Thursday, February 20, 2014

Yeah, well nobody ever fell 40,000 feet from a DeSoto either

I'm not a good flyer.  Considering I spent the first 15+ years of my career flying all over the place this is kind of weird and has come about in the last few years of not traveling as much via plane.   I'd rather drive, I enjoy driving, but sometimes time is a constraint.  So I fly to Orlando tomorrow a.m. for the Disney Princess 1/2 marathon on the 23rd.

Dave and I went out to dinner at the Malted Barley, had several nice beers.  Goose Island Honker for me and Founder Oatmeal Stout for Dave. I hemmed and hawed on the Goose Island Lolita, the waitress commented it was sour and that had me a little concerned.  Truth, I order beer based on the name, I know I'm not so keen on hoppy beer, so I try and stay away from that.  I stumbled up on Hooker Blonde Ale, and Dave just said, you wanted to order a Blonde Hooker, didn't you?    Erp, duh, yeah... Sometimes this method works, sometimes it doesn't...    Anyhoodles, a couple of these and pretzel sammiches we were good.  Stopped at the Y on the way home to sign up.  Dave isn't getting out on the trails to ride anytime soon and I really need to re-learn how to swim.  All good things to keep me distracted and focused something other than flying or packing and not driving Dave any more bonkers than I drive him on a daily basis.

I'm all packed, I think I remembered everything, well at least the important stuff, shoes, running gear, glide (it is going to be hot), tutu...   

Thanks to Mike B for letting me know there are running trails with in the Disney compound.  I haven't been there since I was 19, so yeah, a long time...  did a quick scan and it looks like I can get in some miles on Sat and Mon or maybe after the race on Sun and Mon.  I do have this 50K I'm supposed to be training for.  This is the last weekend distraction until the race so I'll be in decent shape to get in serious long runs on the trails or the roads - guess it all depends on the snow situation for the venue.

Stats for the week:

Monday:  Run: 0 / Other: 0 / Walk: 6  - Monday is a cross training day, walking counts right?  

Tuesday: Run 5 / Other: Spin / Walk: 0 - Ro and I did our indoor dualthalon, 3 pre spin 2 post spin.  I did push the pace and happy I did, my legs were jell-0.  Followed up by a Smithwicks and cake at Harp and Hound for TRALP (Running And Libations Professionals) February Birthday Celebration.

Wednesday:  Run 6.2 / Other:0 / Walk: 1.6 - got out before the rain  hit on Wednesday, it was a nice run, felt very productive the whole time, my legs felt Tuesdays shenanigans, a few new tunes on the iPod showed up keeping me distracted, love it when that happens.  My and Gus's walk was cut short when the rain just didn't let up in the evening.  He was none too pleased and more than happy to cut the walk short.  After getting toweled off he managed to wrap himself up in the flannel sheet on Giz's chair. He looked nice and warm and comfy, poor guy.  He is a trooper.

Thursday:  Run 4.2 / Other: 0 / Walk: 2.7 - I couldn't get out to run until late in the afternoon, the sun was a little dimmer still it was nice, no gloves, no hat, no long socks, I probably could have pulled off shorts, but opted for capris.   I left campus with the intention of 'doing the bitch' and when I got to the left hand turn I went straight.  Just wasn't feeling like the torture (I know wimp) I did the usual route and opted to push up the steep hill (mini bitch?) instead of the less steep longer climb.  Felt like a good run and definitely worked out some of my anxiety.

Friday:  zero, I'll pace in the airport, I'm sure, unlike my 3 year streaking Brother In Law, I'll pass on actual running in the airport to keep up a streak.  

Saturday:  hopefully 5 and the expo and meeting up with friends

Sunday:  13.1 don't expect a PR for this, it is for fun and there will be plenty of stops to get pictures made with the Disney characters, including Mickey. Plus the temps are minimally 20 degrees warmer than I am used to...

Beth, thanks for tuning in, think I can sleep now!


  1. You'll have a blast down there - we did the full a few years ago and had a blast. I look forward to hearing about it, have a great time!

  2. As always, love your posts and look forward to reading your Disney review! I ran the Disney half 2 years ago... slipped into a sparkly skirt, tiara, pixie dust and all... and really had a great time. No personal best, of course, but lots of hot photos with hot pirates. I mean, Disney characters. I'd really love to plan a Disney run with my two 13-year old granddaughters, my 2 daughters-in-law, my 2 daughters and my little baby granddaughter, too! Couto girls representin'! Have fun and rock the castle!

  3. Have a great time and good luck in your race!

  4. Have FUN on Sunday and take lots of pics!

  5. What did you sign up for at the Y? Masters swim?

    1. "in the swim" I haven't been in the water in decades and have grown to feel similarly about water and airplanes.