a time we weren't agreeable to, however they were up so we were up, the sun was up, so we were up.

I took the opportunity to misread the clock and go for a run figuring I had to be home by 12 to make it to a lunch that started at 12;30, um no.  You didn't factor in shower time... fortunately that chore along with this "getting ready" thing that women do takes me 15 minutes so I was only 15 minutes late.  Dave actually was grateful because this gave us the opportunity to take two cars.  Him grateful?  ME GRATEFUL!!  It gave me a few hours at home alone to work on my year end project for a couple hours and snuggle with the puppies for 20 minutes.  He asked I bring some interesting beers so I did, happily enjoying that 'chore'.  I was able to introduce his cousin-in-law to some Edmund Fitzgerald Porter and he was very impressed when his beer app gave this a 96 out of 100.  What that beer app is?  dunno...  Although it was much easier to see the rating of the beer quickly on it than on Untapped (the one I use)...  oh well...

I made it to the evening's festivities, Dave's cousin's daughters 12th birthday and her great-grandmother's 101st birthday.  You'd never know Sally was 101, I'd peg her for 70, but really she'd be 75, but I'd never say that because she keeps up with the fashions and has perfect posture, I mean ram rod straight can carry a book across a room on her head and it won't fall off!!  Absolutely amazing.  I should find a photo.

An interesting story to close out the day.  The cousin-in-law works in Manhattan and gave us the list of beers he had for us, Narragansett was one, well we were IN Narragansett so there is that.  Then he went on to tell us how this is now the HOT beer in NYC.  Replacing PBR (Pabst Blue Ribbon) Narraganestt Beer brilliantly hired an attractive female sales rep, who managed to replace the PBR taps with 'Gansett.  Super kudos!!  So this is the hot beer, and if you are going to have more than one, have a 'Gansett!!  Well played, well played!!

I'll follow on with my own story.....

I remember way back in my days at Ford, I purchased internally and externally threaded fasteners (screws, nuts, and bolts - but saying you are a screw buyer, is well, eyebrow raising to say the least).  I joined a group of 8 men, 5 approaching retirement, 3 close to my age, and me, late 20's me.  The 20 something female sales reps were completely lost on me.  I mean really....  seriously....  Until one of my suppliers had a new sales rep, Jim, holy mother of God what could I buy from THAT company?  Sure I can go golfing.  Um  yeah, my calendar just opened up for lunch! Then appeared Steve and everyone else followed suit with their own young male sales rep once they discovered this was no longer the commodity purchased solely by men across the Big Three!

And another late night, but we knew it wouldn't be another late night the next day but the day after was going to be crappy weather so we better make the most of Wednesday.

Took Gus out to the beach, contemplated riding my mountain bike and testing out my new knee pads.  That didn't happen.  Oh the Imaginary Husband gave me some super duper cool and light weight knee pads for mountain biking.  Once fall where my knee hits a rock and BOOM it's all over for biking and running, so yeah, good idea.  After chores and laundry I cracked open the growler from my favorite Brother-In-Law (I have two so I can have a favorite.... unlike my father who tells me I am his favorite daughter, and well he only has one... so yeah)

Pretty crappy pour, my poor cow is drowning in all the foam!!  Dave helped with a whole pint of this 1/2 gallon...  Um no... there is still 1/3 of his pint.  Sheesh...  see what I have to deal with here people?  Pull your weight!!!

Ro texted early in the a.m. that she didn't want to walk in the rain could we touch base about 10 a.m. on Thursday to see what the weather was doing.  Well certainly, I'm not going to make someone do something they don't want to!  I had a meeting with our financial adviser.  Per usual, he had one plan and I had another.  His plan was super simple to review the one account and mine was well not so simple.  He asked, "What did you want to talk about?"  I replied "Retirement."  He wasn't expecting that.  I was ready to see how close Dave (the Imaginary Husband) and I were to this event.  After a shuffling of papers and a peek in to my current IRA with my current company, and pie sized eyes, Garrett said following my father's advice when I started my first real joby job in 1992 was a good idea.  The advice:  super simple: minimally invest to the match of the company and aim to invest to your maximum contribution by upping your investment by your raise each year. Thanks Dad!

Knowing that I don't have to work until I die makes me happy.  Will I be able to cut the cord at 55, probably not comfortably, BUT knowing it's possible makes the biggest difference to me.  It's nice to see something going better than expected.

Ro and I had a quick hill walk, well it seemed like those 4 miles went super fast as we jabbered the whole time and the rain did start and was getting more strong so we cut out the 5th mile and went back to her house.  I felt really guilty for her walking in the rain and she was sure I was freezing, I let her win, I could tell she was really ready to be done, so we were.  One of these days we need to run our hill loop, but a 14 walking pace is nothing to sneeze at considering the hills we walk!

Friday was scheduled to rain all day, and that's what it did.  Otherwise I'm at a loss what I actually accomplished other than having nothing I had to do.  Got Gus out for a short hike at Champlain at dusk.  I think he has gotten more miles this week than I have, and that was the plan.  Get him and Jax out as much as possible.  They do well with the exercise and they crave it.  Helps keep both Dave and I on our toes.

I'm perplexed at exactly what I did on Friday... Oh well...

Oh crap I remember!

Dave and I went out for a bike ride.  It didn't rain ALL day!  I needed 6 miles to get to my Strava goal.  We got them!

Jax came with us, which means we don't have to go fast.  He is struggling with an injury, we aren't exactly sure what but it is clearly overuse and is not slowing him down.  He hobbles a bit when he gets off the couch.  He will get a couple week break from running in the woods, and we shall see.  Poor guy.

OK finally lets get moving!!

We started with a 300 foot climb.  Ugh.  I really need a warm up before I can really get moving.  I should have taken a half mile run to get my lungs started.  Gak they are so slow getting up to speed!!

So the climb was a little frustrating, however the top was totally worth it.  This was the least technical of the trails we have been on.  It still had parts I had to Hike a Bike, just not as many.  I didn't want a 'gravel grinder' to ride only on fire roads or cinder paths.  It's getting better I can see lines and it is not feeling so foreign to me.  I do miss the road bike and wonder how much different it is going to feel once I can get back out on Ruby.

Jax was seriously not interested in posing for a photo

Dave gave me knee pads for Christmas and I had them on so they gave me license to be a bit more aggressive with my riding.  Less fear of popping off a knee cap on a rock or a log.  They worked.  I went down pretty hard over some logs and the sideways fall tangled me in my bike with my right knee wedged between the top tube and a log.  It all worked beautifully.  Awesomeness!!

The next fall found me on the side of a hill and nearly somersaulting backwards down it, thankfully I again got tangled up in the bike and that held me in place! I kind of had a feeling what I was trying to do, go over and through a fairly well spaced out rock garden, wasn't going to go so well.

All in all it was a fun ride and I need to get out for more than two hours a week on Barney.

Jax totally ready to crash!  Mission accomplished!

Gus woke up with a gurgling tummy on Saturday, I had planned on taking him to Barn Island to do more exploring.  He didn't want to eat but seemed fine to go out and adventure, so we did.  I think he's had too many nibbles of people food.  Seriously, nibbles, like a few pieces of caramel corn and licking clean a couple plates that Jax had already licked clean.  He's back on the strict kibble and pumpkin diet to get him straightened out.  The gas is pretty amazing on top of all the tummy gurgling. 

I tried to stay to the perimeter trail and succeeded at the new part I wanted to conquer, and found a new part and now I think I need to go RIGHT at the green rock and not left!

#1 - where I need to go right - follow the red path  (red path is the goal)
#2 - I consciously went this way, no really!  I wanted to see where it went

All in all there are a lot of trails and they are all unmarked.  At least I'm not too far from civilization and have the option to call for help when I find a hard top road.

I know it is bad form to mark trails, so I won't but wow I'd like to...  I do notice a few marks here and there, some blue ribbon along what looks to be a path people take with horses, based on the amount of horse poop!

Gus finally ate when we got back but only half his breakfast, I think Jax got the most of the rest of it.  Whoops!

Dave and I met up with some friends at Ninigret for a bonfire.  That was fun, not a big time commitment and we could get home and be off the roads early and away from the ripping wind outside.

I barely made it awake until midnight.  A particularly tough WWF move had me a little perplexed, once that was made I was out.  Sunday started bright and sunny and warm. Definitely not going to be an issue running the Buttonwoods 5K this a.m. and it wasn't.  Surprisingly speedy.  A friendly Turtle contacted me to find out what my intended pace was.  I said 11, but could be pushed to a 10:30, she is injured however that is too slow for her!  Not a problem.  I managed a 10:18 overall still with the niggly pain in my right hip and my lack of any sort of speed work or desire to run faster.  I'll take it for what it is, a reasonable 5K to start the year.  My benchmark.  This is my 5K B goal?

Took Jax out for a hike at Barn Island, Faith met me out there and we had a lovely walk and chat for 4 miles.  Mostly on the carriage roads, which is easier so we can see what's coming up ahead to know what to expect from crazy Jax.  Jax was good with Faith, which was nice. She'd only met him once and he took a minute to warm up, pretty typical for him with new people.  After that he was fine she was one of the pack and he was happy to be entertaining and mostly mind and partially lose his mind.  Goofy dog.  

Weekly Mileage:

Feet:  31.5, for a yearly total of 1,666.5  (this doesn't include the 1st) against a B goal of 1,702 and C goal of 1,660   BOOM!  Done! No where close to my original goal of 2,016 but that was REALLY a stretch goal for me.

Saddle: 6 for a yearly total of 1,566.7 against a B goal of 1,644 and C goal of 1,590.  I skipped spin this week otherwise I would have made this one.  I'll call it good.

Yearly Stats:  because this is already obnoxiously long

2016 I ran / walked / rode 3,234 miles!

 How this year compares to the last two:

I think we can see from Jan - May why I was out for 2 months and the 4 months after that were pretty low....  Not sure what I'll aim for in 2017 or if I'll aim for anything other than 25 - 30 miles a week on my feet and it will be seasonally dependent in the saddle.

All in all it was a good year, I started it with a smile and ended it with a smile. 

Beth, another year in the books and next week I'll write about the Lumo Run, my new gadget!

Happy New Year!