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Weekly Recap 3/13/2017 - 3/19/2017

Sorry for not a lot of effort last week...  no pictures.  I could have at least entertained you with pictures of these bridesmaids dresses...  And I found them and per usual lots more!  

The time change didn't mess us up so Monday was up at at 'em on time.  Weird.  Further to complicate the confusion (?) Ro and I did hills, which used to be a Wednesday activity.  I have a hard time calling this walking with a 14ish pace.  Walking hills would be more like a 19 pace, no?  So we call it power walking but it still gets entered in the walking column.  I swear these hills, probably more the heart rate work out they give me, are helping immensely and transferring to my running efficiency? or effectiveness?  or breathing or something...  I'm sure it is making a difference.

Paula and Dave's wedding 1986

The evening was complete insanity and neither dogs got out despite the three of us probably doing better with even a mile walk.

Tuesday greeted me with a day off, the site was closed, so technically no work, I did check eMail from time to time, but really had nothing I HAD to accomplish, all of this gave me time to knit, and I knitted all day long, it was freaking awesome, listened to my book and knitted for nearly 6 hours.  This is probably a total of 12 - 15 hours of work, this is only the back of the sweater the fronts are folded in under the back.   I really don't keep track of how many hours I work on something.  Maybe someday I will, but probably not.  It's something to do while listening to a book or watching TV or a movie.  Keeps my hands busy and away from beer or WWF.

The front will have a shawl collar, kind of in a 'grandpa' style cardigan that hits at the hip.  I'm pleased with how this yarn (merino wool and microfiber mix)  is knitting up even before washing and blocking.

I took a zero in everything else, completely content with this decision.  Running in the cold slop didn't appeal to me.  The snow was brief and disappointing.

Faith texted wanting to know if I wanted to run, she had hills on her training schedule.  Awesome, I need to do some hills I replied back.  She said "Beth you already did hills this week."  I did?  It's Monday how could I have already done hills?  Once she convinced me it was actually Wednesday I said, well I usually do hills on Wednesday, must be Ro is in VT?  I think this poor woman is a saint for continuing to be the friend of a complete dipshit.  SO we ran hills, she needed a 15 minute warm up and 6 - 8 hills, she figured she'd be spent after 6, I thought maybe I'd goad her into 7.  We did 6, at a pretty good clip.  My solo hill work is quite a bit slower.  By the time we got to the end of 6 I was done, I'd have done a 7th, even an 8th, but I wasn't going to suggest it.  I should have, I know this, this is why one runs with a friend, to get them to push past the point of stopping, I'm sure she wanted me to suggest it because the competitive nature in both of us pushes us to these points.  Next time.

Dave and I took the boyz out for a short hike.  Jax and Gus are so energetic in the cold and they were both tearing around.  Jax was limping by the end of a mile.  We really really have to be more careful with him, they both love so much to run and tear about like a couple of goof balls.

Thursday was another zero driving to MI.  This was the easiest time I've ever had driving out there, it was sort of disturbingly easy.  A few traffic snarls that looked like a complete stop on the Interstate, nope, slow and go sort of stuff.  Odd.  PA had lots of nice snow but once I got over the high point on I-80 it was less and less.

Tammy and Craig 1988

The run after a long drive isn't my favorite, I was feeling off and I knew even a couple miles would make me feel better.  I felt good enough to do a couple more than I did on Friday, which really surprised me.  The road was still pretty frozen so that was nice, more like running on cement than dirt.  The neighbors on Lindsley were out and their dogs were curious about the threat, me.  They tore up to about half way from the barns to the road and stood and barked,  I ran to the other side of the road, sometimes that helps, I'm far enough away from their property line.  They watched till I crossed back to their side then came running again, back to the other side I went.  The owners were outside, and yelling for the dogs, eventually driving the truck down to the end of the driveway (it is a long driveway).  Wagner's dogs came out to greet me and run with me till the ditch and that seemed just fine by them, pretty usual.  I think they remember me?

Lisa and Mark 1991
(this became the Dennis Rodman dress - I still can't find that picture)

Saturday was family day!  St. Patrick's Day dinner, the high Irish Holiday!  Before the siblings (the siblings in-law are siblings, period) and the nephew arrived, I took a walk around the perimeter of the field and scared up plenty of deer, rabbits, and a few pheasant.  Jin was pretty much into Mario cart or something on his DS.  Dave's nieces and nephews schooled us in what a DS was a few years back.  How were we supposed to know what this thing was the four of them were carrying on about losing or having taken away.  Obnoxious children are the worlds best deterrent for reproduction, so glad it is only recently we've been exposed to pleasant children.

Christmas 1969

Time for a long run, I was pretty sure I knew what I had planned for Sunday was 9 miles, and when it became clear it wasn't 9 miles and I was going to have to run out to US 12 I was a little iffy.  I'd need to cross the highway to face traffic to be safe after 8 miles on quiet dirt roads.  I was kind of glad I did this because it did make the last mile interesting with the curves in the road and then the highway and then back to my parents farm.  I hit 9 miles!  First time in a long time I've run that far.  Felt good and I kept a pretty steady pace.

A favorite picture of my mother, probably 1987?


I finished "The Goldfinch" it became a different story half way through, friends have their own theory why this happened, Theo became an adult, Theo's mental state deteriorated, the writer lost interest in the book, it's hard to know exactly but definitely a different tone and a different book than the book I started.  I didn't hate it but I didn't like it.  If  you want to invest the time, read it, it is interesting and the characters were brought to life for me, I love a book where you can picture and hear the characters.

I started "Gone Girl" I'm a little more than half way through and I hate all the main characters, they are completely detestable, the secondary characters are mostly ok.  Interesting book, I like it, just hate the people.  


I finished the body of the cardigan, and cast on for the collar.  I'm nervous I am going to run out of yarn for the sleeves, the collar is so deep.

Dave Summer 1999 in that horrible apartment in Groton


Feet:  28.2
Saddle: 0

A rest week?  A step back week?  I didn't plank much, a minute is fine.  Just to keep it up.  I can feel the difference and will get back to the 3 minutes minimum.  

Beth, seeing speeds and a happy attitude she hasn't seen in a year, nice to feel like myself again.

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