Thursday, February 26, 2015

Weekly Recap: 2/23 - 3/1



 Legs / Yoga

 Tired sore legs



 Rest (really)


Monday - Non running day.  Missed Spin.  Woke up at 4:55, shut off the alarm for the 5 minutes I was going to rest my eyes and woke up at 5:25.  Well crap.  Fortunately Gazelle was off running a 20 miler, pshew.  I don't think this 5:30 a.m. on a Monday spin class is going to work for me.  I'm not a morning person to begin with.  Maybe once it gets lighter earlier?  I'll try again in a few weeks.   Considering I really did want to spin and my buddy Ro was teaching a spin class at Noon I packed the spin gear I carefully set out on Sunday night in my gym bag.  

My knitting buddy cut off the tip of her finger so not much knitting going on... so I thought I was in for the spin class.  Nope, class ends at 12:55 and I had a could not miss and could not move meeting at 1 and it was going to start promptly.  Blargh...  

TRX was it.  After a month break, OMG it hurt.  Fortunately the planking I've been doing has helped a bit, but seriously not so much fun.  Well giggling with the girls in the basement was fun, otherwise not so much.

Tuesday - Running / Weights / Yoga -   Speedwork was on tap.  And it was below 10, really not conducive to a good workout, treadmill it was.  I chose a different treadmill and it was off the same distance as the last one, 1/2 mile.  5.2 miles per my foot pod with Run / Jog intervals.  1% grade 1/4 mile @8:27 per the TM (1/3 @ 7:30 per foot pod) x 6, 10 TM pace for the recovery intervals.  There were a couple experiments in there.  All in all I was tired and felt good.  Two things that are weird - I can't cool down even with a cold shower, no really seriously, a cold shower and I'm still sweating when I get back to my desk and I sneeze like crazy and have a runny nose all afternoon and into the evening.  Last week I was sure I was getting sick and started taking antihistamines for a couple days till everything settled down.  If I'm stuck inside next Tue I'll use the antihistamines as a prophylactic and see if that helps.  It really isn't fun spending the afternoon on conference calls and sneezing.  Anyone else have allergies happen when they run on the TM?

Jennifer and I did leg weights - yeah not the best follow up to speedwork, I felt it on Wednesday evening!  Yoga was all about hip openers, always a good thing for the tight hips of runners!  

Wednesday - Running - Faith texted to be sure we were on for what hopefully will continue as our Wednesday lunch runs, well at least until the end of the semester and her schedule changes.  For now it works.  I was super apprehensive of this run, I was sore and tired and really sure this was going to be awful.  Yet, I knew it would be OK and I would feel better.  We ticked off the first mile at about a 10:30 pace and both said, we need to go slower.  So we went faster, not really intentionally, the first mile is uphill and the second down and then well it get flat and we got to blabbering.  After the last nasty hill we part company and wished each other well after a lovely 4 mile run and chat.  Yeah, as we were blabbering the whole time we obviously weren't working THAT hard.  Ahhh....  

Had fun trying to twist Mikey B in to a pretzel, I saw him on Thursday and he was still a little ouchey from the hip openers - pigeon pose for the yogies out there.

Bob showed us another way to do the Figure Four stretch.  That was great.  

Decreasing the angle of the leg touching the floor helps make this more intense.  This can also be done supine.

Thursday - Running / Spinning - Ugh it was cold outside and I was so close to 5, I made sure I hit that magic number.  Never warmed up on the run, oh well, this weather has to end at some point right?   Although it makes me think of the Time covers from the 70's about the pending ice age.  Pretty scary stuff as I remember it.

Considering this 5;30 a.m. spin class is stressing me out, Dave suggested I go to a class after work.  Huh... hadn't considered that.  6:30 class on Thursday night, lets try it.  It worked out nice.  Too many things I want to do and so little time what with a full time job...  ugh...  

Friday - Cue the Friday afternoon nap.  Oh my love how I've missed these.  Out for 40 blissful minutes.  Rudely ended by Gus's self inflicted tummy issues.  On the positive side Gizzy got his long awaited walk, the roads are dry the sun was out and we went for a little over two miles.  I could definitely see a little loss of strength in his hips, however he wanted to go go go and wasn't going to let that hold him back. He'd have walked more if I let him and that was the perfect way to end his first walk in over a week. It is either too cold or the dark and lack of continuous sidewalks hinders our evening constitutionals. 

This poor snowman.  I kinda feel bad for him.
Fortunately (ha) more snow is on the way and the kiddies who built him can freshen him up!

I finished the scarf I was working on. It does make a nice blankie for Gus!  He is feeling better, not to worry.  Totally self inflicted issue.

Saturday - Nice medium run of 8 miles.  Made a dragon with the GPS.  Took Jax out to Watchaug Pond to run off some crazies!

Sunday - Short easy run!  Ahhh  now to prep for the next snow storm:  Gavin...  

Beth, wondering about this ice age stuff....  

Saturday, February 21, 2015

Weekly Recap: 2/16 – 2/22 (final)

Yikes!  I used "weekly log" a few weeks ago.  Oh my...









Monday –   As I type this I can’t even remember what I did, I know what I didn't do, TRX or Run.  Oh, yeah, work (blargh),  chair massage (back feels a bit better), knitted a bit, and watched Downton Abbey,  ah yes my day is coming back to me.  Ugh that Lady Mary, I wish someone would have pushed her in front of the train at the station, or her horse bucked her off at the steeple chase last week.   I can see why the British Aristocracy had to fall and every week Robert’s actions towards Cora make me wonder how they even managed to reproduce.  All in all I love the show and look forward to it ending nicely, I think there is one more season. I like the series with a plan, a beginning middle end, instead of ‘jumping the shark’ and spiraling into oblivion.   Mad Men wraps up this season and it is time.

Tuesday – Intervals on the treadmill (5 miles).  I've been slowly making my way through Dr. Daniels book and am discovering that my 7:30 pace for the ¼ mile wasn't the right thing (I've only done that twice).  Seems 8:30 with a jog between, versus the 7:30 with the walk isn't actually doing me any good.  Active recovery or something like that.  Anyhoodles, I was about an 8:30 pace on the hard top speed work with Steve and Dave, with a jog and I should have been copying that, instead of pulling myself along on the TM (or Satan’s Conveyor Belt – Credit to Gazelle for coining that name – brilliant!).  

Gizzy dressed me down when I got home.  I was eyeing going snowshoeing,  as the Tuesday triple with Jennifer was cancelled, I have the damn things and have yet to use them.  Gizmo had a different idea, he hadn't been out since Thursday and really needed a walk, after his dressing down I took him for a saunter around.  These have to be getting boring he can barely see over the snow banks!

His hips drop a bit, otherwise he is ready to go go go...
of course the next a.m. he's prefer to be carried down the stairs!!

Looks to be these are the paces I should be aiming for based on my last 10K time of 1 hour.    Huh…  Yeah Muddy and Jonny I'm keen on this E/M/T/I/R paces you speak of in Strava...  what to do with it, um well I'll get there.  For now it is fun data to have and noodle around with.

Wednesday  -  Finally able to get outside for a run at lunch.  Met up with Faith at the guard shack and did the usual route.  Saw Mikey B and the young guys out on their run.  Hand slaps always make the run more fun.  Mostly it was great to run along and chat with Faith, especially at a pace I wouldn't have been able to (or confident enough to) hold  a conversation at last year.  She even asked me to back off a bit.  HA!  Faith is a faster runner than I am so this is good, for training runs!  Ask her and she will say we are similar, honestly looking at race times, she is stronger and faster.  I will catch her.   Always good to have goals. 

Speaking of goals and catching someone, Jennifer and I had to flip flop our Tuesday work out to Wednesday and tried the Arcadia YMCA.  I’m a Y member and you can get guest passes.  So we did the ARC for 50 minutes and she unloaded her tales of woe, always good to get the crap off your chest and not internalize it.  At one point we were laughing so hard it was hard to keep going on the trainer!   When bitching turns to laughing uncontrollably you know things are on the mend! Squats and Dead lifts were on the agenda and by that time I was ready for a beer.  Jennifer is aiming to beat the crap out of me in a race and I’ll be so pleased when she does!

So we don't make the best post workout choices....
Considering this isn't what pays the mortgage we are OK with that!

Thursday – Another outside lunch run.  Mikey B clued me in on what parts of the college campus were runnable so I added that on and after a pit stop at one of the campus buildings (damn coffee) with the winds picking up and pelting me with tiny icy pieces of snow, I decided to head the quick way back to campus and call it a day before getting in 5 miles.  4.6 at a good pace with the blowing winds, nothing to sneeze at!

Friday - I'm nearly done with my need for a Friday afternoon nap...  oh how I love them though....  After a fun day of VLookup tables in Excel I ventured off to the Groton Planet Fitness to meet up with Jennifer for stationary bike and torso weights. Super nice the PF has a program where you can bring a friend for free, the Y, not so much.  

50 minutes on the bike for 12 miles, not too shabby.  Weights, torso, I'll feel that on Saturday.  Planks 90 seconds for 2 and 60 for 1.  Jennifer made 150 second for her first (2:30 - scared of that woman)

Saturday - after a morning of watching Sons of Anarchy and petting Gizmo I collected a huge pile of dog hair.  Guess shedding season is beginning.  Oh joy.   Dog bath?  Dog bath? Dog bath?  Three dogs baths and a clean bathroom and it was really getting warm outside and time for a run.

I've pitched my sub 2 goal for Ocean's Run out the window.  Sub 2:17 (my course PR) will suit me just fine.  1/2 PR is 2:09 set in 2012.  And since I made that decision running has been so much more enjoyable and a wee bit speedier.  Goals?  Who needs em?

Had a nice 10K around town, when I got to the parkk it was still icy and walked up the hill to home.  I did set a Strava segment for that uphill on US1A South.  It's a long climb.  May prove useful to keep track of it.

Sunday - Big fun on my run in the slop!   I missed the snow globe run as I had a few things I had to get done in the a.m. I left just as the snow stopped and the temps were in the 30's and it was slushy and nasty.   Tied on the screw shoes and took off for a 5K!  I was splashed (possibly on purpose) by drivers, I ran through icy puddles.  Once your feet are wet, which they were before I even got out on the road you might as well just have fun with it.  I had to stop my run at one point I was laughing so hard.    I'm sure I looked like a lunatic in my bright shirt, glove, hat, and shorts laughing and smiling and splashing through the slushy slop!  

Afternoon at the casino spa.  Love a good deal (voucher for $200 in services for $99) and it was like summer at the pool, with the potted palms all around the solarium, we had some drinks, lunch, spa services (massage for me) and a nice dip in the hot tub for as long as we could stand it.   The only hint it was winter were all the snow banks and drifts!

Beth, happily added "Red Solo Cup" to her playlist and sings it out loud!

Thursday, February 19, 2015

Three Things Thursday

Weekly recap as my only post is getting kind of boring...

I'm cribbing Christy @ My Dirt Road Anthem.  I started following her for the title of her blog only, had to be a farm girl.  Little did I know she was a TRUE farm girl generations of cowboys and ranchers in Montana and a super runner and just a fantastic to read blogger!   One of my uncles and aunt live in Plains Montana and have been inviting me out, their latest ploy was, you could run a race.  Her pictures make me want to start looking for a Montana Road trip!  My family, gotta love 'em!

So three things I'm happy about:

1) I gave up Diet Coke in January.  It's been good.  The first week was tough, the withdrawal from all the crap in them was a week worth of headaches and crankiness.  I'm not giving up caffeine, just Diet Coke.    Decided I'd give coffee a try.  Hooo boy, good stuff!   Now I'm slowly figuring out hydration with the coffee.  It tastes best hot and black with a little bit of cream.  However, it doesn't stay hot long and I slug it down like a beer after a run.  And it always seems wise to get a large.  Then I get cold in the chilly office and get a second so that's 40 oz of fluid in 3 hours... and well not always so good when I run between 11 and 1.   All in all I feel bunches better!

2) I'm adding in weight training for reals!  Squats with the bar in that contraption thingy (oh you didn't expect me to know the technical terms), Deadlifts, various leg and ab machines.  Seems like the squats and deadlift are two most recommended.  Of course planks!  I'm up to 90 seconds!

3) After years of fearing pressure cookers, my mother used to use them a huge giant pressure canner/cooker and smaller one.  The spinning hissing pressure relief valve was a thing of nightmares. Jennifer bought an electric one, and when I go over for one of our workouts her house smells amazing.  I bit and bought one.  The first meal is being pressure cooked tonight.  Teriyaki chicken.  Smells pretty good, waiting for the dogs to start milling with their noses in the air.

Beth, never a bad thing to try something, or three things, new!

Friday, February 13, 2015

Weekly Recap 2/9 - 2/15 Final




ARC / Weights / Yoga

Plank 30 / 40 / 60


Intervals / weight / plank 60 x 4


Monday -  Non running day, TRX cancelled, so I went for a massage.  How is it 50 minutes on a massage table takes the blink of an eye and 50 minutes on the treadmill is eternity?  It's not fair!  Giz whined enough to get a walk around the block.  

Tuesday - Run at lunch, skipped speedwork because Jennifer and I were going to do intervals on the treadmill.  Enjoyed the run on my usual route, sometimes it's like coming home going right out of the guardshack.  Sure the wind was strong and coming from the North so the last mile was 1/2 up hill into the wind and it was 1/2 downhill into the wind.  The sun was out and it was fantastic!  I'll take that!!

Intervals didn't happen, 30 minutes of weights and 30 min on the ARC trainer happened.  Yoga also happened.  OMG that woman is trying to kill us, I swear.   Lots of planks and down dog, what happened to an hour of corpse pose?  HA!  

Sadly neither one of us won music bingo at Fat Bellies.  However we did get asked if I was Jennifer's mother.  She's never going to let me live that down.  Yeah the cheaters do age me a bit...   That poor girl, she said "Are you two mother daughter?  Sisters?"   

Wednesday - Faith met me for a run at lunch.   Nice sunny run with good conversation!  Started out with Faith saying I'll barely make a 10:30 pace, I've learned this is code for 9:30.  We ended up at nearly 10 pace.  I'm sure I slowed her down.  Whatever, if you run with me you know I like an easy pace!    Couple of Mikey B sightings, thanks for the invite, sub 8 pace would kill me after a mile, plus I wouldn't be able to bitch...  HA!

Three planks with Mike B one I got back to the gym 20 / 40 / 60 seconds.  Eventually one of us will push the over to over a minute?

Gizmo was so not interested in the walk, he went and wanted to cut through the park and head home.  I think he is finally tired of the snow?  One of my friends takes all his pups out for a romp in the woods every morning.  One morning his eldest, Amsey, didn't want to go.  He didn't push the issue.  When he got back with the other two, Amsey had passed.  I worry about this with Gizzy, he is 14, that is old for a boxer, they live 8 - 10 years.  I honestly think he is just tired of the cold.  I hope for spring only to get some warm weather into his old bones.  

Thursday - NYC, I am not used to these days anymore.  When it was once a week I managed, now ugh, torture.   I was able to get on an early train and home at a reasonable hour.  Fortunately Giz wasn't in the mood for a walk, or he knew I was exhausted.  Went to bed early and happy for a few more hours of sleep.

Friday - Intervals with Jennifer on the treadmill.  I'll say this is a nice way to do them.  7:30 pace for 1/4 of a mile @ 1% grade. The mill forces you into the pace.  We did 4 intermixed with 10% grade hills for 1/4 mile with 1/4 mile rest ( walking pace) between.  I'm eyeing upping this to 1/2 mile...  All in all a good workout.   We did some weights after and planks 4 x 60 seconds each, well Jennifer did 2 minutes for her first, and the next 3 were 60 seconds.  I have to get over that minute hurdle!

Saturday - Took advantage of the warm temps and the beginning of the latest snow storm, Neptune, good grief...  Guess it is better than hurricane Nemo from this past summer.  Anyhoodles, I had a really great run, it felt great while I was running and I was pretty darn close to being sub 60 min for a 10K, which is really good for me for a race and excellent for a training run.  Huh, maybe this speedwork stuff is paying off?

One of the fun parts of my run was meeting up with 6 or 7 Mystic Velo club cyclists.  They are insane, way to cold to be riding on the roads.  They looked super happy or maybe, like me, their mouths were frozen into a smile?  Great job guys!

Sunday - Knitting and binge watching Sons of Anarchy!   I finished a couple Dragon Scarves,  a red (with green eyes) and a green with red eyes.  The green guy is on the blocking board - next week I'll snap some pics.  For now here is a not so great one of the first guy.  It was a fun pattern and my husband had a grand time poking fun at me in my granny glasses knitting and watching biker bad boys.  

It's a Dragon Scarf!  - he has green eyes now
We shoveled out what snow we did get, it wasn't a bad storm snow accumulation wise.  The wind?  Oh crikies, this old house was pretty drafty!  Grab a dog and a quilt and snuggle!

Beth, kinda getting tired of winter, no really, she is....

Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Weekly Log 2/2/15 - 2/8/15 -- Final



Triple Tuesday 


Arc Trainer / Weights




Who names a snow storm Linus?   Well it lived up to its name blanketing us with another 8 + inches to keep the existing snow warm and toasty... 

Monday - non-running day for me and after Sunday I was pretty sure I was never going to run again,  and thought about it and remembered I clearly fall smack dab in the middle of Dr. Daniels 3rd category of runners, no natural ability simply a desire to run.  As Seth said a while ago, "just run". Gotcha, just run silly girl. 

No TRX with Joy's wicked driveway.  I did go into work.  I don't get much work done at home, with all the distractions.  It was a fun drive into work!  The hill that threatens to kick my ass when I ride my bike in nearly did Vinnie in when the vehicle in front of us wasn't going fast enough to get up and over the snow packed asphalt!  We got to the top and all was fine, and he did well on the next two hills.  I just imagined pedaling my heart out on these hills once the weather warms to biking temps and the snow goes away.

Enjoyed shoveling out the apron of the driveway when I got home.  No I'm not being sarcastic.  I really do like being outside.  Got that all done and the side walk.  Wow, that snow was heavy, good work out.

Tuesday -  Went to the gym, really didn't want to, Orlando questioned if I was going out, Mike was on the treadmill and convinced me I didn't want to go out into the slop by luring me with a story!  Always up for a good story.  Cookies work too but not so much while running.  After staring at the controls for a few seconds Mike clued me in to what buttons to press and asked me the last time I was on a treadmill.   Hmmm, it had been a while, perhaps April 2014?  Really not my thing.  The story was good!  As I slowed down the treadmill, Mike 'suggested' another mile, thanks for that. 

Next up was Run and Yoga with Jennifer post work.  I was happy to see the pug crew in their sweaters!  So cute, so different from 70 lb big dogs!   The plan was intervals on the treadmill 1/4 mile distance warm up / speed / recover / hill/ recover / speed / speed / recover / hill / speed / recover / hill / cool down.  Twice on the treadmill in one day!  Crazyness...

Wednesday - Tired and sore.  I slept like crap exacerbated by Gizmo having to go out at 2 a.m.  The good thing was the perk is back in his step!  He had a yeast infection in his ear, nothing terminal, pshew!  When anything is the least bit off with him and it gets him completely out of sorts.  Poor guy. 

Quick lunch run 2.6 miles I'll finish up the rest of my daily miles walking Gizmo!  The roads are better than yesterday, hopefully much better tomorrow... oh wait more snow for Thursday?

Thursday - Lunch run in a snow globe, it was beautiful!  Huge flakes all over the place.  I'll not mention the wind, just how cool it was to run with all those huge snow flakes!  4 fun miles!  It was a little slippery and yes a bit chilly.  

Jennifer and I bagged hills at night.  The wind chills were going to be wicked.  She promised to do hill intervals on the treadmill.   I hoped Gizzy would not want a walk, I did, I really did.  He had some soft whines and when I shifted in my chair he was up and bouncing around.  Struggle to get on his sweater, he really did need it, it was COLD, holy wow.  All the slushy parts froze and it was nice and slick too.  We had a couple of skating sessions and neither one of us fell.

Friday -  ARC trainer with Jennifer.  Huh, interesting contraption, definitely mimic stairs.  

Saturday - Sometimes it's just best to lay low, and that's all I have to say about that.

Sunday - 5 miles at the beach with the girls and a walk with Giz.

It will be open soon!!

Beth, sore from shoveling or maybe yoga, hard to tell....

This week back on track!