Thursday, July 24, 2014

Weekly Recap - 7/21 - 7/27

Last week of training before the Pan Mass Challenge.  I'm feeling pretty confident I won't blow up or disintegrate. Now I just need to work a couple kinks out on my bike - a strange squeak here and there.  Time for a tune up?

This week also started training for the Newport 1/2 Marathon - October 12th.  I am going to intermingle 50K training in there and actually do some speed work (I know SHOCKER).  My plan is written up and I have been monkeying with it as I my have my eye on the RI 6 Hour Ultra.  I don't think I've lost a lot of endurance in the last two months, however I definitely have slacked on running mileage.  Biking is not running, period.  And while it helps with endurance, at least in my mind, time on feet is important.  Yeah the demons have disappeared and I've been romanticizing the Ice Age 50K.  We all knew it would happen.

Monday – TRX / Dog Walk  2.9

Back to work.  I was the first person in the ‘office’, odd for me for a Monday.  I was a bit anxious to get back to a normal routine and the bottom of my in-box, plus I had a mysterious 10 a.m. call about a job rotation.   While I was busy going stir crazy on a cruise ship the plans were put in motion for a ½ time job rotation opportunity, YIPPIEEE!!  I get to learn something new and possibly travel a bit.  This is focused around setting up Record Retention Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) for our manufacturing sites.  I am very much looking forward to learning something new and growing my skill set.  

I can’t even remember the last time I was at TRX, a month possibly.  All went well, I even managed 10 plank curl unders on each side, only cheating (letting my hand touch the mat) 3 times on my left side.  Definitely felt that in my core on Tuesday afternoon.

Suspended plan with curl under - brutal

Gizzy got his walk, and had a little adventure.  A little brindle pug wanted to beat the crap out of him.  That was quite entertaining, the pup was no bigger than his head and definitely and aggressive little guy.  I just fear too much excitment will give my old guy a coronary!

Tuesday – Run 6.2 / Walk 2.5

After a busy morning I really needed to run, ran before walking with the Usual Suspects and then the  Dog Watch Fun run after work.  Ro and I ran a lap and speed walked a second lap – I’m counting it as a run.

Gizzy didn't get his walk and was not pleased about this.  I really wanted some food and to sit, I shared my cookie with him and that appeased him a little bit.  His hips were dropping quite a bit on Monday’s walk he needed a night off.

Wednesday -  Bike to / from work 36 / Run  3.2 /  Dog Walk 1.7

When I got into work I was a sweaty mess, usually the blast of AC when I walk in the building is enough to cool me down.  Um, no.  It was a sticky ride in and the back pack was kinda icky.   The ride in was nice, even with the uber sweat.  I felt stronger on the hills, and it showed in my times, progress is always a good thing.  One thing I did notice is my butt doesn't hurt like it was before my week 'vacation'.

Met Ro outside of campus and we rode till Brook Street in Noank CT.  Stopping at the top of Fort Hill for some water, here I stopped my watch, and yep, didn't turn it back on again for several miles when I noticed it was telling me the time, didn't even dawn on me that the mileage wasn't increasing, but I could see my speed.  Ding dong...

Quite pleased with my speed getting up Fort Hill, when it slightly leveled out I was able to down shift and get a little more speed.   Ro's boyfriend remarked that I may have been able to go faster if I had a heart rate... har har har...   I should wear the HRM, I probably won't.

Ro did mention that I shouldn't be riding in my big gear, I should use the little ones, something about it being easier on the knees.  I love the power of the big gear and the endless spinning spinning spinning and not feeling like I am getting anywhere in the small gear is annoying.  I do suppose that would help me gain a higher cadence and whatever benefit is supposed to go along with that.  Buller?  Anyone? 

Getting home I was more soaked then when I got to work and was greeted by an annoyed Dave, at what I have no idea.  I quick changed into dry running clothes and took off.   Always flee from grouchy people, right?

Met up with Jennifer for the Westerly Fun Run at Misquamicut Beach.  Neither of us felt like running however run we did.  Jennifer ducked out to use the porta potty and caught up with me, she waited at the top of the hill on Maplewood Ext.  Nice...  I did run with a nice man recovering from hip surgery, and we kept up a steady pace.  Either slower than what I run with Jennifer or me walking halfway up that blasted hill is what dropped my pace for mile 2.   My legs felt like lead, perhaps dehydration from biking or biking, ugh.  Thoughts of just cutting down a side street plagued both of us, neither actually suggesting it out loud until our post run hydration and recap at the Andrea.  We agreed, probably best, we would get in trouble.

Gizzy got his walk, I needed to return a book to the library, while he wanted to go the long route I won and we did a short loop around the library.

Oh Dave ended up going out Bluefish fishing.  Caught one, I didn't get the stats.  Neither of us really enjoy Bluefish.  We did spend our first couple summers, when Dave worked on the Hel-Cat II, eating that and striper.  I think we ODd?  Oh seriously bluefish more than once a month, no matter how you cook, it is too much.  Although once in a while a nice Bluefish cheek stew does sound appealing (and then I sober up).  

Thursday –  0

Resting up for the Blessing, sure to be a disaster as I haven't run any distance longer than 7 miles in oh, I don't want to look it up.  Cyber stalker, remind me?

It will be fun to catch up with the gals from Narragansett and meet some running folks I know virtually.

Went out to the concert at Esker Point Beach in Noank, fun times, saw a band called Sugar.  Mostly covers, and they were well done.  Obviously a group that enjoys performing.  Nice to have a purely fun evening.

Friday – Blessing of the Fleet (10 miles of heat and humidity on a Friday night)

2012 I ran it in 1:45
2013 I ran it in 1:43

Goal something less than 1:43.  "A" goal is 1:40  (10:00 pace)  I haven't been holding that pace for any significant distance lately.  "B" goal is 1:45 (10:30 pace).  "C" goal is finish.   I want to say most likely will be closer to 1:45 than 1:40.  But who knows, perhaps I'll be fleet of foot?

I hate this race, and going into it with that attitude is wrong wrong wrong...  But hey, the weather seems to be breaking and maybe the humidity will be less?    Besides it is beautiful, I love running by the water and the 2? mile section under the cover of trees (before party central) is bliss.  

Saturday – Bike Rhode Warrior course (40 - 60)

Tanya (Swimmer)  Karen (Runner) and I (biker) have yet to come up with a name more inventive than "Legal Ladies"...    sad state of affairs.  I used a random team name generator, I may throw some of those out there.  

I'll bike the course, the hillier part for sure, maybe the whole thing.  I need to watch the weather for Sunday see if I'll be able to get in a dry ride.

Sunday – Volunteer Crabman Sprint Tri and bike

I can't remember when my volunteer assignment starts.  I may bike to the course, but not sure.  One bird, two stones!  Efficiency, efficiency, efficiency.


Beth, currently being tortured by one 13.5 year old boxer boy who believes I owe him a walk.  Um, have another cracker, pal?

Published 7/24


  1. I agree on the bluefish. Smoked is the only way. Good call on the cheeks. Most people don't know/don't bother to cut them out. So tender and good.

    1. Smoked, hmmm... it is greasy enough that might be tasty with enough salt! I remember the first time he brought home a bag of cheeks and cooked them up in a nice stew, delicious.

  2. Bluefish are not good! Fun to catch though. I hope the Blessing went well!

    1. They aren't my favorite for sure. Blessing went as well as I mentally prepared myself for. I haven't been logging many miles on my feet and it showed. If you don't do the work you don't get the results! I had fun and didn't die so I'll call it a win.