Saturday, March 26, 2016

Brrrrrrrlingame 10 miler - Recap

This is a favorite race of mine, actually all of them in the South County 4th Season Race Series are favorites of mine...

This one brings back good memories, when it was first introduced in 2012 it was a 15K, with a two lap format.  It was my first ever 15K and I do believe it was my first 9 mile run when I'd been a 'runner' for all of 2 years.  That one holds a special place in my heart and I think I've blathered about it before.  I was DFL, my first!!  I was mortified and embarrassed.  I've learned, since then, other runners really don't care that I have no natural talent for running, the fact it hasn't deterred me from continuing to run and to 'race' and to plan and execute on plans seems good enough for them so it should be good enough for me.


Past results:

2015 I missed it - that was an off year for me in a lot of aspects, I probably was in no shape to even consider 5 miles let alone 10.  My blog wasn't very helpful in cluing me in other than I was in one of those moods for the week.
2014 was a good run 2:04
2013 was a snowy sufferfest, I think I opted for the 3 mile course and enjoyed the breath taking views with all the trees overwhelmed with snow
2012 the 15K 1:47  (no blog till May)

All in all decent runs for me on single track.


A:  2:00
B:  2:05
C:  Do not die

My result:  2:02
Full results here.

5/5 for my age group
47/50 overall

Rhode Runner was the overall team winner as well as the men
WTAC women took it for the win for the women (no help from me!)

It is a mass start on a wide open space makes it easy to sort out who belongs where.  And we all did a remarkable job; I got passed once and passed two people in the first mile.

Crutch hung with me for about the first mile, we jibber jabbered and that helps me get into my groove... lol...  He was off after a half mile or so.

The first loop (1:00:30) was unremarkable, felt good to be out on trails again.  I really don't do enough of them.  Glad to be at an hour through the first loop a little worried about the second loop.  Glad I didn't get lapped by a front runner.  Took a cup of water and ran off.

First (and first man) 1:01:47
First woman 1:11:54

The second loop (1:01:45) was a bit more interesting, in mile 7 there was a guy ahead of me walking and seemed to be leaning forward.  Hmmmm odd.  I caught up to him asked if he was ok, he had a list of issues, ostly a headache.  I said there was a way back to the start just over there if he needed to bail.  No he was going to stick this out.  His roommate was up ahead.  Would it be ok if he ran with me, it would be nice to have someone to pace off of.  Sure, why not.  We  jibber jabbered about this and that and in mile 9 he spied his roommate and ran off.  He eventually caught up with and passed his buddy.    He helped me through those middle miles, they were peppier than the first lap.  I'm always grateful for small favors.

I failed to come in DFL, again.  Shoot!!!

All in all a fun race.  Mike does a great job with these.

Beth feels ready to start 100K training after this race!!

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