Saturday, January 12, 2013


Wednesday afternoon I did a 50 minute 4.8 mile loop around campus in the afternoon.  It was a little warmer plus I had a shirt with built in mittens which helped keep my poor fingers warm.  As I was leaving the gym, with my bright green cap on because it is one of the few with a pony tail hole, plus it was sort of dismal and the cap is noticeable. (This outfit was far less of a train wreck than the Blossom / Pippy Longstocking inspired get up from last week)  Still Chris felt the need to make a crack about my hat, "Well, Beth at least the hat goes with your shoes. Have a great run."  I thanked him and motioned my head back to the slogs on the dreadmills and said "Outside in any weather is better than that!"  He laughed and agreed.

Thursday I was in Manhattan for the day, productive.  Wrapping up a huge project at work and I received some wicked cool kudos for my work. The radio station I had selected to wake up to forgot to start broadcasting so my 5 a.m. alarm didn't go off, I did manage to wake up at 5:38 a.m. (I should be on the road by then to make the 6:42) get my self put together and out the door. Number One Smart Guy also had to be in the City for meetings  and he nearly ran into me in the parking lot.  I'm fairly certain neither of us were paying attention me because I was trying like hell to see the teeny tiny print on the train schedule and he was looking for a parking spot.  I was in time to make the 7:06 train however that would mean I would have to change trains and stand for the last hour of the trip.  I settled in to wait for the next express.  Number One Smart Guy caught up with me once we arrived in NY and asked why I didn't sit with him on the train I said I'm not much of a conversationalist because I sleep on the way in and didn't want to risk drooling on his shoulder.  He thought that was a good reason.

The drive home it was time to change Audio CDs.  I started listening to "Born to Run" by Christopher McDougall

Friday back to the office, with designs on a muddy trail run after work.  YIPPIE!!!  It was slow muddy and wonderful.  Could have been muddier, I am sure.  I felt so great afterwards.  Reflected back on my awesome week and the first few chapters of "Born to Run" and how far I have come from when I first started running this trail. It really was a nice decompressing end of the week run.

Well not so muddy on top!
I bagged Yoga, I really should give Preeta and her Asana class another shot, I stayed home and snuggled with dogs and knitted.  I think that was just better overall for completing my decompressing.

Today was a non-running day, just errands spending time in the car means more listening to "Born to Run" O.M.G.  AWESOME!  I'm now 4 discs in and reinvigorated to attempt a 50K trail race.  Thinking maybe June?   It is incredibly inspiring and reminding me why I love to run and what I want to accomplish by running, to just feel good, not to win races.  Although we are at the part with Ann Transon and the Tarahumara Indians are competing in the 1994 Leadville 100.  I'm so tempted to go for a drive to hear more however my windshield wipers have died and that would be dangerous!!!  Yeah, yeah, I could bring the CDs in the house, but it just isn't the same...

With the rain (and warm weather because it is raining and not snowing) means the Vin Gormley trail will be nice and muddy tomorrow.  I think 8.5 miles of mud will be delightful tomorrow.  Oh yeah, I know I have a marathon to run next weekend I'll be fine.  I am far less nervous about the AZ Rock n' Roll than I was about Marine Corps.  I've done it once I can do it again!!!

02/03/12 Run of Vin Gormley

Vin Gormley Trail Map - Red single track.  
I need to remember to look for that trail to the left after the yellow road trail.  Remember I run clockwise so I will start from the white mark.  I also need to look for trail extension.  I think those make the trail closer to 10 miles.  Woo hoo!!

Beth, seriously contemplating a 50K ultra and not expecting to PR the upcoming marathon

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