Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Work and Running

Ok, Monday sucked because it was a 'rest day' the weather was perfect for a run, or so it looked from inside the overly air conditioned office building.  I bundled up and kept on working, begrudgingly.    TRX was a nice distraction, and with only two of us torture was on full bore.  Yippiee!!

Got out for a little run today!!  After two failed attempts.  First my iPod was dead.  Chris, the awesome guy he is, offered to tune the music to what ever I wanted if I ran inside.  Awww puffy heart him!! Then I got out to the guard shack and realized I forgot my badge.  I skulked back in the building, drafting off of some contractors out smoking, back down to the fitness center, telling Chris, don't ask, I forgot my badge.  Again he offered what ever music I wanted, awww....  I went out anyway, telling him I hoped I make it back, it wasn't starting out to well.  He laughed!

Not a bad run.  And I do think the tunes have something to do with my pacing.  Amy, of the sharp elbows, massage therapist, concurs on this point.  I didn't check my watch until mile 3 and you can see that is all started falling apart.  Crap, Beth, hold it together, will ya?  OK it wasn't REALLY that bad....

I could figure out how to set up some segments to gain some achievements but Mike B would kill them?  Why learn something new, right?

I saw Ro out walking  @Beach Pond and Eastern Point, while I was running and she said I looked good.  Ahh, what a great friend. I'm sure I was a hot mess.  I was just happy to beat her to the corner of Meech and Eastern Point!!  

No Dog Watch, Gdogg had a bad day and suggested Richoni's (don't judge) for a drink.  He, #1SmartGuy and WolterD and I went out for some cocktails and chop busting.  Great group of guys.  WolterD may be zooming up to my favorite person as he called me a "tiny little thing with a high alcohol and low bullshit tolerance".  

Hubb is showing a bit of his competitive streak and went out for 'time trials' on the mountain bike in Arcadia.  8 out of 20, good on ya hubb!  Now, can I get a road bike?  


Beth, happy to support a co-worker deal with someone unleashing the flying monkeys on him

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