Sunday, July 20, 2014

Weekly Recap - 7/14 - 7/20

Well we have to rewind a couple days here, helps to tell the story.

Friday  - Dave and I drove to Boston to board a cruise ship to cruise to Bermuda with his family.   His parents enjoy cruising and wanted to share the experience with their three sons and their families (the opposable thumb variety of family).   Dave's eldest brother lives in Shanghai China and visits with his three children, his significant other and her daughter for 6 weeks in the summer, every other year.   Dave's youngest brother, wife and two children live near the Smith's in MA.  

Approaching Boston Dave asked for the directions. I read them, he didn't listen, we missed the exit and got lost, I think we may have ended up in New Hampshire for a bit...  I mean really the person who can get lost on an oval track you ask to navigate with words and no pictures?  Disaster.  Eventually we made it to the docks, and were not headded for divorce court. 

My attempts for us to miss the cruise boat were unsuccessful...  

We boarded, found our cabin, we had a window, no it didn't open, I tried.  a bit of sanity for me, away from the other 4 cabins of Smith's.   Wandered around trying to figure out how to get the right what ever for the Ultimate Beverage package, so we both could get a drink.  The three nieces found us and explained the lay out of the boat and what was on the itinerary for the rest of the day.  I just wanted to find the bar and start embarking on this Ultimate Beverage package Dave so smartly decided on.  Flat price, all you can drink from soda to booze.  Brilliant.

We got the whole UB situated and a couple JD and Diets for me and who knows what Dave had, his goal was to try everything, mine, was to go by the tried and trusted for the affect and no unintended effects.  (wait did I use that right?  The booze affected Ardvark.  The effect was pleasant.  Hmmm....  English majors?)

Eventually we saw the parents, the brothers, and the three nephews.  Sam, the 3 year old is my favorite.  Of course...  who doesn't love a three year old?

After many beverages and dinner we found a deck we could walk around and around.  The sign said 4 laps = 1.4 miles.  I made it a point to remember this deck.  I forgot by the a.m.  So we stumbled around about 5 times enjoying the buzz and the sea breeze as we cruised away from Boston.  

I gave myself 3 miles, the FitBit registered 13K steps.

Saturday - Not so tough getting up in the a.m.  I did find my cruise drink, Dark and Stormy, actual Goslings Rum and Ginger Beer!  We were on our way to Bermuda, after all...

Full day at sea.  I did laps around the Promenade, deck 7, once Dave reminded me which deck it was.  So nice.  The sea was a lovely blue color.  Read a big chunk of   "Marathon Woman" by Kathrine Switzer.

I gave myself 3 miles, the FitBit registered 13K steps.

Sunday - Ok time to get serious, we were docking in Bermuda, I ran on the 1/8 of a mile 'jogging' track at the top of the boat.  I could see Bermuda getting closer and further away as the ship wove its way through all the coral reefs.  Loved the 3 minute miles the GPS tracked for me!!  Ran a bit over 30 minutes.

We docked and our first outing was Ocean Kayaking.  Dave asked me to pick some outings, I picked things with a higher activity level, of course.  Kayaking and Biking.  He vetoed the biking because it would interfere with dinner and his father asked we all have dinner together.   Not quite sure how 8:30 dinner interferes with anything, but perhaps a 3 year old's schedule.  

Ocean Kayaking was awesome.  We went past the top of the  Bermuda Triangle,  Daniel's Head.  So I made it through the Bermuda Triangle, and I'm not poking fun at it.  Seems pretty real to me.  We saw lots of Brain, Finger, and Fan coral, a few Parrot and other fish.  Got out for about 20 minutes to swim in a cove and watch fish. So beautiful. I was looking forward to snorkeling and seeing these things underwater!

I gave myself 3 miles running and 3 walking, the FitBit registered 20K steps.

Monday - Ok so now we are into the real weekly recap days - I recap Mon - Sun....

This was a full day in Bermuda and hot and humid.  We took a ferry to Hamilton and wandered around, shopping, dull... We did find a bike shop and hoped to find some nifty Bermuda bike jerseys, no such luck.  I thought it would be a great idea to have tech gear as souvenir shirts instead of cotton ones, Dave suggested there may not be a big market for that.  He may have a point.   Back to the boat for lunch and then we set off on a ferry (the Rhode Island Fast Ferry) for St. George.  We wandered around and hiked to St. Catherine Fort  desperately searching a breeze.  For a narrow island, it was amazing how many parts could be out of a breeze!!  

I gave myself 3 miles, the FitBit registered 20K steps.

Tuesday - Snorkeling was on tap for the afternoon, before the boat took off to sail back to Boston.  The wind was up so everything was rough so we would only see one coral reef and not a ship wreck.  I have never been snorkeling, ever, and my swimming is enough so I don't drown, it wasn't until we were on the Catamaran and it appeared we would not be docking and wading in, we would be jumping in that I got a little nervous. 

I jumped in, swallowed salt water, freaked out, calmed down enough to get back to the boat and gave up.  I have a long history of quitting, and was very frustrated with myself.  Jumping in to anything is always to much for me.  Slow baby steps is my preference.  

At this point I gave up on any tri-athalons or ever getting in the water again completely convinced I was worthless.  Sad to admit, it is the truth.  I watched everyone and considered trying again, and then I saw the other catamaran pull up and people wading in.  hmmm could I swim over to that beach and then try again?  

By this time Captain Smitty said "Hey Moms"  
I turned around and said "You talking to me?" 
Captain Smitty "Yeah, aren't you here with your husband and kids?" 
Me "Um no kids, just a husband."  
Captain Smitty "Um what does he call you? "  
Me "If he is smart Beth." Obviously I wasn't quite ready for human interaction...  
Captain Smitty "What do you call him?" 
Me "Dave, and at times Jackass."  
Captain Smitty "Ah yes my wife calls me that from time to time."  
He offered me a Rum Swizzle with a  little extra rum and I gladly accepted it.  Good grief could I have been a bigger bitch?  I doubted there was any recovery from this.  I was pissed at myself and not being a "moms" not so keen on being called one by a stranger?  Who knows but apparently my pleasant personality was lost in the Bermuda Triangle?

Captain Smitty sailed us back to the boat, what fun.  We saw a couple of sea turtles, very cool.

Sailing on the Catamaran was lovely, the Rum Swizzle's were lovely, I'm still a little pissed at myself, I have a goal for 2015, obviously to conquer this fear of water once and for all.

I gave myself 3 miles, the FitBit registered 14K steps.

Wednesday -  At sea.  Laps after breakfast and then settled in on deck 7 to read. Finished up Marathon Woman,  plowed through "Long Journey Home" by Lucy Lipiner  fascinating story of her families escape from Poland just before the Jews were rounded up, and her trip back to her birth home to find the current owners holding a solitary picture for her, her parents wedding photo.   By this time it seemed that every one found deck 7 so finding a seat was usually a challenge.  Lots of laps!  I stayed far away from deck 12 with the pool.  Not my thing.  

I gave myself 3 miles, the FitBit registered 12K steps

Thursday - At sea.  Started "No Way to Die" by Danny Logan, a murder mystery, I haven't read one of those in awhile.  Enjoyed my afternoon mudslide and we had family pictures.

I gave myself 3 miles, the FitBit registered 12K steps.

Sums it up, booze, confined behind bars, cute towel animals

Friday - 2.5 dog walk. 

Docked in Boston. HOME!  Gizmo was surprised to see us, happy and a bit freaked out.  If you don't have dogs, they think once you are gone you are never coming back.  He was happy to see us, but all was not quite right.  Dave went to get Gus and Jax and when they came in the house, the big smile appeared on that old gray muzzle, his entire pack was reunited and he was happy.  It was an amazing transformation.

Bailey (the dog sitter) came over after work and Gizmo wasn't sure what to do.  He finally greeted her in the usual boxer way, all wiggles and barking.  I think he was really confused.  Who wouldn't be?  He definitely had her wrapped around his paw.  

Gizmo demanded his walk on Friday night and was quite happy to trot along for 2. 5 miles until I said, "Enough, we are going home."

2.5 mile dog walk and 10K steps on the FitBit

Saturday  - 31 bike. No particular place to go.  So nice to not be confined and to be alone.  Nice birthday party in the evening!

Sunday -  6.6 mile run, I'd use Muddy Math and round up, I can't justify the level of effort.  It was a nice run and I developed a lovely blister on my right heel.  That has never happened before.  

Beth, happy to be back to a normal week and really appreciated a break in training. 


  1. Great post, Beth! Comments:
    "Confined" is also what comes to mind from my only cruise ever taken, with the family about 8 years ago. The days with port activities were great, but the days at sea were long and boring to me (maybe I should have looked into a UB package?). Most people seemed to love the days at sea, but I was itching to hike, bike, explore, anything physical.
    Is that really a pic of the illusive Smith a/k/a Dave? Or just a random fellow tourist pic?

  2. Yes, that is really Dave! I'm disappointed you didn't bite on my grammar misstep! Yes it is effect and effect. The rest of the errors, we can just let them lie? LOL