Sunday, March 6, 2016

Kelley's Pace Hare Hop 5K - Recap

Sometimes I think it is silly to do these, and other times I'm glad for the memories they bring when I look back at a race.  So the jury is out.  And welcome to another edition of Rambling Thoughts Tumbling out of Beth's Fingers.

Initially this was going to be running a 5K and pushing JB.  However with her fingers and toes freezing in temps below 40F (Raynaud's Disease) the 29F predicted at start time threw a monkey wrench in to that plan.

Well, ok, I do need to push myself, so yes, I set goals, not grand ones, mind you.  Reasonable ones for the cadence of my runs of late.

A:  Sub 29
B:  Sub 30
C:  Do not die

29:40 5th in Age Group 130 out of 212  Full results here.

I have not done any speed work, maybe a few hills, nothing resembling working on those fast twitch muscles to get them to move.  I was honestly surprised to see 29:46 as the official result.  My watch said 29:49.   Huh..  I did peek when my watch vibrated at each mile and noted the first digit was a 9, who knows what the next two were.  I was only looking for that 9.

The course was an out and back.  With a hill.  Oh fun.

Mile 1 (9:17) Nothing really of note.  I didn't feel like I ran that fast.  Everyone sorted themselves out.  The sorting out on a trail race is far more fun than on a road race.

Mile 2 (9:37) This was 'the hill' it's a long slow 80ish foot climb, some watches measure more some less.  This was my favorite mile.  The front runners were coming back from their trip up 'the hill' and it was great to see so many familiar faces and cheer them on, give or get a high 5 from a few.  Saw Phil M behind me and then in front of me. Per usual, drafting off me the first 2/3 of the race then passing me for the last 1/3 and I can't get it together to catch him.  Ha ha!

Mile 3 (9:26) Watched as the gap between Phil and I grew.  I kept watching the feet in front of me and trying to disengage my brain so I could speed up.  Oh well...

Mile .1 (8:30)  Yeah easy when the end is near.  It was over and I felt good, so I knew I didn't give it my all.

Gave Phil a hard time for beating me once again, jibber jabbered with Crutch on where he was watching the 1/2 from and took off.

After that I was back to Westerly to cheer on bunches of runner friends racing and running a 1/2 marathon.

Beth, really nothing of note, other than I had fun and yeah I could have worked harder, I suppose.

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