Friday, January 30, 2015

Weekly Recap: 1/26 - 2/1 update 1/31/15


spin / squat / plank

snow shoveling / squat / plank

squat / plank



 Trainer  Plank  Squat

Monday -  active rest day!  Managed to get up before the alarm, as to not wake the grouch I share a bed with.  The last thing he said to me was “Tomorrow, don’t say good bye”.  Well ok, sure thing.   Guess it's ok to wake me up at o'dark thirty but not him, so noted.  Harumph...

Called the Y when I got up to make sure there would be a spin bike for me for the 5:30 class.  I had the feeling I was making a bizarre request.

Found the class a wee bit more crowded, like 3 more people, than last week.  There were 10 plus empty bikes. Jeff bounced in, totally awake, some (snarky) comment about getting to experience 'quiet Beth' escaped the big wide awake smile on his face.   Who's actually awake that early?  Not me...  At the end of the day I vaguely recalled having taken a spin class in the a.m.  Guess that's the purpose of exercise first thing?  Especially something as tedious as spin?  Do I really jibber jabber that much?  Hmmm...

With the snow forecast and Joy’s wicked steep and curvy driveway TRX was called off.  I got home from work and took Gizmo out for a walk, knowing that Tuesday it might not happen with snomageddon due to arrive later Monday night and stick around till the wee hours of Wednesday morning. 

Tuesday – shoveling, and more shoveling as Juno dumped 21 inches of snow on us!    

Faith got a group of gal runners together for a squat and plank challenge starting on Monday.  I did my 50 squats while Gizmo checked and replied to pMail on Monday.  Tuesday was far less exciting with 55 while binge watching Sons of Anarchy (nearly through season 3) and ‘working’.  The plow didn't come through till late afternoon so I didn't get in a run.  Oh well.  It happens.  I'm sure this is shameful to you dedicated runners.   Tuesday is speedwork and with Runner Dave and Steve, they are out of the office and I was going to have to muster up a plan on my own.  I skipped it, I’m sure I’ll pay for that at a later point.  Can't say that I missed that torture.  Thoughts of perhaps attempting speed work on the treadmill crossed my mind, that's as far as they made it.

My metal chicken, Whimsey, her buddy the dragon is buried in the snow bank behind her.
Hopefully we'll see Puff before spring!

Wednesday – back to work and brought my regular running shoes and the ones with screws in the bottom. The screw shoes worked well for traction on the packed snow.   Not sure which I like better the screws or the YakTrax.  The screws felt more like running spikes.  I did not wear them inside on the carpet or tile floors, I can’t even imagine how much damage that would cause or if I’d slip and fall.  I had a nice run to the beach and back, determined I needed a few more screws in the shoes and put those in when I got home.

Planking and 60 squats – complete.

I'm at 84 running miles and 47 walking miles.  I think I can eek out 16 running miles (5.3 per day) to get to 100 by the end of the month. Seriously have to plan a bit better or not let myself get lazy like I have been.

Thursday -  Ro is off to Utah to ski and since Jennifer and I missed Tuesday what with the blizzard here in New England,  I recruited Jennifer to run hills after work!  Muwahaaaa.  

Anyhoodles, during work I had a nice 4 mile run, roads nearly completely clear, the sun was out, no wind, it was bliss for January.  70 squats (and checking the schedule this was a rest day - whoops) and 2 0:45 planks.   

In case anyone wants to join in!

The hill we ran is on a road called Blueberry Hill.  Three laps around the neighborhood is three miles.  It was as fun as running hills can be.  Most of the Thursday night crew was running laps around the neighborhood.  I'm sure all the folks that live there were thrilled with the headlamps and the reflective vests!  All in all it was good 33:33 for 3.1 miles and a wicked hill.  I'm pleased. 

Friday – Started out warmer and snowing.  Hmmmm...  Jennifer texted no go on hills icy and icky inland.  Well crap.   I arrived home to find my new Level Renner Beanie in the mail pile.  Be sure and check out this awesome publication on running, and specifically running in New England. Took the beanie out for a spin and it made me run faster.  Yeah, I did take the left out of the house and go down the hill instead of up the hill so that MAY have played a part.  It was a good run, dodging traffic on a Friday night wasn't my best move, had to walk for parts where there was a super thin sidewalk and other people trying to use the same path.  All in all not bad for 3ish miles.

Saturday –  run to meet the 100 for the month?  Not even sure why that should be a goal... 100 is a nice pretty round number.    It is supposed to be wicked cold.  I may be better off getting on the trainer, the 'skewer' arrived.  Guess Dave can't share his?   Jax has made a game of trying to get his ball in the base the front tire sits in.  He manages to get it in there by stomping on the ball then whines till one of us retrieves it for him.  Who's training who here?

The result - I got on the trainer for 50 minutes, did Sufferfest "The Hunted" Breaks down as follows: 6:30 Warm-up /  :30 Attack / 5:00 Tempo / 20:00 Climb / 4:00 Downhill / 4:00 Small Group / 4:00 Inverse Intervals / 4:00 Warm-down = 48 minutes - I was on the trainer for 50 - total of 15. 1 miles ( Totally koudoable per Gazelle - HA!)

It is described as follows:

"You've never really been one for hanging out in the pack. You need – you ARE – the escape artist. You crave the sensation of joy as your freedom is granted and the gap grows. And you fear that sinking feeling of desperation as you try to hold on to the line as the pack chases you down. Hope. Honor. Glory. Featuring officially licensed footage from the 2010 Tour de Suisse and 2010 Tour de Romandie, The Hunted takes you through it all. Can you ride above yourself and ride to victory?"

Three (they rotate at some point, it's not always the same three) come as part of the Strava premium membership.  They are gauged on level of effort and cadence.  I'm sure I slacked on level of effort, however when they  gave a cadence I gave it my damdest to meet that cadence number.   Fun to be riding in a pack and see the routes on the tours.

Felt good to get my heart rate up and sweat.  Dave wondered if I gauged my heart rate, um, no I don't have that field on my Garmin - I probably should put it on there for these indoor sessions?

Sunday – Super 5K

Beth, awaken and blathering

Updated 1/31/15

Sunday, January 25, 2015

Winter Wonderland 5 Miler - Recap

Faith and I were back and forth about a race at the end of January.  Once she told me it would be on her birthday, oh I'd love to be part.   The Winter Wonderland 5 miler in Milford CT, totally violating the driving longer than running rule from 2013, it is for a special occasion!!

Who knew it was ACTUALLY going to be a Winter Wonderland in Milford CT on Sunday. Fortunately the roads were clear enough, and the sun was out so it wasn't too horrible for racing.

I'm not so sure I'd say I raced, I ran faster than a training run...

The start was Platt Technical School, so a nice warm place to stay till the race started, it has a great feature, a parking lot ice rink!  Not sure if this was special for the race or they always have this feature.  As we all slip slided up to the start line I was really regretting not having 1) gone to the bathroom one more time and 2) warming up.

At the start Faith asked me "What's your 5 mile PR?"  I gave her a blank stare.  Hmmm.. I know I've run a few 5 mile race.  I replied "I have no idea, probably in the 48 minute range".   She assured me she'd get me across the finish line sooner than that.  OK, yeah, I didn't even do a warm up this is going to be interesting.

Mile 1: Faith hung with me for the first mile 9:07, it was downhill, the GAP (Grade Adjusted Pace) tells a more true story 9:30.  Lesson learned:  warm up idiot.

And the gap between Faith and I grew.  Guess you could say I lost faith?  Hmmm...  yeah, really feeling like a dolt for going into this cold, not having any goals, and krikies what kind of competitor are you if you can't rattle off all your distance PRs?

Mile 2:  Ahhh it is flattening out and I can still see Faith, this is good, I can do this.  What was the course profile was it flat?  That would be nice...  9:28  GAP 9:23.

Mile 3:  Wait what?  This isn't flat.  Ok watch the feet of the person in front of you as you see purple coat and crazy tights fly by you and where the hell IS Faith....  10:08 GAP 9:41

Mile 4:  Ohhh what goes up must come down, this doesn't suck too bad.  Close the gap on purple coat and passed crazy tights.  10:01  GAP 9:55

Mile 5:  Bye bye purple coat!  Passed on the PLEASE let this be the last little incline and all down hill to the finish.  Crazy tights caught up with me and I said "GO GIRL" she had some kick and we raced to the end.  She definitely wasn't expecting that, I needed it!  9:38  GAP 9:36  (the last little bit 0.1 was 7:05  GAP 7:27 - felt like a wee little speedwork session)  Found Faith at the finish line!

Final 48:48    24 age group

Pretty cool considering Faith was 45:45

Results here

Oh yeah, you noticed no A B C goals?  Well, um, yeah...  I didn't have any.  Perhaps I'll get my act together for the Belleville Pond 10K in two weeks or the Super 5K next weekend and do a little review of past performance?

Beth, happy to share a difficult birthday with a friend.

Friday, January 23, 2015

Weekly Recap 1/19 - 1/25










Monday - Running rest day.  I went to Spin at 5:30 in the morning.  On a day off from work, when I could sleep in and Dave’s alarm wasn't blaring for an early ride. Really, I need my head examined.  Good class, what I remember of it.   Light in attendance,  perhaps the icy roads?   I really have to focus on form, not fall into spin bobbing, and straight back on standing sprints.   This is to help for road cycling not to be a superstar.  My quads were a little sore, but that's what it feels like on the bike.  I can't believe I haven't been in the saddle since October.  Sad...

20 Indoor cycling no nos....

Dave ordered my new bike at Stedman's, (the best bike shop in Rhode Island) it's due in the end of February.  It will be nice to have a lighter bike.  Now, I must find a home for my current bike.  Buller?  Anyone?  We also are the proud owners of a fluid trainer.  Dave's been using it.  I've yet to hook my bike up to it.  There is only so much time in the day, ya know...  

Took Gizzy to Bluff Point for a hike, he enjoyed being off leash.  

He blends in a little bit, no?  Hard to believe he is 14....
I can't let him off leash very often in Burlingame, the narrow trails and heavy brush, he can't hear me and he matches the environment a little too well.  For an old guy he's got hustle when he wants to and I had a couple of jogs to catch up with him as he trotted along after this smell or that smell.  One of the nice things with his lack of hearing, he can't hear the dogs up the trail barking their fuzzy heads off.  He only notices when/if he catches sight or smell of them.  It is comical.  I remember when he would bark his fuzzy head off at approaching dogs or leaves or whatever.  

Tuesday -  Speedwork. I had a meeting run late and ended up getting in 3 laps with the guys and one by myself, and bailed on the 5th.  Really does help to have them pushing me along.  Yeah yeah, suck it up princess and run the laps.  I will be solo next week; both the guys are gone on Tuesday.   Think I may try something different; get in a loop longer than 1/3 of a mile.  Have to check with Mikey B, he seems to have these all mapped out near work. But he has a pretty full dance card these days and not a lot of 'easy runs' on his schedule. 

Yeah yeah

One of my guy friends sent this to me this week.  I love it and his sense of humor.
Wait, is he trying to tell me I am, in fact, batshit crazy....
All in all knowing the time goal 2:10 and what my average is 2:15 helped for immediate feedback after the laps.  I tried something different with the recovery laps, fast walking until the last little bit before the speed lap started.  This helped with consistency.  I'm not sure if this is the right or the wrong thing to do?  Thoughts?  Advice? Counsel? 

Jennifer was up for 3 miles at a 10:15 - 10:30 pace pre yoga.  Damn it all if it wasn't snowing in Coventry again.   Fortunately the bike path was ice free.  It is nice and smooth and flat. We averaged a 10:01 pace with a couple stops and one walk for her to catch her breath and cough up good god knows what.  She was disappointed with the pace.  I reminded her of her text, good to have a running partner with a similar temperament.  She rolled her eyes. 

Yeah, she'll punch me later, yeah it will hurt.

Yoga was good.  Lots of down dog and sun salutations, I definitely felt it in my upper back on Thursday.

Wednesday - again with this department reorganization and these mini 15 minute "get to know you" meetings popping on my calendar I went out late for my run.  Yes, yes, my priories need a little adjustment, whatever.  A person gets things pretty timed with food and going out for a run hungry isn't a great idea.  I got spacey and loopy and cut the run short.  Well, I did it...  and that’s what counts right?  I hate that "You got out there" comment.  Yeah yeah...

Dave took Giz and Jax to the beach so they were set for a nice settled in night and Gus got to take the walk, 2.7 miles.  Nice pace.

Hmmm.. since we walked a little under 3 miles and I ran three miles that puts my total to almost 6, kudoable Gazelle??  I keep my (well Gizzy's) walking miles separate from my running miles.  I'm honestly not sure what Strava does with them and I've gotten into the habit of using Map My Walk/Fitness/blah blah blah.  

Anyhoodles, Gus stays on task with the walk, I really should dog jog with him, he keeps up a steady pace and stays on task.  Just MORE clothes to launder - well Dave does do the laundry, hmmm...

Thursday -  New York, very early start to the day, and by the time I got home I wanted to veg.  Yeah and office job is sort of vegging but having to interact with people wears me out and the morning meeting was  success but wow, I am not used to interacting with that many people in that short of a period of time.    There wasn't time for a walk to Bryant Park, well I could have caught a later train....  Nahhhh  

Friday – 2 ish mile warm up with Jennifer.  She made it the whole time with no stopping or walking!  10 pace.  Very good!!!   We are hoping to be racing frenimes in the near future.   I ran most of the sets of stairs. 10 of the 12 sets. Is been a while and I could tell!  Think this will move back to Fridays we tried on Saturdays to accommodate other's schedules and it just wasn't working.  With the pending snow for this Saturday that pretty much sealed the deal.   Now to find a longer running route (no Jeff this has nothing to do with Kudos from you, *wink*) around campus.

Saturday – I did nothing and I liked it. 

Sunday - Winter Wonderland 5 miler in Milford with Faith, who will now be out of my age group!  Recap.

Beth, found the training plan....  yikes...    Well for the 'easy' I'm not too far off, the 'hard' yeah, no....  

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Wordless Wednesday


Beth, decisions, decisions, ride this or "Run with the Beavers" on July 18th....

Friday, January 16, 2015

Weekly Recap 1/12 - 1/18

Weekly Recap!



Speedwork, Yoga



Hills, Planks 


18 Jan

Monday – rest from running day and I honored it,  With the rain I barely made over 5,000 steps on the FitBit!!  Gizmo tried halfheartedly to get me to take him for a walk. TRX was good.  

Tuesday – Tuesdays triple started off with speedwork.  BRRRR it was cold!    I was kind of looking forward to this session with Steve and Dave.  I feel far more confident after the Resolution 5K.  Even to the point of before lap 5 I asked to walk the whole recovery lap so I could give the last one my all.  And it worked!!  Ahhh, that really made me feel successful rather than defeated as each subsequent lap does get harder, and it should.  Having a bit more recovery was nice.  I still pushed and it hurt, it just wasn't excruciating or frustrating.

I also realized I need some sort of goal to shoot for and changed my tracking to time per lap.  That tells a different story and gives me more instant feedback.

Jennifer and I got together for a 4 mile run, but not before Roxy got her sweater.  That little pug knew it was for her and she head butted me to put it on her and then did a happy dance once it was on.  So sweet. 

We headed out to the Coventry bike path and took two steps on it to realize that it was icy, very icy.  Ok so on to the roads for an out and back of 4 miles.  This was Jennifer’s first run outside since the pneumonia.  She coughed up some good stuff.  Never one to back down from a challenge we took it pretty easy and she didn't die.   Then off to Yoga.    Again that felt good.  Nice way to wind down after a freezing run, is it ever NOT going to snow in Coventry when I run with Jennifer?  

After reviewing my runs and when I've twisted my ankle it seems to be when I’m running in the ASICS Nimbus.  These were one of my experimental shoes, as the miles progressed on the shoes the ankle twisting became more common.  I wondered if it was my gait or what was causing me to try and land on the top of my foot rather than the bottom.  Not exactly sure, flimsy shoe?  Flimsy toe box? Too thick of a sole?   They are being sidelined and I pulled the GT1000’s into the rotation to see how the ankle twisting thing goes, or stops.  Hopefully stops.  Not sure why this is, it just is.

Wednesday – NY – spent most of the day at the NYSE.  Very cool.  The trading floor is rather boring, more like a consumer electronics show, all the trading happens over the computer.  The building itself and the board rooms are so filled with history and gorgeous.  I really enjoyed the tour and the history.

Hallways fascinate me, this was beautiful.

Trading clock, measures in seconds, Civil War era when trading was held for a set amount of time

Close up of the clock.

The floor now.  Looks like a consumer electronics show. This was the best pic of the bunch. 
Gizzy won and got a walk when I got home.

Thursday –   Spied Mikey B out for a run in shorts?  Wait, what?   Caught up with him in the gym afterwards and he wasn't trying to vie for any awards, the weather was supposed to be warm, huh… I like the surprise when I walk out the door.  Mine wasn’t as great as his!  I ran the Eastern Point beach loop with only an extra couple blocks added in.    Quick discussion with Mikey B confirmed runs over 4 miles are kudoable on Strava.  Mike went for 4 so he could obtain these much sought after kudos from the WTAC crew.  They seem to be more generous with me…    But hey Thursdays are doubles so I’ll have a couple 3 ish mile runs for a total of 6ish for the day. 

I finally got to catch up with my boss for the changes afoot in leadership in our group.  We are losing a great leader and Lori confirmed what I suspected is he is being replaced by an equally solid leader if not even a little better.  Pshew…   guess we had a solid year under one leader and it was time to mix it up a bit?  

Friday – Walk with Ro / Run with Jennifer / Walk with Giz   Jennifer and I were going ot meet at the beach, with the wind, not going to happen.  I figured we could run to White Rock and maybe out down cowpatty lane.  Unfortunately we couldn't run down Springbrook due to an exboyfriend of Jennifer's.  I get that.  I wouldn't want to run down an ex's street.  So we ran up to the tavern and back for four miles and I managed to land on a rock and twist my ankle.  From the sounds of it I turned a shade of white that was terrifying and all I knew was I wanted to puke.  This ankle could be my undoing...  I better watch where I step!!!

Saturday – Run with the Housewives of Narragansett in honor of Meg and then Stairs with the gang at URI.  Stairs didn't happen.  Sofa king cold (now that I FINALLY get that phrase, doh!!)  Plus I couldn't guilt Mikey B into joining us...  ha ha!!

Jenn, Jackie, Nicole and I ran 4.  To humor me we did 1 & 1/2 mile of trails.  Nice trails, easy.  Fortunately Nicole did not fall or twist anything.  She isn't thrilled with trails, so I was really surprised she suggested this.  I appreciated a little jaunt in the woods.  Once we were back on asphalt the locals led the pack, good thing because once I finally figured out where we were I'd of led us back to the car.  BRRRRRR!!!!

Post run.  12F windchill -1F.  We were frozen  Nicole / Me / Jackie

Coffee for Nicole and I, Jenn had two more miles to do and Jackie a list of things to do a mile long before her son's birthday party.  I'm enjoying coffee.  I definitely feel better for not having any Diet Coke, it is taking a while and the mild never going away aspartame withdrawal headache seems to be weakening.   Maybe it will be gone next week?  I can always hope.  Funny thing I don't feel as bloated as I once did.  Hmmmm... guess it is a good thing to stop consuming what was amounting to nearly 2 liters of chemicals a day.  Yeah, it was that bad.

Warm and after coffee!  Jenn / Me / Nicole

Sunday – Long run didn't happen.  Sons of Anarchy and knitting grabbed my attention first thing this a.m.  Well at least it warmed up outside.  6 miles for lunch is still nothing to sneeze at and I really should look at my training plan to see what I'm supposed to be running?

Two dog sweaters done and the third on the needles.  I may actually get back to knitting regularly as a result.  This is good.  I have missed it and it keeps me from staring at the computer for hours on end and taking stupid quizzes.   The Rorschach ink blot test diagnosed me with a multiple personality disorder.  Um NONE of the choices they listed looked like the ink blots I saw, so if that makes me mental, well so be it!  HA HA HA!!  Or should that be:

"They're coming to take me away, ha-haaa.
They're coming to take me away, ho ho, he he, ha ha,
To the funny farm, where life is beautiful all the time
And I'll be happy to see those nice young
Men in their clean white coats and

They're coming to take me away, ha-haaa!"

Napoleon XIV

Gizzy is taking a rest day today!

Beth, who had a training plan, but can't find it.

Final 1/18/15

Monday, January 12, 2015

Resolution 5K Beach and Trail Race - Recap

This was the 3rd time I've run this race.  I missed one race due to not being able to tell time.  It is one of my favorite courses on in the Off Rhode Racing 4th Season Trail Race series.

Driving out to Scarborough State Beach I remembered I had totally spaced on looking up my course PR, to know exactly what to make my goals.    I vaguely remembered it was in the 31 or 32 range as I had just put together a sheet with my 2015 races and course PRs for those races.  Anyhoodles, goals.  A goal was sub 30.  B goal was to PR the course, not knowing specifically what I was shooting for. C goal don't die.    Last year the course was wet this year it was frozen.  Definitely helpful for a faster time for me. Plus I've been pretty curious if I am getting any faster.  I don't believe I am.  A race is a perfect venue to do an assessment.  Daily runs probably aren't as telling as actually racing?

I picked up my bib #2, oh wow.  Last time I had bib #2 (Sea Legs Shuffle 2013) it didn't bode well for a good race. I did my best to put that aside and really it was not the bib it was my inability to prioritize in 2013 that was my downfall.  Crutch found me and we chatted.  I didn't really do anything close to a warm up, maybe 1/10th of a mile, doesn't count towards anything. 

Mike lined us all up and talked to us through the megaphone, no one could hear.  Too much chatter in the peanut gallery.  Off went the siren and the space watches.  I started out fast and too far up front.  The most defeating part was Steve Schonning hobbling by me on his bum foot. There were a lot of people passing me.  How in the hell could I be in last place already I thought to myself.  I did take a peek at my watch and saw a pace in the 7s and thought, well you can't hold this slow up a bit...    I settled in the 9s and the few times I did take a peek at the space watch I expected to see a 10.  Nope.  Huh.  (there were some 10's, never when I peeked, though, pshew) I just kept running and breathing and focusing on the person in front of me and closing the gap.

Mile 1 is all on the beach, less than 100 steps in I managed to twist that damn right ankle a bit on a big stone.  This reminded me to pay attention to where I was going to be running.  People flying by me, crap.  Still on the beach and the watch buzzed at 9:05, ok I'll take that, then began to wonder, that is fast for me for a 'trail', am I going to fast?  You feel fine, keep it up you silly girl. 

Mile 1?  Photo by Jana Walker
I am actually running, but it really doesn't look like it.

Mile 2 Off the sand, on to hard top and then on to the trail.  Keeping with my running / breathing / reeling people in strategy.  Space watch beeped...  9:36 pace once  Ok so yeah I got wrapped up in another persons race for a bit and freed myself up.  Just run, don't get defeated, you only have a mile to go!

Mile 3 trail got slippery in spots.  I noticed the trail was much wider and more open, the hurricane in 2013 really cleared things up and opened up the trail.  I passed a few people, focusing in on the Turtle who was in front of me.  Oh goodie, time to run through the stone house!  It looked a little slippery, Scott was there snapping pictures, and then it was back on the beach.  I got passed in the last 400 yards.  I couldn't catch her. 9:01

Mile 0.1 finally the end 8:45

I had to take a double take at my space watch 28:32.   Wait. What?  A 3 something PR?  And sub 30 on a trail?  That is my fastest trail time yet! I definitely met my A goal by a wide margin!  Official results: 28:29 3:30 PR.  Wowza...    Link to results here.

I suppose this running circles around EB Lot L is actually paying off, that and breathing.  Oxygen to those leg muscles to keep them moving!  Huh, I'm amazed and pretty pleased!  Ok I'm really pleased!

Beth, smiling.