Saturday, January 5, 2013

Sandy Hook 5K

My run this morning was going to be a quick one, or rather a short one  I was going to a get together to meet a friends baby and had a limited amount of time. I determined two steps out the door this would be my Sandy Hook 5K Virtual Race.  I needed motivation and something to think about.  I'm still not at 100%, I hope that the three weeks from start to finish for 'the crud' holds true.  This gave me goal mileage as I really didn't have a plan.  I reflected back on the tragedy and a friend who experienced the NIU shootings, first hand, and knew two of the students killed.  I wonder how those children are going to be able to deal with this as they grow up.  Hearing what my friend, as an adult, deals with nearly 5 years post the shooting I cannot imagine how children will manage.

The race is put on by Mena Shaw racing.  If your interested check it out lasts until the end of the month!   The proceeds go to the SW CT United Way Sandy Hook School Support Fund. I think this is wonderful.  There is a race in Newton, CT on the 19th of January check it out here.  I'll be running the Phoenix Rock n' Roll Marathon in Arizona, so this was a great option for me!!

I had to pay a lot of attention to the sidewalks.  Krikies people shovel your damn walks!!!  So there was some times I needed to run in the street. Oh well. Live and learn some people shovel some people don't, those of you who do:  Thanks!  Love ya!

Tomorrow is race two of Off Rhode Racing Fourth Season series.  It is a beach and trail run, in Narragansett RI, beautiful course on the ocean!  The race director posted that the snow is nearly gone however it is icy, additionally snow is expected and temps won't be going much above 25F; so you may want to arrive early and check things out to determine appropriate footwear and clothing.

Knowing what I experienced this a.m. and knowing that a trail doesn't offer as much latitude, hell ANY latitude, in avoiding things I had no idea what to do.  Last year we really didn't have a true winter, there was little snow and what snow we had was gone in a day.  One of my running buddies posted that she had an 11 mile trail run and it was icier than she expected and wasn't prepared.  I asked what she did  She said YaxTrax!  I scurried out to the local sporting goods store hoping they had these things.  They did!!  So this will give me a little more security for tomorrows race.   Yes, yes I know I am violating a sacred running rule "nothing new".

I'll run that and then put in another 10 later in the day.  I have to get in some mileage for this Marathon.  Definitely won't and shouldn't get in 20 miles tomorrow, too close to the race to risk injury.

My stats for the Sandy Hook race aren't great, it is so much easier to push when you are racing WITH people (see Frosty 5K stats) 

Frosty 5K Stats, the competitiveness comes out! (this was day 11 of  'the crud')

Beth, looking forward to the trail race tomorrow, and will do a warm up lap with the YaxTrax so technically won't be violating any sacred running rules.

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