Friday, February 7, 2014

Week 6 50K Training

I think it is slowly dawning on me what I signed up for, 50K, which is what just a little under 8K over a marathon so what 30 miles?    So yeah I totally blew up at MCM in October, but yeah I totally stressed myself out / over trained.  Can I even say over trained?  Dunno, I ran too many races as training runs and the stress that goes with that, no matter what I spend far too much time beating myself up.  And while most is a bit of self depreciating humor, a bit is just feeling unworthy.  I will always remember 6th grade and Angela Karapas sitting on a bench next to me saying "Beth why do you beat yourself up so much? It is really stupid."  I'll never forget that conversation, yet, I still do it.  Mostly it is meant for humor, but in every joke there is a little bit of seriousness.... so yeah, I over trained and was exhausted before MCM and so desperately wanted it to be cancelled.  

I'm doing it, I'm running 50K, as my maternal grandfather would say, period, end of statement.  

Fortunately I've rekindled my love of running and am enjoying it again.  It really sucks to do something you dread.

Monday kicked off week 6 of training, a 'hard' week.   Mondays are an active rest day, TRX and walking.  The snow started and TRX was cancelled.  I did get a dog walk in.  

Monday: r: 0/ o:0 / w: 2.2  It snowed right?  or was going to?  I've lost track.  Gus and I had a quick walk before dog dinner.  The rest of the night is a blurr.. hmmm ...

Love the symmetry of the sets of 4!
Tuesday: r: 3.2 / o:0 / w:0  NYC.  Krikies it has been forever since I've had to get up at 5 a.m and get myself together to make the 6:53 a.m. train out of New Haven.  Yep, up and out in 30 minutes, 60 minute drive and sprint to the train after getting a bagel and a diet coke!  I'm a determined person.  No walk at lunch, 3 hour mid day meeting with the new bosses boss, no news on the new boss, old boss is definitely in RIP (Retired In Place) mode, fortunately it is only until the end of March.  It was such a beautiful day, so sad to not be out side to enjoy any of the sunshine, I escaped on the 4:39 train, two beers and a bag of pretzels for dinner.  Miller Lite piss beer; NB: purchased because of the screw top, helps prevent spilling and me from guzzling the whole thing as soon as I sit down.

Nice being on an early train!  I was home and in my running gear by 8 p.m. donned the headlamp.  I love that thing!  Couple slippery spots along the route and a lot of running in the road (people, shovel your sidewalks, I may forget to pick up my dogs crap in your yard in retaliation).  Felt really really good.   Chit chatted with the neighbor when I got home.  All about the incident on Saturday last.  I didn't realize how bad my nose had been bleeding (due to the dry air) until I looked at my white gloves when I got in the house.  Ooops...  bet that looked pretty gross.  Sorry Bob!

Wednesday: r: 3 ladders on the TM / o:0 / w: 2.4  I was one of the 10 people on campus.  I don't work at home well, between 3 dogs and a husband who runs his business out of the basement, too many distractions!  In the afternoon I got to the gym, and ran ladders, 3% / 5% / 7 % 2x for 2 minutes and 2x for 1 minutes each.  Good grief that sucked...  and holy cow does it help...   It was Jax turn for a walk and he was very serious about neutralizing all of the threats in the neighborhood.  Those snowmen didn't know what was coming as he stalked, growled at, barked at, and even peed on them to let him know who was boss.  I could not stop laughing at him and he gave me the stink eye every time.  

This is a pretty shifty looking snowman, maybe he was the leader of the snowman army Jax was protecting us from?
Thursday:  r:4.2 / o:spin 50 min / w: 2.4  Mike B stopped by he was going to catch up on some work and run outside.  Oh goodie, let me know how the roads are I can't go out until 3ish to run before spin, otherwise I end up taking 3 showers in a day, and well that sucks and is kind of a waste of time.  Mike B reported it was slushy and nice outside.  Awesome!  Great day to run outside, and I was so stoked when I looked at the Strava feed to see my average 9:32...  hills help!  

Mike and I had a chat about eating.  I never really think about it, as long as I give myself 45 minutes after eating I go run.  Eventually figuring out what isn't a good thing to eat before I run.  The only thing is this Pro Bar that my husband buys, oh so not a good idea and it took me quite a few runs (MCM included to figure it out).      Seems like eating is a concern for a lot of people.  How about you?  Things you can or can't eat? Timing?    I just can't eat after I run, ugh.  Chowder (Chowda) is a big thing out here and the thought of it makes my stomach curdle.  Water, fruit, and beer are about all I can stomach for an hour or so after running, then watch out, anything and everything is fair game!

Friday: r: 0 / o:0 / w: 2.4  I was going to try the Sufferfest Podcast, I didn't.  I left work early, called it a day by 1, completely lacked the desire to do anything productive.   Considering I thought it was Saturday when I woke up, sorta set the tone for the day.  After saying "Oh goodie it is Saturday I can sleep for another hour."  Dave busted out laughing "Ah no, it is Friday, get up."   So yeah, that didn't bode well for a super productive day.  I ended up driving out to Newport for the warehouse sale at Karol Richardson.  I needed to do a girl thing and shop, new dresses for the cruise and scarves, oh how I love scarves.  I keep buying them figuring they will be a present and well, they end up in my collection.

This weeks long run is 22 miles, this is going to be a challenge to find a broken in trail...  Dave went out to Burlingame on Thursday night and reported that he rode for a bit and it was ice over powder and it sucked, but coming back on the short section he rode was nice.  Perhaps I could go out there and break up the crust?  Ah no...  What a funny guy!

Saturday: 22 on the schedule probably some trail and road...  ugh road...

Sunday: Belleville 10K  -  Crutch has informed me that UltraSignUp has me finishing 8 minutes after him...  Ah, yeah, Muddy Math I'm sure.  So glad everyone has so much more confidence in my speed and fitness than I do!!

Beth who really needs to update this thing more than once a week...  oh yeah and February is not turning into the suck fest it usually is, whoop!!


  1. I know what you mean by "dawning on you" - the only ultra marathon I've ever ran was last year about this time which was a 6 hour run, basically just go as far as you can in that time. Double runs 3 & 4 hour runs on the weekend were my main source of training, and for the longest time I just couldn't get my mind around running for 6 hours. It was pretty daunting. But when I broke it down into little segments in my mind, it wasn't as bad. I have no doubt you'll kick this thing in the ass. Keep it up - your training looks great.

  2. I'm pretty inspired by you training for this 50k. Living through you until I build up the nerve to do one myself :)

    1. Jose - Thanks!!! You can do it! How many marathons do you have under your belt?

  3. Ha! Nice update on the week's events. And 50k = 31.06 miles...but if you can do 26.2, you can do another 5, definitely :)

    1. Thanks for the math lesson Crutch! What's another 5 right?

  4. Meet the new boss......same as the old boss.

    1. I will always surprise myself, that is true! Thanks!