Monday, March 16, 2015

New York 1/2 Marathon - Recap

Really on the tail end of Ocean's Run last weekend I didn't go into this with any plan or expectation other than to catch up with Mary Ann, met up with Tanya and Sally, and enjoy a run through Central Park and down the West Side Highway.

Mission accomplished.

I think I had goals, oh yeah, in my last postA)  2:20  B) 2:30 C) 2:40 D) do not die.  

My results:  2:19:12.  Well well well, how about that.  I thought I had set A goal to be 2:15.  I hit all 4!  Don't I just rock??  HA HA HA  

I love this:  (link here)  not sure if the link actually works....

Age Graded time 2:07:13  (that's what I love, of course I do!)  I'll get there, and beyond, I will!!

Full results:  here

Ok so this idea started with Tanya, Miho, Sally and I at a work event.  There were a few drinks involved, of course there were.  Tanya was talking about the 1/2 Ironman Relay we did and how fun that was and we should all run a 1/2 together.  The lottery for the NY 1/2 opened up the next week, we all entered and 3 of us got in.   I never have luck at lotteries, it was Miho who didn't get in.  

It was the weekend after my goal race, Ocean's Run.  The winter wasn't conducive to training and I didn't.  I commend my fellow runners who slogged through the snow and ice and on the treadmill to get in those runs for Boston in April.  Super Kudos!  I wanted to run for fun.

As time went on I found out my friend MAC was running this for her 62nd birthday.  How cool!  We've run three marathon together and for whatever reason I just couldn't get marathon and MAC out of my head and got all wigged out that I wasn't prepared.  She reminded me no less than 100 time "Beth this is just a 1/2, we can do this in our sleep."  Oh yeah.....

Tanya was staying in a different part of the city and Sally was coming in for the day.  

As luck would have it Tanya and I were able to link up before the race, Sally was tucked safely away in her corral in Wave 1 and wasn't moving (speedster)!!


Wave 2 went off at 7:45 and MAC and I crossed the start line at 7:51, not too bad.  I was a little, ok A LOT, apprehensive about the size of the race (over 20K runners) and remembering how tight it was at Marine Corps and getting elbowed and generally being annoyed by other runners.  MAC assured me it wasn't that narrow or crowded.  For the most part it wasn't!  Pshew!

We crossed the start about 72nd street in Central Park and ran up Central Park, in to Harlem and back through the park exiting at the 59th street exit and down 7th Avenue to 42nd St, Times Square!  And down the West Side Highway, through the Battery Park Tunnel (would it ever end) finishing on Water and Wall Street!

It was amazing running through Central Park.  I've always wanted to and my day trips to the city don't allow for such an extravagance.  This was the hilliest part of the journey so it was best to conserve energy and pace myself.  I did pretty well with that and once I hit mile 7 and Times Square I'm not sure what happened.  I took an energy gel stopped to pee and not really sure.  I loved running in the park I was sad to leave and be on the city streets.   It was super cool running through Times Square and down the West Side Highway, stopping traffic, don't  get me wrong.  The park was way awesomer!!

The Battery Tunnel was a little weird, yet cool!  When I lost satellite connection I thought, oh crap I'm not going to get my Strava 1/2 marathon badge, ugh...   fortunately that didn't happen.  I know I have the strangest priorities, sometimes.  My pace definitely picked up for the last mile, I had something left, just not enough to keep it up to the end.  13.4 miles.  I found some of the lost 0.4 from LAST weekends race.  HA!!

The weather was supposed to be in the 40's.  I under dressed, on the bottom.  I started with a long sleeved shirt I had to remove, that was fine.  I really should have worn capris (knickers) to keep my knees warm.  they were not happy on the West Side Highway and they are NOT at all happy now.   How funny is that? 

Yeah, I shouldn't cut and paste a copyrighted photo, I know that.  I'll probably buy a couple, so it's ok, right?

I repped my Lung Cancer running teams:  Team Lung Love and LungSTRONG!! 

All in all a great race!  If you ever get the chance to run the 1/2 or in Central Park, don't pass it up!

Beth, itching for an opportunity to run Central Park again!


  1. Great job meeting your goal!

    I have to say, I have no real desire to run in NYC. As a matter of fact, I have not been back to New York since 9/11. I didn't deal well with that and not sure how I would handle it.

    Fun recap!

  2. Oh, yeah. I can't imagine.

    I had no idea where the hotel was and when we got out at the Fulton St Station and walked down Church, we discovered we were across from the WTC memorial. It was quite amazing. MAC lost a few friends in the towers. We found one of their names, and she told me all about her. It was surreal and amazing.

    I hadn't been to the site since 2002 or 2003 with my mother. She did get a trip to Manhattan on the train, a walk around the lake in Central Park and a NYC taxi ride - bucket list stuff, who knew way back then what the future held.

  3. Way to go beating your A goal!! I hope someday I get to run through Central Park. but to do that I have to get east of the Mississippi!

  4. that's a great pic - nice job Beth