Monday, March 28, 2016

Weekly Recap: 3/21/2016 - 3/27/2016

Monday (0) - Driving back to RI.  Made it in under 12 hours with 4 stops.  Not too bad.  Lots of police out.  Saw a semi pulled over and 4 cop cars and the back opened and boxes being inspected.  Perhaps why there were so many cops?  Just glad I managed to control my lead foot and not set the cruise too high.

Tuesday (3) - I had 90 minutes to get to and from the gym, run, stretch, and get lunch before an afternoon of conference calls.  I made it with 10 minutes to spare.  Meant having a short run and since it was short I made it quick to! 27 minutes for 3 miles, I'm happy with that.  Guess this could count as speed work?    Considered making it a double once I got home but I didn't.  I had other things occupying my attention.

Gus was in very good shape one day post his dental surgery, poor guy has 4 teeth left.  On a positive note he already seems to be in a lot less pain and happier.  He was bummed he didn't get a walk, the doc said 2 days.  Once we get started on a walk I know I'll go to far with him.  Tomorrow we are free to roam and that will be fun.  We should be able to do a trail run over the weekend.  Pshew that is over!  He has one of his bottom canines left and gave me a nice bright white snaggle tooth boxer grin this a.m. when I wiped breakfast off his nose.  He does like routine more than any other pup we've had, so me being gone, Dave taking him to the vet, and not a lot of walks lately has been tough on the poor guy.

Wednesday (7.6) - Back to the 6 minimum.  Felt really good, and was pretty peppy.  Proves to me I need a break once in a while and that motivates me to do more than shuffle along. 

Spin, ugh, I would have rather ridden outside, however 1) once I got home I'd get wrapped up in other projects and that wouldn't happen, 2) I hadn't seen Jennifer in a few weeks and it would be good to catch up in person, 3) kinda missed the class despite not being able to understand a word out of Kim's mouth, and 4) Thursday would be a really sedentary day with a training class and dinner out.

Gus and I went for a walk, he made it a mile and was seriously slowing down so we turned back home.  I wasn't sure how far he would actually go.  I can't even imagine how uncomfortable his mouth still feels, he seemed happy to get out and was rather playful as I was putting my shoes on to walk him.  Nice to see!

Thursday (0) - Technically my rest day, but I had that on Monday.  A training class took up the whole day and catching up with friends I hadn't seen in months was on tap for the evening.  OH well.  It's not like I'll lose anything having a second "easy" week.  I do have a 10 mile trail run on Saturday - that outta knock some sense into or out of me, the jury is still out on that.

Despite the 'brownie incident' it was a good class.  Someone who recognized me from the gym decided to comment on my choice of three brownies and shouldn't I be going to run that off?   I explained it was my rest day and she exclaimed well then you shouldn't be having any brownies at all.  I had a 4th, thinking, how strange.  Now I'm nervous to go to the locker room because she recognized me and I was clueless.  Then again I go in, change, run, stretch, shower and leave...  interacting with only a few people and only recently.  I'm not anti-social, I'm introverted, shy, aloof, and focused.

Friday (5.5) - There was rain in the forecast, it was drizzling and felt too raw for short sleeves and I was hungry.  I swapped to long sleeves, and really didn't regret it.  I was still cold when it came to the part to run Eastern Point Beach, along the water, I opted out, this is 0.4 miles so I was going to be short my 6 and I'm OK with that.  It was an easy paced run all in all I felt good.

No Gus walk, we will go on a hike over the weekend.  He is doing so much better.  Back to being a cuddler, which I LOVE!

Saturday (13) - Brrrrlingame 10 miler recap here.   Took Gus out for a normal walk.  He seemed happy with that.  What an amazing transformation.  Big thanks to 5K for getting me thinking on getting Gus' teeth fixed.  A gal I met out at a happy hour was having her boxer girl's teeth cleaned next week and was really nervous about the cost.  It's worth every penny.

Sunday (3.8) - Took a 0 today.  Gus got a nice long walk, and that was just fine.  My left knee was a little stiff, as I figured, double the running time and uneven terrain I'm lucky it was just a little stiff! The day and evening were spent with the in-laws.

Weekly Mileage 32.9 (Run: 24.5  Walk 8.4)  Considering all I had going on I'm not disappointed in my mileage.

Yearly Mileage  500.4 against a straight line of 479.4  I'm still ahead, and used up my a big chunk of my bank.

Beth who had a good week!  I'm pleased with my time for Brrrrrlingame and getting Gus back into the swing of things.

Saturday, March 26, 2016

Brrrrrrrlingame 10 miler - Recap

This is a favorite race of mine, actually all of them in the South County 4th Season Race Series are favorites of mine...

This one brings back good memories, when it was first introduced in 2012 it was a 15K, with a two lap format.  It was my first ever 15K and I do believe it was my first 9 mile run when I'd been a 'runner' for all of 2 years.  That one holds a special place in my heart and I think I've blathered about it before.  I was DFL, my first!!  I was mortified and embarrassed.  I've learned, since then, other runners really don't care that I have no natural talent for running, the fact it hasn't deterred me from continuing to run and to 'race' and to plan and execute on plans seems good enough for them so it should be good enough for me.


Past results:

2015 I missed it - that was an off year for me in a lot of aspects, I probably was in no shape to even consider 5 miles let alone 10.  My blog wasn't very helpful in cluing me in other than I was in one of those moods for the week.
2014 was a good run 2:04
2013 was a snowy sufferfest, I think I opted for the 3 mile course and enjoyed the breath taking views with all the trees overwhelmed with snow
2012 the 15K 1:47  (no blog till May)

All in all decent runs for me on single track.


A:  2:00
B:  2:05
C:  Do not die

My result:  2:02
Full results here.

5/5 for my age group
47/50 overall

Rhode Runner was the overall team winner as well as the men
WTAC women took it for the win for the women (no help from me!)

It is a mass start on a wide open space makes it easy to sort out who belongs where.  And we all did a remarkable job; I got passed once and passed two people in the first mile.

Crutch hung with me for about the first mile, we jibber jabbered and that helps me get into my groove... lol...  He was off after a half mile or so.

The first loop (1:00:30) was unremarkable, felt good to be out on trails again.  I really don't do enough of them.  Glad to be at an hour through the first loop a little worried about the second loop.  Glad I didn't get lapped by a front runner.  Took a cup of water and ran off.

First (and first man) 1:01:47
First woman 1:11:54

The second loop (1:01:45) was a bit more interesting, in mile 7 there was a guy ahead of me walking and seemed to be leaning forward.  Hmmmm odd.  I caught up to him asked if he was ok, he had a list of issues, ostly a headache.  I said there was a way back to the start just over there if he needed to bail.  No he was going to stick this out.  His roommate was up ahead.  Would it be ok if he ran with me, it would be nice to have someone to pace off of.  Sure, why not.  We  jibber jabbered about this and that and in mile 9 he spied his roommate and ran off.  He eventually caught up with and passed his buddy.    He helped me through those middle miles, they were peppier than the first lap.  I'm always grateful for small favors.

I failed to come in DFL, again.  Shoot!!!

All in all a fun race.  Mike does a great job with these.

Beth feels ready to start 100K training after this race!!

Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Weekly Recap: 3/14/16 - 3/20/16

Monday (5) - The time change coupled with a pretty busy weekend did a number on me.  I was determined to get out and run rain or not.  I found I did not have a sports bra.  I exclaimed out-loud my dismay and the gal that is usually next to me handed me one of hers and said "Here".  I took it, what else was I going to do?  It wasn't my type of bra.  One of those pull over the head things that make me feel like I'm wiggling into a straight jacket and then fighting to get out of a soaking wet straight jacket when I go to take it off.  The first mile was a little tough getting the thing to work like it should, fortunately the rain was drenching and lycra sticks and things were much happier after that!

The decision was to run 3, figuring in the equipment malfunction and not wanting the lasting pain I knew I'd have because of it.  I felt pretty good and decided maybe 4, then thought really, why 4 go for 5 and if you feel it do the 6.  But I kinda thought I'd like to just do 5 and have an 'easy' day.  So I did.

Tuesday (7) - The rain was letting up and it was looking nice for a run.  Figured I'd do some of the hills, Proud Mira, The Bitch, and Meech.  I initially thought that would get me 6 miles, but as my watch clicked 4 where it would be 3, I thought, well lets make up for the missed mile yesterday and see how I feel.  So I continued on the regular route, taking the 2 miles along the water instead of 1 mile straight back to campus.  I felt pretty darn good after that.  Guess my 'minimum' run thing is kind of working?

Wednesday (9)  - Everything seemed to click after the first mile today.  Interesting.  The run was the fastest in a while for me and it didn't feel like it for the most part.  Probably the dry weather and my attitude is returning to it's usual self.  The North wind was a plesant fight.  It only makes me stronger, right?  Gives me the stamina necessary to get through my upcomming training.  Funny, training to train, but that actually sounds right.  Building some sort of solid mileage base to work on.  

My left knee will be happy for a rest day tomorrow, for sure!

A nice daylight pre-dinner walk with Gus.  I bailed on Spin.  It has been nice being home after work and not having any activities.  Why can't we stay on Daylight Savings all the time??  I like it light later at night...  sigh.

Thursday (0)  drove to MI uneventful trip which is always nice. Listened to "The Rosie Project" by Graeme Simsion, super charming well written story. Had me laughing out loud!

Friday (7) Usual run around the block over. Windy biting damp get into your bones cold. Even the farm dogs weren't bothering to leave the shelter of the barns to greet me! 

Took Mom on a mile walk around the farm. She enjoyed it and it's nice to get her outside and moving around. Hopefully she will continue to walk a couple times a week.  It's good for her. 

Saturday (5) Hoping to avoid the fresh gravel I went around the block. Blocks are 5 miles, so my runs are in increments of 5 miles. We are in the intersection of Washtenaw and Lenawee counties and Bridgewater Township I was hoping they hadn't done their roads. No luck.  Another biting damp get into your bones wind and with few trees to block it it is relentless. No dogs to run along with me either. Oh well. 

Sunday (3.5) I wasn't liking anything about this run and tried a few things to get myself into it. No dice.  As my Dad said when I left "Whatever" for how long I'd be gone.   I was considering two blocks (yeah that didn't work out) If I wasn't back in an hour they'd come looking for me.  Not too many places for me to go... So that's that.

Mom and I walked back to the woods.  Saw a heard of about 8 deer.  Nice to see her wanting to walk!

Weekly Total: 36.5 (31.7 run 5 walk)  Feh, not great not bad, based on my paces of late I needed a break.

Yearly Mileage:  Feet:  468.4 against a straight line target of 440.9  (this makes me happy!)

Beth happy to have some time with her parents and feeling very recharged and ready to face life

Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Bolton Road Race - Recap

On one of our fall runs Faith asked me to stand up for her at her wedding to Joe.  It would be at the Bolton Road Race in March.  It has a big hill and it usually snows were her selling points.  Not recommending a career in sales for her!

Hills don't really bother me, neither does snow, and well who knew what shape I'd be in 6 months later.  At my age I really thought standing up at a wedding wasn't in the picture.  Thankfully this required matching running shirts (no fruffy fluffy ruffly dress) and the bride provided, even better!  I loaned her my veil and hair piece in exchange for the thoughtfulness of buying the running shirt!  I TOTALLY forgot about the head piece I had, it was wrapped up in the veil (imagine that).  My paternal Grandmother wrapped a piece of wedding cake in her veil.  I found that after she passed in 1987, it was all in rather interesting shape after 46 years.  Good lord, my father didn't have a mother at my age (his father passed in 1989 so he didn't have a father at my age either).  My mother didn't have a mother or a father when she was my age.  How lucky am I?  

"Do not regret growing older. It is a privilege denied to many."

I digress, which generally makes my random smattering of thoughts more interesting?

The wedding was 45 minutes before the race start.  I cried.  What do you say about a ceremony?  It is clear they are very much in love and happy, and that is wonderful to see.  Can't say I've seen that at every wedding I've been to or stood up in. 

The race:

Don decided to run with me.  He wanted a nice easy pace.  Thanks.  Crutch joined in the fun with an easy pace.  Christ guys, it's kind of my every day pace I was going for...

Mile 1 (10:40  GAP 10:01)  Total elevation gain 69 feet.  I didn't warm up I was freaking out running with the guys, what if I really couldn't do this, what if... what if... what if... and shoot I really needed to pee.

Don and Crutch jibber jabbered about this and that and commented on the first hill, is this "THE HILL"  chalk at the bottom assured us it was not "THE HILL"

I urged them to go, they didn't.  Ok... we all jibber jabbered (me not a lot) and in the words of Mikey B "If you're talking you're not working hard enough"  oh whatever.  Goal C people, Goal C - Do not die.

Oh goals.  
A:  50 minutes (ha ha ha)
B:  sub 60 minutes (ok I gave myself way to much room there)
C:  Do not die

We got to the top and there was a nice coasting downhill to complement the up hill.  I could actually talk!

Mile 2 (9:46 GAP 9:55)  Total elevation loss of 52 feet.  I'm including the GAP (Grade Adjusted Pace) because it reflects what I'd be running on flat ground.  Typical for mile 2 of any run I speed up.  Yes, the down hill helped.  I was feeling actually pretty ok about this at this point.

Don, me, Crutch
Oh the faces I make when I run... 
"What are you talking about Crutch and why do you have to run backwards??"
Photo Credit Suzan Weller

Mile 3 (10:01 GAP 10:08) Total elevation loss of 38 feet.  But really there were hills in there, this wasn't a net down hill race!!  But yes mile 3 was a decent downhill and yes it should have matched mile 1 for GAP pace.

Well that doesn't look THAT bad....

Mile 4 (9:54  GAP 10:24) Total elevation loss of 76 feet.  Ok so yeah, appears for the GAP I dogged this one too.  We were talking and I was getting a little nervous about "THE HILL"  the sign at the bottom said "This isn't THE HILL either".

Mile 5 (11:04  GAP 10:03) Total elevation gain 101 feet.  We hit THE HILL at about mile 4:3, it was a nice sharp hill with a twist in it so you didn't see the top from the bottom.  Actually not all that bad.  After 4 miles to warm up my legs and my lungs I was probably good for another few miles after "THE HILL".  

Don and I coming in for the finish!
Photo Credit:  Suzan Weller

Crutch took off to bomb down the hill once we hit the top.  Don stuck with me.  I didn't scream through the finish chute, just ran.  It felt good. 

Chip time:  51:44  10:21 pace (my usual running in the flat lands of the shore) GAP 10:04

238th place, 106th female, 34th in division (note this was a RRCA champion event - lots of state champs - quite an elite group to be running with)

Full Results here

Would I do this again?  If a group went, yes.  Solo?  Not so much, a 90 minute drive a 1 hour race is silly.  However it was a fun race and the hills were enjoyable.  Definitely need to consider warming up before races to get my legs and lungs moving.  I'm starting to see the purpose of this as I progress through what ever phase of running I'm in.

Beth, wishing Faith and Joe happiness in all their years from now till the end. 

The happy couple!
Photo Credit: Don Weller

Monday, March 14, 2016

Weekly Recap: 3/7 - 3/13

Monday (6.1) Walking to the gym I so didn't want to run, changing I nearly left the gym.  Getting out on the road, first going South (left out of the gate) and into the wind I turned around and headed North.  Remembering it was a SW wind and North was going to be better because the wind would be at my back at Avery Point.   Made it a mile and thought, I should just go back and call it good, this suck my pace is for shit, my legs are for shit, my mind is...  oh my mind is in a bad place,  keep going Beth, keep going.

I got on Shennie along the golf course with the wind mostly at my back and it wasn't so bad.  

Plant Street, well if I turned right it would be a 5K, that's ok right?

No, no that is not ok.

Down to Jupiter Point and back out and we are at 3, ok 3 more to go.  Heading West.  Wait, what, West?  Crap, I am so direction-ally challenged (those of you who are good with directions probably caught this at the point I turned around) I am now going to be running Avery Point, on the coast INTO the wind.  Lovely.  Just Freaking Lovely.  

I managed to get through that,  it was tough, and it was done.  And it was a choice, one mile back to campus going straight and I could pick up another mile in the neighborhood just South of campus or into the wind and along the shore, again, into that freaking SW wind the whole way back to campus.  Or go left, around Eastern Point, along the shore and up the hill and down the hill and back to campus. I went left, then veered off and went straight down Eastern Point, contemplated just going back to campus, 5 would be ok, wouldn't it, no, no Beth it won't, I wandered in and out of the neighborhood South of campus and finally to campus and clicked off at 6.1 mile.  Done and done.

The run goes Clockwise starting from the green dot partially covered by the black and white dot
1 is the first street I contemplated turning around and heading back to campus
2 is Plant Street, the second time I contemplated heading back to campus
3 is what I avoided with the SW wind (arrows)
My face showed how horrible I felt this run was.  It was a mental battle the whole hour I was out there.  It reminded me of the mental battles I fought in the 50K I did in 2014.  This is the IMPORTANT part of training to fight through those battles and JFGID  (Just Fking Get It Done).

I'm pleased that I didn't cut back at 2 mile or 3 mile or even 5 miles, I did the 6 I intended on doing.

I may not be fast, and that doesn't matter, what does matter is I am determined, and I need to remind myself of that fact from time to time.

Chalk one up to a mental run.

My day at work was a shit show, my run was a mental triumph, and it was another (literal) shit show when I got home.  Dave suggested a beer, I though that was the  most brilliant thing he has said in a very very very very very very long time, and I suggested he turn off the oven and I'll cook what I had planned another night, why don't we go to the Malted Barley for dinner.

So ended Monday...

Tuesday (0) - I took a zero, I did nothing I didn't even get my minimum steps (15,000 or 7.5 miles) on my FitBit.  Which hurts, it really does, the little competitive bitch in my brain is having a hissy fit and I swear pinching a nerve in my neck.  Piss off gimme some space!!

Wednesday (6) - A not bad run, fueled by moodiness and Oreo cookies, on a very lovely 50F day.  Nice South breeze. 

Spin was good.  I think the AC was on in the gym, I didn't sweat as much as usual.  Maybe I didn't work as hard?  Naw....  

Thursday (0) - As one of my besties Nieces would say "New Nork City"  Meetings were successful, my feet hurt from heels, and my hips hurt from a dress and not being able to sit Indian-style / lotus in a chair.  Bitch. Whine. Moan. Complain. (stop, doing that useless stuff Beth)

Friday (6.1) - I really fear my mood is never going to improve.  The run helped a bit.  I got a late start because of a meeting and I worried (I seem to like to do that) I'd get hungry or light headed.  I think this is my brain's ploy to psych me out.  My maternal Grandmother's birthday is the 11th of March.  I tried to focus on her and all her calmness in the face of adversity, she is the only source of diplomacy of all the women I inherited traits from.   I thank her for what little I am able to muster these days.    Sara(h) was born in 1919, she hated the h and dropped it.  She passed away July 26, 1976 @ 57 years old.  Cancer.

Saturday (10.1) - Woke up knowing I was meeting JB and JW for some School Street hills which really is code for let's go gorge on Paul's Pasta.  I'm good with that.  After waking up slowly, it was clear I was going to be able to get in a basic run.  I made it to the meeting place a little more than an hour before our 11 a.m. meet up time and went for a 6 mile run.  It felt good overall.  I think the best part was meeting up with the Jennifer's running a few hills and then eating that awesome pasta and catching up.  

Gus and I took a stroll.  I didn't have it in me for a double what with Faith and Joe's wedding and the race tomorrow.  Figured I should at least make an effort to put in a decent time.  I'm still wigged about this hill, and that is absolutely asinine.  

Sunday (7.5) - Bolton Road Race recap to follow.   Faith and Joe were married before the race.  I was one of the bridesmaids!  It was a fun wedding, then race, then reception.  They both beamed, that is nice to see.  

Gus was distraut, Dave took Jax out for a bike trip around the North side of Burlingame then he took Gizmo to the beach, I was gone all day and was he ever going to get a walk?  We got in a short walk on a lovely warm winter evening.  Lucky thing to, the weather is supposed to turn.

Weekly Miles:  35.9  (run 30.3 walk 5.6)  this was supposed to be a cut back week, and it was.

Yearly goal:  431.7 against a stratighline of 402.3 

Beth, who appreciates you skimming through her whinging. 

Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Wordless Wednesday

Beth - BOOM, there it is, progress...

Monday, March 7, 2016

Weekly Recap: 2/29/16 - 3/6/16

Monday – (8.1)  Last day of February, it’s finally over, the extra day and all.  I struggled on this run, still sore from Saturday is the only thing I can put my finger on. 

Weights at the Y, I’m pitching out the leg extensions and curls, they really bug my knees.  I miss TRX, have to find another class.  

Jax’s turn for a walk, two hiking adventures for Gus and he needed to give up his walk to his little brother.  Jax was good for nearly the whole walk, usually just before mile 2 his eyes start spinning in his head and he is looking for trouble to get into.   

Disappointed there was not a Downton Abbey to catch up on.

Tuesday – (6) The weather alert on my phone said 45 MPH wind gusts, but I couldn’t figure out the time frame.  Crossed my fingers it would be the usual amount of windy on my run.  Pulled the trigger on the fall ultra, all signed up, I’m terrified in that fun roller coaster ride sort of way. 

Yoga was much needed to settle my mind.   Dave was out for the night, so I made a quick stop at the Packy on the way to Yoga and picked up some new to me stouts and porters.  No I didn’t get them cold, I got them warm.  My brain was not engaged.  I did have a few things I like in the fridge at home.  My MI beer stash is very sparse,  and I need to go visit my parents,  how fortunate! 

Wednesday (6) The wind was at it again, I know living and working on the coast it should be expected, but wow, this has to be some sort of record of windy days.  Always reminds me when my youngest brother asked our father “Where does wind come from?”  Dad pointed him to the encyclopedias in the library, “Look it up.”  Back in the days before google I wonder if he ever did find his answer, he sat on the floor in the library surrounded by the encyclopedias for most of that afternoon.  I don’t know if he ever bothered to ask another question after that. 

This 6 was a struggle for me, I zigged and zagged a bit to mix it up.  Maybe next week 6 will seem normal to me.  I have some mental block with 10 miles that I am going to conquer over the weekend. 

Spin another interval class wiped me out further.  Hopefully I'll sleep like a rock tonight.

Thursday (3.2) Non-running day, and I really wanted to make it a super slug day and do nothing.  Dave took Jax out to Burlingame and he was nice and tuckered out after dinner.  Gus, on the other hand, hadn't been anywhere since Sunday and was bouncing between the silent treatment or breathing in my face.  Clearly, he was not going to let me get out of a walk, so at 9 p.m. we went for a walk.  The wind had died down so it was actually pleasant weather, and a stary night with the clear skies.  Of course this made me wired before bed fortunately Gizmo was very snuggly, Jax was happy to have someone to curl up with, so they pinned me down and the three of them serenaded me with calming boxer snores that lulled me off to sleep.

Friday (6) Probably the last snow globe run of the 2015 - 2016 winter...  it was very joyous until "The Last Train to Clarksville" popped up on the iPod.  Huh?  There have been a few songs lately that have me scratching my head 1) I don't remember putting them on one of my Running play lists 2) I don't remember even adding them to iTunes 3) Maybe the being that stole the filler hose for my windshield washer reservoir also has been messing around with my iTunes?  So that passed, eventually.  While I did like the Monkey's at one point in my life and played the hell out of my Mother's album I can't for the life of me understand how this happened.

Saturday (9.3)  Mystic Hare Hop 5K recap here.  Fun 5K.  I needed to push myself more than I did.  I'm satisfied with my time and I had an awesome time on the horrible hill out and back because I got to see everyone!!  

Took a quick shower to make it out to the spot where I planned on spectating for the Ocean's Run 1/2 Marathon, I knew quite a few people running it.  Crutch was also planning on the same spot.  Great minds.  We were at about mile 7.5, and I though the race started at 9:00 so 9:30 would get me there a bit before the front runners would be rounding the corner of Shore Road and Noyes Neck.  Well the race started at 9:15 whoops.  Crutch thought it started at 10 so he would have totally missed them, better early than late?

I wish I could have gotten an athlete list so I knew more people to look for!!!  I missed quite a few.  Got pictures of may, I probably should post the ones of the people I don't know to the event page, I won't.  I'm not in all that giving and kind mood, of late.

It was very sad to see that the RD wasn't able to get someone to marshal that corner, it was fairly busy with turning traffic.  

Took Gus out for his first trail run, we went to Grills, it seemed like if (when) I got turned around (lost) it would be easy enough to get un-turned around (found).  Yes, staying ON the marked trails would be the smart thing to do that didn't happen after I found "The Big Hill" and Gazelle's secret fort plastered with Rod Stewart album covers and empty bottles of Cherry Schnapps.  

My plan was to go on the Blue trail to the Yellow / Red trail to the Yellow trail and then the Blue trail and back to the car.  Somehow I got on a Red trail and the "Big Hill" then no marked trails.  I missed the Yellow marker?   Guess back in the day this was a big dirt bike course?  After I got down from "Big Hill" there were 'trails' unmarked and definitely worn in just not used a lot, my legs were scraped and bloodied, nothing picture worthy.  I followed a few till I really felt completely disorientated and knew the RR tracks needed to be to my right and the sun to my back to find my car.  Well I found the RR tracks so we ran along them for a while, till I found what looked like a cut in, then a Yellow trail, then no markings and well I should have stayed on the Yellow trail, we turned around.  Then found the Orange x-country ski trail, ahhh, I knew that would lead back to the car, and BOOM there was "The Big Rock" from last week.  And eventually Vinnie.

Grills Trail Map (I should probably have with me)

My GPS - the black circle is where the "lost" happened.
The yellow dots are Big Hill (the lower dot) and Big Rock (the upper dot)

Garmin gave me 5.28 miles, WoofTrax gave me 5.7 miles.  Nothing is ever exact with GPS. I'll take the 5.3 and call it good. 

Took a mile for Gus to figure out what we were doing, then he was great about letting me "chase" him, and we'd take walk breaks as needed.  Eventually he'd stall and sniff for a while and then race up behind me and pass me and look over his shoulder with this "ok runner girl, catch me if you can" look.  It was SO fun.  It has been a while since I've seen him run like that.  I think this is going to be a lot of fun for both of us.

Gus on top of "Big Hill"

Sunday (7.3 + whatever I lost in my first attempt) My plan was for 10, my bodies plan was to rebel. I got to the end of the street and it was clear I needed to turn around.  I did that.  Fixed that problem, Gizmo was on edge, comforted him for a while and contemplated this 10 miles (the mistake, thinking).  I'm having a real hard time with that number for some reason.  It is completely mental because clearly with the double yesterday I was nearing 10 and with the GPS fudge, lets call it 10....  Next weekend is Faith and Joe's wedding and the Bolton 5 miler with this hill Faith won't shut up about.  So that's got me wiggy.  I 'ran' up Mt. Washington Auto road, not once but twice and this 'hill' has me wigged.  I need to reprogram my brain!!!!

I started out on my usual route to see the cows, twice.  Made it along Canal, and stopped, and turned around.  I was done 2.1 miles, done.  I cursed myself and wondered what the hell was my problem. As I'm slogging back a Volvo Station Wagon slows down and stops and a big hairy arm comes out the window.  Ahhhh Gary on his way to Agway for chicken feed.  That made me smile, I'm looking forward to the boys stories on Monday morning.  They all got together and played cards at Gary's on Friday night.  Still didn't perk up my pace.  I did remember I do this for fun and at least I attempted the run, so no point in beating myself up.  This gem popped into my head on and off as I self medicated with the small amount of endorphins I could pull from this run.  As I passed Grey Sail Brewery Gary was back by with his chicken feed!  At least I was still running at that point.

Editor's note: Gary said I looked like I was suffering.  Not sure if this is validating or if it makes me feel better.

The afternoon was a trip to the beach for Gizmo.  It is a project getting him loaded in the car then 'walking' him through the heavy sand.  I look forward to this and I don't.  He had a grand time dragging me this way and that on the beach and finally had enough and hightailed it back to the car on the hardtop parking lot.  Goofball.  We went about 1/2 mile, easy.  

Giz at Misquamicut

Feet: 45.9 (37.4 Run 8.5 Walk)  3958 against a straighline target of 363.7

Beth, Wondering if it is time for a cutback week or integrate longer runs and one more rest day?  And I wonder if it is going to be warm enough to bike to work next week!

Sunday, March 6, 2016

Kelley's Pace Hare Hop 5K - Recap

Sometimes I think it is silly to do these, and other times I'm glad for the memories they bring when I look back at a race.  So the jury is out.  And welcome to another edition of Rambling Thoughts Tumbling out of Beth's Fingers.

Initially this was going to be running a 5K and pushing JB.  However with her fingers and toes freezing in temps below 40F (Raynaud's Disease) the 29F predicted at start time threw a monkey wrench in to that plan.

Well, ok, I do need to push myself, so yes, I set goals, not grand ones, mind you.  Reasonable ones for the cadence of my runs of late.

A:  Sub 29
B:  Sub 30
C:  Do not die

29:40 5th in Age Group 130 out of 212  Full results here.

I have not done any speed work, maybe a few hills, nothing resembling working on those fast twitch muscles to get them to move.  I was honestly surprised to see 29:46 as the official result.  My watch said 29:49.   Huh..  I did peek when my watch vibrated at each mile and noted the first digit was a 9, who knows what the next two were.  I was only looking for that 9.

The course was an out and back.  With a hill.  Oh fun.

Mile 1 (9:17) Nothing really of note.  I didn't feel like I ran that fast.  Everyone sorted themselves out.  The sorting out on a trail race is far more fun than on a road race.

Mile 2 (9:37) This was 'the hill' it's a long slow 80ish foot climb, some watches measure more some less.  This was my favorite mile.  The front runners were coming back from their trip up 'the hill' and it was great to see so many familiar faces and cheer them on, give or get a high 5 from a few.  Saw Phil M behind me and then in front of me. Per usual, drafting off me the first 2/3 of the race then passing me for the last 1/3 and I can't get it together to catch him.  Ha ha!

Mile 3 (9:26) Watched as the gap between Phil and I grew.  I kept watching the feet in front of me and trying to disengage my brain so I could speed up.  Oh well...

Mile .1 (8:30)  Yeah easy when the end is near.  It was over and I felt good, so I knew I didn't give it my all.

Gave Phil a hard time for beating me once again, jibber jabbered with Crutch on where he was watching the 1/2 from and took off.

After that I was back to Westerly to cheer on bunches of runner friends racing and running a 1/2 marathon.

Beth, really nothing of note, other than I had fun and yeah I could have worked harder, I suppose.

Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Belleville Pond 10K - Recap

3rd in the Fourth Season Trail Race Series.

I placed 8th in my age group and 114th overall.  Overall results here. Everyone seems to list that, but I think it is because they finish much higher than me.  But hey, what the hell this is my pace and I own it.  Rhode Runner took over all winner.  The WTAC women took first, for women. Rhode Runner first, for men.  Sorry guys.  

This was a weird race, I got a late start out of the house as Gizmo was having anxiety issues  and Dave and I were running through the list of possible things he wants.  Eventually we figured it out and he settled in and it was ok to leave him.  For the non-pet guardians out there I know this is a difficult concept to grasp, if you are parents think colicky baby.  Gizmo is in the end stages of life, it could be weeks it could be months, I doubt he will make it to 16.  We are at the stage of evaluating his quality of life against the quality of life in his younger years.  Honestly he hasn't changed personality-wise in the last 13 years (we rescued him when he was 2).  Mobility-wise - major changes... this is the not so fun part.

All that aside, I saw Johnny briefly when I arrived 10 minutes before the start.  Then I saw Gazelle in bib pick up line.  Then Gazelle and Jeff before the start and chatted a bit when Galoob was giving race instructions and then whoops everyone started running and THEN the siren to cue us to start went off.  Just weird.  I think I saw Muddy. But not sure, he wasn't doing his usual monkey dance to warm up, but it looked like him...   No sign of Seth.  Carol Ann hip checked me in the porta potty line to say hi and tell me I was under dressed in shorts (and later to tell me she had the beers from the WTAC women's winnings). Denise didn't have on her usual jingle skirt.  See, just weird... 

Mile 1 (10:45), it was a mass start and the crowd thinned itself out and I found myself in a reasonable group of people to start, looking around I could tell who would drop back as the mile went on.  Yellow water bottle was one I pegged for dropping back and she did when her water bottle escaped from it's holder.  She and I passed back and forth for most of the race.  I think eventually she got a head of me.  I'm really not sure.  

Mile 2 (10:10) we got out of the single track, I stumbled a few times, didn't fall so that was good.  On to the trestle road and we all sped up.  Lou and his buddy passed me, and eventually they had to walk and I passed them.  I was really surprised by this.  It was the buddy's first trail race.  Eventually they got it all together and passed me.

Mile 3 (11:59) back into single track and elevation gains and losses.  I also started feeling it at this point.  My daily runs haven't been more than 5 or 6 miles and trails have been non-existent.

Mile 4 (11:13)  The guy that passed me way back was easy to pass and I kept up a good clip following purple hoodie.  I could feel two gals on my heels.  I don't like that.  I never checked my pace but knew I was dragging, we all know that feeling.

Mile 5 (12:39) Eventually the ups and downs go to me and I let the two MASS gals behind me pass.  They offered words of encouragement, I never know how to take that.  Back on to the trestle trail and I could NOT get my feet to turn over any faster.

Mile 6 (12:14) Even with the trestle trail and wider single track lead legs weren't moving.  I knew the speed bump portion with all the roots was coming up but the sharp down hills were killing my knees.  God, how have I gotten this out of shape???  

Mile 0.2 (9:53)  Well that pace really surprises me.  But it was on flat smooth grass and the end was near. 

Who knows what goes on with my hands, but at least I'm picking up my feet so close to the finish line.
Photo by Scott Mason

I navigated back to my car and stayed there.  

The two MASS gals were parked behind me and we chatted about the race, they said we followed you for most of the race and were surprised when you dropped back.  They also commended me on shorts instead of tights, they were overheated in their layers of clothes.  It was nice chatting with them for a few minutes.  

I wondered who else had shown up but never managed to get out of the car, so I cranked the heat and went home.  Sadly I missed meeting a NH runner I have recently been connected with through odd circumstances (ask me).  

Bottom line: This was fun, I really miss running trails, they are more difficult and beautiful than roads, however roads are more convenient.  Alas, I will have to get out there, and sacrifice the convenience of the hard top, if I am actually going to accomplish what I intend on accomplishing in October. 

Carol Ann texted me that she had my beer winnings.  Guess I'll need to swing by and pick them up.  Or maybe forgo my winnings and let her drink them, seeing as I left pre awards.

Beth, race 3 of the series done and dusted