Monday, March 28, 2016

Weekly Recap: 3/21/2016 - 3/27/2016

Monday (0) - Driving back to RI.  Made it in under 12 hours with 4 stops.  Not too bad.  Lots of police out.  Saw a semi pulled over and 4 cop cars and the back opened and boxes being inspected.  Perhaps why there were so many cops?  Just glad I managed to control my lead foot and not set the cruise too high.

Tuesday (3) - I had 90 minutes to get to and from the gym, run, stretch, and get lunch before an afternoon of conference calls.  I made it with 10 minutes to spare.  Meant having a short run and since it was short I made it quick to! 27 minutes for 3 miles, I'm happy with that.  Guess this could count as speed work?    Considered making it a double once I got home but I didn't.  I had other things occupying my attention.

Gus was in very good shape one day post his dental surgery, poor guy has 4 teeth left.  On a positive note he already seems to be in a lot less pain and happier.  He was bummed he didn't get a walk, the doc said 2 days.  Once we get started on a walk I know I'll go to far with him.  Tomorrow we are free to roam and that will be fun.  We should be able to do a trail run over the weekend.  Pshew that is over!  He has one of his bottom canines left and gave me a nice bright white snaggle tooth boxer grin this a.m. when I wiped breakfast off his nose.  He does like routine more than any other pup we've had, so me being gone, Dave taking him to the vet, and not a lot of walks lately has been tough on the poor guy.

Wednesday (7.6) - Back to the 6 minimum.  Felt really good, and was pretty peppy.  Proves to me I need a break once in a while and that motivates me to do more than shuffle along. 

Spin, ugh, I would have rather ridden outside, however 1) once I got home I'd get wrapped up in other projects and that wouldn't happen, 2) I hadn't seen Jennifer in a few weeks and it would be good to catch up in person, 3) kinda missed the class despite not being able to understand a word out of Kim's mouth, and 4) Thursday would be a really sedentary day with a training class and dinner out.

Gus and I went for a walk, he made it a mile and was seriously slowing down so we turned back home.  I wasn't sure how far he would actually go.  I can't even imagine how uncomfortable his mouth still feels, he seemed happy to get out and was rather playful as I was putting my shoes on to walk him.  Nice to see!

Thursday (0) - Technically my rest day, but I had that on Monday.  A training class took up the whole day and catching up with friends I hadn't seen in months was on tap for the evening.  OH well.  It's not like I'll lose anything having a second "easy" week.  I do have a 10 mile trail run on Saturday - that outta knock some sense into or out of me, the jury is still out on that.

Despite the 'brownie incident' it was a good class.  Someone who recognized me from the gym decided to comment on my choice of three brownies and shouldn't I be going to run that off?   I explained it was my rest day and she exclaimed well then you shouldn't be having any brownies at all.  I had a 4th, thinking, how strange.  Now I'm nervous to go to the locker room because she recognized me and I was clueless.  Then again I go in, change, run, stretch, shower and leave...  interacting with only a few people and only recently.  I'm not anti-social, I'm introverted, shy, aloof, and focused.

Friday (5.5) - There was rain in the forecast, it was drizzling and felt too raw for short sleeves and I was hungry.  I swapped to long sleeves, and really didn't regret it.  I was still cold when it came to the part to run Eastern Point Beach, along the water, I opted out, this is 0.4 miles so I was going to be short my 6 and I'm OK with that.  It was an easy paced run all in all I felt good.

No Gus walk, we will go on a hike over the weekend.  He is doing so much better.  Back to being a cuddler, which I LOVE!

Saturday (13) - Brrrrlingame 10 miler recap here.   Took Gus out for a normal walk.  He seemed happy with that.  What an amazing transformation.  Big thanks to 5K for getting me thinking on getting Gus' teeth fixed.  A gal I met out at a happy hour was having her boxer girl's teeth cleaned next week and was really nervous about the cost.  It's worth every penny.

Sunday (3.8) - Took a 0 today.  Gus got a nice long walk, and that was just fine.  My left knee was a little stiff, as I figured, double the running time and uneven terrain I'm lucky it was just a little stiff! The day and evening were spent with the in-laws.

Weekly Mileage 32.9 (Run: 24.5  Walk 8.4)  Considering all I had going on I'm not disappointed in my mileage.

Yearly Mileage  500.4 against a straight line of 479.4  I'm still ahead, and used up my a big chunk of my bank.

Beth who had a good week!  I'm pleased with my time for Brrrrrlingame and getting Gus back into the swing of things.

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  1. Yup you better control your lead foot. Keeping the cruise control high ain't going to do you any good. House of Pain Baby.