Sunday, July 28, 2013

MCM Training Week 5

Setting the stage:  I’m slightly cynical, with a side of sarcastic, sprinkled with a healthy dose of pragmatism. 

I joined a women s running group on Facebook.  An area where women can post about their running achievements, disappointments, challenges, and just get to know other women runners.  I joined a little halfheartedly, knowing I may pick up some interesting information a couple of tips but generally there would be forty seven thousand posts on the age old question do you wear underwear or go commando.  Seriously, a little tired of THAT conversation. 

Scrolling through, the usual underwear or commando questions, a few on pooping, some on fueling, a handful of  wave or no wave.  The posts that pique my interest more are about the first time or the millionth time running a particular race distance and goals people have for themselves...

Then there was something different.


I open the snail mail once a week.  If I opened it daily I’d end up going through it more than once, and why bother.  So I sit down with the big basket of what amounts to mostly junk mail and open and sort into recycle, shred, deal with piles.  Even packages don’t get opened up right away.  Hubb works from home so he has time to stop, and open the package, and appreciate what is inside.  I prefer to take the time to appreciate what someone has packaged up for me, which makes them bananas.

Thursday night, after spin and some errands, I was home by 7, just me and the dogs to have an hour or so to decompress before hubb got back from his bike ride.  Perfect time for the mail!

One package were some books a friend returned with jams, jellies, and salsa she made, very cool!

The other package were sock monkeys, SMAC Sock Monkeys Against Cancer.

Phoenix  and NoMo
 Phoenix is all about SMACKING Lung Cancer out of this world
NoMo is the ALL Cancer fighting monkey.

I intended to give Phoenix to my mother, living with lung cancer for 6 years.  But there was Tammy…  a year younger than me, just starting chemo after surgery, a runner, chomping at the bit to get back on the pavement.  My mom always says how sad it is to see the young people in her support groups.

Saturday morning I mailed Phoenix to Tammy.  Saturday night I did the last 4 miles for my 14 mile long run, a long way of introduction that Tammy was in my thoughts and my loop in the park was dedicated to her.  Wilcox Park in Westerly is beautiful, calming, happy place, I hope some of that calming influence made its way to Tammy on my 1/4 mile loop.

February 23rd is the Disney Princess 1/2 Marathon in Orlando.  A girlfriend decided WE needed to be princesses, who can refuse a tiara, right?  I fully expect CMK and I to cross that finish line with Tammy and witness her receive her well deserved tiara.

Beth, glad she didn't give in to her cynical ways and checked out the posts in the WRC and agreed when CMK wanted us to be princesses

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  1. Love this, love the monkeys and love that you will meet Tammy and cross the finish line with her!