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Weekly Recap: 1/26 - 2/1 update 1/31/15


spin / squat / plank

snow shoveling / squat / plank

squat / plank



 Trainer  Plank  Squat

Monday -  active rest day!  Managed to get up before the alarm, as to not wake the grouch I share a bed with.  The last thing he said to me was “Tomorrow, don’t say good bye”.  Well ok, sure thing.   Guess it's ok to wake me up at o'dark thirty but not him, so noted.  Harumph...

Called the Y when I got up to make sure there would be a spin bike for me for the 5:30 class.  I had the feeling I was making a bizarre request.

Found the class a wee bit more crowded, like 3 more people, than last week.  There were 10 plus empty bikes. Jeff bounced in, totally awake, some (snarky) comment about getting to experience 'quiet Beth' escaped the big wide awake smile on his face.   Who's actually awake that early?  Not me...  At the end of the day I vaguely recalled having taken a spin class in the a.m.  Guess that's the purpose of exercise first thing?  Especially something as tedious as spin?  Do I really jibber jabber that much?  Hmmm...

With the snow forecast and Joy’s wicked steep and curvy driveway TRX was called off.  I got home from work and took Gizmo out for a walk, knowing that Tuesday it might not happen with snomageddon due to arrive later Monday night and stick around till the wee hours of Wednesday morning. 

Tuesday – shoveling, and more shoveling as Juno dumped 21 inches of snow on us!    

Faith got a group of gal runners together for a squat and plank challenge starting on Monday.  I did my 50 squats while Gizmo checked and replied to pMail on Monday.  Tuesday was far less exciting with 55 while binge watching Sons of Anarchy (nearly through season 3) and ‘working’.  The plow didn't come through till late afternoon so I didn't get in a run.  Oh well.  It happens.  I'm sure this is shameful to you dedicated runners.   Tuesday is speedwork and with Runner Dave and Steve, they are out of the office and I was going to have to muster up a plan on my own.  I skipped it, I’m sure I’ll pay for that at a later point.  Can't say that I missed that torture.  Thoughts of perhaps attempting speed work on the treadmill crossed my mind, that's as far as they made it.

My metal chicken, Whimsey, her buddy the dragon is buried in the snow bank behind her.
Hopefully we'll see Puff before spring!

Wednesday – back to work and brought my regular running shoes and the ones with screws in the bottom. The screw shoes worked well for traction on the packed snow.   Not sure which I like better the screws or the YakTrax.  The screws felt more like running spikes.  I did not wear them inside on the carpet or tile floors, I can’t even imagine how much damage that would cause or if I’d slip and fall.  I had a nice run to the beach and back, determined I needed a few more screws in the shoes and put those in when I got home.

Planking and 60 squats – complete.

I'm at 84 running miles and 47 walking miles.  I think I can eek out 16 running miles (5.3 per day) to get to 100 by the end of the month. Seriously have to plan a bit better or not let myself get lazy like I have been.

Thursday -  Ro is off to Utah to ski and since Jennifer and I missed Tuesday what with the blizzard here in New England,  I recruited Jennifer to run hills after work!  Muwahaaaa.  

Anyhoodles, during work I had a nice 4 mile run, roads nearly completely clear, the sun was out, no wind, it was bliss for January.  70 squats (and checking the schedule this was a rest day - whoops) and 2 0:45 planks.   

In case anyone wants to join in!

The hill we ran is on a road called Blueberry Hill.  Three laps around the neighborhood is three miles.  It was as fun as running hills can be.  Most of the Thursday night crew was running laps around the neighborhood.  I'm sure all the folks that live there were thrilled with the headlamps and the reflective vests!  All in all it was good 33:33 for 3.1 miles and a wicked hill.  I'm pleased. 

Friday – Started out warmer and snowing.  Hmmmm...  Jennifer texted no go on hills icy and icky inland.  Well crap.   I arrived home to find my new Level Renner Beanie in the mail pile.  Be sure and check out this awesome publication on running, and specifically running in New England. Took the beanie out for a spin and it made me run faster.  Yeah, I did take the left out of the house and go down the hill instead of up the hill so that MAY have played a part.  It was a good run, dodging traffic on a Friday night wasn't my best move, had to walk for parts where there was a super thin sidewalk and other people trying to use the same path.  All in all not bad for 3ish miles.

Saturday –  run to meet the 100 for the month?  Not even sure why that should be a goal... 100 is a nice pretty round number.    It is supposed to be wicked cold.  I may be better off getting on the trainer, the 'skewer' arrived.  Guess Dave can't share his?   Jax has made a game of trying to get his ball in the base the front tire sits in.  He manages to get it in there by stomping on the ball then whines till one of us retrieves it for him.  Who's training who here?

The result - I got on the trainer for 50 minutes, did Sufferfest "The Hunted" Breaks down as follows: 6:30 Warm-up /  :30 Attack / 5:00 Tempo / 20:00 Climb / 4:00 Downhill / 4:00 Small Group / 4:00 Inverse Intervals / 4:00 Warm-down = 48 minutes - I was on the trainer for 50 - total of 15. 1 miles ( Totally koudoable per Gazelle - HA!)

It is described as follows:

"You've never really been one for hanging out in the pack. You need – you ARE – the escape artist. You crave the sensation of joy as your freedom is granted and the gap grows. And you fear that sinking feeling of desperation as you try to hold on to the line as the pack chases you down. Hope. Honor. Glory. Featuring officially licensed footage from the 2010 Tour de Suisse and 2010 Tour de Romandie, The Hunted takes you through it all. Can you ride above yourself and ride to victory?"

Three (they rotate at some point, it's not always the same three) come as part of the Strava premium membership.  They are gauged on level of effort and cadence.  I'm sure I slacked on level of effort, however when they  gave a cadence I gave it my damdest to meet that cadence number.   Fun to be riding in a pack and see the routes on the tours.

Felt good to get my heart rate up and sweat.  Dave wondered if I gauged my heart rate, um, no I don't have that field on my Garmin - I probably should put it on there for these indoor sessions?

Sunday – Super 5K

Beth, awaken and blathering

Updated 1/31/15

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