Sunday, February 5, 2017

Weekly Recap - 1/30/2017 - 2/5/2017

I never put together a race list for this year.  Guess it will be catch as catch can?  My running mileage is not up to snuff, yet, getting there.  Not really sure what deterred me so much in January, other than not much running on the weekends and sticking to no running on Mon and Fri.  So really the only race looming in the future is the Shape Women's Half Marathon on April 30th, which seems like a lifetime away, however is 13 weeks and I really need to train for this.  I dug up my remedial half marathon training plan from the very first half I did actual training for.

I think I can commit to this level of running and all the while working on cadence and perhaps see some improvements!  I'm sure Ro will be thrilled to run our Wed hill loop...  hmmmm.  I still have a bit of time to tweek Tuesday, speedwork, really Beth, think you are going to do that???

So the week starts on Monday, well it does for me, not a running day, a spin day.  I was tired and still retaining some tenderness and fluid from my massage on Sunday.  Really, it's a thing.  Class was good, I think I purged the last of the fluid on on to the floor and the spin bike.  Grossssssss........   Gus took me for a long walk and he was happy to get out although it was definitely feeling like snow, the moisture level was high and we were both a bit creaky.

A running day and a snowy day on Tuesday, oh please please please, can it snow when I can run?  It did, it was so light at first I was disappointed, fortunately the snow picked up as the miles progressed in the 6 I ran!  Yippieee.  Another Mitten Gal was leaving campus as I was getting back, so jealous for her run to be in the heavier snow.  She, same as I, was THRILLED.  I was caked in snow in my braids, gloves, hat, shirt, so content.  When I got back to my desk Jackass wondered what I really did for lunch!  HA HA HA!  Yep, the run was THAT good!

Dave wanted to go for a hike, was I going to be home, he couldn't remember, and we could take both dogs?  My plans were cancelled due to the snow so we took the pups out to Burlingame for a 2 mile night hike in the snow.  It was lovely.  They enjoyed it, we enjoyed it.  Snow is a grand thing!

The snow was due to depart (melt) on Wednesday, bummer.  Walked hills with Ro and Dar.  Dar is off on her first post retirement adventure, 3 months in FL in an RV.  She and her husband have it all mapped out and when the grand kids will be visiting!  Sounded like a lot of fun.  It was a bitter cold and took a while to warm up once I got back to my desk.  Thankfully I have a lap blanket, sweaters, and shawls.  The guys wanted to know what I was going to do when I was an old lady, I said, thicker blankets!  They laughed.

Spin was an interval class, I've been feeling a little worn out and it was really a push to get to 15 miles on the spin bike.  I manged.  The dogs didn't get a walk. I curled up in my chair and was quiet, and they were quiet.  I like quiet, they weren't happy, they like me happy, they are good dogs.

I was very glad to finish that horrible book "Pretty Girls" by Karin Slaughter.  The book wasn't horrible the subject was and will forever keep me looking over my shoulder.  Fortunately one of my besties is a women's crisis counselor and she assured me I would not become the victim of a snuff porn ring, I was far far, dare I say FAR too old. Thanks!

Not really sure how my run was going to go on Thursday, if someone would have needed to meet with me at noon I probably would have used that as an excuse to forgo my run.  I didn't.  The first 3 miles were pretty peppy but I think the lap at Jupiter Point then the climb out of there combine with the NW 15MPH wind and the slog up Shennie into the wind really took the last little bit of anything I may have had left.  I was a full minute slower in my pace, that is more than wind resistance. Since the dogs didn't get out on Wednesday they had to get out on Thursday, we did the 2 mile loop and they were impeccably behaved, I think they KNEW I was so not in to this walk that they really minded their p's and q's.  I am grateful for that immense effort on their parts.  I rewarded them with some venison jerky.  They rewarded Dave and I by curling up and sleeping soundly the rest of the night.  Ahhhhh....  

Started Peter's Plank challenge in earnest, meaning I made a goal.  3 months of planking every day, and be at a 3 minute plank in 3 weeks.

Rest day on Friday was met with open arms.  Core Strength and Stability class at lunch time was about all the energy I had.  Addy put together an interesting circuit.  I was considering using the 3 sets of walking planks as my 90 seconds of planking.  That's cheating so between my Friday night beers I planked. 

The prequel to "Pretty Girls" was OK.  Ironic, actually.

Dave and I took the pups on a night hike and we all enjoyed that.  We went to a different part of Burlingame and at one point could hear two owls calling out to each other.  That was pretty cool.  The dogs enjoyed the adventure and we hoped would possibly sleep through the night!

The pilot light in one of our two non central heat sources of heat went out.  I slept like a champ, I love it when it is cold.  I could have used another quilt, but otherwise it was a grand nights sleep.  I woke up Saturday ready to go, well after coffee, lots of coffee, good thing it was going to be a busy day!  Started off with Old Mountain 5K put on the illustrious Mike Galoob!  Nice catching up with people before the race and only a bit afterwards.  I had to hustle.  Not that my pace showed I was in a hurry.  It was consistent and for me, presently, consistency is good!  I was feeling Addy's  core strength and stability class, not as much as in the past.  Either I didn't work hard enough or I'm developing some sort of strength!  

The race was excellent, as usual.  The weather was perfect for a trail race, snow would have made it more fun!  WTAC took 3rd place.  I passed a few people and only got passed twice, so I'll call that a win to.  

Finally got the pests (yes, pests) out for a walk after dinner.  They were actually pretty good together.  I wonder who replaced my usually obnoxious dogs?  They even went right to sleep when we got home.  Huh, someone's smiling on me!  Thanks!

The hounds let us sleep till 7 a.m. on Sunday, it was delightful!

First up was an hour on the bike around Rome Point.  That was fun, well after I made a horrible choice and launched over the handlebars and landed on my left shoulder and ate a mouthful of dirt.   No bones, helmet, or teeth were broken, so we will call this a win.  There are like two hills in this whole place and I manage to crash on one of the two, actually I'd be kind of hard pressed to call the other one a hill, more of a slope.   I got in 4.8 miles and have a sore shoulder now and a flat front tire from some thorns.  Time to go tubeless? 

Then the Narragansett Running Association Super 7K.  What an odd distance.  There is a story behind it but I can't remember and probably should look it up.  Jeff V, Jeff H, and Eric were going out there did I want to carpool?  I declined, doing the biking and all before hand...    Did a 1 mile warm up with the 'Gansett Gals.  I haven't done a warm up before a race in a long time and really wasn't sure it was a great idea but oh hell, I miss running with these gals.  A LOT.  

Nicole and Diane and I stuck together for most of the 4.3 miles, they pulled ahead about 1/3 of a mile to go and I just couldn't turn my legs over.  All in all it's the fastest I've run in a long time and while I felt like I couldn't get my legs to turn over I didn't feel like I was dying.  I averaged a 10:29 pace with the slowest mile being the last at a 10:53.  All in all considering the bike, the crash, and the warm up I'm good with that, major progress for me at this point.  
Beers after!


Feet:  37.9  
Saddle: 34.8

Beth, dogs, smiles, and friends help the world go round and be a nicer place!  And reading a much more lively fun book "A Mad, Wicked Folly" by Sharon Biggs Waller!!


  1. Good luck with the planking. It's a tough challenge considering you're just frozen there!

  2. Well Beth, just saying goodbye and wish you and your husband the best. My music died but it never really started. I was going to make you Queen of that whole ride. I was just warming up but I completely understand. I didn't even get to call my accountant. It was eventually going to come down to me and you vs. the million dollar Bek of Bain Capital. Concert of a lifetime kid. Remember most importantly, this was a friend thing only, no romance involved. If we could have won with the most money, you are talking about me and you being the best in the largest sports charity in the country. To me, that would have been the highest honor one could ever achieve in athletics for the year. We'll all the best, but the funny thing was in no way was I going to even come close to being near that ride. I did not want any part of it being at the event. I probably would have been hiking up in Hopeville State Park in Ct. with a lil Foxwoods Princess. Honest money through commodities. The best in life and good-bye Beth. I am officially all out! Happy trails, don't worry, you won't hear from me again. I am not upset with you I just don't want to bother you I promise.