Sunday, February 26, 2017

Weekly Recap: 2/20/2017 - 2/26/2017

Seems like I just push publish on this thing and I have to start over.  Ugh....

Ro is turning into a ski bunny so she was planning on being in VT for Wednesday Hills w/Ro session, so we moved to Monday.  This means I miss spin and well I did ride 20 on the roads on Sunday so that would be ok.  We had a good power walk and talk.   Ro had a crash skiing last year and fractured the back of her knee cap so she's been somewhat tentative to get back into skiing.  I'm glad she bit the bullet and is making good use of the condo and season pass she has.  The 3 months of nothing but walking really did get to her and she is still on the road to recovery gaining any speed.  On one hand she laments the loss and on the other she's much happier not busting her ass.  It is a fine line to walk, isn't it?  Racing versus running.

Sucks when all the fun to be had has been had - dog problems

Took both the boys out for a walk.  Jax's knee is getting better!  So a few more weeks of not chasing Dave on the mountain bike are in order and then he can slowly get back to what he likes to do.  That is NOT walking calmly on a leash for 1- 2 miles!  Poor guy.  He does hold it together best he can until we get home then he runs around and throws toys about, essentially losing his mind.  Gus stares on in amazement with this "WTF" look on his face. 

Running day on Tuesday, it was nice outside and I met up with Faith for two of the three points loop.  She kept me moving at a nice clip, someday I'll see 10's on my own, for now I need Faith pushing me when she really isn't pushing me. I was glad for a good run and some company.  We talked the whole way and that says that both of us could have gone faster, so perfect run.  

Pretty nifty tracking device

I like this feature with Strava, I can see the trends with my runs.  The big drop was post injury recovery.  I'll get back to my happy 10/10:30 pace eventually.

Time to get back to hills, we may get into Mt. Washington even if not the hill repeats do help me overall.  Wednesday I went out for 4 - 5 School St hill repeats and did 5.  Good enough.  The hill out there and the hill back make for a total of 7 hills?  Not a bad run all in all. Feeling very strong and healthy, I haven't felt this way in at least a year.  Nice change of pace.  

Looks more hilly on a smaller narrower screen

Oh my run I wiped my eye, my left contact was kind of bugging me.  I managed to wipe it out of my eye and catch it and on the first reinsertion attempt I dropped it on my cheek.  Then on the second it fell to the ground, and while I could find it, I thought better of using some spit to get rid of the grit ad sticking it back in my eye.  I ran with one, and constantly closing my left eye, winking at everyone and everything,  Fortunately I had an extra set in my purse, once I got back to my desk I could see from my left eye.

Just Gus for a walk, he enjoys our solo time together, or enjoys not having to deal with Jax.  I'm not really sure.

After three active days and Friday being full of meetings, who makes meetings for Friday?  Thursday I took the "Back in Action Class" at the gym, essentially Bootcamp for dummies, it was a good class and I do need those.  Took both boys out for a stroll after their second dinner.   Dave was out for the evening with the new band.  I asked him to feed the dogs before he left but I had no confirmation he had done so, so I fed them.  It became pretty clear that they weren't all that hungry, once I set the food down.   

Plank Rows - who thinks up this torture?

All Dave could say was "You asked me to feed the dogs before I left so I did."  I ask him to do lots of things, it doesn't mean they get done!!!   To two dogs with very full bellies were very easy to walk.

After a crazy day of meetings on Friday that weren't spaced far enough apart to get in a run I took Gus out to Riverwood for a lap, mostly the inner section I knew this wouldn't be to swampy and while my white dog loves to get muddy I wasn't really feeling like hauling a gallon of water with me to rinse him off and load him back in my car.  We had a nice hike.  Dave took Jax for his own hike, so we shall see how stiff Jax's leg gets after an hour or so of lounging around after dinner.  

Gus - king of the ledge

My shoulder is finally feeling less angry after my crash on Superbowl Sunday.  When Amy worked on me on Tuesday she couldn't feel anything odd, so who knows. I said "When I do this it hurts" and lifted up my arm, Amy said "Well, don't do that."  How can you not love this woman with the sharp wit and elbows! 

On tap for Saturday was 6 miles per my training plan, but I did 7 last week and only ran 10 during the week so I figured 8 would be fine.  It gets me close to 20 running miles for the week, and that should be okayish.  I went down to Misquamicut, why?  it is pancake flat, plain and simple.  It was a good run a bit peppier than last Saturday and that made me happy.  I rarely looked at my watch to see pace so when I pressed end I had no idea where I'd be.  In the 11s for sure but high or low, not a clue.  I was pleased with 11:18  (11:26 last weekend for 7 miles).  It was unseasonable warm but with that damp coolness that gets in my bones so I had on a short sleeve over a long sleeve and that was fine, I never felt too chilled or too hot.  Then again by Saturday night I felt like I was coming down with a cold, my ears were itchy and that usually means nothing good.  Considering Dave is on cold three for the year I'm doing ok.  

After my run I decided to do my plank on one of the picnic benches at the pavilion at the beach.  Figured that would be nice.  After the plank I got this brilliant idea to use the timer on the iPhone and take a picture of me planking on the picnic table.  That resulted in a brilliantly smashed screen.  I'd already been sporting a few spider cracks in the upper left.  I didn't balance the phone well or my scrambling to the bench disturbed the precariously balanced iPhone. THAWACK it went down.  I picked it up and was a little leery to even touch it, what if some of that glass got stuck in my finger!?!?!?  

My view planking!

I'm the proud owner of a new screen and a new screen protector.  I did have a screen protector for a good long while then I dropped the phone enough it cracked and I did get glass in my finger so I peeled it off and well, a month or so later I managed to drop it just right and crack the screen a tiny bit and with subsequent tumbles it spider-webbed (ha ha) from there.   All in all for as many times as I've dropped the silly thing it's in marvelous shape!

Gus was all ants in the pants on Saturday night and it carried on into Sunday morning.  I didn't take him anywhere on Saturday as I had the intention on a 5 mile hike around Wahaneeta and Woody Hill.  I knew where the two connected and had a rough description of a 5 mile trail.  Yeah, these things don't go to plan with me.  I really need to defer to his superior intellect about getting us where I want to go.  My map reading skills are sub par, my ability to remember where the sun was in relation to the car, non-existent, having to turn the map to the direction we were hiking well not the best way to way find?  We had a lovely adventure, not seeing the fort I wanted to see, or the cemetery, but lots of foundations, a lake, a beaver dam in the midst of reconstruction and lots and lots of trees and rocks!

A directional arrow!  I need more of these, or marked trails!

I knew eventually one of the fire road / two track would dump us out on a hard top road if I was completely stymied. I started Strava too late to track where we were in relation to where I wanted to go.  

Red was me, blue was basically what I was attempting

The blue was roughly my aim, between the map I pinched from a friend's Strava and a description in RI Hikes I should have known better.   I'll try it again.  It's not too likely I'll get so lost I can't find my way to a main road.  I was happy to find the famous beaver damn and next time I'll find the fort and the cemetery.


Feet:  40  -- Kinda low on the running mileage...  gotta get in a 4th run.
Saddle: 15  

Beth, some days things go to plan, some days not so much. 

Monday, February 20, 2017

Weekly Recap: 2/13/2017 - 2/19/2017

30 and 50 MPH gusts of wind, happy for Monday spin day!  Quite shocked to see Mikey come in from running outside, especially speed work, not sure who talked who into going out but the rest of that running group were happily doing their speed work on the treadmill.

Gus couldn’t convince me to go out, even after a lovely Oskar Banks Ten Fiddy mellowed me out.  He paid me back by waking me up at 2 a.m to go out and then lolly gaggling around in the back yard.  Jax took the opportunity to snuggle up in my nice warm spot and was highly put out having Gus, who beat me back to the bedroom and jumped in bed disturbing everyone.    Think maybe I really will ship him off somewhere.

Nice sunny Tuesday, dressed far too warm for my run, feh, it happens.  The feels like was 24F with the temperature 30F something (I can’t remember).  Nothing about the run felt good, that happens too.  It was sunny so I’m happy I got out for an hour to absorbs some Vitamin D!  Gus got his walk, we went nearly 4 miles. It wasn’t very exciting because no one shovels sidewalks and people drive like maniacs, fortunately there is a nice quiet neighborhood nearby we can walk to and walk around in.  Once we were home he was content to crawl up in a chair and go to sleep and completely slept through bed time and it was 5 a.m. before he came by to disturb, um snuggle with, me.  I’ll take that! 

My torn up heels are getting better, as much as I want to document and share this horror I’ll spare everyone.  Wonder how long it will take the skin to grow back.

Ro went to VT for the week so no hills on Wednesday.  I debated running them or just doing the usual loop.  I did the loop around campus, nothing exciting. The super speedy runners went out early in the day and I didn’t see anyone, it was a rather lonely run.  Yeah, I know I run alone, but I like seeing people.

Spin was good.  I cranked down on the tension and worked hard.  Thing is with the new spin bikes it seems like once you get the wheel moving in a heavy gear it seems easy to keep it moving a good pace.  Really not so much when I’d peek at the RPMs on the monitor thingy, I was losing RPM.    The guy next to me probably thought I was racing him, ha!  

No walk for Gus.  And I skipped planking.  I have no reasonable explanation for why I didn’t get down on the floor and plank for 3 minutes, it was absolutely stupid.  Maybe I’m not a streaker?

I knew it was going to be a long day on Thursday and I was really missing the hill loop.  I know I seriously have a screw loose.  Did the loop by myself at a pretty good clip!  Planked after the run and felt better about myself.

No running on Friday, Functional Strength and Core.  The whole class is getting less foreign to me and I am enjoying it.  Plus I’m not sore for three days after.  I think that is more because I’m getting used to the types of exercises not that I’m not doing them with any gusto!

Got Gus out for a hike in what is probably the last of the snow.  He was happy to be off leash and scrub off some of his extra energy.  For a 9 year old (10 in July) boxer boy he is still going strong.  We both think he is going to be a lot like Gizmo and make it close to 15/16 other than his horrible teeth he is pretty much wash and wear like Gizmo.  Even at the end Gizmo  had his bursts of energy.  These required us to run after him holding his back legs!  Maybe we can not have a repeat of that situation...   

I was not at all with it in Saturday morning, Dave was desperately trying to engage me in conversation and I was having none of it.  I felt bad for him, really all I wanted to do was drink my coffee and curl up in my chair with WWF until I finished one or the other or both and then go run at the beach.

I was a bit nervous a 7 mile run,  the longest since May.  Could I do the whole thing with no walking?  Then I felt like such an idiot thinking this.  I finished my coffee, had a cup of water and a bite of a Kind bar and set off on my run around the pond at the beach.  For some reason I thought this was closer to 8 miles than 7 miles.  I think I needed to add in Noyes Neck for that.  In any event, the wind was from the WSW and that was the direction for the first half of the run then into it for the second half with a wee tiny bit to finish up with the wind at my back.  I don't think the 7MPH made much of a difference but I did keep my pace up on Shore Road, which is also 'hilly' and into the wind.  All in all I was impressed with my consistency with barely staring at my watch, simply running and enjoying the sun and waving at the drivers.  I'm sure they thought I was some sort of odd ball.  Whatever!!  :)

Took Gus out for a romp around Champlin Forest Preserve.  He was not at all interested in this, and spent most of the hike behind me, rarely wanting to lead the way and mostly wanting to sniff and lolly gaggle around.  Huh.  I think it was the fact he didn't get his usual nap time all day long.  Between Dave working and me being home and busy with household chores he and Jax were up most of the day.   My tight calves needed the hike so at least one of us got something out of it!!

Jax got the walk on Sunday morning.  His knee if off and on, thankfully it isn't the one that was crushed, he hobbled a bit getting up but nothing like was.  Rest and recovery is always good.  After a long period of stillness, once he gets a few steps into wherever he is headed off to he's fine.   We will continue to keep an eye on him.  Diesel had similar issues although he bounced back much quicker.  Could be the stress the healing of the smashed leg took it's toll on Jax's other leg. 

For nearly 24 hours all my workout clothes were clean, so I biked in the afternoon.  The first time on the Tour de Farms and I didn't have any adventures, read:  get lost.  There are some side roads I wanted to check out but I figured 20 miles on the bike was good for a nice balmy 55F day in February.   I got a new long sleeve shirt and it was perfect with a layer underneath.  I contemplated unzipping it but really didn't need to once I changed directions.  The wind was strong from the South so I fought that most of the way home.  Nothing stellar on the bazillions of segments on the course.  I was kind of hoping my fastidious with spin over the winter months would pay off.  They probably actually are considering I didn't die on the ride?  I noticed a huge difference going up hills when I engaged my core (that sounds so silly, doesn't it?) and got into the drops.  Truly amazing.

After 6 blissful days in my multi focal contacts I was back in my usual ones today.  Hopefully the new ones arrive this week.  Everyone I've talked to had a huge adjustment period with the multi focal.  Me? Not so much.  Maybe an hour?  Most people it seemed to be weeks.  The one time it's nice to be in that small minority!

My heels seem to be healing!  The skin will take a while to get back to it's pre- blister thickness but all the redness and horridness seems to be gone.  They look like hell but don't need bandages!


Run:  22.9
Walk: 12.8
Ride: 51.6

Taking it slow and easy getting back to running has really paid off, as have the core classes and frankly this plank challenge.  3 minutes is an eternity, and as Seth said "you are just stuck there" I haven't figured a way to keep my mind occupied.  I think I'll keep on with 3 minutes until something inspires me to go longer. 

Beth enjoying the bit of spring weather we have before March sets in.  Or is April the cruelest month?

Sunday, February 12, 2017

Weekly Recap: 2/6/2017 - 2/12/2017

I have never been a Super Bowl fan, for as long as I can remember, probably back to the second or third one.  Perhaps January 1968? They are a source of stress and discontent. Anyhow. I've been watching them for the past couple years, and slowly getting over my hatred of them.  Super Bowl LI was freaking amazing.  I really thought the Pats had lost it, and BOOM they started playing actual football.  AMAZING.  All that aside, really, I am sick to death of women pointing out Lady GaGa's pooch.  Are you freaking kidding me?  The woman has to breathe, how the hell else does someone do that except through their belly when singing and dancing. OhMyFreakingGod I'm sick to death of it, the constant nit picking, even in the name of saying how wonderful she is. Even the bones and muscle women runners I know have this apparent horror.  It's called belly breathing, give it a freaking break.  Can't we go back to where we are hard on only ourselves?  Life was much better then.  Now not only to I have to be uber critical of myself, I have to be uber critical of other women?  Please someone take away my woman card, I don't have time for this nonsense.

Ok so that's off my chest on this Monday.

If you are going to ship me somewhere don't put that Jax in the box!!

Not a running day and it was a beautiful day for running and the next three running days are going to be not so great.  Oh well.  It is what it is.  Thursday is supposed to snow, which is great for running, but I have some big deal people in for a meeting and at least I MAY know by 1 p.m. on Wednesday how Thursday may play out depending on what the dispatcher at aviation has to say...   I may take Friday off to day drink my stress away if this all goes how it seems to be playing out.

Spin was good, my shoulder still aches from my tumble on Sunday.  Vitamin I helps that, and as long as I don't do something stupid like try and swing it around or put a lot of pressure on it I am good.  Planking was a bit tough, I managed to put a bit more weight on the right than the left so that was OK.  Maybe I'll be at 2 minutes by the end of the week.  I'm oh so very close.

Dave decided he wanted to come with on the dog walk, he'd walk Jax and I'd walk Gus.  None of the three of us knew how to process this, especially when he tried being the Alpha Dog, clearly MY role when I take the dogs on a walk, the two of them looked at me like WTF Beth, this isn't right, do we HAVE to listen to him?  Why join us on the walk?  Good question!  Jax's ACL is probably the problem and while it's easy to say no activity, if you have ever met ACTION JAXSON, you'd know just how impossible this is.  Dave figured street walking on a leash would be better than hiking, and he is probably correct.

Yeah, I may be a bit grouchy...  it may get better, it may not...

And we are due to have snow, maybe a little maybe a lot, who knows, maybe The Race in the LI Sound will cause it to swing inland.  No one knows.  SO I spent Tuesday afternoon canceling services and rescheduling meetings that were supposed to happen with the division leadership team on site on Thursday.  And I may spend the balance of Wednesday doing this too.  It's a nice break?  Ha, not really.

Got in a decent run before all of the chaos ensued. Yeah me, having to catch up on all the eMail traffic.  What a bunch of utter nonsense.  I have to print out my training plan and hang it at my desk.  I think today was 4 miles of fartlets, and well we all know I shy away from speed work.  What I did do was use a metronome to help with my cadence.  Goal cadence is 180, but you can't go from 165 to 180, so 175 it is and I hit that for the first two miles (well 172 and 174 close enough in hand-grenades and napalm) and it dwindled from there 168, 164 and 164.  What was different was my suffer score, not in the epic range for the pace I ran.  So maybe so many month of my plodding pace was good?  Who knows.  It's also cyclical, and we will leave it at that.   I may need to back it down to 170?  Not really sure, we shall see how Thursday goes.

Nice Spring day greeted us for Wednesday.  It was seriously so hard to not don hat and gloves for the hill loop with Ro.  I didn't and was happy I didn't.  I got very warm as it was with long sleeves. We kept up a good clip speed walk more than walk and not quite a run, a good work out either way.  The work day was as frustrating as so many have been until a new project landed on my desk.  FINALLY something new!  I'm excited to have something new to learn and apply over the next year!!!  It was very scary to admit I was bored and wanted a new challenge.  I got one!!  

Spin was a tabata class.  20 second intervals with 10 second rest, the 10 seconds feels like 1 second.  no breaks, barely a chance to wipe off sweat or drink water.  I LOVE these classes.  They are exhausting, and so worth it. 

With the pending snow I am giddy with anticipation.  Hoping to wake up to snow covered roads and take Gus for an adventure.  I know it's a running day and I need to abide my training plan, but the fun of running and romping in the snow can't be passed up. Besides the 'long runs' are the important ones, right?   Snow oh wonderful snow!!!  

Well, waking up on Thursday was to the sound of rain on the roof.  Well crap, this is not what I was hoping for.  At least Wednesday was the sound of the morning dove....  Guess this is all better than that damn rooster that used to live across the street!

By 9 a.m. it started turning into snow so I got ready for a run!  Managed 5 miles in the icy pellets eventually turning to snow.  It was grand.  I stuck close to the house doing the 'fingers' with the shoes with screws in the bottom for traction.  The post man and the police officer I saw no less than 5 times suggested maybe I had a screws lose!  Ha!!

After I got back and showered the wind kicked up and it looked pretty miserable outside.  I got out at the perfect time. 

Working at home really isn't my thing.  Dave had the CNC machine running and that is noisy and annoying.  The dogs ventured in and out of the dining room / bike garage to see what I was up to and if that stove was going or not.  If it was going they would settle in until it shut off and then go back to the one in the other room.  Fickle creatures.  Focusing was tough for me, considering I work in open space and every 5 seconds there is a distraction and I can stay focused.  I totally missed the gal popping bubble wrap for 30 minutes.  I keep hearing about this and vaguely recall something but nothing enough to distract me.... huh...  yet the sound of hummmmm hummmm cutttttt cutttt annoyed me.  Who knows.  

We got shoveled out and ready to escape the house on Friday morning!

Amazingly the roads were horrible, the plow went up and down our tiny street 10 times. I was expecting clear pavement on Friday morning.  Twas not.  Even the highway was a disaster.  Huh.  I was really surprised.  Well we did get nearly a foot of snow, so there is that.  Work was pretty empty, the Jackass and the Cheesehead were at work.  Cheesehead is new to the group of misfits; he's starting to loosen up a bit.  

Chris's core and functional strength class included 3 sets of running up 108 stairs. Are you kidding me with this?  We did 3 sets of 30 second planks, right side, left side, and forearm.  My left shoulder is still a bit tender from my crash last weekend.  I managed through all of this and did my Personal Best (PB) plank after class!  

Dave called about 5:30 wondering where I was, and if I'd like to take the dogs to Arcadia to snowshoe and see the moon.  Really this was so he could see if the snowmobiles had been out and packing down some trails so he could take out the Fat Bike.  Sure I was game, but could we please eat dinner first.  Dinner was going to be hamburgers and it has been eons since we've been to B&B Dockside for burgers.  Their beer menu is limited, but the burgers... I was struggling The TK or The Elvis Made Fat.  I went with The TK.  Love the fried egg on the burger.  It was below 20F so the pups, even bundled up, weren't going to be up for being out too long.  We managed a little over a mile in 30 minutes and they were running to the car to get out of the cold.   The moon was beautiful as were the trees covered in snow.  It is so peaceful.  

On tap for Saturday was supposed to be 3 miles, I snowshoed 3.7 miles with Ro instead and tore up my heels, I mean seriously tore them up.  Bleeding blisters, quarter sized chunks of skin gone.  Of all the idiotic things to do.  My socks were too thick.  That's my theory on why this happened.  I got my heels bandaged up and relaxed the rest of the day until the dogs couldn't stand it any more and had to get out for anything, something, if you don't take us out we are going to make you INSANE with our whining and pacing and nose whistling and, of course, the Dumb Game.  We walked a mile and that was ok so I was sure I'd be fine for my first 'long run' per my remedial 1/2 training plan.  

Ro:  Where do you look when you do selfies?
Me:  At myself
Ro: Oh this is my favorite!

Planking happened, neither meeting close to my goal but a total of over 3 minutes.  It happened so kudos on that.  Not sure what my deal was.  I think it is tougher to do barefoot?  Or in silence?  Not sure what my dysfunction was.

After another spectacular night of sleep Sunday was looking to be good.  A bit of girly stuff in the morning followed by 6 miles in the snow and a short dog hike.  I have to get through this mental thing with the planking, I made it 1:28.64  WTF is your deal Beth, get through it.  Probably the no shoes thing?  Totes easier to plank in bike shoes.  Maybe I'll just put them on?  I'm weird, what can I say?

My screw shoes didn't fail and my 6.3 miles of hills around the house was great. It's the rare neighbor who actually shovels their walk so I knew I'd be in the roads.  Figured I'd try a Muddy and do a Road Gobble with the ones in my 'hood.  Got all but Voes, Wilcox, and Gravity, oh and my full street.  That was kind of fun and I felt safe between my shoes and being close to home.   

Dave and I took the beasts to the woods and they had a bit of a struggle in the footish of heavy snow.  This wore them out and they were two sacked out pups after dinner, ahhhhh....

Can you see Jax?


Feet:  34.2
Saddle: 30


Finished: "A Mad, Wicked Folly" by Sharon Biggs Waller, what a nice novel, I loved it! Vickie did her part in the Women's Suffrage movement in the UK and eventually gained slight approval from her father.

Started: "The Tycoons: How Andrew Carnegie, John D. Rockefeller, Jay Gould and J.P. Morgan Invented the American Supereconomy" By Charles R. Morris  time for something a little less fairy-tale and a little more real life.   Plus I have a HUGE crush on John D. Rockefeller, yeah I know he's dead, maybe admiration is better?  Carnegie and Gould were, in my opinion, arrogant powerhouses for wee tiny men.  The verdict is still out on J.P. Morgan, I think he did a lot of things simply to piss off his father.  I'll enjoy this one, I'm sure, let's see if my going in opinions of these men prevails.

Beth, glad to get all that off her chest for the week...

Sunday, February 5, 2017

Weekly Recap - 1/30/2017 - 2/5/2017

I never put together a race list for this year.  Guess it will be catch as catch can?  My running mileage is not up to snuff, yet, getting there.  Not really sure what deterred me so much in January, other than not much running on the weekends and sticking to no running on Mon and Fri.  So really the only race looming in the future is the Shape Women's Half Marathon on April 30th, which seems like a lifetime away, however is 13 weeks and I really need to train for this.  I dug up my remedial half marathon training plan from the very first half I did actual training for.

I think I can commit to this level of running and all the while working on cadence and perhaps see some improvements!  I'm sure Ro will be thrilled to run our Wed hill loop...  hmmmm.  I still have a bit of time to tweek Tuesday, speedwork, really Beth, think you are going to do that???

So the week starts on Monday, well it does for me, not a running day, a spin day.  I was tired and still retaining some tenderness and fluid from my massage on Sunday.  Really, it's a thing.  Class was good, I think I purged the last of the fluid on on to the floor and the spin bike.  Grossssssss........   Gus took me for a long walk and he was happy to get out although it was definitely feeling like snow, the moisture level was high and we were both a bit creaky.

A running day and a snowy day on Tuesday, oh please please please, can it snow when I can run?  It did, it was so light at first I was disappointed, fortunately the snow picked up as the miles progressed in the 6 I ran!  Yippieee.  Another Mitten Gal was leaving campus as I was getting back, so jealous for her run to be in the heavier snow.  She, same as I, was THRILLED.  I was caked in snow in my braids, gloves, hat, shirt, so content.  When I got back to my desk Jackass wondered what I really did for lunch!  HA HA HA!  Yep, the run was THAT good!

Dave wanted to go for a hike, was I going to be home, he couldn't remember, and we could take both dogs?  My plans were cancelled due to the snow so we took the pups out to Burlingame for a 2 mile night hike in the snow.  It was lovely.  They enjoyed it, we enjoyed it.  Snow is a grand thing!

The snow was due to depart (melt) on Wednesday, bummer.  Walked hills with Ro and Dar.  Dar is off on her first post retirement adventure, 3 months in FL in an RV.  She and her husband have it all mapped out and when the grand kids will be visiting!  Sounded like a lot of fun.  It was a bitter cold and took a while to warm up once I got back to my desk.  Thankfully I have a lap blanket, sweaters, and shawls.  The guys wanted to know what I was going to do when I was an old lady, I said, thicker blankets!  They laughed.

Spin was an interval class, I've been feeling a little worn out and it was really a push to get to 15 miles on the spin bike.  I manged.  The dogs didn't get a walk. I curled up in my chair and was quiet, and they were quiet.  I like quiet, they weren't happy, they like me happy, they are good dogs.

I was very glad to finish that horrible book "Pretty Girls" by Karin Slaughter.  The book wasn't horrible the subject was and will forever keep me looking over my shoulder.  Fortunately one of my besties is a women's crisis counselor and she assured me I would not become the victim of a snuff porn ring, I was far far, dare I say FAR too old. Thanks!

Not really sure how my run was going to go on Thursday, if someone would have needed to meet with me at noon I probably would have used that as an excuse to forgo my run.  I didn't.  The first 3 miles were pretty peppy but I think the lap at Jupiter Point then the climb out of there combine with the NW 15MPH wind and the slog up Shennie into the wind really took the last little bit of anything I may have had left.  I was a full minute slower in my pace, that is more than wind resistance. Since the dogs didn't get out on Wednesday they had to get out on Thursday, we did the 2 mile loop and they were impeccably behaved, I think they KNEW I was so not in to this walk that they really minded their p's and q's.  I am grateful for that immense effort on their parts.  I rewarded them with some venison jerky.  They rewarded Dave and I by curling up and sleeping soundly the rest of the night.  Ahhhhh....  

Started Peter's Plank challenge in earnest, meaning I made a goal.  3 months of planking every day, and be at a 3 minute plank in 3 weeks.

Rest day on Friday was met with open arms.  Core Strength and Stability class at lunch time was about all the energy I had.  Addy put together an interesting circuit.  I was considering using the 3 sets of walking planks as my 90 seconds of planking.  That's cheating so between my Friday night beers I planked. 

The prequel to "Pretty Girls" was OK.  Ironic, actually.

Dave and I took the pups on a night hike and we all enjoyed that.  We went to a different part of Burlingame and at one point could hear two owls calling out to each other.  That was pretty cool.  The dogs enjoyed the adventure and we hoped would possibly sleep through the night!

The pilot light in one of our two non central heat sources of heat went out.  I slept like a champ, I love it when it is cold.  I could have used another quilt, but otherwise it was a grand nights sleep.  I woke up Saturday ready to go, well after coffee, lots of coffee, good thing it was going to be a busy day!  Started off with Old Mountain 5K put on the illustrious Mike Galoob!  Nice catching up with people before the race and only a bit afterwards.  I had to hustle.  Not that my pace showed I was in a hurry.  It was consistent and for me, presently, consistency is good!  I was feeling Addy's  core strength and stability class, not as much as in the past.  Either I didn't work hard enough or I'm developing some sort of strength!  

The race was excellent, as usual.  The weather was perfect for a trail race, snow would have made it more fun!  WTAC took 3rd place.  I passed a few people and only got passed twice, so I'll call that a win to.  

Finally got the pests (yes, pests) out for a walk after dinner.  They were actually pretty good together.  I wonder who replaced my usually obnoxious dogs?  They even went right to sleep when we got home.  Huh, someone's smiling on me!  Thanks!

The hounds let us sleep till 7 a.m. on Sunday, it was delightful!

First up was an hour on the bike around Rome Point.  That was fun, well after I made a horrible choice and launched over the handlebars and landed on my left shoulder and ate a mouthful of dirt.   No bones, helmet, or teeth were broken, so we will call this a win.  There are like two hills in this whole place and I manage to crash on one of the two, actually I'd be kind of hard pressed to call the other one a hill, more of a slope.   I got in 4.8 miles and have a sore shoulder now and a flat front tire from some thorns.  Time to go tubeless? 

Then the Narragansett Running Association Super 7K.  What an odd distance.  There is a story behind it but I can't remember and probably should look it up.  Jeff V, Jeff H, and Eric were going out there did I want to carpool?  I declined, doing the biking and all before hand...    Did a 1 mile warm up with the 'Gansett Gals.  I haven't done a warm up before a race in a long time and really wasn't sure it was a great idea but oh hell, I miss running with these gals.  A LOT.  

Nicole and Diane and I stuck together for most of the 4.3 miles, they pulled ahead about 1/3 of a mile to go and I just couldn't turn my legs over.  All in all it's the fastest I've run in a long time and while I felt like I couldn't get my legs to turn over I didn't feel like I was dying.  I averaged a 10:29 pace with the slowest mile being the last at a 10:53.  All in all considering the bike, the crash, and the warm up I'm good with that, major progress for me at this point.  
Beers after!


Feet:  37.9  
Saddle: 34.8

Beth, dogs, smiles, and friends help the world go round and be a nicer place!  And reading a much more lively fun book "A Mad, Wicked Folly" by Sharon Biggs Waller!!