Thursday, February 13, 2014

It's A Small World

Next weekend I'll be in Orlando, FL, dying from the heat, at Disney World, running the Princess 1/2 Marathon, kinda funny the theme song of the week is "It's a small world"

In the area I work in this week there was a new hire, an actual new person to the company I work for.  After so many years of layoffs it is nice to have a new person to talk to, to hear new stories, and a new audience for the same old stories.    I used to work with most of the group I sit with, of my current group I am the only one in this office so I can sit where I want, I've worked with and among these folks for going on 8 years, so there is a level of comfort there and they are stuck with me!

Jackass has been really really good about involving the new girl in going to lunch and making her feel welcome.  I only call him Jackass because he calls people Jackass and we all get tagged with nicknames in various ways, for the most part Tim isn't a Jackass, although there are moments.  Anyhoodles…  I’m still curious about how Muddy got his.  Gazelle is obvious. 

Wednesday he gets back to his desk and says to me do you know a runner who plays bass, New Girl knows him, her husband plays mandolin and is in a band with the runner bass player.  I’m not clear on if the mandolin is played in the band or not.  I was trying to wrap my mind around why I came up in conversation. My husband makes Mandolins (plays the bass, banjo, guitar, and mandolin) so is that that connection?

New Girl comes by and we get it all straightened out who is who and who knows who and wow, it is a small world, isn't it?   I knew Seth played bass, from his blog, but didn't realize Johnny did too!   He blogs mainly about running and we've never had more than a 2 minute, "hi how are you" conversation.  I talk more with his dad.  Small world!  Stand up bass, very cool!

So wow, 6 degrees of separation weird or what?

In running this week

Monday – R: 0 / O: 50 min Sufferfest / W: 2.9  I've been wanting to try out the “Sufferfest” video for a while.  Shira has the ISLAGIATT (It Seemed Like A Good Idea At The Time) and said she hasn't gotten through the full two hours but has liked it.  I can’t commit to two hours so  bought a 50 minute figuring I could sub this for a spin class.  And yeah I can. I was a puddle of sweat ¾ of the way through it and while my ‘suffer score’ on Strava isn't any big deal I did keep my heart rate in the Tempo zone.  I really need to do some studying on heart rate and training.  Now that I have more data to wade around in . 

Tuesday – R: 4  /O: 0 / W: 2  It seemed like it was going to be warmer than it was, I left the guard shack and went right  (or out back) and the wind was right there torturing me.  Either way I have to deal with the wind, on the way out or on the way back.  I decided the way back and turned around and did the river loop and hated damn near every eye watering step on the two miles back to campus.  Ugh.  I was nearly ready to claim I hated winter, but I don’t, so I can’t. 

Wednesday – R:5.2 / O: 0 / W: 1.8  Jackass got in late to work and launched into “Your running outside right? It is beautiful out there, nice and sunny.”  I questioned him about the wind and got a blank stare.  Don’t LAX coaches give a diddly crap about wind? Guess not.  Got a message from Mike B – It's 19, you going out?  He was hemming and hawing (ok me too - Tue was brutal).   I said, it is nice and sunny and the wind is low.  I'm heading out @ 11:30 he was heading out @ 12:30.   Right out of the guard shack was just fine, the sun at my back, hello shadow one of my favorite running partners.  Everything just went well the first mile wasn't a struggle, for the most part and it all just clicked along nicely at that point.  When I could see I was going to maintain something measurably less than my 10 minute mile pace I gave some effort.  (and bagged the idea of hills)  Plus there was always that possibility to catch Mike B on the treadmill (if he wimped out) and listen to him squirm. The nuns in my family would be so proud that just my presence sends someone into a guilt trip. Isn't that part of being Catholic?  Guilt?  My irreligious upbringing leaves me scratching my head about these dogmas.

It was a wonderful run, truly glad I went outside because it was way better than ladders on the treadmill and I'm extremely pleased with my pace of 9:30!

Giz's walk was cut a little short, he managed to injure himself launching himself off the last 3 stairs on the staircase, 13 year old boxers can't do this.  He started limping so we headded home the quickest way.  Rounding the corner to home I caught some ice, WHOMP I was down looking up at Giz staring at me with this, "why are you on the ground" look on his face.  Quick check, all is OK so we both limped the 1/2 block home.    

Earlier in the day Dave posted a video of a girl slipping on ice on my FB timeline.  I could just hear Dave saying “God got ya” for laughing. (Hmmmm...  seems mean of him don't ya think?) 

Thursday  - R: 5 (1% incline) / O: Spin 50 min / W: 0 I purposely left my warm gear at home because the temptation to run in the snow would be really really great and the roads would be really really slippery and I don’t want to tempt fate.  Especially with laughing at that runner and this God getting me back for doing so Wednesday night, so what if it happened again?

Ro and I decided to run 3 before spin, then spin (she teaches spin) and run 3 after spin.  I got wrapped up in a meeting with one of the tech guys that supports a website I manage and really couldn't cut it short.  I got in 2 miles before spin.  We had a little duathalon, I came in 2nd, first in my age group!!  

With the lack of shoveling going on in the neighborhood, Gus's walk was postponed, he seems to be ok with this.  I helped him chase his tail for a while.  One of the things he does to entertain himself as result of those 18 months in puppy prison.  I'm also thinking about starting to run with him, he keeps a nice constant steady clip and isn't so interested in sniffing and peeing (reading and responding to pMail) and we used to run together in the mornings when used to run before work.

Friday:  Something, probably should run, the Stravalentine's challenge and all, the weather looks warm, but windy..  I did find out that there are three "Sufferfest" videos available through Strava Premium and I may try one of those...  

Saturday:  Trail long run or Road long run - guess it depends on the conditions

Sunday:  6 miles of hills with Ro  (The final hill being  "The Bitch")  I think she is trying to kill me!!

Beth, *humming* its a small world after all and in a few hours will be trying to forcibly remove the ear worm from her head!

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