Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Wordless Wednesday - New shoes in the rotation

Princess Beth, who didn't run today, but did decorate the shoes replacing the ones retired after the Princess 1/2.  Oh and I have two of the dorky white ones left, I found a REALLY great sale...

Sunday, February 23, 2014

Disney Princess 1/2 - Recap

This was a race for fun, to get away for a weekend in February and be somewhere warm.  So a fun run, if you will.

This was Cathy's idea back in May, I had just finished the Ice Age 50 1/2 Marathon, the very beginning of what turned out to be a year in lessons learned for me.  It would be her first 1/2 I remember my first 1/2, and was happy to be part of her endeavor. 

In the Fall I was on a Women's Running Club on Facebook and a woman posted that she had signed up for the Princess 1/2 in February and was diagnosed with Lung Cancer a few weeks after registering. Was she going to be able to participate?  I told her I knew several people who run with lung cancer and other lung diseases, she should give it a go!  I also got her in touch with the Lung Cancer Alliance she and Elizabeth immediately joined Team Lung Love!!  Even her doctor supported her decision to try!  Tammy was diagnosed after 6 months of tooing and frooing with the doctors about mysterious pains.  How is it possible a 42 year old white female with no smoking history should ever consider she is a candidate for this disease?  She was diagnosed with Stage IV Non Small Cell Lung Cancer as a result of a mutation in her genes (ALK fusion gene).  This is a growing type of NSCLC, generally found in Asian women.    We became friends through this diagnosis and my relationship with NSCLC.  She and her friend Elizabeth would be going to FL.  We were all very positive we would meet in February in Orlando.

Fast forward a few months, Tammy has mysterious pain in her back and it is not going away.  Back pain and lung cancer is not a good combination. We were all relieved it was a a broken disc in her back not the cancer growing or mets.  In fact she also received the news her cancer was shrinking the drug that targets the ALK fusion gene was working!  With a broken disc there was no way she was going to even be able to travel to FL to cheer us on.  With a heavy heart the reservations for what was also going to be a family vacation were cancelled.  Elizabeth would be going solo and another NSCLC woman Tammy had become friends with (and as a result Elizabeth and I) would be meeting up with us.  Karen only has 1/2 of her lungs and would be running the 5K on Friday.  She also lives in FL and pre-cancer was a travel agent, a Disney specialist.  Nice to have someone with some inside knowledge.  

My Aunt accompanied Cathy on her trip down, any excuse to get out of the cold Midwest, sounds reasonable to me! After delayed flights we all met up in the airport at the same time and could take the Magical Express to Disney.  

And in the small small world category, Karen grew up in the town neighboring mine, graduating from HS a few years before me.  Elizabeth and Tammy live in a town quite near my Aunt and Cathy in IL.

It was fun seeing the expo through Cathy's eyes!  They are kinda been there done that at this point to me.  

Entrance to the Expo Red Carpet and Prince Charming x 2!

We all met up for dinner on Saturday night to meet each other in person.  Karen wore her medal from the 5K on Friday, Elizabeth the 10K medal from the race that day.  Sadly all Cathy and I had were tiaras, and it appears Cathy's is missing...

Karen, me, Elizabeth, Cathy (and a dinosaur eek!!)

We all met up at the beginning and went off to our designated corrals.

me, Cathy (with tiara always the rebel), Elizabeth, Karen
All of us were running for two, supporting friends.  Elisabeth, Karen, and I for Tammy.  Cathy for Kendall.  Kendall is part time wheelchair bound she has a mitochondrial disease at the tender age of 5 is quite a trooper and positive through all of the ups and downs of her disease.  The bandanna signifies Running for Two, The Heart of Annie's Locker running for those who can't or can't now.  Soon Tammy and Elizabeth will be running together and Cathy will be able to join them from time to time!

Cathy trained solo and wanted to run solo.  Tammy wanted to run with me, ok.  She was in the corral behind me, so we agreed to meet up at mile 2.  I wasn't able to jump back a corral. I was kind of bummed about this and wondered if I should just wait?

The Wheelchair division went off at 5:30 a.m.  Oh yes it was an EARLY a.m.  Each corral was released  by the Fairy God Mother and fireworks.  That was pretty cool!

I crossed the start mat at 5:49 a.m.  a fairly early corral, I was looking forward to less bobbing and weaving as there were 25,000 runners.  The corrals were set up based on documented finishing times from a recent 10K or 1/2 marathon.  This was awesome as truly the people I was running with were the same pace as me.  No 4 across walkers 100 feet after the start mat!!  It was dark and humid and foggy and kinda eerie.   Mile 2 marker came up and I waited about 5 minutes for Elizabeth, we ran together the rest of the race.  My Space Watch freaked out and froze at mile 3 so I had no idea on pacing or time and frankly I needed to remember this was for fun and to enjoy the brief times we did get to run through the parks and the castle.  And for crying out loud enjoy a race for once!!!  

Elizabeth was really fun to run with!  She would fit in perfectly with all the gals I run with locally too!  Water seeks out its own level! 

Lots of places to step to the side and get your picture taken with many Disney Characters. 

We tried to stop and get our pictures with Mickey and Minnie, we waited for a few minutes and neither of us could stand it.  Sorry Mike.  

A couple of selfies were all we managed.  There is only so much fiddle farting around either of us could stand.  So similar to my running buddies at home who were with me in spirit!

Most of the 13.1 miles were on access roads and a few with in the park, the few miles in the park were really nice.  The race was fun lots of great princess costumes and a few princes!  It was nice to see so many people embracing the fun factor, something I need to be reminded to do from time to time.

I shared quick good byes with Karen and Elizabeth after the race.  Elizabeth had a flight to catch back to the cold north in the afternoon. Bummer. Texted my Aunt with my location and found a beer.   My Aunt and I found each other and waited on Cathy's big finish.  She ended up jacking up her ankle and accumulating more than her fair share of blisters, this stuff happens and she kept on smiling, even more when some ice was deposited on her ankle!  It was very humid something none of us (with the exception of Karen) were used to or remembered to prepare for.  

Cathy and me - at the end, medals in hand
It was a very well run race, logistically getting to and from the expo and to and from the race start/end.  The medical tents were also well run, Cathy made a pit stop for some biofreeze and the self help tent at the finish had gaylords of bagged ice, quite easy to get a couple bags for Cathy's ankle.

Nice medal and the bib says Princess Beth on the bottom! Perhaps I should be addressed as such?

I do believe this is the last run for these shoes.  They went well with my tutu for sure! 
Running in the tutu was fun!  All fluffy and girley, maybe I'll have to trade in my skirts?  All in all a good race to experience, would I do it again, not really sure.

Beth, who has come to the conclusion she likes meeting up with new runners and prefers small races with reasonable start times! 

Thursday, February 20, 2014

Yeah, well nobody ever fell 40,000 feet from a DeSoto either

I'm not a good flyer.  Considering I spent the first 15+ years of my career flying all over the place this is kind of weird and has come about in the last few years of not traveling as much via plane.   I'd rather drive, I enjoy driving, but sometimes time is a constraint.  So I fly to Orlando tomorrow a.m. for the Disney Princess 1/2 marathon on the 23rd.

Dave and I went out to dinner at the Malted Barley, had several nice beers.  Goose Island Honker for me and Founder Oatmeal Stout for Dave. I hemmed and hawed on the Goose Island Lolita, the waitress commented it was sour and that had me a little concerned.  Truth, I order beer based on the name, I know I'm not so keen on hoppy beer, so I try and stay away from that.  I stumbled up on Hooker Blonde Ale, and Dave just said, you wanted to order a Blonde Hooker, didn't you?    Erp, duh, yeah... Sometimes this method works, sometimes it doesn't...    Anyhoodles, a couple of these and pretzel sammiches we were good.  Stopped at the Y on the way home to sign up.  Dave isn't getting out on the trails to ride anytime soon and I really need to re-learn how to swim.  All good things to keep me distracted and focused something other than flying or packing and not driving Dave any more bonkers than I drive him on a daily basis.

I'm all packed, I think I remembered everything, well at least the important stuff, shoes, running gear, glide (it is going to be hot), tutu...   

Thanks to Mike B for letting me know there are running trails with in the Disney compound.  I haven't been there since I was 19, so yeah, a long time...  did a quick scan and it looks like I can get in some miles on Sat and Mon or maybe after the race on Sun and Mon.  I do have this 50K I'm supposed to be training for.  This is the last weekend distraction until the race so I'll be in decent shape to get in serious long runs on the trails or the roads - guess it all depends on the snow situation for the venue.

Stats for the week:

Monday:  Run: 0 / Other: 0 / Walk: 6  - Monday is a cross training day, walking counts right?  

Tuesday: Run 5 / Other: Spin / Walk: 0 - Ro and I did our indoor dualthalon, 3 pre spin 2 post spin.  I did push the pace and happy I did, my legs were jell-0.  Followed up by a Smithwicks and cake at Harp and Hound for TRALP (Running And Libations Professionals) February Birthday Celebration.

Wednesday:  Run 6.2 / Other:0 / Walk: 1.6 - got out before the rain  hit on Wednesday, it was a nice run, felt very productive the whole time, my legs felt Tuesdays shenanigans, a few new tunes on the iPod showed up keeping me distracted, love it when that happens.  My and Gus's walk was cut short when the rain just didn't let up in the evening.  He was none too pleased and more than happy to cut the walk short.  After getting toweled off he managed to wrap himself up in the flannel sheet on Giz's chair. He looked nice and warm and comfy, poor guy.  He is a trooper.

Thursday:  Run 4.2 / Other: 0 / Walk: 2.7 - I couldn't get out to run until late in the afternoon, the sun was a little dimmer still it was nice, no gloves, no hat, no long socks, I probably could have pulled off shorts, but opted for capris.   I left campus with the intention of 'doing the bitch' and when I got to the left hand turn I went straight.  Just wasn't feeling like the torture (I know wimp) I did the usual route and opted to push up the steep hill (mini bitch?) instead of the less steep longer climb.  Felt like a good run and definitely worked out some of my anxiety.

Friday:  zero, I'll pace in the airport, I'm sure, unlike my 3 year streaking Brother In Law, I'll pass on actual running in the airport to keep up a streak.  

Saturday:  hopefully 5 and the expo and meeting up with friends

Sunday:  13.1 don't expect a PR for this, it is for fun and there will be plenty of stops to get pictures made with the Disney characters, including Mickey. Plus the temps are minimally 20 degrees warmer than I am used to...

Beth, thanks for tuning in, think I can sleep now!

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Wordless Wednesday

Beth, who may melt running in FL on Sunday...

Tuesday, February 18, 2014


So this small world thing keeps smacking me in the face.  Not in a bad way, at least not yet... fingers crossed.

I went out on Sunday to run hills, alone, kinda figured that would happen with the weather...  The neighbor shouts (because I have my earphone in and the music loud) "HEY!!"  I finally figure out that he is trying to get my attention.  I stop, and stop the space watch, I'm feet from home...

He: "You were at Belleville 10K"
Me: "Um yeah, Mike puts on a great race."  Delay delay delay as I frantically trying to think if I had a conversation with him, like ever, other than the usual him calling his unleashed dog away from my leashed dog.
He: "I'm training for Soapstone."
Me: oh crap, is this ringing bells, crap why does runner Beth talk to people, why can't she be like every other day Beth and just have safe polite conversations about the weather.  Safely says "Remind me, where is that trail?"
He: "Sommers, CT, there is this horrible hill, I don't know if I'm ready for it."
Me:  lights go on, his name is Tony, his wife's name is Lori (she is a quilter and we talk a lot in the summer), oh yeah, I vaguely recall him from Belleville.  "You'll be fine, have you run Burlingame?" (yeah, stall)
Tony:  "Grills."
Me:  "Oh yeah, I remember now."  (relief ok I sort of remember talking to him)
Tony: "Yeah I finished just before you.:
Me:  Pshew, he isn't one of the fast guys "Oh yeah, I remember now, it is all out of context for me. You were telling me how once you cross the bridge..." and he took over the conversation from there.

There is one house between him and I.  Amazing, they have lived there for 5 or more years?  He, like me is an Adult Onset Runner...

Start the space watch and venture out on my 6 miles with hills.  Up and down and up and down and well you can follow the Strava map, well if I could get the HTML to load... and I can't.   Crap...  help?  anyone?  I must have messed with something that needs to be unmessed with...

In my neighborhood, you can run up a hill and then down and then up and then down, it is kinda nice to not be really far from home.  I took off my YakTrax at the bottom of Oak (the long run up hill) and regretted it half way up and put them back on.  Seemed like it would be clear, it was not...  I should know better.  Pretty nifty comb, eh?

I felt kind of weird running down then up the hills as guys were shoveling out their driveways.  Um, Dave and I already took care of that before I went out for my run so erp it wasn't like I was wasting energy...  still and all, I got in a little work out before the real workout?

So that was Sunday.

Monday - rest day per my training plan.  I walked at lunch then took Giz for a walk.  He was a dog on a mission, what ever he did to his shoulder seemed to heal up.  We continue to be amazed at the resiliency of a 13 year old boxer.   TRX has been called due to a death.  Breast cancer, 55 years old, joined her twin brother who passed from brain cancer not even a year earlier.

Tuesday - Ro taught spin so it was 3 miles on the treadmill / spin / 2 miles on the treadmill.  She pushed me which was good 9:40 pace for me. The miles after spin were torture, my legs were really tired.  All in all a good workout.  A couple quarter miles at 8:30 pace all in all 9:40. No regrets!

Beth, and there you go, small small world.   Hear it is going to be in the 80's in Orlando this weekend, what a bummer....

Saturday, February 15, 2014

Epic Suffer Score

Really?  This mornings run felt nothing like epic.  It was a run.  I worked to stay at a steady easy pace especially up hills.  All in all  it was fun.  5 miles out to the beach and 5 miles back.  Quick stop to do something I've ALWAYS wanted to do, sit in that dorky huge yellow Adirondack chair on Winnapaug Road.

HA!  Kinda felt like Lilly Tomlin sitting in that chair!
Running is about fun, right?
So I meandered on my way back home, the short route home is about 3 miles, I meandered a bit to be sure and hit 10.  If I was a super stalker I'd of figured out where Gazelle lives so I could see the perverted snowman in the erp, flesh...

Oh good grief the delicious smells coming from the Gray Goose or wait, Goose something, breakfast/lunch place.  I was getting hungry as I didn't get moving until well after 10.  Good thing I didn't have any money on me I might have figured out what WOULD make me puke on a run...  Ok sorry, TMI...    Yeah yeah a 10:39 a.m. start is like mid afternoon for some people.  This run and some housework were all I planned on accomplishing today plus I wanted to give the icy roads a bit of time to melt.  I nearly lost my footing several times on the dog walk Fri night... yeah yeah, most people were already home and showered by the time I even got out the front door!   Phttt...  good on ya!!

Miles 8 and 9 are relentless slightly creeping upwards hills. I kind of dread these and kind of look forward to these all at the same time.  It is nearly the end of the run (or ride) and time to keep a fairly steady pace and home (and food) is close.  I did ok.  Well, better than ok, epic.

The last 1/2 mile the snow was spitting and by the time I got home, it was obviously snowing.   Pshew!  I love running in the snow, what I'm not a big fan of are the local drivers and the fact shoveled walks are far and few between forcing me into the road.

Strava won't load the HTML code - so this is what ya get...
OK I'd not call 10:53 average pace epic for me, but I guess this epic thing is based on heart rate?

Seems like I stayed in my tempo zone, so my 50K race pace and where I wanted to be, right?

All very curious to me and something to research as I'm recovering from hill work tomorrow.  Suggestions welcome!

Beth, kinda giddy with this epic thing and kinda not so sure it was earned...

Thursday, February 13, 2014

It's A Small World

Next weekend I'll be in Orlando, FL, dying from the heat, at Disney World, running the Princess 1/2 Marathon, kinda funny the theme song of the week is "It's a small world"

In the area I work in this week there was a new hire, an actual new person to the company I work for.  After so many years of layoffs it is nice to have a new person to talk to, to hear new stories, and a new audience for the same old stories.    I used to work with most of the group I sit with, of my current group I am the only one in this office so I can sit where I want, I've worked with and among these folks for going on 8 years, so there is a level of comfort there and they are stuck with me!

Jackass has been really really good about involving the new girl in going to lunch and making her feel welcome.  I only call him Jackass because he calls people Jackass and we all get tagged with nicknames in various ways, for the most part Tim isn't a Jackass, although there are moments.  Anyhoodles…  I’m still curious about how Muddy got his.  Gazelle is obvious. 

Wednesday he gets back to his desk and says to me do you know a runner who plays bass, New Girl knows him, her husband plays mandolin and is in a band with the runner bass player.  I’m not clear on if the mandolin is played in the band or not.  I was trying to wrap my mind around why I came up in conversation. My husband makes Mandolins (plays the bass, banjo, guitar, and mandolin) so is that that connection?

New Girl comes by and we get it all straightened out who is who and who knows who and wow, it is a small world, isn't it?   I knew Seth played bass, from his blog, but didn't realize Johnny did too!   He blogs mainly about running and we've never had more than a 2 minute, "hi how are you" conversation.  I talk more with his dad.  Small world!  Stand up bass, very cool!

So wow, 6 degrees of separation weird or what?

In running this week

Monday – R: 0 / O: 50 min Sufferfest / W: 2.9  I've been wanting to try out the “Sufferfest” video for a while.  Shira has the ISLAGIATT (It Seemed Like A Good Idea At The Time) and said she hasn't gotten through the full two hours but has liked it.  I can’t commit to two hours so  bought a 50 minute figuring I could sub this for a spin class.  And yeah I can. I was a puddle of sweat ¾ of the way through it and while my ‘suffer score’ on Strava isn't any big deal I did keep my heart rate in the Tempo zone.  I really need to do some studying on heart rate and training.  Now that I have more data to wade around in . 

Tuesday – R: 4  /O: 0 / W: 2  It seemed like it was going to be warmer than it was, I left the guard shack and went right  (or out back) and the wind was right there torturing me.  Either way I have to deal with the wind, on the way out or on the way back.  I decided the way back and turned around and did the river loop and hated damn near every eye watering step on the two miles back to campus.  Ugh.  I was nearly ready to claim I hated winter, but I don’t, so I can’t. 

Wednesday – R:5.2 / O: 0 / W: 1.8  Jackass got in late to work and launched into “Your running outside right? It is beautiful out there, nice and sunny.”  I questioned him about the wind and got a blank stare.  Don’t LAX coaches give a diddly crap about wind? Guess not.  Got a message from Mike B – It's 19, you going out?  He was hemming and hawing (ok me too - Tue was brutal).   I said, it is nice and sunny and the wind is low.  I'm heading out @ 11:30 he was heading out @ 12:30.   Right out of the guard shack was just fine, the sun at my back, hello shadow one of my favorite running partners.  Everything just went well the first mile wasn't a struggle, for the most part and it all just clicked along nicely at that point.  When I could see I was going to maintain something measurably less than my 10 minute mile pace I gave some effort.  (and bagged the idea of hills)  Plus there was always that possibility to catch Mike B on the treadmill (if he wimped out) and listen to him squirm. The nuns in my family would be so proud that just my presence sends someone into a guilt trip. Isn't that part of being Catholic?  Guilt?  My irreligious upbringing leaves me scratching my head about these dogmas.

It was a wonderful run, truly glad I went outside because it was way better than ladders on the treadmill and I'm extremely pleased with my pace of 9:30!

Giz's walk was cut a little short, he managed to injure himself launching himself off the last 3 stairs on the staircase, 13 year old boxers can't do this.  He started limping so we headded home the quickest way.  Rounding the corner to home I caught some ice, WHOMP I was down looking up at Giz staring at me with this, "why are you on the ground" look on his face.  Quick check, all is OK so we both limped the 1/2 block home.    

Earlier in the day Dave posted a video of a girl slipping on ice on my FB timeline.  I could just hear Dave saying “God got ya” for laughing. (Hmmmm...  seems mean of him don't ya think?) 

Thursday  - R: 5 (1% incline) / O: Spin 50 min / W: 0 I purposely left my warm gear at home because the temptation to run in the snow would be really really great and the roads would be really really slippery and I don’t want to tempt fate.  Especially with laughing at that runner and this God getting me back for doing so Wednesday night, so what if it happened again?

Ro and I decided to run 3 before spin, then spin (she teaches spin) and run 3 after spin.  I got wrapped up in a meeting with one of the tech guys that supports a website I manage and really couldn't cut it short.  I got in 2 miles before spin.  We had a little duathalon, I came in 2nd, first in my age group!!  

With the lack of shoveling going on in the neighborhood, Gus's walk was postponed, he seems to be ok with this.  I helped him chase his tail for a while.  One of the things he does to entertain himself as result of those 18 months in puppy prison.  I'm also thinking about starting to run with him, he keeps a nice constant steady clip and isn't so interested in sniffing and peeing (reading and responding to pMail) and we used to run together in the mornings when used to run before work.

Friday:  Something, probably should run, the Stravalentine's challenge and all, the weather looks warm, but windy..  I did find out that there are three "Sufferfest" videos available through Strava Premium and I may try one of those...  

Saturday:  Trail long run or Road long run - guess it depends on the conditions

Sunday:  6 miles of hills with Ro  (The final hill being  "The Bitch")  I think she is trying to kill me!!

Beth, *humming* its a small world after all and in a few hours will be trying to forcibly remove the ear worm from her head!

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Wordless Wednesday

Beth the proud recipient of this Shoreline Race Series jacket she earned and grouched about last year. 

Sunday, February 9, 2014

Belleville Pond 10K - Recap and what actually happened on Saturday!

Saturday:  R: 15 (MM 20) / O:0 / W: 3   22 was on the schedule for Saturday.  Knowing the trails were in terrible shape I took a chance and went out to Belleville Pond to see if I could get in two laps.  HA!!  I got in 1 and took the more traveled road versus the race course and shorted myself on the fun of un-trampled snowy woods running.  Rats.  I put in a lot of effort for those 5.5 miles in 1 hour 45 minutes.  Still an all, even with Muddy Math this is probably 10 miles?  maybe 12 considering level of effort?  Not good enough.  Went home, changed into dry everything and headed back out on the roads for 9.  UGH. I could barely manage 11 minute miles and decided I'd accept nothing over 12, all was good until that last 1/2 mile home (12:55 - OOPS), all up hill.  I'm calling it 20 and happy with that, my hips and knees all had yes votes for it feels like 20...

Left is what I ran on Saturday 5.5 miles 1:45 - Right is the actual race course 6.2 1:32

I think my saving grace is walking Jax 3 miles after dinner, that really helped loosen up the stiffness.  Oh there may have been some Jameson and Vernors before bed, just to help me sleep.  You know nerves before the race in the a.m.  Bwahaaaaa...

During all of this running / hiking / walking and one think kept rolling around in my mind, well LOTS of stuff rolls around in my mind, this one is share-able.  Jim's post on unwilling versus unable I'm able sometimes I find myself unwilling.  Unwilling to run to the point I actually puke sort of unwilling.  I think the intent of Jim's post was not pushing oneself to that point, really determining what your motivation to quit or call it a day.  Anyhow, so I rationalized not hitting that actual 20 mile mark, or did I?  The thought of even one more mile was too much, I do this because I enjoy it, not because it pays the bills!  Always something rolling around in my mind as I run.  Cerebral runner?

Sunday: R: 6.2 / O:0 / W: 3  (8 miles on the schedule)

Belleville Pond 10K  Race #3 in the 4th Season Trail Race Series

UltraSignup had me finishing in an hour and change, I can't figure out how to get back to that page...  yeah, with no snow...

I was going to meet up with Monica of Insert Witty Running Pun Here fame!  This was her first trail race, yeah baptism by fire combine with drinking from the fire hose... I checked her shoes when we finally met up, low tread Merrils... she usually runs in Vibrams (they may have been a better choice?)....

Ran in to Eria and her husband, I have met up with Erica at a few of the trail races, Burrlingame Snowy Sufferfest '13 and Big River '13.  Glad to catch up again...  She ran her first 1/2 (Newport) and loved it.  So glad to hear.  She did the 10K at Big River that was a big step for her.  So happy to hear her progressing her running!  I'd love to hear more so this begs the question do I friend her on FB or no?  This is quite a conundrum to me.  When is this appropriate?  Friend me and I'll accept it, sending one out sends me spinning...  good grief, doesn't the company I work for make drugs for this condition?

Monica and I lined up at the back  I had no designs on anything but taking advantage of all the go getters to pack down the trail!  I ran this the day before and it was ankle twisting combined with hole punching through an inch of ice into powder - not so fun.  Plus I wanted to catch up with Monica.

About 0.7 in I stopped to wait for Monica, yeah, she was none to pleased, so I ventured on, passing a couple people who passed me.  Caught up with Erica's husband Pete, he dropped his gloves and was quite happy to have them back and let me go first...  when he caught up I always asked if he wanted to pass. No he was just fine with my pace.  He did ask how far, this was at 2.8.  I let him know.  He was good with hiking up the hills and running down the hills, I asked a few times wanna pass, nope...  At mile 3 I let him know, at mile 4 I let him know and then we got back to the trestle bed and we both got passed by someone apologizing far too much he even apologized at the finish line. No worries, you were going faster than us, pass away!!  Mile 5 beeped and I noted I no longer heard Pete behind me.  I did shout out 5, there was no one to hear it (much like there was no one to hear my laughter as I slogged through the areas only Johnny and Nate had run the Thur before the race).

It was kind of lonely and beautiful.  I spend so much time running alone I do love it very much and Ryan Park is so beautiful, quadrupled with the snow and the sun!

Eventually on to the rooty area, which I dread, fortunately it was covered with snow and very runable.

I was never so happy to see cyclone fencing, carefully following the well trod path to the finish.  1:32.  13 minutes faster than Saturday and I ran the right trail (0.7 miles more).  I'll call that a win.

Erica was waiting for Pete, we chatted while waiting.  Monica emerged, happy and smiling!  Happy to be under 2 hours!  What a slog for a first trail race.  Hopefully I will see her and James at Burlingame and there won't be so much snow.

WTAC took it for the win, obviously without my help.  John and Johnny tracked me down to pass along a beer!  Thank you!!  Crutch gave me two of his, one of them went to Monica. Thank you!

Finished!!  And seriously, two of the cutest girls ever (besides his gorgeous wife) and Crutch can't smile?

Beth, noodling willing versus able.

Friday, February 7, 2014

Week 6 50K Training

I think it is slowly dawning on me what I signed up for, 50K, which is what just a little under 8K over a marathon so what 30 miles?    So yeah I totally blew up at MCM in October, but yeah I totally stressed myself out / over trained.  Can I even say over trained?  Dunno, I ran too many races as training runs and the stress that goes with that, no matter what I spend far too much time beating myself up.  And while most is a bit of self depreciating humor, a bit is just feeling unworthy.  I will always remember 6th grade and Angela Karapas sitting on a bench next to me saying "Beth why do you beat yourself up so much? It is really stupid."  I'll never forget that conversation, yet, I still do it.  Mostly it is meant for humor, but in every joke there is a little bit of seriousness.... so yeah, I over trained and was exhausted before MCM and so desperately wanted it to be cancelled.  

I'm doing it, I'm running 50K, as my maternal grandfather would say, period, end of statement.  

Fortunately I've rekindled my love of running and am enjoying it again.  It really sucks to do something you dread.

Monday kicked off week 6 of training, a 'hard' week.   Mondays are an active rest day, TRX and walking.  The snow started and TRX was cancelled.  I did get a dog walk in.  

Monday: r: 0/ o:0 / w: 2.2  It snowed right?  or was going to?  I've lost track.  Gus and I had a quick walk before dog dinner.  The rest of the night is a blurr.. hmmm ...

Love the symmetry of the sets of 4!
Tuesday: r: 3.2 / o:0 / w:0  NYC.  Krikies it has been forever since I've had to get up at 5 a.m and get myself together to make the 6:53 a.m. train out of New Haven.  Yep, up and out in 30 minutes, 60 minute drive and sprint to the train after getting a bagel and a diet coke!  I'm a determined person.  No walk at lunch, 3 hour mid day meeting with the new bosses boss, no news on the new boss, old boss is definitely in RIP (Retired In Place) mode, fortunately it is only until the end of March.  It was such a beautiful day, so sad to not be out side to enjoy any of the sunshine, I escaped on the 4:39 train, two beers and a bag of pretzels for dinner.  Miller Lite piss beer; NB: purchased because of the screw top, helps prevent spilling and me from guzzling the whole thing as soon as I sit down.

Nice being on an early train!  I was home and in my running gear by 8 p.m. donned the headlamp.  I love that thing!  Couple slippery spots along the route and a lot of running in the road (people, shovel your sidewalks, I may forget to pick up my dogs crap in your yard in retaliation).  Felt really really good.   Chit chatted with the neighbor when I got home.  All about the incident on Saturday last.  I didn't realize how bad my nose had been bleeding (due to the dry air) until I looked at my white gloves when I got in the house.  Ooops...  bet that looked pretty gross.  Sorry Bob!

Wednesday: r: 3 ladders on the TM / o:0 / w: 2.4  I was one of the 10 people on campus.  I don't work at home well, between 3 dogs and a husband who runs his business out of the basement, too many distractions!  In the afternoon I got to the gym, and ran ladders, 3% / 5% / 7 % 2x for 2 minutes and 2x for 1 minutes each.  Good grief that sucked...  and holy cow does it help...   It was Jax turn for a walk and he was very serious about neutralizing all of the threats in the neighborhood.  Those snowmen didn't know what was coming as he stalked, growled at, barked at, and even peed on them to let him know who was boss.  I could not stop laughing at him and he gave me the stink eye every time.  

This is a pretty shifty looking snowman, maybe he was the leader of the snowman army Jax was protecting us from?
Thursday:  r:4.2 / o:spin 50 min / w: 2.4  Mike B stopped by he was going to catch up on some work and run outside.  Oh goodie, let me know how the roads are I can't go out until 3ish to run before spin, otherwise I end up taking 3 showers in a day, and well that sucks and is kind of a waste of time.  Mike B reported it was slushy and nice outside.  Awesome!  Great day to run outside, and I was so stoked when I looked at the Strava feed to see my average 9:32...  hills help!  

Mike and I had a chat about eating.  I never really think about it, as long as I give myself 45 minutes after eating I go run.  Eventually figuring out what isn't a good thing to eat before I run.  The only thing is this Pro Bar that my husband buys, oh so not a good idea and it took me quite a few runs (MCM included to figure it out).      Seems like eating is a concern for a lot of people.  How about you?  Things you can or can't eat? Timing?    I just can't eat after I run, ugh.  Chowder (Chowda) is a big thing out here and the thought of it makes my stomach curdle.  Water, fruit, and beer are about all I can stomach for an hour or so after running, then watch out, anything and everything is fair game!

Friday: r: 0 / o:0 / w: 2.4  I was going to try the Sufferfest Podcast, I didn't.  I left work early, called it a day by 1, completely lacked the desire to do anything productive.   Considering I thought it was Saturday when I woke up, sorta set the tone for the day.  After saying "Oh goodie it is Saturday I can sleep for another hour."  Dave busted out laughing "Ah no, it is Friday, get up."   So yeah, that didn't bode well for a super productive day.  I ended up driving out to Newport for the warehouse sale at Karol Richardson.  I needed to do a girl thing and shop, new dresses for the cruise and scarves, oh how I love scarves.  I keep buying them figuring they will be a present and well, they end up in my collection.

This weeks long run is 22 miles, this is going to be a challenge to find a broken in trail...  Dave went out to Burlingame on Thursday night and reported that he rode for a bit and it was ice over powder and it sucked, but coming back on the short section he rode was nice.  Perhaps I could go out there and break up the crust?  Ah no...  What a funny guy!

Saturday: 22 on the schedule probably some trail and road...  ugh road...

Sunday: Belleville 10K  -  Crutch has informed me that UltraSignUp has me finishing 8 minutes after him...  Ah, yeah, Muddy Math I'm sure.  So glad everyone has so much more confidence in my speed and fitness than I do!!

Beth who really needs to update this thing more than once a week...  oh yeah and February is not turning into the suck fest it usually is, whoop!!

Sunday, February 2, 2014

50K Training - Week 5

Last week was kind of a bust with the plague I contracted, my weekly mileage was a whopping 14.9 miles.  Guess some weeks go like that.  By Wednesday I started feeling normal, yippiee!!

Monday:  run:  3.1 / TRX: 60 min / walk: 1.8  Nothing too remarkable about anything except I was still stuffed up with moments of breathing through my nose possible.  After taking Sunday off I had to get some miles in,  the sun was out and it kinda felt like spring out, I ran down to Eastern Point Beach and back (Strava thing won't load, I'm cursed - guess I'll troll the nets for relevant pictures).  Ran in to a co-worker in the hall, he commented he saw me out there, on his way to a different building, he thought about honking but didn't want to startle me.  I said, well don't be shy, no one else is, seeing how high you can make me jump seems to be the game.  Sometimes I should just not speak...

horked from

Tuesday:  run: 3.5 / Spin: 50 min / walk: 1.8 The run was on the treadmill, right before spin class.  Helps tire my legs out so I can get used to doing things with tired legs, apparently this is important for distance running?  The treadmill is mind numbing to me, as it is to most people and I have a lot of respect (and wondrous amazement) at anyone who can spend more than 45 minutes on one of those contraptions.  There wasn't even anything interesting on TV.  There were a couple people doing Couch to 5K, based on how they were alternating run/walk.  Good for them!  Spin was good, Jeff's class is different from Ro's, I like the difference.  My legs were tired, I slacked a bit on the tension for sprints, it showed in my heart rate.  No cheating with the HRM!!  Perhaps running on tired legs is best accomplished AFTER spin?  Hmmm...  I may need to reorganize!

All in all I was in the moderate intensity range for 75% of the class and 20% in the high intensity -
I may need to cut myself some slack, per usual!!

horked from:

Wednesday: run: 6 / walk: 2.4  Back outside it was sunny and lovely, not many people outside, mostly women it was the perfect amount of chilly for, well just the perfect amount of chilly...  No hills, next week, I just wanted to run.

horked from:

Thursday:  run: 4 2% grade / Spin: 50 min / walk: 2.4 Back on the treadmill, best use of my limited time, although I was so tempted to rearrange my schedule to run outside at lunch, considering I was getting taunted (phttt).  The alternative is to go outside before spin, I couldn't get freed up early enough, poor planning on my part. I did up the incline to 2% nothing amazing however did help with the feeling of pushing forward rather than being drug forward by the belt.   Dinner out at the Seahorse was awesome, Dave doesn't mind because I always bring home dessert for him.  He munched on his cake and I took a dog for a walk.  No rest for the wicked...

horked from:

Friday: run: 0 / walk 1.8 Rest day.  Text came through "Manana Happy Hour, now"  Um, ok...  couple Sangria with the girls and I was on my way home.  Dave called he wanted to go out to dinner.  OK, where?  No clue.  Ugh.  I walked a dog when I got home, had just enough time before dog dinner time, passing by "The Twisted Vine" I took a pic of the menu board and texted it home.  He seemed game.  I really didn't want to go to far.  Nice place!  I'd been there for after dinner drinks and desserts with the girls, had no real idea what was on the dinner menu.  Awesome bread, meals, and sandwiches, we opted for the sandwiches.    When we got home I got a FB message from a fellow runner wanting to know when and where I was running in the a.m., they'd meet me.  Sure.  Gave the details...

horked from:

Saturday: run: 8 / walk: 3.2  Woke up at 5:20 to the door bell.  Well that is never good news, but hey don't the police just call if they found someone dead (yes, yes I am overly dramatic).  The neighbor letting us know that someone was poking around in the cars with a flashlight, probably derelict teenagers.  Yeah, probably the same derelict ones who worship your boyfriend and his friends.  Or, perhaps, the lovely ones that lived in that same rental last year, you know the ones that claimed the squirrels (not smoking in the attic)  started the fire.  I've lived in this neighborhood for nearly 15 years and I have NEVER seen a squirrel smoking a cigarette.  Krikies... Thanks for the early wake up and your neighborly ways.  Ann, please please please either sell the house or only rent to military.   Back to sleep! There is something sort of decadent feeling about falling back to sleep in the a.m. 

Got out to Burlingame a little early and waited,  I am perpetually early, and not against waiting.  Well, erp, 20 minutes for a full professor, 15 for associate, 8 for a friend?  I don't think I've ever been stood up before.  Huh...  I was going to do two laps and add in the Nature Trails and maybe a loop to the beach for the second lap.  My first lap was lovely, nothing stellar for a pace, but I just felt good the whole time.  My belly got colder and colder as the miles went on I really should have put on two shirts.  When I got back to the car I saw my note was still there.

Ok well good, they didn't show up, wait, hope nothing was wrong.  I was kind of nervous they got mad, but hey, they can out run me on a good day for me and could have caught up!  I sent a message, got back a full of excuses reply.  Oh  good, nothing was wrong!  Maybe next time?  Since I had such a nice run and was feeling really good, I bagged the second half .  There is something to be said for just feeling terrific!  The weather was supposed to stay just as nice for Sunday, which hasn't happened in many many weeks, I took advantage of the nice endorphin buzz and aimed on getting a long run in on Sunday.  And if YOU choose to call yourself out, that is on you!

Sunday:  run: 13.2 / walk: 3.2  Woke up to fog phoggy fog, well this will burn off right? No sun left me a little concerned about being warm enough, but not too warm. Put on an extra shirt and arm warmers I had picked up at an expo a few years ago.  If they totally suck I can shove them in my hydration back pack. I also grabbed one of these headband things I really don't care for as a headband but wondered how it would do as a light ear warmer.   I forgot about the arm warmer thingies but did notice my arms didn't seem all wet and freezing when I would shake them out from time to time.  I finally peeled them off on the drive home, I kinda like these things.  The head band that totally didn't work to  control my unruly hair worked for my ears.  Well another thing to take out of the Goodwill bag. All in all a good run. 

I'm behind on my training miles and I'm ok with that.  This week was supposed to be a low mileage week, 28, but last week was so far off the 42 that I had to make some of it up, I'll take the 37.7 and focus on my miles for the upcoming week.

OK Lazor get your shit together!!

horked from:

As an aside, I hate February and the month can't get over fast enough.  I'm not exactly sure when this started, I can't remember a time I've ever liked February.  Two days in and February has surpassed all my expectations of a sucky it can't get over fast enough month.  Kudos to you February, you are 26 days away from not being the "Monday" of months!

Beth, not quite willing to like this month, however willing to give it a fair shot!

Saturday, February 1, 2014

Absolutely NOTHING to do with running...

Thursday was the anniversary of Sage’s passing.  Sometimes it seems like she is right here and other times it seems like we never had those 10 years with her. 

We really hadn't seen any signs of anything other than  old age.  Sage live every single minute of her short life, November 10, 2002 – January 30, 2013, as hard as she could.   When she was younger she was either off or on, it was amazing to see. That morning, she just didn't look or behave like herself,  Dave took her to Ocean State Veterinary hospital, West Greenwich RI, amazing vets there!  When the vets looked at her and reviewed her chart and the x-ray, it appeared that the mass they removed with her spleen two years ago was back and was bleeding out.  There were two choice, to remove this mass, test it for cancer, as they did with the mass two years ago (miraculously it was not cancer – which was a relief as we had just lost Diesel to cancer a few months earlier).  Neither of us even remembered that emergency surgery or the waiting for the pathology reports to come back. We eventually did remember getting a call at 9 p.m. on a Saturday night from OSV, we were terrified to pick up the phone either this was really really good news or really really bad news.  The vet was so amazed he couldn't wait till regular business hours to tell us.  Guess stress does some amazing things with blocking out bad experiences.  We talked about it, and remembered we had our extra two years with her and why put our 10 year old girl through the recovery process from a major surgery and potentially chemo.  I was in NY for the day, and couldn't be there, Dave said she went peacefully. 

She was giving the young ones hell on the beach the Sunday before, and she was gone a few days later she was a tough dog who didn't have time for nonsense.  Makes me think of Sweet Brown “Ain’t nobody got time for this.”  That was Sage. 

Walking Jax (Dave finally got the harness adjusted so Mr. Squiggy can’t wiggle out of it – touch wood – a black dog who likes to chase cars is a recipe for disaster, considering we ended up with him because he was hit by a car and his owners didn't want to pay for surgery or deal with rehab even if someone paid for the surgery) last night I was thinking about all the foster dogs we've had over the years since getting Gizmo from Northeastern Boxer Rescue on New Year’s Day 2003, he was just 2 and a young curmudgeon.  

He has looking pathetic down to a science
Lola.  That first week with Gizmo was fun, he adjusted well enough, we were figuring out how to communicate with him and him with us,  then we got the call.  We have a 6 month old boxer girl desperately in need of a foster home, Gizmo has the right temperament to deal with her.  He is a calming influence and not really all about being the alpha dog and exerting his authority, perfect for Lola.   

Add caption

The picture of innocence....
OMG… she was a nut case, terrified of her own shadow and aggressive as hell all packed in one 45 lb boxer girl.  She was so stressed out for the first few days, she slept a lot but when she was finally awake, she ran roughshod over our poor Gizzy.  I am sure he wanted nothing more than to go back into rescue and hope for a better luck of the draw.  Eventually, over the course of a few weeks, we figured out most of Lola’s trigger points and Gizmo just let her be her, even if it involved her sleeping on him in his favorite chair.  About 6 weeks in to Lola’s stay with us, Gizmo and she found common ground, barking at the gas meter reader person, and at that point they seemed to be just fine cohabitating.  She was with us 5 months.

Diesel. About 3 months into 2003 there was a call from rescue about someone to temporarily home Diesel, his current foster home couldn't handle him and all of his energy.  Dave though, oh what the heck, nothing could be as bad as Lola and she seemed to do ok with other boxers.  Dave picked up this crazy Diesel boxer boy (he was 18 months old complete with all sorts of GI issues and a possible case of mange) and snuck him into the basement. 

Maybe if he just appeared Lola would think he had been here the whole time and not have a fit.  Well that seemed to have worked, Diesel wandered up stairs as Lola was passing through the kitchen and she was OK with this additional dog, oh where have you been all this time seemed to be her reaction.  Fortunately this was near meter reading time and the three of them bonded over barking over the meter reader.  Diesel can best be described as a Maserati, very very expensive and very very fun.  Figuring out he did not have some weird skin condition, he had serious allergies to most food causing him all sorts of internal and external issues was quite the adventure.  He could eat canned venison dog food, he preferred venison itself, when it was available.  My brother sent me home with some Venison jerky one visit and the poor dog was beside himself smelling it and I think he managed to climb onto the counter to get at it.  He also wanted to play, all. the. time.  Ok so he wasn't insane he was just very very busy.

Diesel in hot pursuit of Giz

Sage. May of 2003 Lola was finally placed in the perfect home for her, an only dog and two doting humans. The call came in June, a 6 month old uncontrollable boxer girl needed to be transported from the Long Island, the vet would bring her on the ferry to New London, could we  pick her up and she was sure to get placed really really quick, she was cute as a button and probably her only behavioral issue was she was 6 months old. 

Her owners had gotten her when their first baby was born because it is a smart thing to have a puppy and a newborn at the same time.  Dave pulled up in front of the house with this adorable brindle boxer with the goofiest look on her puppy face.  I fell in love with this girl.  OMG so cute and so much energy, so much fun!  She managed to get all top marks in her puppy training and socialization classes, but out in the real world she forgot all of her lessons.

Sage giving Giz a run for his money!
OK so maybe all boxer girls weren't insane like Lola.

Gracie. Rescue called, fall 2003, there was a 12 week old puppy with a club foot who needed a home until surgery and she would be placed in her furever home.  

Not a great pic but you can see the clubbing of her left foot (Giz butt in the background, Sage to the side)

The left foot is sticking up over her right leg
Gracie was amazing.  That club foot did make her pretty miserable, and she drug it around for the 3 weeks she was with us.  We took her on a beach outing and that little girl tucked that club foot up under her and ran on three legs with those boys and was in her glory.  She did get the foot amputated and went to live with another 3 legged boxer girl in NYC. 

Deuce. Spring 2004 Our first rehab dog, 9 months old, two broken front legs, hit by a car.  6 weeks in the crate only out for bathroom.  By the end Deuce hated Dave, Dave would take him out of the crate and put him back in the crate, Dave sucked.  He healed, two metal plates in both his front legs, and was able to run around with our guys and just had a blast with people and other dogs. 

Deuce, he liked me, but then I wasn't the one continually putting him back in is crate!

Giz and Deuce
He ended up in Stamford CT as an only dog, as the months with us went on it became pretty clear while Deuce liked other dogs, he really thought he needed to be the only dog. All good stuff to know when placing a dog in a furever home.  Deuce also was in People magazine, the church his family went to also had Sunday service for pets!

Ugh, poor guy!

His legs looked pretty good!

Greco. Spring 2005 our second rehab dog, 6 months old, broken hip, fell down the stairs.  

Handsome boy!
He only had to be in the crate for two weeks but limited activity.  Bwahaaaa, a boxer boy to remain calm, like that is going to happen.  When he could finally go to the beach and run with Treacherous Trio, he was so happy.  They had a fun rough and tumble play session on the beach, he was a little sore for a few days.  He went to a family in Maryland, and they sent us status reports on him for a couple years.  He was a skinny little thing when we had him and filled out into a very handsome 80 lb boxer boy.  I couldn't find a pic of him with Giz...  oh well..

Georgia. Fall of 2005 a semi load of dogs from a kill shelter in Georgia, a boxer girl, apparently used as a breeder dog arrived at the CT Humane Society, were we interested.  I picked her up, all skin and bones and scared, oh so scared.

Georgia - such a happy girl!
I brought her home and put her in the back yard, locking the threesome in the house.  She could at least smell them in the yard and I would see if this would relax her a bit.  She was ok with other dogs and rather happy to be in the yard.  She scratched around and sniffed a bit and found a place to lie down.  And seemed to be at home.  Oh this was going to be fun, she didn't know about houses.  I opened up the doggy door and our three came tumbling out everyone behaving appropriately.  Eventually they all lost interest and went inside and Georgia went back to the nest she was making.  I encouraged her inside and she found a nice pile of wood shavings and began this nesting process again, looking a little dubious about this inside business.  I didn't let her stay there long and she started heading towards the door, having no idea how to use the doggy door was a good thing. I herded her towards the stairs and she looked at them and looked at me and gave me this ‘ok lady what are you looking for me to do here?’  I picked her up and carried her up the stairs, our three were curious about this…  and I set her down next to me on the couch.  She stood up, looked around, turned around and for the rest of the time she was in our home that was HER spot on the couch.  I think she was with us 4 months, and we were honored to name this little peanut of a boxer girl Georgia Peanuts.   Her fur ever family were an older couple, looking for a low maintenance pup to take on walks and grow old with them.  Georgia was the perfect fit.  Her new human parent said she got in the house and found ‘her’ spot on the couch and whenever they needed to find her, that is where she was!

Faith. Spring 2006 Faith was found on the streets, abandoned, she had kidney failure, only a few weeks to live.  I picked her up from the ferry in New London, she was too weak to walk and I placed her in a kennel in the truck, no one knew how she would react to being transported.  She was OK with it.  I received instructions on how to administer her daily 1500 ml of fluid subcutaneously to flush out her kidneys.  

Faith (Diesel in the background)
After a couple weeks, she started to thrive, the vet was amazed, this dog should be dead by all rights, yet all of her kidney levels are in the normal range and she will never get better however she is healthier and healthier.  From the dog that I had to carry into the house, a few weeks later she was starting to get a little rough and tumble with the Treacherous Trio.  They all seemed to enjoy playing together for the majority of the many many months she was with us.  After about 6 months it became obvious Faith’s health was fading fast as was her tolerance for other dogs.  She was not in a good environment for what truly would be her last few weeks.  Sadly we agreed and she was placed in a home, where she was the only dog, until she passed peacefully a month later.

We didn't have any more foster dogs after that, Diesel was diagnosed with cancer in September of 2008, we were happy to have a couple healthy years with just the Treacherous Trio until Diesel passed in July of 2010.

Phoenix.  Our first attempt at rehabilitating a dog placed in a kennel for an extended period of time.  3 year old boxer boy, came to us in the late fall 2010, he had been in a kennel for many months year, previous to that his story was one of multiple homes and abuse.  

All in all a happy boy, on his terms!
Quite sad.  He had quite the aversion to construction tools, hammers, screwdrivers, tape measures to name a few.  He was very good at self entertainment, which seems to be a trend with kennel dogs.  In the back yard he would spend hours chasing a ball on a rope back and forth and all over the yard.  For the first month he was crated most of the time and let out to play, this sounds mean, however it really is for the benefit of the dog to understand the routine and have minimal expectations placed on them.  So his hour a couple times a day in the back yard was grand for him and we took turns playing with him.  He was placed as a single dog in a home and did very well, he passed away last year, such a short life for a special boy.

Gus. Our second kennel dog, Gus, 3, came to us on New Year’s Eve 2010, he had the same treatment of being crated most of the time first alone and then down stairs with the family and when he became agitated covering his crate with a blanket.  Gus was in ‘puppy prison’ for 18 months, this is a very long time.  Most dogs do not live this long in the kennel.  He was extremely stressed out.  It was not until March of last year that he was completely crate free in our home.  He needed to be crated when we were gone because he would panic, and we would see destruction when we came home.  

He loves his freedom!
We still have a crate in the bedroom and from time to time he enjoys escaping to the “Gus Hut”  the door never gets closed, he likes his little den. Although lately we’ve noticed that he more enjoys burrowing under the covers on our bed to make his own little den.  Fortunately, he retires to the “Gus Hut” at bedtime and will come wake me up to snuggle around 5 a.m.

Jax Our 3rd rehab dog, Jax 8 months old was run over by his owner in the summer of 2011 and when the vet explained the cost of putting his leg back together the owner said to put him down.  The vet contacted rescue and rescue offered to pay for the surgery if the owner did the rehab, still no interest.  Surgery was done and Jax was place in a foster home who just could not fathom leaving him in a crate to rehabilitate and Jax was far far to active and his leg was not going to mend properly.  He came to us and was set up in his crate.  Having learned a lesson or two we kept him on the lowest floor, easier to get him in and out for the bathroom and more likely for him to get plenty of rest.  We also learned a few tricks for bribing him into the crate.  He became kind of wise to them and sort of accepted them all at the same time.  The 8 weeks seemed like they didn't take as long as 8 weeks seems, at least to us.  Jax was thrilled to join Gizmo, Sage, and Gus and they were OK with him and is all boxer all the time energy. 

Bouncea bouncea bouncea - eventually I'll be able to take a non blurry picture of him!
I can't think that I am missing any of them.  12 that sounds about right...  and oh yeah, what started this whole boxer thing off was Moe (Dave's dog from his previous relationship) passing away in November of 2002. Moe was physically challenged, she had a breathing issue which caused her throat to partially close up when she drew in a breath and it appeared she was having an asthma attack.  An experimental surgery at Michigan State University Veterinary School in 1998 was thought to give her a few more months of life.  Dave didn't know the few more months until AFTER the surgery. Year after year went by and while it was a shock to wake up and find her gone, those few months turned into nearly 4 years!  

She was a small goofball, Christmas 2001

He was sure he didn't want another dog, I was sure to keep the option open, that it was his call, I love having pets and he was very much allergic to my cats, so...  A dog was the best option.  The second day after Moe passed Dave called me at work and said the house was way to quiet and he just couldn't bear it.

And Gizmo came into our lives and well you read the story.  Our families and friends think we are a little overboard and weird, a dozen dogs in 10 years, however at the core of it they know we have big hearts and it is hard to see anyone suffer if we have the ability to give them a second chance.

Beth who will update you with this week in running tomorrow.