Thursday, July 31, 2014

Weekly Recap 7/28 - 8/3

Monday – Dog Walk 1.9

My legs felt kinda heavy from the Blessing?  Not really sure.  I didn't bike hard at all on Saturday (26 miles - I never did update last weeks recap) and was a slug on Sunday after volunteering at the Crabman Sprint Tri. So not really sure what my deal was Monday.  I wasn't that busy at work.  Quiet Mike B.

Yeah, volunteering for Crabman, I do like volunteering, it is fun to watch the competitors and to cheer on the ones I recognize. Also looking for people helps keep my mind occupied.  The weather reports were saying it was going to be miserable rainy on Sunday and it wasn't until the afternoon.  Thank you to the weather gods for small favors.

Nice quick stroll with Gizmo. Dave was a little perturbed with the delay in the start of the evening TV watching.  He wanted to finish up the last 3 episodes of season 3 of Game of Thrones and I have actually been paying attention so I wanted him to wait.  We managed to finish them up.  There were some good episodes and some rather weak ones.  Will be interesting to see what season 4 holds.  Shhhhh don’t tell.  We won’t see it until it is released on DVD and we can check it out of the library.

Oh fishing report.  Dave went fishing on Saturday, he and Jim netted 10 legal Fluke, Dave 7 Jim 3.  I didn't pull any further data out of Dave, other than Jim got the bulk of the haul.  He does own the boat after all!  We enjoyed a nice fluke dinner on Monday night!

Tuesday -   Run 5.5  / Dog Walk 1.2

Dave’s birthday.  Yes, my imaginary husband has a birthday.  Why I made him a Leo is still a mystery to me.  Since he didn't want anything frivolous there was no present, just dinner out.  Plum Tomato in Colchester.   Yes a 45 minute drive for pizza, and it is so worth it!  Works for me.

New shoes on my lunch run, trying the Asics Nimbus, they are stability versus my usual stability + shoe.   Found a past model year on sale and I’ll give them a whirl and see what happens.  They come in more colors than my Kayanos which is one reason to try something new and the other one is to just try something new.  I liked the shoes didn't really notice any difference from my regular ones.  My legs felt heavy, residual Blessing or my slothfulness from the past two days?  Doubtful it had anything to do with the shoes.

Wednesday -   Walk w/Ro 2.6 /  Westerly fun run – one lap 1 mile / Bike to/from fun run 10 miles / Dog walk 2.8

Stepped up the activity level.  I was going to bike into work; I was a little concerned with 36 miles on the bike especially after my legs felt so heavy on the run yesterday.  Better to give them a little break and just bike to the fun run to get out on the bike.

Met up with Ro for a walk, sorry Mike B, we didn't hear you whistling at us, again.  Obviously we need our ears checked.

Biked out to the fun run, figuring I could pick up my shirt and run, maybe.  Well my reading comprehension is fairly poor and the shirts weren't expected to be in until August 6th, not expected to be picked up by August 6th.  Ran a mile lap 9:02, not my best effort, certainly not my worst effort.   Really a shame to waste the great weather for a run with only a mile, it was fun to cheer people in as they finished the full 5K.  I did feel peppy for the bike ride home.  Jeff asked what my excuse was for only running the mile.  I had a list, he didn't have time for the whole list so I settled on “I’m lazy”.

The weather was dry and cool and perfect for a nice long walk with Gizmo.  He was quite energetic and just kept turning away from home so we kept on going.  Dave did call (I keep the ringer off on the phone most times and missed the call - setting in even more panic I guess)  to see if everything was ok, he thought we were gone longer than we were.  We both worry about our geriatric Gizzy.  I assured him all was fine as I discovered Dave walking towards us on the sidewalk to see if he could find us.  Whoops!

Thursday -  0 (well 20 bazillion trips up and down the stairs packing, checking lists, finding things)

Figure I should rest up for this two days on the bike?    Plus packing and obsessively watching the weather, 50% chance of rain Sat and Sun, takes up a bit of time.  I think of it this way:  Cancer isn't easy and this ride shouldn't be easy.

Friday  -  Not sure

Saturday  – Pan Mass Challenge, Wellesley to Bourne 84 miles 

Sunday – Pan Mass Challenge, Bourne to Provincetown 80 miles

Beth, feeling like a sloth...  although not quite as fuzzy or funny as Sid.

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Wordless Wednesday

Blessing 2014

Beth, I can't stop laughing at this and the other pictures....   file:  bad race photos.

Saturday, July 26, 2014

Blessing of the Fleet - Recap

Sigh...  who doesn't love a race on a Friday night in the throws of the heat and humidity of July?  

I have no idea why I subjected myself to this 10 mile race.  My longest run in the last month has been a whopping 6 miles.  I'm barely breaking 10 miles a week, ok maybe not THAT bad...  It was a long shot to have a successful race, and I knew that.  Still I set my goals high  A - 1:40  B - 1:45 C- don't die.  Yeah, C was probably a sure thing.  

I was feeling very confident and good about the 1:45 for the first 5 miles then I'm not sure what happened in my mind.  I walked at mile 4, and again and again.  Even the caffeine loaded GU at mile 5 didn't help much.  To little to late. 

Ah lets rewind a bit and revel in the camaraderie of the middle of the packers who aren't trying to beat the crap out of their frenimies.

Met up with quite a few people I wanted to see pre-race.  Sorry Mike B, Muddy said you and Gazelle were off warming up.  Looked for Seth, Chris, and Johnny (can't wait to read about your 1/2 marathon wedding run and then the Blessing).  

The gun went off and I couldn't remember if this was chip timed from the start or not, so I started my watch.  Then the rush and the stop and the mat, ah.  Maybe I'll remember that for next year.  I was consistently 1/10th of a mile over, but then I noted in the Strava feeds most people had that same extra 1/10th  of a mile.

I remembered to just go slow, and not get caught up in the down hill or the crowds, I was successful.  The last two times were some pretty fast starts for me and that didn't help in the middle few miles.

About mile 2 I saw a gal who was running her first 10 miler and her first Blessing.  I cheered her on and she actually recognized me from our interaction on Facebook.   Kudos to Michelle for giving her some props on this race.  Plus her skirt was freaking adorable and hard to miss!!  Great job Emily!

It was the normal slog up Ocean road, is this ever going to end?  A headwind was actually nice, yeah, I just said that, kick me, please!

Rounding the corner on Knowlesway, into the sun, and a little hill, ok a speed bump.  I walked.  Pretty much sealed the deal I better just enjoy this as a long run and not get all bitchy and pissy, what is the point in that, right?

Point Judith road, another one of those is this ever going to end?

Finally in to the nice shady curvy Kinney Ave.  Then the left turn back on Pier Road to run past the start and down Avice.  I was dreading this.  Until...

Right there on the corner, at mile 7.7  a Marine Corps flag and an adorable pup.  Oh this must be Ed!  I finally got to meet Ed and his pup Everett.  After months of stalking each other (Ed and I, Everett doesn't have his own FB page , yet) on FB, it was nice to put a name and a live person together, plus seriously Everett, is freaking adorable and was happy to let me pet him and hopefully pull out some puppy power. Ed let me know Jennifer was a few minutes ahead of me.  Oh good!  She is in the throws of Marine Corps Marathon training and this is a good long run to complement her training.  Ed is dealing with PF right now, and hopefully with a little break will be back to training for MCM.

I stumbled through the next couple miles and then noticed a couple I recognized on the corner of Robinson and Kingstown Road.  Dave's Uncle Billy and his Aunt Susan!!  Needing moral support (yes, with like 1/2 mile to go) I ran over there, they looked at this sweaty disgusting runner and I said, "Hi, it's Beth"  they had a glimmer of recognition (so funny when you run into someone out of context) and a big AH HA and gave me a hug.   Hey I'll take any support I can get.   Their granddaughter Skye was there and she was a little leery of all of this and did recognize me but was good with just saying Hi.  She is a cutie.  We chatted and I said "Oh I probably should finish this race."  Billy and Susan agreed that would be a good idea.  

I had a little push of power for the last 1/10th of a mile.  Happy to cross the finish line.

Was this a success?  Not really, did it go better than it could have? Most definitely.  I have been biking more than running and then there was that lost week of training I spent drinking...  I didn't die and could navigate the 1.5 miles back to Mary's with little pain, other than stepping off and on curbs, while passing pedestrians, at just a bit slower than my normal walking pace.

It was a mental battle for me after mile 5.  Walking did me in and gave me the licence to walk more.  I wonder if there is any runner therapists out there, how does one get out of their own head?  

Beth, overall happy with the end result of the race, I didn't die.  HA!

Thursday, July 24, 2014

Weekly Recap - 7/21 - 7/27

Last week of training before the Pan Mass Challenge.  I'm feeling pretty confident I won't blow up or disintegrate. Now I just need to work a couple kinks out on my bike - a strange squeak here and there.  Time for a tune up?

This week also started training for the Newport 1/2 Marathon - October 12th.  I am going to intermingle 50K training in there and actually do some speed work (I know SHOCKER).  My plan is written up and I have been monkeying with it as I my have my eye on the RI 6 Hour Ultra.  I don't think I've lost a lot of endurance in the last two months, however I definitely have slacked on running mileage.  Biking is not running, period.  And while it helps with endurance, at least in my mind, time on feet is important.  Yeah the demons have disappeared and I've been romanticizing the Ice Age 50K.  We all knew it would happen.

Monday – TRX / Dog Walk  2.9

Back to work.  I was the first person in the ‘office’, odd for me for a Monday.  I was a bit anxious to get back to a normal routine and the bottom of my in-box, plus I had a mysterious 10 a.m. call about a job rotation.   While I was busy going stir crazy on a cruise ship the plans were put in motion for a ½ time job rotation opportunity, YIPPIEEE!!  I get to learn something new and possibly travel a bit.  This is focused around setting up Record Retention Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) for our manufacturing sites.  I am very much looking forward to learning something new and growing my skill set.  

I can’t even remember the last time I was at TRX, a month possibly.  All went well, I even managed 10 plank curl unders on each side, only cheating (letting my hand touch the mat) 3 times on my left side.  Definitely felt that in my core on Tuesday afternoon.

Suspended plan with curl under - brutal

Gizzy got his walk, and had a little adventure.  A little brindle pug wanted to beat the crap out of him.  That was quite entertaining, the pup was no bigger than his head and definitely and aggressive little guy.  I just fear too much excitment will give my old guy a coronary!

Tuesday – Run 6.2 / Walk 2.5

After a busy morning I really needed to run, ran before walking with the Usual Suspects and then the  Dog Watch Fun run after work.  Ro and I ran a lap and speed walked a second lap – I’m counting it as a run.

Gizzy didn't get his walk and was not pleased about this.  I really wanted some food and to sit, I shared my cookie with him and that appeased him a little bit.  His hips were dropping quite a bit on Monday’s walk he needed a night off.

Wednesday -  Bike to / from work 36 / Run  3.2 /  Dog Walk 1.7

When I got into work I was a sweaty mess, usually the blast of AC when I walk in the building is enough to cool me down.  Um, no.  It was a sticky ride in and the back pack was kinda icky.   The ride in was nice, even with the uber sweat.  I felt stronger on the hills, and it showed in my times, progress is always a good thing.  One thing I did notice is my butt doesn't hurt like it was before my week 'vacation'.

Met Ro outside of campus and we rode till Brook Street in Noank CT.  Stopping at the top of Fort Hill for some water, here I stopped my watch, and yep, didn't turn it back on again for several miles when I noticed it was telling me the time, didn't even dawn on me that the mileage wasn't increasing, but I could see my speed.  Ding dong...

Quite pleased with my speed getting up Fort Hill, when it slightly leveled out I was able to down shift and get a little more speed.   Ro's boyfriend remarked that I may have been able to go faster if I had a heart rate... har har har...   I should wear the HRM, I probably won't.

Ro did mention that I shouldn't be riding in my big gear, I should use the little ones, something about it being easier on the knees.  I love the power of the big gear and the endless spinning spinning spinning and not feeling like I am getting anywhere in the small gear is annoying.  I do suppose that would help me gain a higher cadence and whatever benefit is supposed to go along with that.  Buller?  Anyone? 

Getting home I was more soaked then when I got to work and was greeted by an annoyed Dave, at what I have no idea.  I quick changed into dry running clothes and took off.   Always flee from grouchy people, right?

Met up with Jennifer for the Westerly Fun Run at Misquamicut Beach.  Neither of us felt like running however run we did.  Jennifer ducked out to use the porta potty and caught up with me, she waited at the top of the hill on Maplewood Ext.  Nice...  I did run with a nice man recovering from hip surgery, and we kept up a steady pace.  Either slower than what I run with Jennifer or me walking halfway up that blasted hill is what dropped my pace for mile 2.   My legs felt like lead, perhaps dehydration from biking or biking, ugh.  Thoughts of just cutting down a side street plagued both of us, neither actually suggesting it out loud until our post run hydration and recap at the Andrea.  We agreed, probably best, we would get in trouble.

Gizzy got his walk, I needed to return a book to the library, while he wanted to go the long route I won and we did a short loop around the library.

Oh Dave ended up going out Bluefish fishing.  Caught one, I didn't get the stats.  Neither of us really enjoy Bluefish.  We did spend our first couple summers, when Dave worked on the Hel-Cat II, eating that and striper.  I think we ODd?  Oh seriously bluefish more than once a month, no matter how you cook, it is too much.  Although once in a while a nice Bluefish cheek stew does sound appealing (and then I sober up).  

Thursday –  0

Resting up for the Blessing, sure to be a disaster as I haven't run any distance longer than 7 miles in oh, I don't want to look it up.  Cyber stalker, remind me?

It will be fun to catch up with the gals from Narragansett and meet some running folks I know virtually.

Went out to the concert at Esker Point Beach in Noank, fun times, saw a band called Sugar.  Mostly covers, and they were well done.  Obviously a group that enjoys performing.  Nice to have a purely fun evening.

Friday – Blessing of the Fleet (10 miles of heat and humidity on a Friday night)

2012 I ran it in 1:45
2013 I ran it in 1:43

Goal something less than 1:43.  "A" goal is 1:40  (10:00 pace)  I haven't been holding that pace for any significant distance lately.  "B" goal is 1:45 (10:30 pace).  "C" goal is finish.   I want to say most likely will be closer to 1:45 than 1:40.  But who knows, perhaps I'll be fleet of foot?

I hate this race, and going into it with that attitude is wrong wrong wrong...  But hey, the weather seems to be breaking and maybe the humidity will be less?    Besides it is beautiful, I love running by the water and the 2? mile section under the cover of trees (before party central) is bliss.  

Saturday – Bike Rhode Warrior course (40 - 60)

Tanya (Swimmer)  Karen (Runner) and I (biker) have yet to come up with a name more inventive than "Legal Ladies"...    sad state of affairs.  I used a random team name generator, I may throw some of those out there.  

I'll bike the course, the hillier part for sure, maybe the whole thing.  I need to watch the weather for Sunday see if I'll be able to get in a dry ride.

Sunday – Volunteer Crabman Sprint Tri and bike

I can't remember when my volunteer assignment starts.  I may bike to the course, but not sure.  One bird, two stones!  Efficiency, efficiency, efficiency.


Beth, currently being tortured by one 13.5 year old boxer boy who believes I owe him a walk.  Um, have another cracker, pal?

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Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Wordless Wednesday

Beth, the biker in the yet to be named relay team of 3 co-workers....

Sunday, July 20, 2014

Weekly Recap - 7/14 - 7/20

Well we have to rewind a couple days here, helps to tell the story.

Friday  - Dave and I drove to Boston to board a cruise ship to cruise to Bermuda with his family.   His parents enjoy cruising and wanted to share the experience with their three sons and their families (the opposable thumb variety of family).   Dave's eldest brother lives in Shanghai China and visits with his three children, his significant other and her daughter for 6 weeks in the summer, every other year.   Dave's youngest brother, wife and two children live near the Smith's in MA.  

Approaching Boston Dave asked for the directions. I read them, he didn't listen, we missed the exit and got lost, I think we may have ended up in New Hampshire for a bit...  I mean really the person who can get lost on an oval track you ask to navigate with words and no pictures?  Disaster.  Eventually we made it to the docks, and were not headded for divorce court. 

My attempts for us to miss the cruise boat were unsuccessful...  

We boarded, found our cabin, we had a window, no it didn't open, I tried.  a bit of sanity for me, away from the other 4 cabins of Smith's.   Wandered around trying to figure out how to get the right what ever for the Ultimate Beverage package, so we both could get a drink.  The three nieces found us and explained the lay out of the boat and what was on the itinerary for the rest of the day.  I just wanted to find the bar and start embarking on this Ultimate Beverage package Dave so smartly decided on.  Flat price, all you can drink from soda to booze.  Brilliant.

We got the whole UB situated and a couple JD and Diets for me and who knows what Dave had, his goal was to try everything, mine, was to go by the tried and trusted for the affect and no unintended effects.  (wait did I use that right?  The booze affected Ardvark.  The effect was pleasant.  Hmmm....  English majors?)

Eventually we saw the parents, the brothers, and the three nephews.  Sam, the 3 year old is my favorite.  Of course...  who doesn't love a three year old?

After many beverages and dinner we found a deck we could walk around and around.  The sign said 4 laps = 1.4 miles.  I made it a point to remember this deck.  I forgot by the a.m.  So we stumbled around about 5 times enjoying the buzz and the sea breeze as we cruised away from Boston.  

I gave myself 3 miles, the FitBit registered 13K steps.

Saturday - Not so tough getting up in the a.m.  I did find my cruise drink, Dark and Stormy, actual Goslings Rum and Ginger Beer!  We were on our way to Bermuda, after all...

Full day at sea.  I did laps around the Promenade, deck 7, once Dave reminded me which deck it was.  So nice.  The sea was a lovely blue color.  Read a big chunk of   "Marathon Woman" by Kathrine Switzer.

I gave myself 3 miles, the FitBit registered 13K steps.

Sunday - Ok time to get serious, we were docking in Bermuda, I ran on the 1/8 of a mile 'jogging' track at the top of the boat.  I could see Bermuda getting closer and further away as the ship wove its way through all the coral reefs.  Loved the 3 minute miles the GPS tracked for me!!  Ran a bit over 30 minutes.

We docked and our first outing was Ocean Kayaking.  Dave asked me to pick some outings, I picked things with a higher activity level, of course.  Kayaking and Biking.  He vetoed the biking because it would interfere with dinner and his father asked we all have dinner together.   Not quite sure how 8:30 dinner interferes with anything, but perhaps a 3 year old's schedule.  

Ocean Kayaking was awesome.  We went past the top of the  Bermuda Triangle,  Daniel's Head.  So I made it through the Bermuda Triangle, and I'm not poking fun at it.  Seems pretty real to me.  We saw lots of Brain, Finger, and Fan coral, a few Parrot and other fish.  Got out for about 20 minutes to swim in a cove and watch fish. So beautiful. I was looking forward to snorkeling and seeing these things underwater!

I gave myself 3 miles running and 3 walking, the FitBit registered 20K steps.

Monday - Ok so now we are into the real weekly recap days - I recap Mon - Sun....

This was a full day in Bermuda and hot and humid.  We took a ferry to Hamilton and wandered around, shopping, dull... We did find a bike shop and hoped to find some nifty Bermuda bike jerseys, no such luck.  I thought it would be a great idea to have tech gear as souvenir shirts instead of cotton ones, Dave suggested there may not be a big market for that.  He may have a point.   Back to the boat for lunch and then we set off on a ferry (the Rhode Island Fast Ferry) for St. George.  We wandered around and hiked to St. Catherine Fort  desperately searching a breeze.  For a narrow island, it was amazing how many parts could be out of a breeze!!  

I gave myself 3 miles, the FitBit registered 20K steps.

Tuesday - Snorkeling was on tap for the afternoon, before the boat took off to sail back to Boston.  The wind was up so everything was rough so we would only see one coral reef and not a ship wreck.  I have never been snorkeling, ever, and my swimming is enough so I don't drown, it wasn't until we were on the Catamaran and it appeared we would not be docking and wading in, we would be jumping in that I got a little nervous. 

I jumped in, swallowed salt water, freaked out, calmed down enough to get back to the boat and gave up.  I have a long history of quitting, and was very frustrated with myself.  Jumping in to anything is always to much for me.  Slow baby steps is my preference.  

At this point I gave up on any tri-athalons or ever getting in the water again completely convinced I was worthless.  Sad to admit, it is the truth.  I watched everyone and considered trying again, and then I saw the other catamaran pull up and people wading in.  hmmm could I swim over to that beach and then try again?  

By this time Captain Smitty said "Hey Moms"  
I turned around and said "You talking to me?" 
Captain Smitty "Yeah, aren't you here with your husband and kids?" 
Me "Um no kids, just a husband."  
Captain Smitty "Um what does he call you? "  
Me "If he is smart Beth." Obviously I wasn't quite ready for human interaction...  
Captain Smitty "What do you call him?" 
Me "Dave, and at times Jackass."  
Captain Smitty "Ah yes my wife calls me that from time to time."  
He offered me a Rum Swizzle with a  little extra rum and I gladly accepted it.  Good grief could I have been a bigger bitch?  I doubted there was any recovery from this.  I was pissed at myself and not being a "moms" not so keen on being called one by a stranger?  Who knows but apparently my pleasant personality was lost in the Bermuda Triangle?

Captain Smitty sailed us back to the boat, what fun.  We saw a couple of sea turtles, very cool.

Sailing on the Catamaran was lovely, the Rum Swizzle's were lovely, I'm still a little pissed at myself, I have a goal for 2015, obviously to conquer this fear of water once and for all.

I gave myself 3 miles, the FitBit registered 14K steps.

Wednesday -  At sea.  Laps after breakfast and then settled in on deck 7 to read. Finished up Marathon Woman,  plowed through "Long Journey Home" by Lucy Lipiner  fascinating story of her families escape from Poland just before the Jews were rounded up, and her trip back to her birth home to find the current owners holding a solitary picture for her, her parents wedding photo.   By this time it seemed that every one found deck 7 so finding a seat was usually a challenge.  Lots of laps!  I stayed far away from deck 12 with the pool.  Not my thing.  

I gave myself 3 miles, the FitBit registered 12K steps

Thursday - At sea.  Started "No Way to Die" by Danny Logan, a murder mystery, I haven't read one of those in awhile.  Enjoyed my afternoon mudslide and we had family pictures.

I gave myself 3 miles, the FitBit registered 12K steps.

Sums it up, booze, confined behind bars, cute towel animals

Friday - 2.5 dog walk. 

Docked in Boston. HOME!  Gizmo was surprised to see us, happy and a bit freaked out.  If you don't have dogs, they think once you are gone you are never coming back.  He was happy to see us, but all was not quite right.  Dave went to get Gus and Jax and when they came in the house, the big smile appeared on that old gray muzzle, his entire pack was reunited and he was happy.  It was an amazing transformation.

Bailey (the dog sitter) came over after work and Gizmo wasn't sure what to do.  He finally greeted her in the usual boxer way, all wiggles and barking.  I think he was really confused.  Who wouldn't be?  He definitely had her wrapped around his paw.  

Gizmo demanded his walk on Friday night and was quite happy to trot along for 2. 5 miles until I said, "Enough, we are going home."

2.5 mile dog walk and 10K steps on the FitBit

Saturday  - 31 bike. No particular place to go.  So nice to not be confined and to be alone.  Nice birthday party in the evening!

Sunday -  6.6 mile run, I'd use Muddy Math and round up, I can't justify the level of effort.  It was a nice run and I developed a lovely blister on my right heel.  That has never happened before.  

Beth, happy to be back to a normal week and really appreciated a break in training. 

Thursday, July 10, 2014

Weekly Recap: 7/7 - 7/13

Monday - Walk 2

Day started with my every 6 month visit to the doc so he can discuss my cholesterol results, which have been pretty stable, he thinks they are high.  They are fine and I'm not going back on the meds.  For starters these ranges are all based on men and not women and I've managed to bring it down significantly on my own with exercise and the meds don't significantly drop it. Then we get into the usual of what to people in your family die from, blah blah blah...  it isn't old age, unfortunately.  

Then this stupid cough/allergy/plague thing prompted a chest x-ray.  The report back was "No evidence of acute disease" to which I asked "Well is there evidence of an ugly disease?" Doc didn't exactly think that was funny, I did.  He suggested I call back if the cough isn't gone in two weeks.   My take away, ok good, not pneumonia. Yes, yes, my mother has Lung Cancer and I've collected several friends my age with Lung Cancer or Mesothelioma, so yeah, a little wigged.  Nothing a bike ride, a run, a dog walk, and a little whiskey couldn't fix, right?

Tuesday –  Run 5

Ro and I were going to walk, that turned into well lets walk and then run, to let's run till Avery point and Ro will walk back and I'll continue on.  I was happy with whatever as long as I got a few miles of running in.  

Nice 5 mile run in the HHH (Hazy Hot and Humidity) stop for water at Avery Point helped with the last 2.5 solo miles.   

Missed the Dog Watch fun run, Bailey came over to walk Gizmo so they could get to know each other.  Both Dave and I think Gizzy will LOVE being an only dog for a week with someone doting on him.  He has only been an only dog for 1 week and all he really wants to be is an only dog.  Poor guy.

Wednesday -  Bike to/from Work 34 / Westerly Fun Run 2 / Walk 2.5

Biking went exceptionally well, not really sure why, but I didn't feel like the slog fest it felt like last week.  Quite happy with my progress of taking a few second off each of the hills I navigate to and from work.

Pocketed a nice QOM, so there is that.

I got wrapped up in a project at the end of the day and left 40 minutes later than I intended on leaving, hurried home, fed the hounds, and rushed off to the Westerly Fun Run, and made it there to watch everyone zip by on their second lap.  DOH, they started early?  Or on time?  I wasn't THAT late, maybe 5 minutes?  Might as well run a couple miles and head home to walk Gizzy...  absolutely uninspired run, my legs were heavy!  Nice walk with Giz, we may have went just a bit too far, he was having trouble with his back legs.  Seemed fine after we were home 10 minutes, no lasting problems.  I worry. 

Thursday – Run 5 / Walk ?

Met up with Steve and Dave outside the gate, figured they would be long gone by the time we got to the top of the hill.  Nope! Nice guys hanging back with me at my pace.  We ran down to the beach they were out for 3ish and headded back, I continued on with a goal of 6, clicked off the watch at 5.3.  No breeze sucked.  I have to remember my water bottle, I slugged down some water at the UConn Avery Point cafe, could have used one more stop.   Be interesting to see how far my splits dropped once I was on my own.  Getting to enjoy running and chatting.  Didn't think I ever would.

After really looking at my bike miles, no wonder my butt hurts,  I ramped up pretty darn quickly.  Hoping a week away from my still to be named bike doesn't make me back pedal (ha ha)...

I have no idea what the rest of the week will hold

Friday – Usually a rest day - probably stick with that lots going on with the start of vacation

Saturday -  not a clue, at sea so running around a tiny oval on a cruise ship?  treadmill?  bike?  I seriously have no idea.

Sunday - Ditto Saturday...

Beth embarking on a week of the unknown on a big ship...  *bites nails*

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Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Wordless Wednesday


Beth and there you have it mileage totals for the first half of 2014, not too shabby...

Ride total: 632
Walk total: 219
Run total: 739

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Weekly Recap 6/30 - 7/6

Monday:  Walk 3 / Bike 6 

Not much happening on Monday.  Took a walk at lunch to warm up and get some sun on my back maybe that will help my cold/plague/allergies?   

Vinnie was back in the shop.  I dropped him off in the a.m. after being met with, "Beth, you don't have an appointment."  "Ah you 'fixed' this problem a month ago and it didn't stay fixed. Is an appointment really necessary?"  I went through all the "symptoms"  SRS Airbag Failure - Service Immediately, the windows will only open and close if you are pressing the down door lock (we figured this out on accident), the windshield wipers are going furiously, the interior lights may be off they may be on, can't read the gas gauge, can't open the trunk from the outside, have to pull the emergency open lever on the inside (lemme tell you trying to get to this when my bike was crammed in the back and a bag blocking it was not my idea of fun).  So they decided they could move some things around.  Um, yeah... 

The tech said they found the problem.  The Body Control Module was disconnected.  Ok, so how does that happen?  I was told it could be a couple things, was I piling a lot of stuff on the floor of the front passenger.  Um, no.  Who was in my car were they normal sized.  WTF does that mean?  Turns out my 6 foot possibly when he is soaking wet 180 lb husband is at fault.  The connectors to the Body Control Module are located under the glove box.  Apparently, his Frankenstein feet are pulling the connector out when he gets in the car.  Oh you don't even want to know what he had to say about this diagnosis!!   So, the connector has to be pulled forward, with a bit of force and makes a loud clicking sound.  Interesting.  Dominic showed me the problem, how it happens and how to fix it.  Ridiculous.  Vinnie is just getting broken in with 195K on him... 

See the two U shaped connectors on the left, the one to the right is the culprit.

So that trauma is over, yet again.  I was just starting to look at what vehicle I’d get next. 

Installed my new bike tire under Dave's expert tutelage and took it out for a quick spin.  All seems fine!  Whoop!  This is what the dollar bill looked like when I removed it, you can’t really see the see the tiny tear in the middle it but there is one.

Tuesday:  Walk 3 / Run 4 

Walk with the Usual Suspects and a little warm up run before the Dog Watch fun run.  I think the warm up helps me at least get my breathing under control and a nice healthy shot of albuterol.  Nice run with Ro and Steve, enjoyed a nice beer and interesting conversation after on the deck (The Dog Pound) behind the Dog Watch 

The view from The Dog Pound at the Dog Watch. Ahhhh…

The humidity is starting to set in, I do not enjoy this weather, kudos to those of you who do.  Ick. 

Wednesday:  Bike to/from work 39 / Tom McCoy Fun Run 3.1

The bike in was good, the breeze felt cooling. Possibly my slowest time yet, I think my legs are tired? Or the heat/humidity is a culprit?  Definitely I can feel all the pedaling in my knees, and my butt.  Talked to the salesman at Wayfare Bicycles about a new seat, maybe that was the problem.  He didn't think so.  Takes a while and I have upped my mileage kind of quickly, and everyone’s butt hurts get up out of the saddle more.  Ok, well I was happy he didn't try and sell me anything for sure.  I figured he would, so happy with my stop in there to pick up the new tire.

Biked part of the way home with Ro.  Fort Hill was torture.  I figured riding with someone I'd be a little faster, nope slowest yet.  Perhaps the hazy, hot, and humid has something to do with it?  We parted company when I turned left at Brook Street and she went on down towards Noank.

Fun run was, fun, soaking wet at the end.  Yikes.  I know it's bad when I have to wring out my hair. Ewwwww....  Jennifer and I hydrated at the Andrea and sampled some of RI's state appetizer.  I was surprised when a buddy from Maine told me about this and explained this is why New England calls RI it's stupid little brother. I'd expect it would be Quahog not Squid;  the article sheds a little more light on the mystery.  

Thursday:  0

Went to work in the a.m.  Nicole couldn't get a babysitter so we could ride in the a.m.  It was a pipe dream.  Tough having kids and a pilot for a husband.  Thought about running Burlingame and trying out the black fly patches. My overall bitchy mood won and I sulked / napped on the couch after Dave and I put in the AC in preps for a housebound day on Friday.    After I fell asleep he scurried out of the house to hang out with the guys at the RC plane field, smart man!!  

Friday:  Bike 10 / Dog Walk

I was up bright and early, a good nights sleep does well for an attitude adjustment.  I checked NOAA and looked like I could possibly be clear till 10.  Puttered around, fed the dogs so Dave could sleep in.  Out the door by 8 for a bike ride.  I made it a whole 3 miles before the sprinkles started.  Turned around, then proceeded to get passed by the Mystic Velo folks.  All very nice saying hi and pointing out road hazards.  This  did help me pick up my pace a bit but I didn't keep up with them.  The rain slowed at the point where I could go home or venture towards a different path.  I ventured forward, what the heck.  I was already wet, let's see how I and the bike does in the rain and it is seriously in need of a cleaning and a chain lube.  

The rain picked up and it was like a sand facial at points, not unbearable but after more than just a few miles it would not be fun.  Good to know for the future.  I made it 10 miles and called it good.  

Definitely a good experience in the rain, glad I stuck it out for a bit.  When I neared home the rain stopped, go figure.  Go on or go in?  I went in.

Dave mentioned he heard the thunder before I left.  I didn't.  He figured he was better off keeping this to himself.  HA!

Gizzy got his walk after the rain stopped.   He had things to do, namely pee on the curb of the 'mean dog' house.  Sometimes we need to stop at the 'hamburger bush' he found a hamburger in the bush oh 10 years ago?   Other times he is hell bent on walking on the stone wall in front of St. Pius Church.  I have to lift him up there now.  Dave taught him and Diesel this trick.  I guess he is reliving his youth?  Funny old guy he is, now happily sleeping on the floor not noticing the fireworks in the distance.  The blessing of going deaf?

Saturday:  41 Bike w/ Nicole

After two return trips to the house, first for gloves, second for the pump, I was finally on my way to meet Nicole to ride the loop of the Rhode Warrior bike course.  I have to take the front tire off my bike to get it in the back of my car as the bike rack we have needs to be replaced or have the straps replaced.  It simply doesn't stay on the car.  I have touring not rode tires so taking them off is tough even with loosening the breaks.  SO I bring the pump with me.  I do have a new frame pump with a gauge, I need to use it and make sure I can get the tire up to the right PSI, I didn't bother to do that yesterday.  Perhaps tomorrow...  The floor pump is just so much easier to use.

Until today Nicole's longest ride had been 34 miles.  She was a little nervous about the traffic and the miles, more so the traffic.  I wasn't the best leader I kept getting too far ahead of her, something for me to work on.  

We set out pretty much on time, I figured about 3 hours of riding time, I have to get better about adding in some stopping time.  All told we were out on the course for 3:28 riding for 3:13.  Not too bad for a first time one some of these hills.  

I warned Nicole that I had biked the first half of this and not the second, so I was a little nervous about getting lost.  I get lost, it happens, I even got all turned around just going home, don't ask.

Pendelton Hill / Rte 49 was going to be the worst part, pretty much all up hill with varying degrees of steepness, nothing completely obnoxious, more annoying, if that makes sense. 

Once we got to the top there was a little down hill then the final top, where the view is spectacular. One of these days I will take a picture.

We had a nice ride, the course is beautiful with very few crappy stretches of road.  I think Nicole will do great on this and hope we can get one more loop in before her 1/2 Ironman on August 24th.  

I spent a good part of the afternoon edging the lawn, I didn't get to it last year and with all the rain yesterday it was the perfect time to get after that project.   Jax was pretty bummed with me filling in all the lovely holes he has dug in the back yard.  Sorry pal.  No electric edger here, the regular old fashioned half moon spade.  I think that works just fine!  Now I'll hear about this from our neighbor Bob.  He grumbles that now he will have to edge if I manage to get to it before him.  He does have an electric edger.  I might lose a limb if I tried it.

Sunday:  25 Bike

Um yeah, Hester Prinn went out with the bike and not the Asics.  My rationale, I needed to see how my butt did the day after the 40 miler with Nicole. Much better.  I think I may have took on too much too fast?  In any event it was getting late to run so I rode some new to me roads and took on what I remembered as a bit hill on Rte 184, which really wasn't that big of a hill.  Huh.  Nice to cruise down Boombridge (AKA Cow Patty Lane) and see the cows.  After yesterdays ride through the countryside with Nicole I was seriously missing some wide open spaces and the smell of a farm.  I got a nice big draft of that from a fertilizer wagon, cough cough, ha!

Once I got home and loaded my stats to Strava Dave called, the guys weren't going to be able to make it to breakfast, would I like to go to breakfast.  Sure, always nice to be plan B.   No point in changing, got back on the bike and met him for a very late breakfast.  In the process of locking my bike to a metal post I managed to SMASH my head.  Really smashed it, saw stars.  Fortunately I still had my helmet on.  My head still hurts a bit, glad I had on the helmet, seriously.  

I probably should work up my 1/2 year stats... but my head hurts so I'll put that off for a few more days.


Beth, blazing into the 3rd quarter of 2014, wondering where time goes....  

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