Saturday, July 20, 2013

WTFS no, seriously, Wed, Thur, Fri, Sat

And again between my hectic work and social calendar it is Saturday night and I could have sworn it was just Wednesday.  Time really does go faster as you get older, and that sucks.  Youth really is wasted on the young.

I took Wednesday completely off.  I was sore and stiff and was scheduled for a Chair Massage and just wanted to do nada well harass those who did not complete their assignments by the 12th of July.  Muwahaaaa...   The Chair Massage never happened, why am I capitalizing this, it isn't' a defined term or a proper whatchamagigger.  Someone spent a little too much time editing this week.  I'm not exactly sure how the accounting major ended up in a job requiring technical writing and editing skills, but she did.

Which versus That and Shall versus Must were the bane of my existence on Thursday, seriously people, if I, not an English Major who has a very loose grasp on both the English Language and Grammar can figure it out, well...   The best part of Thursday was the group run with the girls.  The weather was still looking a bit iffy, like it might not cool off, it did,

and we ran by the water and Nicole's hubb and kids met us at the half way point of our 9 miles with water and Gatorade!  

That was a nice few minute break before heading back down Ocean Ave to the frosty Gansetts awaiting us at the Coast Guard House, oh yeah and our dry clothes waiting in the car hard to pick which was more important, truly competing priorities !  I am always amazed that despite how disgusting all of us felt we are all smiles and happy.  Running truly is wonderful!

I ran with Jackie on the way back, I am not sure what it is about the way back but I certainly
 have a bit more energy, although I think the Gatorade was more the reason.  Even with it sloshing around in my stomach, I kept hoping at every turn I would see this

the water, the final turn and then the run is along the sea wall.  Pshew, we made it.  Negative splits for me to.  Maybe that is it running just a bit faster?  Hmmm...  there really aren't any hills to take advantage of, curious. 

There was a new novelty on our run.  The R.I. Redneck, he hangs out at Monahan's Dock in the back of his pick up truck, his back yard, sipping beer, smoking his cigar, chilling in his lawn chair with the trusty Igloo cooler next to him.  

Friday was more of the same at work, tracking down the laggards, and prepping for the next round of policy and procedure review.  Finalizing a redesigned website and negotiating with the IT to delay launch by a week as there is one piece I'm not satisfied is working appropriately in test.  I took the noon Yoga class, ah, that was nice.  I really miss yoga and just haven't found the right class and instructor combo that fits into my schedule.  This 45 minute class might do the trick!  And yes, that is used correctly, as a restrictive clause! 

Today, Saturday, MY plan was to sleep in, pick up by bib for the Blessing, get a massage and be a bum. Two of the four were accomplished bib pick up and massage, my irritation at not getting to sleep in fueled the accomplishment of a few lagging chores. 

Beth, with 13 miles on tap for tomorrow, the weather should cooperate and I'll wrap my mind around running alone and keeping up on my trend of negative splits...