Friday, March 13, 2015

Weekly Recap 3/9/15 - 3/15/15



Weights / Yoga






NY Half

Monday - Spin.  I was very ouchy and tired from the 1/2 on Sunday.  Spin at NOON, felt good.  Sorry Jeff 5:30 a.m. may never work...  I know how bummed you are....   Monday night was a work event at the Ocean House.  Holy cow, very nice place.  Rich food and two glasses of wine and I slept okayish.

Tuesday - so not ready for speedwork and really debating if I was going to be able to run.  My Garmin was nearly dead so I used Strava on the iPhone and had really no clue what I was doing.  Quite a surprising pace, no wonder I felt like I was dying!

Jennifer and I did back / arms / abs for weights then Yoga.  After a particularly tough pose Renee will ask "Are we still friends?"  Love this.  At the end of class Jennifer and I were zombies and said, "We are best friends, this was perfect."

Neither of us won at music BINGO, oh well.  Fat Belly's was uber crowded, guess the nice weather brings people out.

Wednesday - Faith had to help her boyfriends kid so we couldn't run together, it sucked,  Really.  We aren't always able to get together and I"m really starting to like running with people.   How about you?  Solo runs or runs with a friend or runs with multiple friends?  Pros / Cons  Likes / Dislikes  My Garmin was charged and I ran my usual route, just not the face on the head (the path I run at work is a head)  so it was a Faithless and Faceless run, ha ha ha....

Took Gizzy on a pre-dinner stroll.  The closer it got to 6:30 the faster his pace, funny how that works!

Thursday - windy run, I should have done the usual route clock stupid, may have been less of a biting wind.  The wind off the river was unpleasant, no that it too tame, it SUCKED!!

I got home feeling slightly domestic and cooked and knitted.... it happens.

I've been mega ditz lately and when I looked at the rice I cooked to go with the Chicken Teriyaki it looked off.  Even tasted off.  It wasn't until Dave sat down at the table and talked me through how I cooked the rice.  "Two cups of rice and two cups of water."  He suggested my ratio may be off.  I looked at him like the dogs look at us, with my head tilted.  Eventually it dawned on me 2:1 ratio not 1:1 ratio.  Obviously, I am in need of a vacation.  We had a nice laugh and I poured some more water in the pot to get the remaining rice correct.  

Friday - Jennifer's bike came in so she went to pick that up and get it fitted, blowing off our 5 at the beach.  Hey, I'd do the same if it was my bike in at Stedman's.  I did find a post on women's rides from Stedman's on Tuesday nights, starting in April.  Think that will fit in nicely to both of our schedules!!

Ro and I finally walked at lunch, it wasn't too cold for her.  And I took Gizzy for a stroll before dinner.  He is enjoying the rising temperatures.  The snow banks are still keeping him pretty contained to the sidewalks, so that is a good thing.

I thought about going for a ride when I got home.  Driving home on the wet, potholed, sandy roads I decided that can wait another week.

Saturday - Travel to NYC for the NY 1/2 expo, probably will get in not much of anything.

Sunday - NY 1/2 Marathon - ok so goals A)  2:20  B) 2:30 C) 2:40 D) do not die.   This is a race with 40,000 people, this is NOT my thing.  I will enjoy catching up with my girlfriends before and after the race, and maybe even during.  I will enjoy running around Central Park, through Times Square, down the West Side Highway and through Battery Park.  My finish time will be what it will be.  I did take it much easier this week recovering from last weeks 'long run' at Ocean's Run.  Maybe I can surprise myself, maybe not.  This one was never about the race or the time, it was about seeing "The City" from a different vantage point.

Beth, embracing perspective

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  1. Beth, I did truly enjoy the one spinning session that both of us made it to, but I haven't been getting there myself lately. Need to change that with cycling season approaching.