Thursday, January 31, 2013

Runner's Tag

SO I didn't actually get tagged...   I did think this was super cool and I am lacking in things to say.  We unexpectedly lost our 10 year old Boxer girl on the 30th.  And I really didn't feel like writing about my last run, other than 34F felt balmy!!

SO here goes.  The questions and my answers.  Feel free to use this, I thought it was interesting and have enjoyed reading the answers to the questions from other runners!! 
1. How long have you been running?

I've been running consistently since summer of 2011.  I started running in January 2010 with the C25K program and ran my first 5K in April  2010 with a time of 37:44, not too shabby  for starting out too fast and walking!!   After that I tackled a 3.6 mile trail run for a time of 48:19….   I started running in HS track, decades ago... but didn't stick with it.
2. Why did you start running?

I started running because walking on the treadmill got boring and I wasn't seeing much in terms of results in loosing the bulk I gained in my late 30's early 40's.  Ultimately vanity wins for many of us.

After running no more than a couple miles at a clip I decided, prompted by an eMail from my father to sign up for a ½ marathon running with the Lung Cancer Alliances, Team Lung Love, in May of 2011.  I figured I would walk and run and could make it the full way, no problem.  My mother was diagnosed with Lung Cancer in August 2007 and this would be to raise funds and awareness.  I had no idea what I was getting myself into or how much this would change my life.

3. What is the furthest distance you have ever ran?

I have run 26.2, twice.  I’m frothing at the mouth to try a 50K…

4. What is your best running memory?

Crossing the finish line of the first ½ I ran.  I crossed wearing the Team Lung Love jersey and holding hands with a fellow Team Lung Lover.  I did it.  I actually freaking did it.  I could call myself a runner now!!!

5. What shoes do you run in?

Asics Kayano’s  I want to try some minimalist shoes. But after running a marathon in Brooks Trance which were just a skitch stiffer than the Kayanos and fouling up my IT band for a month I’m a little scared.

6. What are your favorite and least favorite distances to run or race?

I hate 5Ks, they are painful… I need to work on my speed and they are the best competitive way for me to do this.  My PR is 27:27 for a 5K. 

I love marathons.  I know I only have two under my belt.  Honestly anything over 10 miles is a lovely distance for me.  I get in a grove and feel very accomplished.
7. Do you have a running partner?
I don’t.  I do have some virtual running buddies. 
8. What is your favorite place to run?
Trails.  There is one near where I work and a wonderful place to stop on my way home on Fridays.  There are a few near my home that I frequent on the weekends.  I love being outside and being in the woods and just the challenge of the hills and paying attention to where my  feet are going.  Sure I fall, that is all part of the experience. 
9. What is your favorite running accessory?

I love my iPod shuffle.  I know I know it is dangerous to run with music.  I put in only one ear piece on the trails and if I’m nervous.  The music just takes me away, either to think about the person that recommended the song, or the first time I ever heard the song or the first time I heard the song running. 
10. Do you like outdoor or indoor running?

Outdoor Running!!!  I've run on the treadmill when I first started and only a few times when the weather was horrible.  Now I’ll just run out no matter the climate. 
11. What is your favorite time of the day to run?

I love running mid morning.  My day has started and I get my tasks organized and take off about 10:30 and when I’m done, grab lunch head  back to my desk and get productive.  Most of the folks I work with don’t get into the office until after 10 and aren’t productive till after 11 so the a.m. gives me time to deal with their after normal working hours missives and set myself up for my day.
I also love running late in the afternoon in the fall, just when the weather has warmed up for the day and the smells of fall are so rich and plentiful. 
12. What races have you ran?
5K, 3.6M, 4M, 5M, 10K, 7.4M, 10M, 15K, ½ Marathon, Marathon.
13. What music do you listen to when running?

Pop.  As my friends say bad pop.  There are a couple bluegrass songs, some old rock n’ roll.  I’d call it eclectic.
14. What is the hottest or coldest weather you have ever ran in?

Hottest would be in the high 99F with 100% humidity.  That was miserable.  It was a race and it was miserable.  Coldest probably 4F.
15. What are some other exercises you love?
Yoga and TRX
16. Are you currently training for something?

Not really.  I am focusing on form and then on speed.  I’ll be running Marine Corps in October and will officially start training for that in a few months. 
17. What are your current or future goals?

5K sub 27
10K sub 60
½ Marathon sub 2 hours
Marathon sub 5 hours

I need to set some more solid goals. 
18. Advice for new runners
Goals! Goals! Goals!  Don’t skip running, your body needs it.  Don’t over train, your body doesn't need it.  You will find YOUR happy place.
20.  Who will you tag?
I choose Melissa!

Sincerely, Beth thankful to have something else to think about!!!

Sunday, January 27, 2013

10K Trail Race

With the weather lately (barely reaching 20F) I REALLY needed a reason to put on the layers and get out there and run. Besides it was high time I stopped the "I'm in rest mode from the Marathon." crap.

Reason #1 - 10K trail race (today)

Reason #2 - Colorful running clothes!  Found a great waterproof and wind proof PURPLE jacket and some new colorful pony tail beanies.

Reason #3 - 5K virtual race (yesterday)

I kept up on the race director's posts.  He said there really wasn't a need for traction, the trails were pretty packed.  I left the YakTrax at home.  I would have done better up the hills WITH them.  Oh well.

Today was race #3 in South County Fourth Season Trail Race series.  It is a series of 5 races.  Last year I ran in all 5 races.  This year I will only make 4 of them due to thinking the start time of race #2 was the same as race #3. Oh well, this did prompt me to start recording the start times of the races I am interested in running and have registered for in my racing spreadsheet.  Geek much?  Anyhoodles, last year you received a mug with your race photos for competing in all 5 races, that was really sweet.

My time last year was 1:02, on a completely clear 10K course, with a long (0.2 mile) section of open area.  My time this year was 1:09 on a snowy, hence the need for YakTrax, nearly all single track woods trail.  I felt so bad for one of the younger runners who wore his racing flats and was slipping all over the place on the uphills and downhills.  Although I think he kind of enjoyed sliding down, I know I would have!  He muttered, I left my spikes at home, that was dumb.

I remember this kid from the Old Mountain Field race.  His father is an uber-competitive runner and was egging him with about a mile left to go in the course.   In later discussions I found out he instructed his team to run the 5K trail as a warm up and then as a warm down.  No wonder this poor kid got beat by two women in their 40s...

I kept pace with a couple gals in my age bracket, one way ahead of me, I rarely lost sight of her and another who drafted me for the first 5 miles then took off.  Drafting me as in it was like she was breathing down my neck the whole time.  She really only gained 40 seconds on her over all time, but really?  I offered a couple times for her to pass, even when I fell she declined passing me.  I'm hardly a substantial wind break, but hey any port in a storm right?

Awesome Purple Coat and Hat!!

I was still smiling as I was coming up on the finish line.  Guess that means I didn't work hard enough?  Feh, I ran a marathon last weekend!

Yesterday I went out for a 5K virtual race.  Anywhere 5K hosts a monthly race, run your own course, they provide a bib you can print and a place to record your results.  Sometimes there are even prizes!  I have an at work 5K course and one in my town that I use for these virtual races.  It is kind of fun to get out there with a purpose other than just feeling fantastic running.

The Anywhere 5K was Run Fur Fun to benefit the Humane Society (if you chose to donate) and to have a chance to run with your canine family member(s).  I chose to run solo, none of our four boxers are focused enough to run a race!  I did run in memory of our Diesel who we lost to Cancer in 2010.  He survived nearly 2 years with a hemangiosarcoma on his spine.  We only discovered the cancer because he could not stand up one day.  The tumor closed off his spinal cord. From what the vet said during the progression of the cancer he was constantly re-learning how to walk as the tumor cut off more and more signals from his brain to his hind legs.  During his cancer experience he re-learned to walk twice.  Amazing the will and strength of our big guy.

At the beach!

First time with the wheels, he re-learned to walk after this and a second time!!

Beth, running for fun!

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Marathon Recap

It sounded like a great idea, a weekend with the marathon girls in Arizona running the Rock n' Roll Marathon.  What could be better to save us from a long weekend in cold and snowy Colorado, New Jersey, and Rhode Island?  Between injuries from Marine Corps in October, strained muscles from non-running activities, and "The Crud" crap going around none of the four of us were trained as we should be.  I boasted the best with a long run of 15 miles way back in the beginning of December.  We determined we were doing this for fun not for a PR...

Well two of us did PR:  G and B.  Woo Freaking Whoo!!  Interestingly the youngest and most untrained of us did the best, knocking 20 minutes off her MCM time.  Hmmm...  Unfortunately G could not finish her post race beer, so hmm I volunteered, surprised?  Didn't think so!!  A and M hit the wall and soldiered on.  Finishing as that is what counts!  Proud of them, always!

G - 4:17
B (me) - 5:01
A - 5:05
M - 5:35

It was a great race!!   One of A's friends took us to the start line, we arrived 10 minutes before the start, just enough time to jog to the start line, snap a picture and cross the start line to Joann Jett "I Love Rock and Roll"....  Absolutely Brilliant!!!

As it was a Rn'R marathon there were bands every mile or so.  They over powered the iPod, however the shuffle didn't let me down with songs as I needed them.  Each song brings back a memory of a run and/or a person and that image was with me for the duration of the song, egging me on, taking me to a different place.

Play List - Don't Judge!!!  (always looking for recommendations!!)
I started out a little fast as my 5K split told me, I felt good.  I wasn't in a hurry, and I definitely should not have been....  My splits went from fast to slow to fast.  Bell curve perhaps?

I need to graph this but I think it is sort of bell curve shaped, no?
All in all the Marathon was great.  I was happy to have completed #2, and being untrained wasn't as much of a hindrance.  I think I really know, now what I am capable of and fully trained for Marine Corps in October 2013 I am sure I can break 5 hours, maybe close to 4:30?  I know I need to push myself more, push myself to the edge and over the edge.  Truly finding out what is to much and backing off from there.

Post Race - the Fab Five!!
The four of us did manage to meet a fellow runner to add to our crew!  E's goal is to run 13 1/2s in 2013 and he is now two races in.  We will meet up with him again for a Rn'R 1/2 this year!!  So fun to meet new people.

The biggest difference between AZ and DC was the crowds and the energy.  There was a lot more alone time on this course than there was with DC.  I don't know which I liked better.  Which do you like better, running by yourself in a race or among other racers?

Beth, not as high from AZ Rn'R as she was from MCM however feeling pretty damn proud!!

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Marathon The Second

Last run, 5.5 miles, before the Marathon on Sunday.  *bites nails*  The weather was fantastic!!  Sunny and while I though I may have been over dressed, once I got near the water I was thankful for my heavy shirt to block the wind off the Long Island Sound.   Well it may NOT be my lat run, I think my marathon girlfriends want to sneak in a run on Saturday to limber up.  Or possibly sober up...

My aggressive training plan was abbreviated as I signed up for this just after Marine Corps Marathon on October 28th.   Reflecting on the last 11 weeks of training. I think one REALLY needs to let their body recover after running a marathon, ESPECIALLY when it is your first marathon.  Early on I was having trouble with the longer runs as my body worked hard to repair the damage from the marathon and the training for that marathon.  How do people who run consecutive marathons do it?  Perhaps they weren't running their second marathon 12 weeks after running their first?  After only running seriously for less than 2 years?   Ok so it wasn't the most well thought out plan.  Oh well.  

I loved "Born to Run"  I finished the book tonight and have filled out the application for the Laurel Wood 50K, now just to put the stamp on the envelope and mail it in.  This race is in June.  5 months, that should be fine to train for a 31 mile trail race, right?  I think I may also transition to minimalist shoes or toe shoes.  My PF is pretty much under control and I can see the benefits to letting my feet do what they are born to do.  

The other part of "Born to Run" I liked was the rag tag group of misfits Ultra Runners are.  I think these are my people!

Beth in love with running and all things running.

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Wordless Wednesday

I live at sea level, ok so 41 feet above sea level, is 1,000 feet above sea level going to pose a problem?

Beth who failed geography, twice...

Monday, January 14, 2013

Special Kind of Idiot

Done 10/12, and again 1/13 and 10/13

I started drafting my training plan and looking for a race...  Laurel Highlands 50K is looking good...  Any suggestions for a FIRST 50K Ultra?

Beth, hoping to be a special kind of idiot before the end of the year

Sunday, January 13, 2013

Easy, Light, Smooth, and Fast

Got home from my trail run this morning and realized this is the best I have felt in at least a month.  Holy cow "the crud" and the general end of year stress really took a lot more out of me than I expected it did.

At some point in "Born To Run" Caballo Blanco was "teaching" Christopher McDougall about trail running.  Lesson One:  Take what the trail gives you, don't fight it.  I can identify with that.  I do scan the trail see what looks like the best pat, take smaller steps, and not fight the trail, because seriously it is going to win.  Starting out today I was pretty confident I was good for Lesson One.  Lesson Two was Easy, Light, Smooth, and Fast.  Take the trail easy I think that links up well with taking what the trail has to give you so I worked on light and trying to tread softly and not clomp around.  I've also been working on keeping my shoulders relaxed.  Working on two things at time seems like the most I should tackle.  Eventually I will get to smooth and fast.

All in all the run felt good and it felt short.  It was a bout a mile shorter than I thought it should be.  The trail is a 8.5 mile trail.  Reviewing the trail map and the Garmin output, doesn't look like I cut out a mile anywhere, so huh...  I did figure out where an extra loop could be added on so next time I'll be looking for that cut off around mile 5.5.

My loop this a.m. 7.33 miles

8 mile loop
I really focused on keeping my shoulders relaxed and my arms at 90 degree angles and not clomping along the trail.  I could feel the difference when I was tensed up and clomping I tended to stumble more. Very  interesting.

One of the thoughts across my mind was McDougall didn't seem to finish the the thought on why women and the Tarahumara seem to excel in Ultra Running.  The drop out rate for women in Leadville is 10% while for men it is 50% does he ever get back to Joe Vigil exploring why women excel at long distances?  I Hope he doesn't loose the plot on that because I am really curious.

Personally I feel better and better the longer I run.  Today I could have taken another loop and I will do that the next time. I'm not a big fan of double loops, however I have a couple of races coming up that are going to be double, triple, and quadruple loops, better suck it up butter cup!

Pretty trail.  This is the view just after scaling a 10 ft piece of ledge
Summary / Splits:

Beth, feeling like a healthy woman again.

Saturday, January 12, 2013


Wednesday afternoon I did a 50 minute 4.8 mile loop around campus in the afternoon.  It was a little warmer plus I had a shirt with built in mittens which helped keep my poor fingers warm.  As I was leaving the gym, with my bright green cap on because it is one of the few with a pony tail hole, plus it was sort of dismal and the cap is noticeable. (This outfit was far less of a train wreck than the Blossom / Pippy Longstocking inspired get up from last week)  Still Chris felt the need to make a crack about my hat, "Well, Beth at least the hat goes with your shoes. Have a great run."  I thanked him and motioned my head back to the slogs on the dreadmills and said "Outside in any weather is better than that!"  He laughed and agreed.

Thursday I was in Manhattan for the day, productive.  Wrapping up a huge project at work and I received some wicked cool kudos for my work. The radio station I had selected to wake up to forgot to start broadcasting so my 5 a.m. alarm didn't go off, I did manage to wake up at 5:38 a.m. (I should be on the road by then to make the 6:42) get my self put together and out the door. Number One Smart Guy also had to be in the City for meetings  and he nearly ran into me in the parking lot.  I'm fairly certain neither of us were paying attention me because I was trying like hell to see the teeny tiny print on the train schedule and he was looking for a parking spot.  I was in time to make the 7:06 train however that would mean I would have to change trains and stand for the last hour of the trip.  I settled in to wait for the next express.  Number One Smart Guy caught up with me once we arrived in NY and asked why I didn't sit with him on the train I said I'm not much of a conversationalist because I sleep on the way in and didn't want to risk drooling on his shoulder.  He thought that was a good reason.

The drive home it was time to change Audio CDs.  I started listening to "Born to Run" by Christopher McDougall

Friday back to the office, with designs on a muddy trail run after work.  YIPPIE!!!  It was slow muddy and wonderful.  Could have been muddier, I am sure.  I felt so great afterwards.  Reflected back on my awesome week and the first few chapters of "Born to Run" and how far I have come from when I first started running this trail. It really was a nice decompressing end of the week run.

Well not so muddy on top!
I bagged Yoga, I really should give Preeta and her Asana class another shot, I stayed home and snuggled with dogs and knitted.  I think that was just better overall for completing my decompressing.

Today was a non-running day, just errands spending time in the car means more listening to "Born to Run" O.M.G.  AWESOME!  I'm now 4 discs in and reinvigorated to attempt a 50K trail race.  Thinking maybe June?   It is incredibly inspiring and reminding me why I love to run and what I want to accomplish by running, to just feel good, not to win races.  Although we are at the part with Ann Transon and the Tarahumara Indians are competing in the 1994 Leadville 100.  I'm so tempted to go for a drive to hear more however my windshield wipers have died and that would be dangerous!!!  Yeah, yeah, I could bring the CDs in the house, but it just isn't the same...

With the rain (and warm weather because it is raining and not snowing) means the Vin Gormley trail will be nice and muddy tomorrow.  I think 8.5 miles of mud will be delightful tomorrow.  Oh yeah, I know I have a marathon to run next weekend I'll be fine.  I am far less nervous about the AZ Rock n' Roll than I was about Marine Corps.  I've done it once I can do it again!!!

02/03/12 Run of Vin Gormley

Vin Gormley Trail Map - Red single track.  
I need to remember to look for that trail to the left after the yellow road trail.  Remember I run clockwise so I will start from the white mark.  I also need to look for trail extension.  I think those make the trail closer to 10 miles.  Woo hoo!!

Beth, seriously contemplating a 50K ultra and not expecting to PR the upcoming marathon

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Wordless Wednesday

My favorite trail....

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Decisions, Decisions, Decisions

Yesterday was all bunged up to squeeze in a run with oddly spaced meetings.  Then a 5 p.m. deliverable that no one but me took seriously became a 6 p.m. deliverable.  As a result I missed TRX.  I have to leave by 5 and that was not happening.  These things happen.  I miss it after two weeks off, and now it is three weeks off.  Next Monday!  Although missing things seems to be a trend for the first 8 days of this year...

Today was an open calendar with an opportunity to run I took advantage of.  Ding dong would have taken a few more mile advantage had she not forgotten her gloves.  The wind off the water was cold and now I think I know why people run clock stupid, the coldest wind is off the water and at their backs running the direction they run.  I had gloves in my bag, I just failed to put them on.  Lesson learned, took a good hour for my hands to really warm up.

It was a lovely and sunny 4.4 Mile 45 Minute run, when my hands weren't taking the brunt of the wind chill.  The air temp was 40F, I did not factor in that wicked wind chill off the Long Island Sound.

A friend sent me his race list for the year and this got me going on picking races for 2013.  Of course one thing leads to another and I start looking for 1/2 marathon per month. Can we say over committer??  I'm good for all months but December. Perhaps TX or FL?  I think the list is good and now I need to pick which ones and leave room for the 'oh that sounds like a cool race'.  OH yeah and family....

How do you determine which races to run?  Any thoughts on my list? Run any of these races? Suggestions for a December 1/2?

Beth, weighing options

Monday, January 7, 2013


Jackass came in this morning with the usual Monday morning banter. Of course, he asked about my race this weekend. I said I thought it started at 10 it started at 9. And like with anything he pull some Seinfeld reference! Yep, you guessed it Jean-Paul!!

Jean-Paul The Marathon Runner

Friends just put things into perspective, don’t they?

I’m still incredibly bummed to miss race 2 of a 5 race series and be out of the running for having competed in all of them like I did last year. Now I will put the race START time on the calendar also and be more diligent about checking the start time BEFORE I go to bed.

So to answer the question, Will she break a running rule? Nope! No race no new stuff. Although I am going to look for the Run Yaktrax for trail running. Those look a little better for running and I’ll run in them before attempting a race.

I did have a nice, yet slow, 6 mile run and followed that up with a trip to the beach with Hubb and 3 of the 4 dogs. The beach was nice, not too many people, we missed the get up and go for a walk on the beach crowd and were early for the let’s go for a walk on the beach after lunch crowd. Don’t worry too much about the one left home alone. He had a special treat, going hiking with me, which he LOVES his ‘mommy and me time’ plus I let him wander and he just likes to be doing something. He was a little disgruntled that Hubb was joining us. The look on his face when I had him get into the truck was one of “Really? Do we have to bring HIM with us?” We went out to a local trail where Hubb could work on some things with his mountain bike and Gizmo and I could hike. Gizzy was happy when Hubb took off in one direction and we went in another.

The trails were nice with a fresh covering of snow to clean everything up.  The hunters were out so we donned our orange!

Safety Dog!!
Beth, who will be writing the START times on the calendar!

Saturday, January 5, 2013

Sandy Hook 5K

My run this morning was going to be a quick one, or rather a short one  I was going to a get together to meet a friends baby and had a limited amount of time. I determined two steps out the door this would be my Sandy Hook 5K Virtual Race.  I needed motivation and something to think about.  I'm still not at 100%, I hope that the three weeks from start to finish for 'the crud' holds true.  This gave me goal mileage as I really didn't have a plan.  I reflected back on the tragedy and a friend who experienced the NIU shootings, first hand, and knew two of the students killed.  I wonder how those children are going to be able to deal with this as they grow up.  Hearing what my friend, as an adult, deals with nearly 5 years post the shooting I cannot imagine how children will manage.

The race is put on by Mena Shaw racing.  If your interested check it out lasts until the end of the month!   The proceeds go to the SW CT United Way Sandy Hook School Support Fund. I think this is wonderful.  There is a race in Newton, CT on the 19th of January check it out here.  I'll be running the Phoenix Rock n' Roll Marathon in Arizona, so this was a great option for me!!

I had to pay a lot of attention to the sidewalks.  Krikies people shovel your damn walks!!!  So there was some times I needed to run in the street. Oh well. Live and learn some people shovel some people don't, those of you who do:  Thanks!  Love ya!

Tomorrow is race two of Off Rhode Racing Fourth Season series.  It is a beach and trail run, in Narragansett RI, beautiful course on the ocean!  The race director posted that the snow is nearly gone however it is icy, additionally snow is expected and temps won't be going much above 25F; so you may want to arrive early and check things out to determine appropriate footwear and clothing.

Knowing what I experienced this a.m. and knowing that a trail doesn't offer as much latitude, hell ANY latitude, in avoiding things I had no idea what to do.  Last year we really didn't have a true winter, there was little snow and what snow we had was gone in a day.  One of my running buddies posted that she had an 11 mile trail run and it was icier than she expected and wasn't prepared.  I asked what she did  She said YaxTrax!  I scurried out to the local sporting goods store hoping they had these things.  They did!!  So this will give me a little more security for tomorrows race.   Yes, yes I know I am violating a sacred running rule "nothing new".

I'll run that and then put in another 10 later in the day.  I have to get in some mileage for this Marathon.  Definitely won't and shouldn't get in 20 miles tomorrow, too close to the race to risk injury.

My stats for the Sandy Hook race aren't great, it is so much easier to push when you are racing WITH people (see Frosty 5K stats) 

Frosty 5K Stats, the competitiveness comes out! (this was day 11 of  'the crud')

Beth, looking forward to the trail race tomorrow, and will do a warm up lap with the YaxTrax so technically won't be violating any sacred running rules.

Friday, January 4, 2013

Detox Friday?

Heidi's last Yoga session was 12/28.  I was down for the count with "the crud" and missed it.  I am quite sad about this....

Tonight was the new Friday night format:    Ashtanga Vinyasa with Meditation with Prati

Being a 'Child of the Universe' as I was aptly named by a special spirit I went into this with an open mind.  I LOVE Heidi. I get attached to people and over the last how many months have gotten very attached to and used to my Friday night Detox Yoga with Heidi and the rest of the Friday Night Yoga Chickens....  What was I goigng to experience with Prati?

Prati was new and different.  A true Ashtanga Vinyasa class, very different than a Detox class.  Not sure I have the right amount of energy for an Ashtanga class on a Friday night, but will stick with it to see how it works out.  One never knows.  Prati was a hands on instructor which I like and appreciate.  Adjusting you into the position appropriately and explaining the proper form.

I'll give it a few more Fridays, for now I'm ok with the change and can adapt.  I will miss Heidi, no doubt..

Beth, experiencing the new with an open mind  

Thursday, January 3, 2013

Terrific Thursday!!!!

One of my BIG motivators for running is Lung Cancer, specifically running with the Lung Cancer Alliance's Team Lung Love.  Team Lung Love runs Marathons and Half Marathons across the US all with the goal of raising funds for the Lung Cancer Alliance.

A little bit about the Lung Cancer Alliance, it is the only national non-profit organization dedicated solely to providing support and advocacy for people living with or at risk for Lung Cancer.  Having referred several people to the Lung Cancer Alliance and have gotten huge THANK YOU in return for the support and information the Lung Cancer Alliance was able to provide; I am even more convinced I picked the right Lung Cancer advocacy organization to become involved with.

Check out the Lung Cancer Alliance website for all the services they offer the Lung Cancer patient, those at risk for Lung Cancer, and the families and caregivers of Lung Cancer patients.  Truly an amazing and wonderful group of people. I'm honored to have met (and run) with many of them!!

The Lung Cancer Alliance and it's supporters, along with the Pancreatic Cancer Action Network (PAN CAN) lobbied federal hill to ensure the Recalcitrant Cancer Act was published into law.  Today the President signed this in to law!!  What does this legislation included in the National Defense Authorization Act of 2013, require?  It requires the National Cancer Institute (NCI) to develop scientific frameworks for addressing cancers with survival rates of less than 50%, with first priority attention to lung and pancreatic cancers.  See the Press Release for more detailed information.

This is one of the reasons I run.  I am motivated by this cause, my mother was diagnosed with Lung Cancer in 2007, she is a 5 year survivor.  There is a 15% 5 year survival rate, the same as it has been since Nixon declared War on Cancer in 1971.  Many other cancers are survivable, people live with them like any chronic condition.  Someday, and sooner rather than later with this landmark legislation, Lung Cancer and Pancreatic Cancer patients will be living with the disease and not dying from it.   Why do I run?  My mother would not let me shave my head in support of her loosing her hair through chemo, she suggested I find something more productive to do than be bald in the middle of winter.  She then proceeded to remind me how I was nearly three before my hair actually started growing and now that I had hair, why mess with success.  Even in the throws of chemo and chemo brain she was on her game!!!  My father found the link to Team Lung Love and forwarded it to me with a note saying "This may be a better option than shaving your head."

Most people I run with have lost a family member to Lung Cancer. A few of them are even surviving WITH Lung Cancer!!!   At times I feel so guilty my mother has survived, when so many mothers, fathers, aunts, uncles, grandmothers, grandfathers, brothers, sisters, husbands, and wives lives have ended far to early from this bastard of a disease.   Once I get out of my funk, I remember that it is the survivors and the loved ones of those lost to Lung Cancer that  can and will make the difference.  They shout out, No More Lung Cancer. No More Excuses.  Would the Breast Cancer mortality rates have plummeted so dramatically if the women, and the men, surviving Breast Cancer,and their families, didn't band together to increase awareness about the disease and funding for a cure?  They were able to take advantage of Nixon's War on Cancer, kudos for them! Now it is time for Lung Cancer, the Recalcitrant Cancer Act kicks it up a notch (in the infamous words of Emeril Lagasse) bringing Lung Cancer out of the shadows, ensuring people can be diagnosed earlier when there is a fighting chance of managing and defeating this disease!!!

I have so many supporters, both who financially donate to the Lung Cancer Alliance for the races I run and who encourage me when the going gets tough and I feel like giving up.

Thank you all!  You all are a part of this landmark legislation!!!

Beth, who sees no problem with the date of 1/3/13!! Double thirteens mean good tidings!!

PS OH yeah, I did run today.  3.6 miles in 20 F.  My fashion consultant would have had a coronary had she seen my outfit.  Orange and white striped hat, green shirt, black and white skirt with black capris and black socks with blue polka dots finished off by dark gray Asics with green and purple accents.  I was quite the sight to behold.  Channeling Blossom, perhaps?  One of my co-workers actually stopped me and said "Beth, you usually are so pulled together what the hell happened?" as I was skittering out of the gym to start my run.  At that point I KNEW it was bad if these words came out of a guys mouth.  Alas, I did not snap a picture, it may have broken the camera!!

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Wordless Wednesday

May 11th, Ice Age Trail 1/2 Marathon, La Grange, WI!!

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Chapter 2013, Page 1 - Goals

Left off yesterday with the goal of setting goals...

My first goal of this year was to actually run the Frosty 5K in Guilford CT.  DONE!  Chip time of 28:05, not a shabby way to start off the New Year.  I was desperate to relieve the snot situation in my nose, my spitting habit is unladylike enough, I didn't want to add in a farmers blow... the crud cough held off until the 3 block walk back to my car. I expected that.  Should have gotten an inhaler, that would have helped.  It was a cough very much like the exercise induced asthma coughs I had when I first started running...  so enough about my bodily functions.  The race, it was a fun race, flat, pretty, nice runners and walkers who stayed in the back of the corral, thank you!!

Long sleeved cotton shirt, perfect for hanging around in! Plus the snowman is cute!

In the process of taking this picture I lost the Nathan bib holder thingys I purchased.  Crap.  I need to learn to pay attention.  Hopefully another runner in need of bib holder thingys found them and picked them up and will use them.  I'd hate to see them get thrown away.  Guess I'll need to go back and get a new set.  Whoopsie.  This time I'll stick them in my purse and not try and balance them the bib a piece of paper and the shirt...  This is what I get for not taking a bag, but I didn't need a bag, I had a perfectly suitable hand bag or even deep pockets in my Pea Coat in which to stash said thingys.   I did notice the store had the audio version of Born to Run.  I've been off and on reading the book, it holds my interest but I only seem to have time to read just before bed and I fall asleep and have to back track a page or two.  Hmmm...  there is always the library, where 90% of my audio books come from.  And you can see how I get distracted by bright shiny objects, no?

So goals:

Running - 1,500 miles, 1 race per month, 2 marathons, one with the Lung Cancer Alliances's Team Lung Love, 6 1/2 marathons.  Think that is reasonable. I've been working on my race calendar for 2013 and I can fit all of that in I am sure.
Reading - 115 books, I know not much of a stretch from this year where I read/listened to 116.  I may incorporate audio books into my running play list.  I'll have to contemplate this.  4 hour long run once a week would get me through a short book every couple of months?
Knitting - yes, I know this is a running blog, but it is also about living life.  I am going to hold to the 10 pair of socks.  When my parents house burned, all the socks I knitted for them were lost.  I think a goal of knitting them a couple pair of new socks and a few other people socks would inspire me.  I have enough knitted socks!
Diet - ? Hmm.... I've only ever set a weight goal with Weight Watchers, and I have hit my 1 year maintenance anniversary.  What I have been super lax on is counting points and I know my portion sizes are getting on the high side, so my goal will be to weigh, measure, and track a minimum of 4 days a week. 

Think that will do it.  Four things important to me in my daily life.

How do you set goals?  What sort of goals have you set?  How do you or do you reward yourself for achieving your goals?

Beth with the first action item off the 2013 to do list!