Sunday, March 26, 2017

3/20/2017 - 3/26/2017 Crazy week

Crazy week…

Monday I drove back to RI, it was an easy drive, seriously easy drive, scary easy drive.  Even the usual frustration once I cross the Hudson River didn’t happen.  Wow…  I’ve been doing this drive for 18 years, nice to catch a break?  Hopefully the universe isn’t being sweet and nice while preparing something horrible for me.

Gatsby my parents super sweet nice cat

It was nice to sort of sleep in on Tuesday, get some chores done, go for a lovely run, then take Gus out for a hike and later on Jax for a walk and finish up the last of the chores.

Sunshine the antithesis of her name.
She is evil.
I sleep in her room and she is not happy about it.
A few years ago there was a series of Wicked Windy Wednesdays, they seem to be back, 30 MPH sustained winds with gusts, from  the NW so I decided to run hills.  The hills I run are to the North, a nice added challenge, the way back is nice, with that feeling of someone gently pushing your lower back and moving you forward.  For the horribly steep hills the West wind helped ease me along, so that was nice.  Spin at night.  No dogs walked, I was tired and my hip was aching.

One of my favorite Calvin and Hobbs!

Off to NYC for the day on Thursday for what is turning out to be a fun and exhausting project.  We got our beers and on to the train.  I had time to walk the pups, it was national puppy day, how could they not get a walk?  Despite waking me up at 2 a.m. to go potty Gus did get to join in on the walk.  He is so concerned he is going to miss pre-bed treat time.  He isn't.  I didn't check on his progress getting out the dog door.  He hung out in the basement for a few and then clambered back up-stairs. He got his treats, went to the Gus Hut and then at 2 pranced and stared me down till I woke up so he could go out.  Grrrr....

I slept really well and woke up pretty refreshed on Friday, considering the 2 a.m. wake up prance and apparently, as reported by my imaginary husband, tossing and turning and blurting out snarky comments in my sleep (no it never stops) I guess I didn't sleep to well the previous night.  He said it is preferred to me swearing like a sailor or singing (I can't carry a tune in a bucket).

Strength and Conditioning replaces Core and Functional Strength, it's all drills. My shoulder was feeling much better after a bit of a break and minimal planking.  Gus and I got a hike before dinner and that was enough aerobic activity for me.

Gus on the very edge of the ledge at Riverwood Preserve.
I think he does this to freak me out.

Strava has a new feature, or I just noticed it because they sent me an eMail...  either way it was pretty interesting.  I have been using a heart rate watch for a while now, and this is how it collects the data to tell you about your Fitness and Freshness.  You can include all activities, or running or cycling.  I haven't used a hr monitor on cycling for a while, just for spin class.  I took those readings out and it dropped by fitness by 6 points, which is fine.  Maybe I'll record my HR on my road rides and see what that does.  Just have to figure out how to not have the miles count double. I probably won't, one more thing to deal with.   Anyhoodles, this was the graph it gave me for the last year.

The yellow line is where I stopped running and started Physical Therapy for my hip injury.  My fitness level was over 100% based on their measurements, my fatigue was even further off the charts, kind of makes sense.  Once the running stopped the fatigue slowly dropped and the fitness plummeted, which doesn't give me a lot of faith in these measurements, they would be based only on walking when I used the HR monitor watch.  I can't remember when I switched to the Garmin Vivofit watch which I wear all the time, so those measurements may be more accurate?  Dunno.  I have been feeling much more fit and before I went to MI I was feeling fatigued and welcomed the break, probably too much sedentary, but this too will be over come.

All in all it made me believe that what I have been feeling and seeing in my pace and my overall fitness is in fact real improvement.   I'll probably forget this even exists until the next time Strava blogs about it, but for now, it really does look like a shit storm was brewing with my injury!  Validation?  My hip still aches from time to time and I still ice it after hard efforts or when it is achy.

I do wonder if categorizing my dog walks and hikes as running skews this measurement a bit....  all in all I believe it is moving in the correct direction (or in corporate speak directionally correct - directionally isn't an actual word).

The other thing that happened on Saturday was the Brrr-lingame 10 mile trail race.  I debated on switching to the 5 mile versus the 10 mile race.  I decided not to so I was going to do the 10, and then nearing mile 4 I was pretty much going to DNF until this girl zoomed up on me out of no where and I asked if she wanted to pass, she said no, please no, don't make me pass, I like your pace and I was just sure I was the only person out here.  I said "well ok, please let me know if you want to pass, you really did zoom up on me, you must have energy"  She assured me she did not and please let her tag a long I was helping keeping her going.  I admitted she was keeping my pace up (and this is evidenced in the increase in speed from mile 4 to mile 5).  I was debating the whole time on dropping at 5 miles.  Then she said are you running the 5 or 10 I said 10.  Well now I was stuck, damn it....  I encouraged her to pass me as she approached the finish line and wished her well and she thanked me for keeping her going.  Once I was out of sight of everyone I walked.  I walked a lot in that second lap, it was 11 minutes slower than the first lap!  I'm usually a 1 - 2 minutes slower on the second lap!  Whoopsie, totally dogged that lap.  ;)

There are 5 miles per lap

I did it, this was my longest trail run since Big River last April, and my longest continual run since I went out with the hip injury.  I knew going into this 10 on the roads was going to be a stretch, 10 on the trails was probably borderline silly. I needed to do this, period.  I did it and I'm happy I didn't DNF, and was able to work through some serious side stitches in mile 4.  Mostly I'm thrilled to have helped someone get to the finish line, that really makes my day!  I may never see this gal again, or I may, earlier this year I had a woman come up to me and thank me for keeping her going at the Resolution Beach and Trail 5K the previous year.  I did remember her, she was pretty pregnant at that race.  She thanked me and it took me a minute to recognize her post baby!

We all have different reasons we train and race.  As long as those reasons make us happy and keep us moving forward that is all that we should be concerned with!

After a fitful night sleep I woke up Sunday to the gloom and no energy.  Fortunately not achy from Saturday's effort!  Small win I'll take it.  I pottered around all day, accomplishing the annoying things needing to be done and knitted.  Jax and I had a power nap and Gus stared on jealously.


The sweater is shaping up nicely, after finishing the back, I picked up the stitches for the collar.  Not one of the more enjoyable parts of knitting.  The collar is a wide shawl collar and the back of the collar is a bit longer than the sides, so I worked those short rows up on Sunday and I'm pretty happy with how it is looking.  I'm a bit nervous I am going to run out of yarn.  I have 4 balls left, two for each sleeve has to be plenty.

The front -- it will be long sleeved

The back

Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn  -   I hated the main characters, they were horrible people.  The book wasn't a bad book the story was well done, although it did seem to wrap up super quick, most things were drawn out in the book but the ending was BOOM and done.  It was a well written book with great twists, although a little too much gore at the end.

The Old Ways: A Journey on Foot by Ronald Mcfarlane - Very much a change of pace book, discusses the old lanes, paths, broom-ways, roads, etc traveled by foot in England.  


Feet: 32
Saddle: 15

Nothing stellar, still figuring out how to get it all in with NYC for one day a week.

Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Weekly Recap 3/13/2017 - 3/19/2017

Sorry for not a lot of effort last week...  no pictures.  I could have at least entertained you with pictures of these bridesmaids dresses...  And I found them and per usual lots more!  

The time change didn't mess us up so Monday was up at at 'em on time.  Weird.  Further to complicate the confusion (?) Ro and I did hills, which used to be a Wednesday activity.  I have a hard time calling this walking with a 14ish pace.  Walking hills would be more like a 19 pace, no?  So we call it power walking but it still gets entered in the walking column.  I swear these hills, probably more the heart rate work out they give me, are helping immensely and transferring to my running efficiency? or effectiveness?  or breathing or something...  I'm sure it is making a difference.

Paula and Dave's wedding 1986

The evening was complete insanity and neither dogs got out despite the three of us probably doing better with even a mile walk.

Tuesday greeted me with a day off, the site was closed, so technically no work, I did check eMail from time to time, but really had nothing I HAD to accomplish, all of this gave me time to knit, and I knitted all day long, it was freaking awesome, listened to my book and knitted for nearly 6 hours.  This is probably a total of 12 - 15 hours of work, this is only the back of the sweater the fronts are folded in under the back.   I really don't keep track of how many hours I work on something.  Maybe someday I will, but probably not.  It's something to do while listening to a book or watching TV or a movie.  Keeps my hands busy and away from beer or WWF.

The front will have a shawl collar, kind of in a 'grandpa' style cardigan that hits at the hip.  I'm pleased with how this yarn (merino wool and microfiber mix)  is knitting up even before washing and blocking.

I took a zero in everything else, completely content with this decision.  Running in the cold slop didn't appeal to me.  The snow was brief and disappointing.

Faith texted wanting to know if I wanted to run, she had hills on her training schedule.  Awesome, I need to do some hills I replied back.  She said "Beth you already did hills this week."  I did?  It's Monday how could I have already done hills?  Once she convinced me it was actually Wednesday I said, well I usually do hills on Wednesday, must be Ro is in VT?  I think this poor woman is a saint for continuing to be the friend of a complete dipshit.  SO we ran hills, she needed a 15 minute warm up and 6 - 8 hills, she figured she'd be spent after 6, I thought maybe I'd goad her into 7.  We did 6, at a pretty good clip.  My solo hill work is quite a bit slower.  By the time we got to the end of 6 I was done, I'd have done a 7th, even an 8th, but I wasn't going to suggest it.  I should have, I know this, this is why one runs with a friend, to get them to push past the point of stopping, I'm sure she wanted me to suggest it because the competitive nature in both of us pushes us to these points.  Next time.

Dave and I took the boyz out for a short hike.  Jax and Gus are so energetic in the cold and they were both tearing around.  Jax was limping by the end of a mile.  We really really have to be more careful with him, they both love so much to run and tear about like a couple of goof balls.

Thursday was another zero driving to MI.  This was the easiest time I've ever had driving out there, it was sort of disturbingly easy.  A few traffic snarls that looked like a complete stop on the Interstate, nope, slow and go sort of stuff.  Odd.  PA had lots of nice snow but once I got over the high point on I-80 it was less and less.

Tammy and Craig 1988

The run after a long drive isn't my favorite, I was feeling off and I knew even a couple miles would make me feel better.  I felt good enough to do a couple more than I did on Friday, which really surprised me.  The road was still pretty frozen so that was nice, more like running on cement than dirt.  The neighbors on Lindsley were out and their dogs were curious about the threat, me.  They tore up to about half way from the barns to the road and stood and barked,  I ran to the other side of the road, sometimes that helps, I'm far enough away from their property line.  They watched till I crossed back to their side then came running again, back to the other side I went.  The owners were outside, and yelling for the dogs, eventually driving the truck down to the end of the driveway (it is a long driveway).  Wagner's dogs came out to greet me and run with me till the ditch and that seemed just fine by them, pretty usual.  I think they remember me?

Lisa and Mark 1991
(this became the Dennis Rodman dress - I still can't find that picture)

Saturday was family day!  St. Patrick's Day dinner, the high Irish Holiday!  Before the siblings (the siblings in-law are siblings, period) and the nephew arrived, I took a walk around the perimeter of the field and scared up plenty of deer, rabbits, and a few pheasant.  Jin was pretty much into Mario cart or something on his DS.  Dave's nieces and nephews schooled us in what a DS was a few years back.  How were we supposed to know what this thing was the four of them were carrying on about losing or having taken away.  Obnoxious children are the worlds best deterrent for reproduction, so glad it is only recently we've been exposed to pleasant children.

Christmas 1969

Time for a long run, I was pretty sure I knew what I had planned for Sunday was 9 miles, and when it became clear it wasn't 9 miles and I was going to have to run out to US 12 I was a little iffy.  I'd need to cross the highway to face traffic to be safe after 8 miles on quiet dirt roads.  I was kind of glad I did this because it did make the last mile interesting with the curves in the road and then the highway and then back to my parents farm.  I hit 9 miles!  First time in a long time I've run that far.  Felt good and I kept a pretty steady pace.

A favorite picture of my mother, probably 1987?


I finished "The Goldfinch" it became a different story half way through, friends have their own theory why this happened, Theo became an adult, Theo's mental state deteriorated, the writer lost interest in the book, it's hard to know exactly but definitely a different tone and a different book than the book I started.  I didn't hate it but I didn't like it.  If  you want to invest the time, read it, it is interesting and the characters were brought to life for me, I love a book where you can picture and hear the characters.

I started "Gone Girl" I'm a little more than half way through and I hate all the main characters, they are completely detestable, the secondary characters are mostly ok.  Interesting book, I like it, just hate the people.  


I finished the body of the cardigan, and cast on for the collar.  I'm nervous I am going to run out of yarn for the sleeves, the collar is so deep.

Dave Summer 1999 in that horrible apartment in Groton


Feet:  28.2
Saddle: 0

A rest week?  A step back week?  I didn't plank much, a minute is fine.  Just to keep it up.  I can feel the difference and will get back to the 3 minutes minimum.  

Beth, seeing speeds and a happy attitude she hasn't seen in a year, nice to feel like myself again.

Monday, March 13, 2017

Weekly Log 3/6/2017 - 3/12/2017

Ok so yes it is a double race weekend, no I'm not slipping back to running all the races, that got me no where very very fast.

Both of these races this week have a special place in my heart.  I mean REALLY I showed up a week early for Belleville Pond 10K and then the Bolton Road Race was where I stood up to watch Faith and Joe get married, and my track record with standing up for people and them lasting is iffy... no matter how much I tried, Faith wasn't letting me out of this responsibility...

Paula and Dave (1986) - still married still happy, Simone and Eric (1987) -  still married, Tammy and Craig (1990) - well the army isn't conducive to marriage so I won't take the hit there, Lisa and Mark (1991) - 3 kids and probably more affairs before they split, it was his 3rd marriage 3rd time isn't the charm, Andrew and Clara (1997) if he hadn't died they'd still be married and just as happy as ever, and Faith and Joe (2016)....  I think they will last.  Were there any more?  I can't remember, I did wear one brides maid dress to two weddings, and one made a friend a great (sorry Lisa) Dennis Rodman costume for Halloween.... the third, not exactly sure what happened to it, but it was hard as hell to get the shoes dyed to match the tea length dress, they matched in sunlight or they matched in indoor light, but not both...

Well my search for Tom as Dennis Rodman turned up a different trek down memory lane...  that happens. I KNOW I have photos...  another day.


Monday is supposed to be Spin, but this is an off week at the gym and Ro was heading up to VT, we power walked hills.  I can't call at 14 pace on hills walking, I just can't but I also can't call it running.  I will say that I've regained a lot of my lung capacity and rebuilt a lot of my base heart rate with this activity we do and I'm happy for that. It seems easier than it did when we first started, it isn't but we can pick up the pace and the last and final hill isn't killing me like it used to.

Both the boys got walked, Jax's ACL is doing much better, well based on his stiffness when walking.  Really all we can monitor.  I think we got lucky that he didn't rip it majorly and it is healing.

Off to NYC on Tuesday.  It was raining when I got home, rain I can handle, dark I can  handle, but both after a long exhausting day.  I drank beer and slept like it was a well paid job.

Got in a nice 6+ mile run at lunch, on Wednesday, it's feeling like less of a struggle and my cadence is upping (which is really correlated to pace or is a higher cadence a cause of a higher cadence or is the pace causing cadence?)  Anyhow, the Pfast Pfolks were out and while I'd manage a hand slap on both sides my left is still really sore and the thought of slapping anyone's hand made me cringe so I hung close to the shoulder to save that poor injured shoulder from any further trauma.  It is super fun to be recognized and even though my pace is conservative to still be considered a runner by that crew.  But OMG my shoulder.  I ran into a fellow biker in NYC and he didn't sound hopeful that this was minor, I'm approaching week 6 with no improvement...  I'll give it a couple more weeks till I get any professional advice, until then I'm careful how I lift and use my left shoulder.  Shit...

I still haven't repaired Barney's tires.  Dave was going to get the 'stuff' to go tubeless but that hasn't happened.  I have to tear apart his tires, and patch the tubes and get the thorns out of the tubes.  I think I may have been better off with a gravel grinder...  but really Barney and I need more time on single track.

A wild windy run on Thursday, at points I felt like I was standing still or dealing with Coach Dunham's uphill into the wind wind sprints for my ill fated year of track in High School.  Or was it two, I can't remember, in any event a stress fracture in my foot put the end to any thing further.

Gus got a solo walk and was so happy about this, pranced his way around town for an hour, he started dragging his feet the closer we got to home.  Too funny.  Jax got a hike on Wednesday, he was bummed to be home alone, or maybe not.  Maybe he enjoys the quiet.

No running on Friday, it was a snow globe day.  I need to save something for Belleville 10K now that I've got the correct date set in my mind.  No strength class, only yoga.  It was good but damn my shoulder really isn't right. It's been 6 weeks...  Yoga was good, got in my plank and called it a day at the gym.

Dave decided we'd take both the dogs to Burlingame, then no, then yes, it's like living with a woman.  Make up your mind, if you don't want to risk Jax and Gus playing chase and aggravating Jax's injury, no biggie.  I think he was more concerned about both of them sacking out for the night, so we took both.   The woods after a snow are beautiful, after this snow they were even more beautiful, the snow seemed more white.  The moon was coming up and it was full and looked beautiful through the trees also, made them sparkle.

Up at the usual annoying 6 a.m. on a Saturday, are you kidding me?  At least it gave me some time to wake up and contemplate my stupidity for this trail race in the 'feels like 4F' temperatures.  My only hope was that it was sunny and it was mostly in the woods and twisty and windy so maybe most of it wouldn't suck and I wouldn't freeze?

Mike tinkered with the 10K course and it turned into more of an 11K race than 10K, 220 221 whatever it takes!  We had a nice layer of snow to make the woods bright and pretty and clean.  It was a nice run in the woods in the snow on a sunny day where the wind was a bit challenging when I was out of the woods.  I've only missed this race once, and while I told Crutch I'd sit this one out, I didn't.  Too nice of a day to not run in the woods in the snow.

I decided to bag Bolton on Sunday.  Remember, my goal, fun, well I invoked that, besides I could get some hills closer to home and not spend minimally 3.5 hours driving to and from a race and running a race.  5 turned into 8 when I felt really good.  New shoes too.  I found some Saucony Glides on sale and figured if nothing else I did need a new pair of dog walking shoes.  I really liked them as did my right bunion (it is wee tiny, nothing of note but ouchy from time to time) that is starting to give me fits and my knees.  The hobbling I usually do after a run was minimal.  Interesting.

It was a nice napping afternoon, sun and a couple dogs not completely opposed to the idea, they'd rather an adventure, I'd rather have not.  That chili from the Oakhill Tavern really did a number on me!  They got a walk after dinner.


"The Goldfinch" by Donna Tartt I'm about 30% into the book and I don't hate it.  I think partly it is because it is narrated by Robert Pittu and he narrated most of the 39 Clues series and I loved those, so it makes the book more of an adventure.  Although we have reached a point in young Theo's life where major changes are happening, well after the tragedy...  I'll keep with it.  I have it for 4 more days and hopefully I can renew, I don't think I'm going to get through the whole thing.

I started reading ."The Practice House" by Laura McNeal, so far it is good.  I haven't had much time to read, I've been exhausted at night and really can't concentrate.


I need to take a picture of this sweater in the daylight, it is actually turning out quite nice.  Knitted from the top down and while it gives me fits once in a while I'm enjoying it.  I'll have more time to knit on it when I visit my parents.


Feet:  41.6
Saddle: 15  I think that it will be light for a couple weeks.

Beth who thinks it is nice to have a higher running mileage week and not feel like I did.

Sunday, March 5, 2017

Weekly Recap: 2/27/2017 - 3/5/2017

And we are back for another weekly edition of ramblings and whinging of a lunatic....


Last week I finished "The Tycoons: How Andrew Carnegie, John D. Rockefeller, Jay Gould, and J. P. Morgan Invented the American Supereconomy" by Charles R. Morris   My capitalist heart swooned for the description of what drove these men and my mind embraced the descriptions of the transition from an agrarian economy to an industrial economy.

To balance all that out I was also reading "The Hired Girl" by Laura Amy Schlitz  This started as such a horrid story of a girl unappreciated by her father and loved by her late mother.  Fortunately for our Joan her mother instilled a few very basic beliefs which spurred her to run away from home at the age of 14 and make a better life for herself.  Sure it's a Young Adult book, but really balanced well with Tycoons, but were they really truly different stories?  Makes one wonder.

I started listening Girl on The Train by Paula Hawkins.  I know I've listened (?) to this before, but can't remember how it goes.  Perhaps this was on a particularly exhausting trip?  Dunno.. Anyhow it is captivating.  Scanning through the books on my Kindle, I started reading this one, that is why it was so familiar.  It was good.  You think you know someone, and well you really don't

And for my reading pleasure "AWOL on the Appalachian Trail" by David Miller.  I've enjoyed other self published (is that right?) or is it autobiographical (?) in any event,  books on hiking the AT, the PCT and the CDT.  Nourish my sense of adventure I probably will never actually act on, only dream about.  I finished on Saturday.  It was cold, I thought I had a race in the morning I didn't, next weekend...  The sun was shining despite the arctic wind so I hunkered down and escaped to the AT with AWOL.  Very cool  I've read a few books written by through hikers, each experience the trail differently.  AWOL's was one of the better experiences, he focused on the trail and what he learned not meeting crazy mileage goals or being pissy with other hikers.

Finished the audio "Did You Ever Have a Family" by Bill Clegg, this is read by the author, this is his first novel.  Wow.  Captivating, I know I've over used this word.  I can't stop thinking about these people all connected by a horrible tragedy.

Next up in the written word, I'm not sure, there are a few in the cue on the Kindle, it just depends on what I'm in the mood to read and what strikes my fancy... And for audio is to relisten to the last hour of "Did You Ever Have a Family" and then move on to "The Goldfinch" Donna Tarrr.  I started this, and then set it aside for "Girl on a Train".  Admittedly I am a little dubious of it, mostly based on the person recommending it.  We don't agree on much, it may be a bit to artsy fartsy hoity toity for my taste, I'll give it a shot.

Well I got that caught up from what I forgot last week.  RIF - Reading is Fundamental!


I'm making stellar progress on the Dark and Stormy sweater, should be good to go by the time the hot weather rolls around!  Ha!!

A runner friend is having her first baby, she was so excited to show me the sonogram.  I thought it looked more like an alien eye, but I have no earthly clue what I'm looking at and they (sonograms) generally skieve me out, I'd rather look at gashed open legs or knees...  at least I have some frame of reference.


Oh yeah, this is about running, I suppose you'd like to know what I was up to...

The cold was definitely a cold and I felt not so lovely when I woke up on Monday, after stumbling around getting ready for work, managing to put BOTH contacts in my right eye and then taking the short way down the last 4 stairs (I fell) I wasn't sure exactly what the rest of the day would have in store.

I managed a pretty peppy 5.6 miles around the usual 3 points.  My mile 4 was painfully slow, I really really really loathe that section of Shennie, and I really really really need to get over it.

EP - Eastern Point, AP - Avery Point, JP - Jupiter Point

I'ts a long slow climb, but for some reason I don't like it. I think because from the beginning I ran the loop clockwise, per Syracuse's advice.  The wind was coming from the SW today so doing the points clock stupid was the better option for the Avery Point part.

I bailed early on work and went home to take a nap, which I managed even with the CNC running in the basement.  I needed the sleep, if I didn't I wouldn't have slept.

Woke up feeling less than stellar on Tuesday, if I'm going to feel like this I'd rather it be for something stupid I did (um drank), not a stupid cold.  It's kind of a half-assed cold but still it's kicking my butt.  Got out for most of a 5 mile run and back to the gym to plank and shower and be miserable the rest of the day at my desk. 

Took the boys out for a walk before dinner, it's still light till nearly 6 and that is nice, dusk isn't the safest time to be on the roads so we stuck to sidewalks and I turned on my headlamp.  They were fairly well behaved. Jax melted down with a puppy.  Gus was doing well ignoring it.  They both really have bad reactions to small dogs.  Gus usually trembles and hides behind me, I was pretty proud of him looking forward and continuing to walk.  I can't even imagine what happened to them in their lives before Dave and I.

They have the oddest reactions.  When I get home and only Gus greets me, I'll find Jax sitting in my chair staring at me, glaring at me actually.  This means Gus has counter surfed and if I didn't find the prize on the front rug I'll find it in the dining room or kitchen floor.  I have to slowly walk around the house and then greet Jax, he is so on edge it is a little scary.   Walking straight up to him I'll be greeted with a growl.  He landed with us when he was 10 months old, he is 7 this year, and to still have that sort of primal reaction. Poor guy.  I let him know it's all ok and that Gus is in trouble.  Does it help?  I have no idea.  Dogs were once wild animals and that primal brain (oh what is that called?) engages.

Reptilian!  That's why the squeezy thing they gave away in the class was an alligator?

Ro and I got caught in the downpour on Wednesday.  We did the first hill of the loop and decided we'd do that hill and if it got really bad we'd go back to campus.  Well the thunder clapped and the wind roiled and we got to the top of the hill and headed back to campus, and just as we get to the first intersection the skies clear.  We decide to do "the bitch" and call it a day.  I still felt like crap from the cold so I bagged my double with spin.

Guess March came in like a lion?

New York weekly started back this week, that day is typically going to be Thursday.  I took a zero, and probably will continue, but who knows.  It's my training I can do as I please, I don't have miles to run to prove to anyone.  The project had me really apprehensive, until I finally got to dig into it.  This is going to be fun!

This week is full of bad starts, I got to work realizing that I left my computer at home.  I need to buy a very bright computer bag so I remember to grab it when I walk by it.  Unfortunately I do not have the ability to work from home, I can, and it's ok to do, but I can't because it is loud and noisy and frankly I get very distracted.  When Dave is gone I do work from home, it's quiet, no machinery running in the basement. Friday started with a trip back home to pick up the laptop, return to work, and then start my day an hour late.  Shit.  Because I have a race on Saturday probably not a good idea to get out and run after the Functional Strength and Core class.  I don't like not running two days in a row...  

Just a crappy day, and it didn't get any better when I got a call about a potential opportunity at work.  I won't move on it because it isn't a promotion, despite being told, we can re-grade the job, I'm not biting, I've had this happen with this person before and was pretty clear I remembered the last time, 7 years ago.  Fortunately we have this thing called 'straight talk' and I've worked with this person for a long time, I was direct with my expectations and exactly why I had those expectations.  He wasn't the least bit surprised and was happy to know I never lost my 'edge' through all the trials and tribulations from my near lay off.  I really think the opportunity is perfect for me as does he, however the cards aren't lining up for one critical requirement.

No one wanted to leave the warm bed on Saturday morning. Dave had a ride, I had a race.  Fortunately for Dave one of the guys bailed and then Dave didn't even hesitate and said he was out too, he wasn't at all looking forward to being in the woods on a mountain bike and he has been quite busy with his new bass design.  I got myself up and out and to the race start to find nothing but mountain bikers, huh...  the race is next weekend.  Good grief.  I went home, grabbed Gus and we went for a run in the woods.  It was either going to be the flat loop or the flat loop plus a hike in the hilly part back to the flat loop.  It was cold and windy and while less windy in the woods, it was still 20F with 20MPH gusty winds.  The flat loop was all we cared to do and Gus headed straight for the exit and the car once we were at the point we could have done a second loop.  He's no dummy.

He whined his way in to a second short hike in the afternoon.  I'm a pushover.

The wind continued all the way through till Sunday morning.  Smartly Dave and his buddies were riding at 2 we lazied around in the morning enjoying the sun and coffee.  Nice to catch up on eMail and reading and general non-sense to discuss.  Kind of a repeat of Saturday without leaving to go to a race that's next week!

I finally did run, pretty much for the only purpose of improving my increasingly foul mood.  That helped, it usually does, the chocolate wasn't doing the trick, and  it was too early for beer, yeah really there is such a thing.  SO 5 miles, in the chilly dry air.  Peppy pace for me, partially the mood, partially the chill in the air, partially there is less of me to haul around, partially it felt good, finally felt good to put in a little more effort to my run.  I hit my 170 cadence at a 10:30 pace and we can work from there.  My lungs were not at all happy with the dry dry dry chilled air.  Dave had just gotten back from a bike ride and we were both coughing up a lung.  A nice long hot shower helped get everything righted.  


Feed: 27.9
Saddle: 0

Beth, wondering what will land in her lap in the upcoming week.