Wednesday, July 31, 2013

More About Eating, Less About Running

Hubb's birthday was Monday, he is now older than me, again, pshew. It has been a tough 81 days!

Monday my work schedule was all bunged up, and I didn't get out for a run, I was kind of bummed but had a productive day which is probably more important, seeing as that is what pays the bills.   TRX was just me, we had class since I was already there, usually two is the minimum.  It was nice to spend an hour talking with my friend about subjects all over the map and noting that my core strength has dramatically improved since I started class, late last summer.  Guess regular conditioning does that for a person, eh?  She laughed about how I couldn't do a curl under plank to save my life and now I was managing a solid 9 on each side.  Huh...  

Hubb wanted to go to Captain Scott's Lobster Dock for dinner, cool, when he got there the line was outrageous so we went up to The Plum Tomato in Colchester.  Yes, a ridiculously long way to drive for pizza, it is simply the best pizza, large white, with chicken and triple pesto. Their pesto is ridiculous and the combo with a little romano cheese sprinkled on it, YUM.  Washed down with a couple beers, acceptable birthday dinner.

Tuesday I got in a double run.  Or really a triple.  3 at work, 1.5 warm up with Jana, which was damn close to my race pace, and 1 lap (1.5) of the Dog Watch 5K with Crutch and eventually we caught up with Jana.  I was done, that was mile 6 for the day.  It was fun watching every one come in and of course the beer afterwards.  Good to get some time to talk with Mike and Crutch about running and non-running things.   Great to meet 5K!  Hi!

So that brings us to Wednesday, wrapping it up quickly my legs were a bit sore, go figure.  Time to take it easy and do some walking.  What better place to take a walk, watch cows munch on sunflowers, and have ice cream, because no birthday dinner is complete without dessert, off to Buttonwood Farms!  

Beth, see more about eating, less about running...  but if you were curious about the stats

Work Run 3 miles 9:51 pace
Warm up 1.5 miles 9:13 pace
One lap 1.5 miles 9:13 pace

See Mike, 8:30 isn't an easy warm up for me, it is a goal pace!!  Eventually I'll run a few yards with y'all!

Sunday, July 28, 2013

MCM Training Week 5

Setting the stage:  I’m slightly cynical, with a side of sarcastic, sprinkled with a healthy dose of pragmatism. 

I joined a women s running group on Facebook.  An area where women can post about their running achievements, disappointments, challenges, and just get to know other women runners.  I joined a little halfheartedly, knowing I may pick up some interesting information a couple of tips but generally there would be forty seven thousand posts on the age old question do you wear underwear or go commando.  Seriously, a little tired of THAT conversation. 

Scrolling through, the usual underwear or commando questions, a few on pooping, some on fueling, a handful of  wave or no wave.  The posts that pique my interest more are about the first time or the millionth time running a particular race distance and goals people have for themselves...

Then there was something different.


I open the snail mail once a week.  If I opened it daily I’d end up going through it more than once, and why bother.  So I sit down with the big basket of what amounts to mostly junk mail and open and sort into recycle, shred, deal with piles.  Even packages don’t get opened up right away.  Hubb works from home so he has time to stop, and open the package, and appreciate what is inside.  I prefer to take the time to appreciate what someone has packaged up for me, which makes them bananas.

Thursday night, after spin and some errands, I was home by 7, just me and the dogs to have an hour or so to decompress before hubb got back from his bike ride.  Perfect time for the mail!

One package were some books a friend returned with jams, jellies, and salsa she made, very cool!

The other package were sock monkeys, SMAC Sock Monkeys Against Cancer.

Phoenix  and NoMo
 Phoenix is all about SMACKING Lung Cancer out of this world
NoMo is the ALL Cancer fighting monkey.

I intended to give Phoenix to my mother, living with lung cancer for 6 years.  But there was Tammy…  a year younger than me, just starting chemo after surgery, a runner, chomping at the bit to get back on the pavement.  My mom always says how sad it is to see the young people in her support groups.

Saturday morning I mailed Phoenix to Tammy.  Saturday night I did the last 4 miles for my 14 mile long run, a long way of introduction that Tammy was in my thoughts and my loop in the park was dedicated to her.  Wilcox Park in Westerly is beautiful, calming, happy place, I hope some of that calming influence made its way to Tammy on my 1/4 mile loop.

February 23rd is the Disney Princess 1/2 Marathon in Orlando.  A girlfriend decided WE needed to be princesses, who can refuse a tiara, right?  I fully expect CMK and I to cross that finish line with Tammy and witness her receive her well deserved tiara.

Beth, glad she didn't give in to her cynical ways and checked out the posts in the WRC and agreed when CMK wanted us to be princesses

Saturday, July 27, 2013

Blessing of the Fleet - Recap

I signed up for this fully anticipating this to be a humid and hot sufferfest... and yet again Mr. Potter, your killing me here...   Not being one to pay attention to the news or weather, I was prompted to check the weather as I was informed I would not be eating the WTAC crew's dust, but their rooster tail as they sped through the puddles.   HA!!

The plan was to meet up with the gals, and leave the husbands to tend to the children and the beer as the women ran.  I asked hubb if he was interested, and he was ok with the idea.  I am thankful to have a portable go with the flow partner.  We did introductions of the hubbs and took off for the starting line and to meet up with another runner!

Ladies who Run

I saw another one of the runners I blog stalk, looking very serious as he made his way to the starting line. I called out his name and he stopped dead in his tracks, hopefully I didn't derail his concentration.  But seriously, it was nice to put a name and a face together, finally!!  Can't wait to read about how you killed this race.   Eventually I'll track down (congratulations on killing last years time) every last one of you!!  Muwahaaa....

Ok so the run 10 miles, not a shitshow or sufferfest...  But for a Friday after a long work week flat run, it was challenging!

Monia of Insert Witty Running Pun Here and I ended up pairing up for the first 5 miles.    We did the typical with the Blessing and went out too fast for mile 1 (9:16)  With a bazillion runners and even starting more towards the middle you get caught up in the excitement and the gradual downhill to the water.  Gain of 13 feet loss of 47 feet.

Mile 2, 10:39, gain of 45 feet loss of 8 feet, ok, that is a better pace.  Love being able to chat with Monica,  we had Laura and Mary in our sights, and Nicole and Jennifer right with us.

Mile 3, 10:00, gain of 16 feet loss of 58 feet, ah hitting our stride, I wanted to be around a 10 minute mile, still keeping the pace with every one, Jackie is way out in front of us, as expected!!

Mile 4, 10:13, gain of 16 feet loss of 21 feet, on target, we were both feeling pretty good, 

Mile 5, 10:27, gain of 16 feet, no loss, it was at this point Monica bowed out and I was left to move forward alone.  Along the most boring part of the race until...

Mile 6, 10:23, gain of 52 feet, no loss, finding my solo stride, and we are in my favorite part of this course, in the trees. 

Mile 7, 10:10, gain of 8 feet, no loss, ahhh... and getting back into civilization

Mile 8, 10:29, gain of 21 feet, loss of 58,  seriously Beth, what is going on, suck it up princess

Mile 9, 10:01, gain of 8 loss of 12 feet, well I did get to see my hubb!!

Mile 10, 10:05, gain of 16 loss of 60 feet, really Beth, that is a big loss, whimp.

1:43:04 (2012: 1:45:51) not bad!

We look wicked cute, really we did run hard!!

This was my second year running this race.  And I'll say the finish chute was so much more well managed and the runners got a chance to walk a bit before the onslaught of spectators milling around with their umbrellas, prams, kids in tow...  So I didn't feel so much like screaming or wiping my drenched body against their nice dry clean clothes.  Ok, yes, I am a bitch...  and really Potter, this would have been the race to show up to!

We managed to get out to the rendezvous point... trying to round up a herd of women is well, challenging...  somehow Monica and I managed to miss them!!!  Oh well, we took the long walk back.  Ding dong here, the one who gets lost on fairly well marked trails led the 1.5 mile walk back....  yeah, we should have taken the bus to the HS, don't judge, I am not known for making the best decisions!!

All in all the double rainbow over the finish line tells it all.  

Peeking at the results it looks like the WTAC guys met their goals great job guys!!!!  And happy belated birthday to Jeff I see you bumped up to +3 from me versus the +2 from previous races.   Long live those born in the 1960s!!!

Beth, up way to late past her bedtime...  old people need their sleep.

Thursday, July 25, 2013

iPod Shuffle Down

Firstly, I should really be sleeping in preparation for tomorrows Blessing run. Or rather sufferfest.   Although I think Galoob's sufferfest may have been one, more fun, two more awesome, and three more pretty. 

Ah doesn't that make you feel all nice and cool, with a side of thigh/bum burn?

Alas, I am not...

I killed another iPod shuffle, drown this one on my run on Sunday.  Dagnabit...  

Last year the iPod shuffle died mid way through the Blessing, (it got all weird at the end of the Jamestown half)  this was during the time when I was absolutely resolved to never run without music...  that has changed, a bit, bordering on a lot...  I am now convinced (or wanting to be convinced) the music is what slows me down.  There must be a DSM classification for this, right?

So, honoring the tradition of nothing new on race day, I will bring the new iPod shuffle with me.  But may or may not use it...  after spin class tonight, I may not meet my sub 1:40 goal, or I may, who knows.  Life like running, for me anyhow, is a big game of craps.  Sometimes you roll 7 or 11 other times 2, 3, or 12...  Good or bad depending on how you bet, right?  Pass/ Don't Pass...

Good luck to all those racing the Blessing tomorrow.  I'm running for the free beer and camaraderie of Nicole and friends!!!  Oh yeah, and dessert!!  Always dessert!

Cannoli and Toffee from Crumbs, NYC

Beth, who probably should be a little concerned about the Blessing, but isn't, and won't be until she's in the finish chute.

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Wordless Wednesday

Competitive much?  After passing him UP hill he tried to pass me in the last 0.1 of the race...  hey gotta get your kicks where you can right?

Seriously need to work on my form in the chute...  what do you think those wings cost me?  A second at least.

Oh and FYI, net time I had him by 00:00:01  (chip time 20 seconds)

Beth, slightly competitive...

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Work and Running

Ok, Monday sucked because it was a 'rest day' the weather was perfect for a run, or so it looked from inside the overly air conditioned office building.  I bundled up and kept on working, begrudgingly.    TRX was a nice distraction, and with only two of us torture was on full bore.  Yippiee!!

Got out for a little run today!!  After two failed attempts.  First my iPod was dead.  Chris, the awesome guy he is, offered to tune the music to what ever I wanted if I ran inside.  Awww puffy heart him!! Then I got out to the guard shack and realized I forgot my badge.  I skulked back in the building, drafting off of some contractors out smoking, back down to the fitness center, telling Chris, don't ask, I forgot my badge.  Again he offered what ever music I wanted, awww....  I went out anyway, telling him I hoped I make it back, it wasn't starting out to well.  He laughed!

Not a bad run.  And I do think the tunes have something to do with my pacing.  Amy, of the sharp elbows, massage therapist, concurs on this point.  I didn't check my watch until mile 3 and you can see that is all started falling apart.  Crap, Beth, hold it together, will ya?  OK it wasn't REALLY that bad....

I could figure out how to set up some segments to gain some achievements but Mike B would kill them?  Why learn something new, right?

I saw Ro out walking  @Beach Pond and Eastern Point, while I was running and she said I looked good.  Ahh, what a great friend. I'm sure I was a hot mess.  I was just happy to beat her to the corner of Meech and Eastern Point!!  

No Dog Watch, Gdogg had a bad day and suggested Richoni's (don't judge) for a drink.  He, #1SmartGuy and WolterD and I went out for some cocktails and chop busting.  Great group of guys.  WolterD may be zooming up to my favorite person as he called me a "tiny little thing with a high alcohol and low bullshit tolerance".  

Hubb is showing a bit of his competitive streak and went out for 'time trials' on the mountain bike in Arcadia.  8 out of 20, good on ya hubb!  Now, can I get a road bike?  


Beth, happy to support a co-worker deal with someone unleashing the flying monkeys on him

Sunday, July 21, 2013

Marine Corps Training Week 4

Week 4 is in the books.  It was a hot one and the weather seems to be changing from it's hell like conditions to something more reasonable.

My tradition is to do a loop in the park in memory or in honor of a cancer victim.  I hate that word victim.  Patient maybe more appropriate, except for the in memory of?  hmmm  something to ponder at another time, any thoughts on the matter?

This morning's loop was in honor of Diesel, one of our dogs.  We lost him 3 years ago today.  He had a cancer called Hemangiosarcoma on his spine.  We discovered it as he was slowly loosing the ability to stand up over the course of several hours, September 14, 2008, 13 months after my mother was diagnosed with Lung Cancer cancer.  The tumor wrapped itself around his spinal cord and was slowly compressing it, cutting off the nerves.  Hubb rushed him off to Ocean State Veterinary Specialists in East Greenwich, RI.  The prognosis was not good, Diesel, a middle aged boxer, aged 7, had cancer.  Boxers are known 'cancer factories' so you go into developing a love of this breed knowing the end is going to be too soon and heartbreaking.  

Hubb and Diesel - with the tennis ball, his most favorite toy, ever!

The vet said that they could operate and he could go on chemo and the chances weren't good, he is a middle aged boxer, but there was a chance, and it was our decision.  Diesel loved life and didn't act like he wanted to give up or be separated from us so we took the chance and spent the money on the surgery, the scans, the chemo, the drugs, the wheels, and he was with us until July 21, 2010, a month shy of his 9th birthday (August 21, 2001).

He was the best napping buddy!
The vet said that the tumor was slow growing and he had been relearning how to walk through the course of the tumor growing and compressing the spinal cord.  Amazing.  After his initial surgery they did not think he would walk again.  He did!  We were out with him and Gizmo and Sage at the park taking a walk/roll and noticed his back feet were moving in time with his front legs. His tail was even wagging, huh.  He re-learned to walk and gained enough strength in his legs to run.  The second time he lost the ability to walk, the tumor had grown again, and was abated by a different chemo, he walked again, but for only a few months.

Wheels!  We do have them for loan!!

The last time he walked was May of 2010.  I remember that trip to the park, just him, hubb, and me.  

Chewing a stick!
My mother found Diesel to be inspirational for her.  She would say how that dog had no idea what the hell was going on yet he just kept keeping on.  

If you've been reading for a while you know I'm not unfamiliar with cancer, it has been in my life since childhood.  Please, if you want, let me know if you have a cancer connection. I try not to go on about it too much as this is a running blog, cancer is one of the things that got me running, so I do circle back to it on occasion and as my training progresses I will talk a bit more about it in my weekly MCM training updates. 

Recently I had a conversation with someone about cancer; they commented it was a new disease.  As nice as I could, I said, well not really, it has been around since the beginning.  There are human fossils with indications of cancer.  Knowing I needed a more 'real' example,  I drew upon what family history I know. My great grandmother passed away from Ovarian Cancer in 1935.  I cannot remember who I was talking to, they were shocked.  Pretty much as shocked as I am that there are people who don't know about the horror show known as cancer.  Honestly, deep down I am very happy they don't know about the horror show known as cancer.

Today I need to put together my fundraising page for Team Lung Love, I have set a $5,000 goal.  The marathon is 14 weeks out!  I have the training under control, now to get to meeting my fundraising goal!!

I will end on a happier note!  I was accepted into the National Lung Cancer Partnership Lung Cancer Summit.  The attendees are limited to 75 and I was required to answer several essay questions, I am guessing to gauge my true interest and passion in becoming a Lung Cancer advocate.  In September I will be traveling to Dallas, TX to learn more about how to become an advocate, crafting my personal message, and networking with other people who have the same passion I do.  My training schedule calls for a 20 mile run that weekend.  I will be running that a week early, obviously, and getting in what miles I can during the summit.

Oh wait!  My 13 mile run today!

Eminem helped me rock mile 11.  I had no idea I had THAT in me!!   Eminem "Till I Collapse" came on the iPod and the 9:50 in a sea of 11 minute miles was a shocker.  I played it twice. That song came as a recommendation and what a stellar one it was!  I've been suspicious my music selection has hampered any speedy progress, I do find I fall into beat with which ever song comes up.  Fat Boy Slim was next up with Praise You then Slash Dot Dash Dot Com.  Better get on getting higher BPM songs in the mix!

And don't judge, ok?  I'm a Michigan girl and he has a cute chin divot... 

Beth, reminding everyone to revel in all that is Diesel, a dog who loved every single minute of life.  We can all learn a lot from dogs, they live in the moment, as we all should.  Yesterday is gone, tomorrow is very far away, and the present is a gift, enjoy it and embrace it!

Mr. September, his two favorite things the beach and a tennis ball.  The booties are because the sand really bothered his feet in the fall and as he aged.

Running with Sage, no booties, his paws were all toughened up from a winter on the beach!

Saturday, July 20, 2013

WTFS no, seriously, Wed, Thur, Fri, Sat

And again between my hectic work and social calendar it is Saturday night and I could have sworn it was just Wednesday.  Time really does go faster as you get older, and that sucks.  Youth really is wasted on the young.

I took Wednesday completely off.  I was sore and stiff and was scheduled for a Chair Massage and just wanted to do nada well harass those who did not complete their assignments by the 12th of July.  Muwahaaaa...   The Chair Massage never happened, why am I capitalizing this, it isn't' a defined term or a proper whatchamagigger.  Someone spent a little too much time editing this week.  I'm not exactly sure how the accounting major ended up in a job requiring technical writing and editing skills, but she did.

Which versus That and Shall versus Must were the bane of my existence on Thursday, seriously people, if I, not an English Major who has a very loose grasp on both the English Language and Grammar can figure it out, well...   The best part of Thursday was the group run with the girls.  The weather was still looking a bit iffy, like it might not cool off, it did,

and we ran by the water and Nicole's hubb and kids met us at the half way point of our 9 miles with water and Gatorade!  

That was a nice few minute break before heading back down Ocean Ave to the frosty Gansetts awaiting us at the Coast Guard House, oh yeah and our dry clothes waiting in the car hard to pick which was more important, truly competing priorities !  I am always amazed that despite how disgusting all of us felt we are all smiles and happy.  Running truly is wonderful!

I ran with Jackie on the way back, I am not sure what it is about the way back but I certainly
 have a bit more energy, although I think the Gatorade was more the reason.  Even with it sloshing around in my stomach, I kept hoping at every turn I would see this

the water, the final turn and then the run is along the sea wall.  Pshew, we made it.  Negative splits for me to.  Maybe that is it running just a bit faster?  Hmmm...  there really aren't any hills to take advantage of, curious. 

There was a new novelty on our run.  The R.I. Redneck, he hangs out at Monahan's Dock in the back of his pick up truck, his back yard, sipping beer, smoking his cigar, chilling in his lawn chair with the trusty Igloo cooler next to him.  

Friday was more of the same at work, tracking down the laggards, and prepping for the next round of policy and procedure review.  Finalizing a redesigned website and negotiating with the IT to delay launch by a week as there is one piece I'm not satisfied is working appropriately in test.  I took the noon Yoga class, ah, that was nice.  I really miss yoga and just haven't found the right class and instructor combo that fits into my schedule.  This 45 minute class might do the trick!  And yes, that is used correctly, as a restrictive clause! 

Today, Saturday, MY plan was to sleep in, pick up by bib for the Blessing, get a massage and be a bum. Two of the four were accomplished bib pick up and massage, my irritation at not getting to sleep in fueled the accomplishment of a few lagging chores. 

Beth, with 13 miles on tap for tomorrow, the weather should cooperate and I'll wrap my mind around running alone and keeping up on my trend of negative splits... 

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Lead Ass

Tuesday - Dog Watch 5K Fun Run - Recap

OMG my legs felt like they weighed 50 lbs each.  A little DOMS from Spinning, perhaps?  Still with the heat and my lead glutes and quads I managed a 31:22.  Ro said, "Oh let's run together, what a 9:30 - 10 pace?"  Sure I was all in for that pace...  (yeah yeah, my final was a 10:16 but note the first mile was a 9:46.)  I peeked at the watch and we were at a 9 at about the 1/2 mile mark.  Oh this isn't going to work, and who the hell filled my ass with lead?  I let Ro and Winston take off, bye bye.  Then the mind games start.  I obviously run to slow if mind games happen in a 5K?  Figured oh I'll just do one lap and call it a day.  One lap came and went and yeah, you know I finished the full 5K.  I'm nothing if not predictable?

Ro and Winston finished at a 27 something, yeah, no doubt about that! We had a nice chat after the run, good to have some time to get to know her a bit better!!  Funny how water seeks out its own level.

Don finished with a 24 something and was off to dinner with his bride and a fellow co-worker.  Who BTW blocked me in!?!?  Coming up to the Dog Watch on the first lap I saw that white SUV behind Vinnie and thought, oh what butt munch parked me in?  Oh CT plates and Kayak rack, nice one Inge!!

Mike was probably what a 20? Haven't seen the Strava report, yet!

In other news, the middle Boxer boy celebrates his 6th year today, in Boxer years Gus aka Death Breath is officially an adult!  We can only hope there is a teensy bit of maturity in this breed that truly are the clowns of the dog world.

This is what I see pretty much every a.m. he lines up just before the alarm goes off an wags his little stump of a tail making his head do a cute little shake.  He is never quite certain WHAT he needs, could be to cuddle, yeah! Could be to go out, ugh I have to get up, really? Could be to yawn, blech, pull the covers over my head.

Beth, debating if the effort to move 100 lbs of lead is worth it or she should just curl up on the couch...

Monday, July 15, 2013

Monday Blah Blah Blah

The beer situation at the homestead was resolved, pshew.  I know you were worried.  HA!  There was some nasty bottled Guinness  blech, Guinness is only good from the tap, and in a pinch the can with those nitrogen thingys in them. I've heard the real stuff is beyond excellent.   I'll save the bottled for chili or soup.  Then there were a couple bottles of Flying Dog Doggy Style, that tasted like old sweat socks smell.  What a disappointment.   I think it was skunked or who knows, does beer even actually skunk?  In any event an appropriate number of bottles of the old stand by Shock Top made it into the fridge.  There just is something about summer and beer.   My whiskeys are feeling a little left out, awww poor boys.

Happy for any suggestions on beer.  We've been sampling the menu at The Malted Barley, and enjoying that with our pretzel sandwiches when we can.  I do believe someone mentioned beer has excellent chromium replacement powers!  

Anyhoodles, enough on my alcohol obsession consumption....

Today I took my first ever Spin class.  It was AWESOME!!  Years ago I went to an intro to spin class to learn how to adjust the bike and tension and all that mechanical stuff but never went to class.  Looked like A LOT of work...  Well one of the gals I met through Don teaches spin at the gym at work.  Her usual class is Thursday at 4, and the thought of spin then running 5 miles with Nicole at 6 just seemed a little bit much, especially with this weather.  Well she taught today at noon, perfect.  I can cross train!  Fortunately I remembered how to adjust the bike and was able to copy what others were doing so I didn't look like a total newbie, at least I have the shoes and the shorts for outside biking!  Until a few people said "Beth what are YOU doing here? We usually see you going out to run."  Great...  "I figured I would try something new, I'll run in the snow and the rain but this heat, is ugh.."

Class was fun, I think I'm probably the last person on the planet to take spin?  I'll be back and now I am craving a road bike something fierce.  Hubb has been given instructions to figure out what are the best options.  Hey, he LIKES doing research and being involved.  For the record he is very against me road biking because of the danger factor with the drivers.  I'll give him that, but I do bounce off the mountain bike and nearly skewer myself on random branches, so what is the difference?   

So blah blah blah, I don't even have a picture to share to break up all the text.

Oh I got this FitBit Flex thing last month.  Essentially it is an expensive ($100) pedometer where you can track calories in (it gives you a reading of calories out based on your steps and other activities you add in), sleep, and water consumption  it will tell you calories out based on steps and activities you add.  And you can 'friend people and be a little competitive or inspirational.

What I like about it, being accountable for my steps.  I remember walking around the bedroom to get the last 1,000 steps in to meet the 10,000 standard goal!!!  I also like the sleep tracking.  There are very few nights I get more than 6 hours of sleep and I'm restless about 20 times a night. Good to know, not sure what to do with the data.  I did note that my restlessness dramatically dropped the first night home from my trip to MI and after we installed the AC in the bedroom.  Intuitively we know we sleep better in our own bed and in comfortable conditions, the validation was nice.  I love feeling that vibration and seeing all the lights light up when I reach my step goal.  I also discovered just how sedentary I am on my 'rest' days the thing prompts me to take a walk around the building at work or get up and move around the house doing something to meet that step goal.

Net net, for me, it is a toy and I really like it and don't regret purchasing it.   I can see how this can really get someone up and moving and being conscious about their food choices. The reward of the lights and vibration as well as the 'badges' you get for meeting different achievements.

Anyone out there have a FitBit in its various forms?  Nike Fuel Band?  Jabra?  Other?  Thoughts you care to share?

Beth, not really suffering from the Monday blahs, but just really wanted to catch you up!

Saturday, July 13, 2013

Jamestown 1/2 - Recap

Some crazy drunk woman keeps taking my credit card and signing me up for races.  I believe this was the 25th race of the year.  The 5th 1/2, well one doesn't really count because I lost track of the course markings, so the 4th completed 1/2 in 2013.  I think it is time to stop this nonsense and get serious on training.  Famous last words.

Today was the Jamestown 1/2 on the little island of Jamestown RI.  It wasn't quite the adventure of a previous Rhode Island little island race.  And it wasn't quite the same as last years, then again I'm not the same person, either....

Some things didn't change it was still humid and hilly, not so hot or sunny, so got a bit of a break on that!

Actually not bad running conditions

It was kind of fun to know I had some data to compare 2012 to 2013.  I've yet to do this.  I've managed to take a shower, oh good lord did that feel good.  I was honestly wringing sweat from my tank and my running skirt, gross, yeah...  TMI?  Probably.  The latest batch of running clothes, are on their second spin through the washing machine.  I'm having a tough time getting the smell out, someone suggested vinegar with the detergent, not so much.  Then someone suggested Borax with the detergent, better.  Then someone said they need to wash them two and sometimes three times to get the smell out of the tech fabric.  Of course, hubb says his smell fresh as a daisy it is just me.  Thanks hon, love ya!

Is it just me with some sort of body odor problem no one has the nerve to tell me about?  LOL?!?!?

The Race

Package pick up was easy, it was outside the Newport Grand. I went up there on Friday. They had some tech shirts from the Providence races, and someone selling clothes and gear.  I poked around.  Not really in a shopping mood.

Since I was able to catch the last bus at 6:15 a.m. last year.  6:30 a.m. race start.  I decided that would be my master plan this time.  A couple of runners I met on FB, Insert Witty Running Pun Here and Pink Running Jacket were also running so we exchanged names and phone numbers to text once we got there so we could met.

Holy cow the parking lot was full, there were three buses lined up there were lines of people for bib pick up, for the porta potties, and for the bus.  Oh my, this was not the 575 person race it was last year.  There were over 2,000 runners.   Think the Groupon had something to do with that, marketing genius, really.   Wowza cazowza...

The bus line at 6:15 a.m.
Even with all the people the race only started 20 minutes late, I crossed the timing mat @ 6:54 a.m.  I am sure the people there with plenty of time to spare may have been a little ticked?

People to the right people to the left

I aimed for a 10:30 pace for this race which would have had me completing in 2:17.  I figured it would be hilly and humid and probably hot; my last year time was 1:22:05 so let's just focus on beating that time and not my PR (2:10:42).  I stopped my Garmin at 2:19:26 so not too far off 2:17.

The new thing was not carrying water.  I had two Hammer Gels (thanks Tobi) and that was it.  It didn't go too badly.  There were times I REALLY thought I wanted water, but probably really didn't need it.  It was nice to not have the water belt or the backpack on, I will 100% admit to that being nice.  Last year I carried a 20 oz bottle.

Dorky 2012 race photo, curious to see what 2013 looks like
And Mile by Mile

Mile 1 elevation gain of 56, loss of 0, 10:29 on target.
Mile 2 elevation gain of 34, loss of 53, 9:47, perhaps a little too nice.
Mile 3 elevation gain of 80, loss of 30, 10:17, huh, I thought mile 6 was the bitch
Mile 4 elevation gain of 41, loss of 49, 10:29, not so much of an improvement with a big loss of elevation

Pretty Hydrangeas along the way

Mile 5 elevation gain of 72, loss of 9, 10:32, I knew that was coming and focused on staying as steady as I could getting up that hill to the Mile 6 marker.
Mile 6 elevation gain of 0, loss of 17, 10:45  need to regain a little focus
Mile 7 elevation gain of 0, loss of 19, 10:11  better
Mile 8 elevation gain of 0, loss of 19, 10:22  it was this point where I tried to do math in my head and came up with a finish time of something near 2:40.... and the mind games started taking over.  I remembered For the Love of Running's post and didn't give up, I did give in a little.

Thank you For the Love of Running

Mile 9 elevation gain 44, loss of 71, 11:12,  I did have to fish my sock out of my shoe...
Mile 10 elevation gain of 44, loss of 28, 11:02, feeling a little better
Mile 11 elevation gain of 70, loss of 45, 11:54 hey wait I thought Mile 6 was the only big hill, so did not need that right now.
Mile 12 elevation gain of 19, loss of 112, 10:35, wahowieee
Mile 13 elevation gain of 71, loss of 7, 10:54 I made it and the finish line is in sight, there is also this guy who has been annoying me the past few miles speeding up and slowing down and I passed him on that last uphill
Last 0.1 elevation gain 0 loss of 31, 7:04 I catch Mr Annoying in the corner of my eye speeding up, oh no, we aren't having any of that, I stepped over that timing mat before he did and I swear I heard a spectator make a funny remark...

Finish time: Garmin: 2:19:22  (official: 2:19:20)

This year I feel like I earned that medal, last year, I was just happy to have run my second 1/2 marathon (and finished my 3rd)

2012 (l)  2013 (r)

I had to give a little snicker to Detroit Runner with his hilly run this morning in Stony Park. Sorry, really, though, SE MI (where I grew up) has cute little hills, they really do...  all in good fun!!

At the end of the race I caught up with two runners I met on Facebook!

Pink Running Jacket (Rebecca), me, Insert Witty Running Pun Here (Monica)

And that does it.  All in all nice race. Don't know if I will do it again, I hear rumors of a Triple Crown of Rhode Island Trail race for next year.  ;)

Beth, a little tired, and really bummed he who finished the last beer did not buy beer...

Friday, July 12, 2013

Catching up!

Ok so how many of you were inspired to take in YOUR Goodwill piles?  Funny how that stuff sort of stacks up in a corner and/or on the guest bed...

Per usual the week gets away from me to keep up with the blog.  Quite a few late nights does that to a person.  

Now I'm catching up and trying a new font!

Tuesday was NYC, even with the heat and humidity I wasn't going to miss the opportunity to get outside for lunch.  I took a walk up 41st  on, yep,  Library Way.  Very cool.  I am sure I was annoying as I stopped to read many of the quotes and take a picture of a few.  I hardly care if I look like a tourist.  Which I doubt,  because I am not wearing capris and Teva sandals, right Heidi?  There is just so much beauty to see and appreciate in the city. I love it when I have the opportunity to take a walk at lunch absorb what I can around my office.  Sadly I missed the Dog Watch Fun runs.  Next week!

Can you name the location?

Wednesday I started tri training.  Well, if hanging out in the pool with some girlfriends and swimming a bit counts!  I’m really not a big fan of the water and her pool is 5 feet deep at the deepest part and perfect  for treading water, which I’m fairly good at.  We polished off a few bottles of wine, our share of chicken,  lots of grilled veggies and grilled fruit.  YES!  Grilled fruit, apples, pears, peaches, and pineapple are the best, cut them up, soak in some Captain Morgan spiced rum and a little honey and grill 'em. YUM!  There may have been a strawberry shortcake!  Someday I’ll get up the nerve to train for a tri.  That whole swimming thing,  I can swim, my mother made sure of that.  But as to doing it with any skill or speed, hardly. 

With a side of strawberries, of course!

I did get a run in before lunch, 3 was going to do it because I knew I had a longer run on Thursday.  I’m getting more used to the heat/humidity/dew point factors and this one felt really good.  Soaking wet and only out for 31 minutes…  wowza.

Thursday night Nicole suggested we meet up with a couple more of her running friends to run 8 in Narragansett.  Sure, why not.  I know one of the gals is a speed demon in the short distances but just wanted a nice easy longish run a few weeks out before the Blessing of the Fleet Ten Mile Road Race.  So off the 5 of us went, trying to figure out how to run in pairs and not have one person be alone!  Of course I wave at everyone I see and running along the sea wall in Narragansett a persons arm could fall off!  I could just hear Nicole say, oh she waves at every one.  This launched into a discussion on what is your signature wave (which started as the 'signature move' from Seinfeld).  Really helped break the ice,  get us all laughing, and remove any apprehension anyone may have had.

Do you wave at other runners, walkers, bikers, people in cars?

I think I do with just about everyone I see. And definitely all the cars I see along my long run routes.  Occasionally someone waves back, other times not so much.  To each their own!  I always love when the driver of a car sticks their hand out and does a thumbs up!  And if they flip me off, well then, again, to each their own!

This was a great run.  I was a little apprehensive, I think we all were. I am really pleased with this run, it was super fun to run in a group and I was amazed at how smooth our pacing was.  Everyone gets tired at different points and slow down but having someone else getting a second wind was great!  Seriously I had no idea it would be this fun.  At the end we were all winded and sweaty and had big smiles on our faces at our accomplishment after our busy busy days getting in an 8 mile run in the heat and humidity (thank you to the sun for staying behind the clouds)! 

Nicole, Jackie, and I went to the Coast Guard House for a Narragansett Summer Ale and some chips.  

Friday, oh how I welcomed today, finally a bit of a break.  HA!  Famous last words.  What is it with the Friday in-box clean out?  Either answering questions or a tome on why they can't meet a deliverable date after I've reminded them twice... I'll get to it on Monday if it didn't need to be done today, blargh.

Picked up my bib for the Jamestown Half tomorrow and now it is time to get some sleep!

Once I see this, I know I will be close to the end, and damn that hill at mile 13~
Beth, wowed by how time flies

Monday, July 8, 2013


Slug = Me on Sunday.

Hubb got up and left by dunno 6:30 a.m. to go on a bike ride in Acadia.  He ushered the dogs out of the bedroom by feeding them.  I promptly went back to sleep.  With the AC in the bedroom and the AC in the living room and kitchen downstairs the smart dogs, Gizzy and Gus, stayed down stairs, Jax came up and I found him sleeping out side of the bedroom when I got up at oh 8?  SLUG!  I think he was hoping to wrestle.  This is his fun thing, but only with me, wrestling in the bed.  He loves it.  Hubb tries to get him to wrestle with him, no dice, this is what Jax and Beth do and there are no ifs ands or buts about it.  I felt kinda bad for the little guy and we wrestled a bit but I really was ready to be up and get something done with what was left of the morning.  I wonder if he tried banging on the door and I didn't even notice?

The plan was to get up with Hubb and get in those two miles I shorted myself on Saturday on the beach.  Mentally I just wasn't having anything of it.  2 miles, really Beth, no big deal.

Cleaning seemed to be what I wanted to do...  I seriously need to get some therapy.  Piles of junk in the guest room were sorted and pitched into a pile for Good Will or put away.  Found the place mats and napkins that were re-homed while we were painting the dining room.  Discovered a pile of coats.  I think I mentioned my coat addiction.  I was able to part with 2 of the 5.  Pillows were put away, blankets and quilts stored in the trunk they have been piled on for months. A few things were put into a 'think about it' pile. I think this is called nesting, not being a slug?

Then I took a shower.  And loaded the Good Will stuff into the car.  Thought about going into Groton to drop it off and decided I had plenty of other things to do to avoid those two miles that seemed to be scaring me for some reason?

I didn't go so far as to dust, that would DEFINITELY mean I need therapy.  Lemme tell you about the dust issues in this house.  Hubb is a luthier.  Not a Lutheran a luthier he is Catholic actually...

Anyhoodles this process of instrument building, well he hasn't built one in 3 or 4 years, TYVM economy.  What he has been selling is the wood.  People aren't interested in purchasing a finished bluegrass mandolin but they are interested in trying to make their own and for the small shops still in business Hubb sells great Red Spruce tonewood for mandolins and guitars as well as carved tops and backs....  He has a logging buddy who helps him cut down the trees in the Baskahegan forest in Brookton, ME.  One or two a year depending on what he needs to stock.


Even with a dust collection system it is ridiculous.  I gave up years ago and do the bare minimum.  I'm angling for a maid service, let's just say it isn't working...

Where was I going with all of this....

Oh my run today... 

Stellar, actually.  The temps and the dew point had me a little freaked out, what IS my problem, but I had time between 10 and 12 to run.  I didn't get up with the alarm at 5:30.  Slug.   Chris in the fitness center wished me luck on the run, with trepidation I opened to door to the great outdoors.  Not bad, really not bad.

Decent weather really, and that 10 MPH was off the water!!

I had 3 on the schedule for today,  easy peasy,  by the 1.5 mile mark I felt good and decided to run the 2 I shorted myself on Saturday.  Running along the water helps immensely, I'm sure.  My pace wasn't stellar but it wasn't horrible and I felt really great after the run and bounced back to my desk pretty pleased with myself.

Beth, pleased and welcomes the NYC rest day tomorrow!

Saturday, July 6, 2013

Summer Fun... (Yes, Sheldon, that is Sarcasm)

Sometimes you set yourself up to meet expectations.  I certainly did today!

I left the house just after 7, I know, late for a longish run, I was figuring there would still be decent shade on the way back and I'd be home 9:30 at the latest, 11 miles.  I have no doubts in my mind I can run the 11, can I run it at my usual 5 mile pace, now? Ha, hardly.  Eventually, with work, yes.

Doesn't look THAT bad...
By the end of the first mile, just on Mechanic Street, starting to really sweat, oh this is not going to be good, why isn't CC O'Brien's open? Well at least no one tried to kill me in the crosswalk, so I've that going for me!

Slogging on, there was shade and I did feel pretty good, albeit a little tired (went to bed late, maybe should have only had one beer, not three) and when I was done with this run the rest of the day would be mine and it wouldn't even be 10 a.m. how cool was that?

If it hadn't been for the family walking 3 abreast along Greenhaven I wouldn't have, or is it of, done the out and back on Riverside Drive.  Why?  Who knows, I musta not wanted to pass them? This gets me to about 5 miles and I had reconciled myself to 'finishing up this shit show at the beach tonight' ok so I'm a little hard on myself.  I debated the 2 mile out and back on Stewart, it is shady Beth, and there might be a breeze, you will get to see Ernesto (the steer, a friends son has one named Ernesto so now all steers are named Ernesto, it works in my mind ok?)  no dice, even the road bikers racing up Greenhaven didn't  motivate me to make that left turn.  I waited for them to pass and took the right onto Mary Hall and just as I was back on River Road, maybe a 1/10th of a mile past Mary Hall, there were the road bikers.  Woosh, Woosh, Woosh....

Between miles 8 and 9 were bargaining, walk the shade run the sun, run the sun walk the shade eventually turning into run a song walk a song and why the heck do I NOT have In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida (Iron Butterfly) on this iPod?  THAT would be the PERFECT walking song.  Then again, what if it came up as the running song?  Hmmm....

Through the shady Wilcox Park and stop and wait for the WALK

Ok, so it wasn't snowing, but makes you feel a little cooler, no?
Image horked from:

And I ran (ok it was more like a fast walk) up the hill to home.  I'm a glutton for punishment that way...

Nothing ever felt so good as the cool vestibule.  In reality this is one of the hotter 'rooms' in the house, what with the sun beating in on the front porch and all.  To me it was delightful.  Then I went into the three rooms we have Air Conditioned.  So happy Hubb and I wrestled that thing into place last night. Remember the signs that used to be above the doors of shops that had air conditioning?

Yep, these!
It was bliss.  I yanked the frozen towel from the freezer and stuck it under one pit then the other, nice, cool and refreshing.  Grabbed some water and did a little walk up and down the block with my frozen towel, ah.

Oh and here are the gory details, and thanks Strava, no achievements on this run, really? I think the achievement is:  I didn't die.  Right JoAnn?

Beth, concerned that it isn't even 90 and I'm melting... this truly is sad.