Friday, March 27, 2015

Weekly Log 3/23 - 3/29 (final)


Drive to RI







Another sort of lazy week...  

Monday -  Drove back from MI

Tuesday - nice 5ish mile run around familiar roads, peppy pace and very enjoyable.  Took Gizzy for a nice long walk.  The Rimadyl is doing him well, he is peppy and less achy.  

Wednesday - back to the office and only a small window of time to get in 4 with Faith, glad we were able to have our Wednesday run, as short as it was.  

Thursday - horrible rotten not very good day

Friday - Walk with Ro at lunch and stairs at URI with Jennifer.  Jennifer and I took LONG breaks between sets.  We had a lot to catch up on.   I met Dave at Stedman's and picked up my new bike.

She's pretty!  Such a smooth ride!

Saturday - Maybe join the Kelly's Pace group run, maybe not.  Seriously need to run some distance of note...  I have a serious case of the lazies or I am really sick of this fing weather.  Took Gizzy for a snow globe walk in the a.m.  he enjoys the walk and I needed to get out of the house.  Spent the rest of the day finishing season 6 of SOA.  

Sunday - Bike ride, old bike, now that I have a nice bike, it better stay nice!  Ummm 3 inches of snow and not able to get together with Ed and Jennifer later in the day turned a 10 a.m. ride into a noon run.  We ran 3, Jennifer's first sub 30 minutes 5K.  She thinks we are trying to kill her.  We aren't, really we aren't.  

Next week I'll get my shit together, or find some motivation.....

Beth, blah....

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Weekly Recap - 3/16 - 3/22 (final)




Weights / Yoga



Drive to MI



This is kind of a down week, not a lot going on and a chance to relax a bit.

Monday – 

It was a classic Monday, TRX cancelled, took Gizzy for a walk, and burned dinner.  Whoopsie!    At least stairs were less painful than they were on Sunday afternoon! :)

Tuesday – 

Recovery run down to the beach and back, 4 miles, felt good.   My knees aren’t angry with me anymore, pshew.  After work, met up with Jennifer for weights and then a wonderful yoga class.  Ahhh..  For the first time in weeks I slept well and woke up refreshed.

Post yoga we go to a pub for some snacks and drinks.  Well with it being St. Patrick’s Day our Irish Pub was crazed.  Usually there are 5 people in the bar, maybe 10.  We enjoy our chats with the bartender, Tara, and Jason who runs the Tuesday night music bingo night and a couple of the regulars.  Week after next we will get back to the usual routine.  

We went to a second favorite place to continue our conversation of St. Patrick’s Day and I got to channel my inner Cliff Clavin.  Useless facts to know and tell.  

Wednesday – 

Windy Wednesday run with Faith.  Oh my, 22 MP NW wind (with 36 MPH gusts) called for a reverse of our usual clockwise route, clockstupid it was and we were better off for it.  Even knowing the climb on Shennie was going to be into the wind having the wind at our side/back down by the river was definitely appreciated.   I can’t even imagine running into it along the river.  At least on Shennie the sparse trees on the golf course broke up some of the wind and we didn't see the white caps on the Thames River.  There is always a bright side!

Gizzy got a nice 2 mile walk in the wind.  Dave started him back on the Rimadyl, we shall see how this goes this time.  He is in a little discomfort.  Completely understandable for his advancing age.  He wants to walk and enjoys them, so we will continue until we can't or we have to use the wheels.

Thursday – NYC 

Friday – Drive to MI

Saturday - What is it about going to the parents house.  I sleep like the dead, it is so wonderful!  And it is even weirder because the whole house was reconstructed after the fire so it really isn't the same house I grew up in...  Must be that home feeling?  Anyhoodles, I slept in, the sun rise is an hour later on the West end of the time zone, so there was that on top of a long day and just feeling content.

When I finally got my lazy ass out of bed I took a run around the block.  My mother pronounced my 5 miles "I suppose that is good enough" ha ha, thanks mom.    She used to run that route before cancer.  

My father prepared a St. Patrick's Day meal that could not be beat!  Ate far to much corned beef cabbage potatos soda bread lamb stew (shhhh don't tell SIL of #2 brother there was venison in it) topped off with a shot of Bushmills and cupcakes with the littlest Leprechaun (obviously he wasn't getting any Bushmills; his father Brother #1 (aka KILLJOY) wouldn't even let me put some milk in a shot glass for him to have a shot too, sheesh) it was a good day.  Oh and the littlest Leprechaun is back to 'cheersing' before meals, so what ever that was all about it seems to have passed.  We imagine he tried to 'cheers' before lunch at pre-school and it was frowned upon.

Sunday -  Took mom for a walk around the farm, we walked a bit over a mile.  No it isn't on Strava, but it really did happen!  I really do wish I would have started it, I think she would have gotten a kick out of 'all this technology'.  When she made it past the back barn I wondered if she would consider going all the way to the forest and around the West field.  Took her a few minutes to catch her breath and once she did, we walked back to the forest, and around the West field and did a little slogging through some low spots (with giggles about how mad mom was going to be because of our wet and muddy shoes) and back to the house.    My father was standing on the porch looking for us, a little worried, we'd been gone nearly 40 minutes.  She promised to walk that loop once a week when the sun was out.  I hope she sticks to that.  It is nice to see her with quite a bit more energy on top of her usual spunk.

Still a bit of ice on the front pond...
always interesting to see how the trees grow high in some spots and low or non existent in others.
You can see a bit of that in the background.
Those walnuts the row along the back, were all planted at the same time, from seedlings.

Beth, happy to see her family for a St. Patrick's Day celebration and play with the little Leprechaun! 

Monday, March 16, 2015

New York 1/2 Marathon - Recap

Really on the tail end of Ocean's Run last weekend I didn't go into this with any plan or expectation other than to catch up with Mary Ann, met up with Tanya and Sally, and enjoy a run through Central Park and down the West Side Highway.

Mission accomplished.

I think I had goals, oh yeah, in my last postA)  2:20  B) 2:30 C) 2:40 D) do not die.  

My results:  2:19:12.  Well well well, how about that.  I thought I had set A goal to be 2:15.  I hit all 4!  Don't I just rock??  HA HA HA  

I love this:  (link here)  not sure if the link actually works....

Age Graded time 2:07:13  (that's what I love, of course I do!)  I'll get there, and beyond, I will!!

Full results:  here

Ok so this idea started with Tanya, Miho, Sally and I at a work event.  There were a few drinks involved, of course there were.  Tanya was talking about the 1/2 Ironman Relay we did and how fun that was and we should all run a 1/2 together.  The lottery for the NY 1/2 opened up the next week, we all entered and 3 of us got in.   I never have luck at lotteries, it was Miho who didn't get in.  

It was the weekend after my goal race, Ocean's Run.  The winter wasn't conducive to training and I didn't.  I commend my fellow runners who slogged through the snow and ice and on the treadmill to get in those runs for Boston in April.  Super Kudos!  I wanted to run for fun.

As time went on I found out my friend MAC was running this for her 62nd birthday.  How cool!  We've run three marathon together and for whatever reason I just couldn't get marathon and MAC out of my head and got all wigged out that I wasn't prepared.  She reminded me no less than 100 time "Beth this is just a 1/2, we can do this in our sleep."  Oh yeah.....

Tanya was staying in a different part of the city and Sally was coming in for the day.  

As luck would have it Tanya and I were able to link up before the race, Sally was tucked safely away in her corral in Wave 1 and wasn't moving (speedster)!!


Wave 2 went off at 7:45 and MAC and I crossed the start line at 7:51, not too bad.  I was a little, ok A LOT, apprehensive about the size of the race (over 20K runners) and remembering how tight it was at Marine Corps and getting elbowed and generally being annoyed by other runners.  MAC assured me it wasn't that narrow or crowded.  For the most part it wasn't!  Pshew!

We crossed the start about 72nd street in Central Park and ran up Central Park, in to Harlem and back through the park exiting at the 59th street exit and down 7th Avenue to 42nd St, Times Square!  And down the West Side Highway, through the Battery Park Tunnel (would it ever end) finishing on Water and Wall Street!

It was amazing running through Central Park.  I've always wanted to and my day trips to the city don't allow for such an extravagance.  This was the hilliest part of the journey so it was best to conserve energy and pace myself.  I did pretty well with that and once I hit mile 7 and Times Square I'm not sure what happened.  I took an energy gel stopped to pee and not really sure.  I loved running in the park I was sad to leave and be on the city streets.   It was super cool running through Times Square and down the West Side Highway, stopping traffic, don't  get me wrong.  The park was way awesomer!!

The Battery Tunnel was a little weird, yet cool!  When I lost satellite connection I thought, oh crap I'm not going to get my Strava 1/2 marathon badge, ugh...   fortunately that didn't happen.  I know I have the strangest priorities, sometimes.  My pace definitely picked up for the last mile, I had something left, just not enough to keep it up to the end.  13.4 miles.  I found some of the lost 0.4 from LAST weekends race.  HA!!

The weather was supposed to be in the 40's.  I under dressed, on the bottom.  I started with a long sleeved shirt I had to remove, that was fine.  I really should have worn capris (knickers) to keep my knees warm.  they were not happy on the West Side Highway and they are NOT at all happy now.   How funny is that? 

Yeah, I shouldn't cut and paste a copyrighted photo, I know that.  I'll probably buy a couple, so it's ok, right?

I repped my Lung Cancer running teams:  Team Lung Love and LungSTRONG!! 

All in all a great race!  If you ever get the chance to run the 1/2 or in Central Park, don't pass it up!

Beth, itching for an opportunity to run Central Park again!

Friday, March 13, 2015

Weekly Recap 3/9/15 - 3/15/15



Weights / Yoga






NY Half

Monday - Spin.  I was very ouchy and tired from the 1/2 on Sunday.  Spin at NOON, felt good.  Sorry Jeff 5:30 a.m. may never work...  I know how bummed you are....   Monday night was a work event at the Ocean House.  Holy cow, very nice place.  Rich food and two glasses of wine and I slept okayish.

Tuesday - so not ready for speedwork and really debating if I was going to be able to run.  My Garmin was nearly dead so I used Strava on the iPhone and had really no clue what I was doing.  Quite a surprising pace, no wonder I felt like I was dying!

Jennifer and I did back / arms / abs for weights then Yoga.  After a particularly tough pose Renee will ask "Are we still friends?"  Love this.  At the end of class Jennifer and I were zombies and said, "We are best friends, this was perfect."

Neither of us won at music BINGO, oh well.  Fat Belly's was uber crowded, guess the nice weather brings people out.

Wednesday - Faith had to help her boyfriends kid so we couldn't run together, it sucked,  Really.  We aren't always able to get together and I"m really starting to like running with people.   How about you?  Solo runs or runs with a friend or runs with multiple friends?  Pros / Cons  Likes / Dislikes  My Garmin was charged and I ran my usual route, just not the face on the head (the path I run at work is a head)  so it was a Faithless and Faceless run, ha ha ha....

Took Gizzy on a pre-dinner stroll.  The closer it got to 6:30 the faster his pace, funny how that works!

Thursday - windy run, I should have done the usual route clock stupid, may have been less of a biting wind.  The wind off the river was unpleasant, no that it too tame, it SUCKED!!

I got home feeling slightly domestic and cooked and knitted.... it happens.

I've been mega ditz lately and when I looked at the rice I cooked to go with the Chicken Teriyaki it looked off.  Even tasted off.  It wasn't until Dave sat down at the table and talked me through how I cooked the rice.  "Two cups of rice and two cups of water."  He suggested my ratio may be off.  I looked at him like the dogs look at us, with my head tilted.  Eventually it dawned on me 2:1 ratio not 1:1 ratio.  Obviously, I am in need of a vacation.  We had a nice laugh and I poured some more water in the pot to get the remaining rice correct.  

Friday - Jennifer's bike came in so she went to pick that up and get it fitted, blowing off our 5 at the beach.  Hey, I'd do the same if it was my bike in at Stedman's.  I did find a post on women's rides from Stedman's on Tuesday nights, starting in April.  Think that will fit in nicely to both of our schedules!!

Ro and I finally walked at lunch, it wasn't too cold for her.  And I took Gizzy for a stroll before dinner.  He is enjoying the rising temperatures.  The snow banks are still keeping him pretty contained to the sidewalks, so that is a good thing.

I thought about going for a ride when I got home.  Driving home on the wet, potholed, sandy roads I decided that can wait another week.

Saturday - Travel to NYC for the NY 1/2 expo, probably will get in not much of anything.

Sunday - NY 1/2 Marathon - ok so goals A)  2:20  B) 2:30 C) 2:40 D) do not die.   This is a race with 40,000 people, this is NOT my thing.  I will enjoy catching up with my girlfriends before and after the race, and maybe even during.  I will enjoy running around Central Park, through Times Square, down the West Side Highway and through Battery Park.  My finish time will be what it will be.  I did take it much easier this week recovering from last weeks 'long run' at Ocean's Run.  Maybe I can surprise myself, maybe not.  This one was never about the race or the time, it was about seeing "The City" from a different vantage point.

Beth, embracing perspective

Thursday, March 12, 2015

Three Things Thursday

The spring weather is springing forth like the damn clocks on Sunday.  I'm still not recovered from that lost hour of sleep.

When I opened up this post I had three things top of mind and now that the post is open and I'm typing, I'm clueless.

Oh yeah

1)  vocabulary.  In an effort to "tart up" the jackasses I work around we've all subscibed to a word a day thing.  Not many of them stick.  This one did, of course it did.

noun: borborygmus; plural noun: borborygmi
  1. a rumbling or gurgling noise made by the movement of fluid and gas in the intestines.
So when I sat down with my lunch of some sort of taco salad created by the cafeteria, it started flying...  the banter, not the gas. 
Of course a little googling around and wouldn't you know a comic...
Fitting considering we work on a research campus
2) it is a small small world.  Jennifer went to Chariho High School, as did her brother, some how it came up in conversation that many of the fast runners in the Westerly Track and Athletic Club are Chariho graduates.   
3) no good deed goes unpunished.  I was attempting to solicit some support for a project out of headquarters.  In my notes I put "commitment issues, finding someone new"  meaning, the person was upfront and said Beth, I can't, I'll find you someone who can.  I forwarded my Excel spreadsheet list of 'champions' and notes to the team leader to let her know where I was with the project.  Well, she forwarded this on, to let the rest of the team know good progress was being made, and then my phone starts ringing.  First, a call with the persons boss about the 'uncooperative' person.  Then a follow up call with persons bosses boss to make sure that what I said I meant by what I wrote was the truth.  Holy guacamole.  I'll never get that time back. 

Beth, happy it is Thursday!

Sunday, March 8, 2015

Ocean's (not quite a) 1/2 Marathon - Recap

Let me be completely honest, I haven't run long since the 1/2 on October 12th (Newport).  Long to me is 10 or more miles.  I've run a couple 9s, maybe a few days of doubles touched on 8. Seriously, this was at best a training run.  I had a goal of a sub 2 for this 1/2, the first 1/2 of the year.  The training didn't happen so it didn't happen.  Am I upset? No.  Am I disappointed? No.  Am I happy?  Yes, why wouldn't I be?  I smiled across the finish line.  I finished, I didn't call a cab, I had enough fitness, stamina, and gumption to get from the start to the finish, granted it was "only" 12.7 miles it was not 13.1.

Going into this I knew it was going to be a struggle sub 2 hours was off the table.  Even a course PR (2.17) was questionable.  I set my goals as such:

A)  1 hour after Muddy (who I also predicted would win)
B)  2:30
C)  Don't call a cab
D) Don't Die

Ok so how did Muddy get wrapped up in this whole thing?  The first time I ran this I was in decent condition, I think I am a bit fitter now, although I am two years older and nearly 10 lbs heavier - shit happens with these cold winters, don't judge.   2013 Mike Galoob won at 1:17 and I was 2:17.  Completely arbitrary.   It worked for me.

I dropped back to 2:30 because it is a nice 'round' number, very curvy!

Rhode Island has had snow, wicked feet of snow, it was not going anywhere.  This bunged up the start and finish line.  Kinda hard to start and end on a field when that, and all the rest of the fields resembled those in "Fargo" - you know the one where Steve Buscemi's character, Carl Showalter, buried the briefcase of cash by a fence and put a red ice scraper as a marker. 

Snow covered, and while there wasn't 'blizzard fencing' there were stone walls (New England has more stone than they know what to do with - walls everywhere).  I vowed if I did see a red ice scraper I was digging for the brief case of cash, because yeah, that could happen!!

The roads, for the most part, were clean, there were spots of ice and snow, mostly easy to get around.

Because of all this snow the ample parking was not so and we were asked to carpool, cars of 3 would be allowed to park in the close lot.  Being one who really does like to follow the rules I arranged to meet up with Jennifer and Angie, to make 3 to a car to get to the closer lot.  As we pulled in and saw cars of 1 I was annoyed, really?  But Kathy said, cars of 3.  The three of us went a bit out of our way to meet up to be a car of three.  Grrrrr....  my only bitch.

The course is nice, three out and backs where you can see the front runners.  Saw the guys and gals from my track club for the first one.  The second one, my pace slowed and I only caught a glimpse of Mikey and Shara as they floated by.

Jennifer caught up with me at Mile 4 and said "Momma this isn't like you."  I wished her well and assured her there was a porta potty at the end of this road, there was but damn the road was longer than either of us thought!  And chased her down the road.

We were coming on the third time we'd pass the front runners on an out and back.

Thing was there was a 30 minute head start for those figuring on a 3 hour finish, nice thing for Kathy to add, this started to get confusing at this point in the race when I saw people coming towards me that were definitely slower than my pace.  Hmmm did I make a wrong turn?

Eventually I saw Muddy, looking solid, but I wasn't sure if he was in first or second.  He was certainly working hard.  Along comes Gazelle, The Illustrious Seth, Mikey, and Shara.

About mile 7 water stop I started stopping and chatting with the volunteers.  Why not, right?  Gave me a break and perhaps entertained them? Perhaps not?

I had a porta potty break at mile 11, it wasn't going to wait.  Did make the last mile feel much better though, why hadn't I done this earlier????   

At the end of the day it was a fun race, I live in a beautiful area and am happy to run these roads for fun or competition, well more for fun.  I need to work on the competition part!!

As we were walking back to Jennifer's car Angie announces this was her first Half Marathon!   What a secret to keep!  We had not only not dying and not calling a cab but a first to celebrate.  We met up with some friends (Don and Steve) at the Rathskeller in Charlestown, lured by a free beer (it was bud light, Steve and I passed and opted for a Berkshire Brewing Company Coffee Nitro Porter (my favorite) and a bottle of J Lohr Cab for Don, Jennifer and Angie to split.  Hmmmm, guess we did call a cab, ha ha ha ha.... yeah that was reaching.

The swag was nice a soft cotton long sleeved shirt and a pint glass!

Oh and I finished in 2:25:59, and Muddy in 1:13:46 he came in second by seconds.  Full Results Here.  I met B,C,D goals.  I'll call that a win and enjoy drinking a nice porter or stout from the pint glass.  Or maybe water? Maybe I should work on losing the beer gut!

Beth, first long race of the season, done, benchmark for the rest set!

PS the beer tasted better than water...