Friday, January 16, 2015

Weekly Recap 1/12 - 1/18

Weekly Recap!



Speedwork, Yoga



Hills, Planks 


18 Jan

Monday – rest from running day and I honored it,  With the rain I barely made over 5,000 steps on the FitBit!!  Gizmo tried halfheartedly to get me to take him for a walk. TRX was good.  

Tuesday – Tuesdays triple started off with speedwork.  BRRRR it was cold!    I was kind of looking forward to this session with Steve and Dave.  I feel far more confident after the Resolution 5K.  Even to the point of before lap 5 I asked to walk the whole recovery lap so I could give the last one my all.  And it worked!!  Ahhh, that really made me feel successful rather than defeated as each subsequent lap does get harder, and it should.  Having a bit more recovery was nice.  I still pushed and it hurt, it just wasn't excruciating or frustrating.

I also realized I need some sort of goal to shoot for and changed my tracking to time per lap.  That tells a different story and gives me more instant feedback.

Jennifer and I got together for a 4 mile run, but not before Roxy got her sweater.  That little pug knew it was for her and she head butted me to put it on her and then did a happy dance once it was on.  So sweet. 

We headed out to the Coventry bike path and took two steps on it to realize that it was icy, very icy.  Ok so on to the roads for an out and back of 4 miles.  This was Jennifer’s first run outside since the pneumonia.  She coughed up some good stuff.  Never one to back down from a challenge we took it pretty easy and she didn't die.   Then off to Yoga.    Again that felt good.  Nice way to wind down after a freezing run, is it ever NOT going to snow in Coventry when I run with Jennifer?  

After reviewing my runs and when I've twisted my ankle it seems to be when I’m running in the ASICS Nimbus.  These were one of my experimental shoes, as the miles progressed on the shoes the ankle twisting became more common.  I wondered if it was my gait or what was causing me to try and land on the top of my foot rather than the bottom.  Not exactly sure, flimsy shoe?  Flimsy toe box? Too thick of a sole?   They are being sidelined and I pulled the GT1000’s into the rotation to see how the ankle twisting thing goes, or stops.  Hopefully stops.  Not sure why this is, it just is.

Wednesday – NY – spent most of the day at the NYSE.  Very cool.  The trading floor is rather boring, more like a consumer electronics show, all the trading happens over the computer.  The building itself and the board rooms are so filled with history and gorgeous.  I really enjoyed the tour and the history.

Hallways fascinate me, this was beautiful.

Trading clock, measures in seconds, Civil War era when trading was held for a set amount of time

Close up of the clock.

The floor now.  Looks like a consumer electronics show. This was the best pic of the bunch. 
Gizzy won and got a walk when I got home.

Thursday –   Spied Mikey B out for a run in shorts?  Wait, what?   Caught up with him in the gym afterwards and he wasn't trying to vie for any awards, the weather was supposed to be warm, huh… I like the surprise when I walk out the door.  Mine wasn’t as great as his!  I ran the Eastern Point beach loop with only an extra couple blocks added in.    Quick discussion with Mikey B confirmed runs over 4 miles are kudoable on Strava.  Mike went for 4 so he could obtain these much sought after kudos from the WTAC crew.  They seem to be more generous with me…    But hey Thursdays are doubles so I’ll have a couple 3 ish mile runs for a total of 6ish for the day. 

I finally got to catch up with my boss for the changes afoot in leadership in our group.  We are losing a great leader and Lori confirmed what I suspected is he is being replaced by an equally solid leader if not even a little better.  Pshew…   guess we had a solid year under one leader and it was time to mix it up a bit?  

Friday – Walk with Ro / Run with Jennifer / Walk with Giz   Jennifer and I were going ot meet at the beach, with the wind, not going to happen.  I figured we could run to White Rock and maybe out down cowpatty lane.  Unfortunately we couldn't run down Springbrook due to an exboyfriend of Jennifer's.  I get that.  I wouldn't want to run down an ex's street.  So we ran up to the tavern and back for four miles and I managed to land on a rock and twist my ankle.  From the sounds of it I turned a shade of white that was terrifying and all I knew was I wanted to puke.  This ankle could be my undoing...  I better watch where I step!!!

Saturday – Run with the Housewives of Narragansett in honor of Meg and then Stairs with the gang at URI.  Stairs didn't happen.  Sofa king cold (now that I FINALLY get that phrase, doh!!)  Plus I couldn't guilt Mikey B into joining us...  ha ha!!

Jenn, Jackie, Nicole and I ran 4.  To humor me we did 1 & 1/2 mile of trails.  Nice trails, easy.  Fortunately Nicole did not fall or twist anything.  She isn't thrilled with trails, so I was really surprised she suggested this.  I appreciated a little jaunt in the woods.  Once we were back on asphalt the locals led the pack, good thing because once I finally figured out where we were I'd of led us back to the car.  BRRRRRR!!!!

Post run.  12F windchill -1F.  We were frozen  Nicole / Me / Jackie

Coffee for Nicole and I, Jenn had two more miles to do and Jackie a list of things to do a mile long before her son's birthday party.  I'm enjoying coffee.  I definitely feel better for not having any Diet Coke, it is taking a while and the mild never going away aspartame withdrawal headache seems to be weakening.   Maybe it will be gone next week?  I can always hope.  Funny thing I don't feel as bloated as I once did.  Hmmmm... guess it is a good thing to stop consuming what was amounting to nearly 2 liters of chemicals a day.  Yeah, it was that bad.

Warm and after coffee!  Jenn / Me / Nicole

Sunday – Long run didn't happen.  Sons of Anarchy and knitting grabbed my attention first thing this a.m.  Well at least it warmed up outside.  6 miles for lunch is still nothing to sneeze at and I really should look at my training plan to see what I'm supposed to be running?

Two dog sweaters done and the third on the needles.  I may actually get back to knitting regularly as a result.  This is good.  I have missed it and it keeps me from staring at the computer for hours on end and taking stupid quizzes.   The Rorschach ink blot test diagnosed me with a multiple personality disorder.  Um NONE of the choices they listed looked like the ink blots I saw, so if that makes me mental, well so be it!  HA HA HA!!  Or should that be:

"They're coming to take me away, ha-haaa.
They're coming to take me away, ho ho, he he, ha ha,
To the funny farm, where life is beautiful all the time
And I'll be happy to see those nice young
Men in their clean white coats and

They're coming to take me away, ha-haaa!"

Napoleon XIV

Gizzy is taking a rest day today!

Beth, who had a training plan, but can't find it.

Final 1/18/15


  1. Great post! Love the NYSE pictures, that place must just ooze capitalism...didn't know about the 4-mile minimum rule...that's interesting!

    1. It does ooze capitalism, interestingly it started life as a not for profit institution. The building was amazing, so opulent and beautiful, from the marble hallways and intricately carved woodwork. Stunning. I dunno if there really is 4 mile rule...just one more for me to break! Muwahaaaaa....

  2. Where is "cowpatty lane"? Springbrook? Boombridge?
    That NYSE tour does look like fun, especially having worked in the industry.
    Just to keep you on your feet, my own general threshold is 5 miles for a run (unless a race), 15 for a ride, and 0.5 for swim. Didn't know what others have for thresholds if any, but I do recall Jackman saying he doesn't like receiving kudos for short runs, cool-downs, etc.

    1. Boombridge, other side of the bridge! I couldn't remember, thank you!!! The mind goes.

      We all have our standards to meet for issuing Kudos. It was a funny conversation with Mike through his chattering teeth for having been so under-dressed. Ok so maybe they weren't chattering... I'll have to aim for 5, some days that just isn't the plan. And I'm calling the Y to reserve a bike for tomorrow 5:30 a.m.

    2. OK I called the Y... done and dusted. good grief.... :) And the above wasn't a rant, hard to convey emotion or what ever that word is I'm searching for. LOL Sigh....