Sunday, February 2, 2014

50K Training - Week 5

Last week was kind of a bust with the plague I contracted, my weekly mileage was a whopping 14.9 miles.  Guess some weeks go like that.  By Wednesday I started feeling normal, yippiee!!

Monday:  run:  3.1 / TRX: 60 min / walk: 1.8  Nothing too remarkable about anything except I was still stuffed up with moments of breathing through my nose possible.  After taking Sunday off I had to get some miles in,  the sun was out and it kinda felt like spring out, I ran down to Eastern Point Beach and back (Strava thing won't load, I'm cursed - guess I'll troll the nets for relevant pictures).  Ran in to a co-worker in the hall, he commented he saw me out there, on his way to a different building, he thought about honking but didn't want to startle me.  I said, well don't be shy, no one else is, seeing how high you can make me jump seems to be the game.  Sometimes I should just not speak...

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Tuesday:  run: 3.5 / Spin: 50 min / walk: 1.8 The run was on the treadmill, right before spin class.  Helps tire my legs out so I can get used to doing things with tired legs, apparently this is important for distance running?  The treadmill is mind numbing to me, as it is to most people and I have a lot of respect (and wondrous amazement) at anyone who can spend more than 45 minutes on one of those contraptions.  There wasn't even anything interesting on TV.  There were a couple people doing Couch to 5K, based on how they were alternating run/walk.  Good for them!  Spin was good, Jeff's class is different from Ro's, I like the difference.  My legs were tired, I slacked a bit on the tension for sprints, it showed in my heart rate.  No cheating with the HRM!!  Perhaps running on tired legs is best accomplished AFTER spin?  Hmmm...  I may need to reorganize!

All in all I was in the moderate intensity range for 75% of the class and 20% in the high intensity -
I may need to cut myself some slack, per usual!!

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Wednesday: run: 6 / walk: 2.4  Back outside it was sunny and lovely, not many people outside, mostly women it was the perfect amount of chilly for, well just the perfect amount of chilly...  No hills, next week, I just wanted to run.

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Thursday:  run: 4 2% grade / Spin: 50 min / walk: 2.4 Back on the treadmill, best use of my limited time, although I was so tempted to rearrange my schedule to run outside at lunch, considering I was getting taunted (phttt).  The alternative is to go outside before spin, I couldn't get freed up early enough, poor planning on my part. I did up the incline to 2% nothing amazing however did help with the feeling of pushing forward rather than being drug forward by the belt.   Dinner out at the Seahorse was awesome, Dave doesn't mind because I always bring home dessert for him.  He munched on his cake and I took a dog for a walk.  No rest for the wicked...

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Friday: run: 0 / walk 1.8 Rest day.  Text came through "Manana Happy Hour, now"  Um, ok...  couple Sangria with the girls and I was on my way home.  Dave called he wanted to go out to dinner.  OK, where?  No clue.  Ugh.  I walked a dog when I got home, had just enough time before dog dinner time, passing by "The Twisted Vine" I took a pic of the menu board and texted it home.  He seemed game.  I really didn't want to go to far.  Nice place!  I'd been there for after dinner drinks and desserts with the girls, had no real idea what was on the dinner menu.  Awesome bread, meals, and sandwiches, we opted for the sandwiches.    When we got home I got a FB message from a fellow runner wanting to know when and where I was running in the a.m., they'd meet me.  Sure.  Gave the details...

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Saturday: run: 8 / walk: 3.2  Woke up at 5:20 to the door bell.  Well that is never good news, but hey don't the police just call if they found someone dead (yes, yes I am overly dramatic).  The neighbor letting us know that someone was poking around in the cars with a flashlight, probably derelict teenagers.  Yeah, probably the same derelict ones who worship your boyfriend and his friends.  Or, perhaps, the lovely ones that lived in that same rental last year, you know the ones that claimed the squirrels (not smoking in the attic)  started the fire.  I've lived in this neighborhood for nearly 15 years and I have NEVER seen a squirrel smoking a cigarette.  Krikies... Thanks for the early wake up and your neighborly ways.  Ann, please please please either sell the house or only rent to military.   Back to sleep! There is something sort of decadent feeling about falling back to sleep in the a.m. 

Got out to Burlingame a little early and waited,  I am perpetually early, and not against waiting.  Well, erp, 20 minutes for a full professor, 15 for associate, 8 for a friend?  I don't think I've ever been stood up before.  Huh...  I was going to do two laps and add in the Nature Trails and maybe a loop to the beach for the second lap.  My first lap was lovely, nothing stellar for a pace, but I just felt good the whole time.  My belly got colder and colder as the miles went on I really should have put on two shirts.  When I got back to the car I saw my note was still there.

Ok well good, they didn't show up, wait, hope nothing was wrong.  I was kind of nervous they got mad, but hey, they can out run me on a good day for me and could have caught up!  I sent a message, got back a full of excuses reply.  Oh  good, nothing was wrong!  Maybe next time?  Since I had such a nice run and was feeling really good, I bagged the second half .  There is something to be said for just feeling terrific!  The weather was supposed to stay just as nice for Sunday, which hasn't happened in many many weeks, I took advantage of the nice endorphin buzz and aimed on getting a long run in on Sunday.  And if YOU choose to call yourself out, that is on you!

Sunday:  run: 13.2 / walk: 3.2  Woke up to fog phoggy fog, well this will burn off right? No sun left me a little concerned about being warm enough, but not too warm. Put on an extra shirt and arm warmers I had picked up at an expo a few years ago.  If they totally suck I can shove them in my hydration back pack. I also grabbed one of these headband things I really don't care for as a headband but wondered how it would do as a light ear warmer.   I forgot about the arm warmer thingies but did notice my arms didn't seem all wet and freezing when I would shake them out from time to time.  I finally peeled them off on the drive home, I kinda like these things.  The head band that totally didn't work to  control my unruly hair worked for my ears.  Well another thing to take out of the Goodwill bag. All in all a good run. 

I'm behind on my training miles and I'm ok with that.  This week was supposed to be a low mileage week, 28, but last week was so far off the 42 that I had to make some of it up, I'll take the 37.7 and focus on my miles for the upcoming week.

OK Lazor get your shit together!!

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As an aside, I hate February and the month can't get over fast enough.  I'm not exactly sure when this started, I can't remember a time I've ever liked February.  Two days in and February has surpassed all my expectations of a sucky it can't get over fast enough month.  Kudos to you February, you are 26 days away from not being the "Monday" of months!

Beth, not quite willing to like this month, however willing to give it a fair shot!

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