Saturday, February 21, 2015

Weekly Recap: 2/16 – 2/22 (final)

Yikes!  I used "weekly log" a few weeks ago.  Oh my...









Monday –   As I type this I can’t even remember what I did, I know what I didn't do, TRX or Run.  Oh, yeah, work (blargh),  chair massage (back feels a bit better), knitted a bit, and watched Downton Abbey,  ah yes my day is coming back to me.  Ugh that Lady Mary, I wish someone would have pushed her in front of the train at the station, or her horse bucked her off at the steeple chase last week.   I can see why the British Aristocracy had to fall and every week Robert’s actions towards Cora make me wonder how they even managed to reproduce.  All in all I love the show and look forward to it ending nicely, I think there is one more season. I like the series with a plan, a beginning middle end, instead of ‘jumping the shark’ and spiraling into oblivion.   Mad Men wraps up this season and it is time.

Tuesday – Intervals on the treadmill (5 miles).  I've been slowly making my way through Dr. Daniels book and am discovering that my 7:30 pace for the ¼ mile wasn't the right thing (I've only done that twice).  Seems 8:30 with a jog between, versus the 7:30 with the walk isn't actually doing me any good.  Active recovery or something like that.  Anyhoodles, I was about an 8:30 pace on the hard top speed work with Steve and Dave, with a jog and I should have been copying that, instead of pulling myself along on the TM (or Satan’s Conveyor Belt – Credit to Gazelle for coining that name – brilliant!).  

Gizzy dressed me down when I got home.  I was eyeing going snowshoeing,  as the Tuesday triple with Jennifer was cancelled, I have the damn things and have yet to use them.  Gizmo had a different idea, he hadn't been out since Thursday and really needed a walk, after his dressing down I took him for a saunter around.  These have to be getting boring he can barely see over the snow banks!

His hips drop a bit, otherwise he is ready to go go go...
of course the next a.m. he's prefer to be carried down the stairs!!

Looks to be these are the paces I should be aiming for based on my last 10K time of 1 hour.    Huh…  Yeah Muddy and Jonny I'm keen on this E/M/T/I/R paces you speak of in Strava...  what to do with it, um well I'll get there.  For now it is fun data to have and noodle around with.

Wednesday  -  Finally able to get outside for a run at lunch.  Met up with Faith at the guard shack and did the usual route.  Saw Mikey B and the young guys out on their run.  Hand slaps always make the run more fun.  Mostly it was great to run along and chat with Faith, especially at a pace I wouldn't have been able to (or confident enough to) hold  a conversation at last year.  She even asked me to back off a bit.  HA!  Faith is a faster runner than I am so this is good, for training runs!  Ask her and she will say we are similar, honestly looking at race times, she is stronger and faster.  I will catch her.   Always good to have goals. 

Speaking of goals and catching someone, Jennifer and I had to flip flop our Tuesday work out to Wednesday and tried the Arcadia YMCA.  I’m a Y member and you can get guest passes.  So we did the ARC for 50 minutes and she unloaded her tales of woe, always good to get the crap off your chest and not internalize it.  At one point we were laughing so hard it was hard to keep going on the trainer!   When bitching turns to laughing uncontrollably you know things are on the mend! Squats and Dead lifts were on the agenda and by that time I was ready for a beer.  Jennifer is aiming to beat the crap out of me in a race and I’ll be so pleased when she does!

So we don't make the best post workout choices....
Considering this isn't what pays the mortgage we are OK with that!

Thursday – Another outside lunch run.  Mikey B clued me in on what parts of the college campus were runnable so I added that on and after a pit stop at one of the campus buildings (damn coffee) with the winds picking up and pelting me with tiny icy pieces of snow, I decided to head the quick way back to campus and call it a day before getting in 5 miles.  4.6 at a good pace with the blowing winds, nothing to sneeze at!

Friday - I'm nearly done with my need for a Friday afternoon nap...  oh how I love them though....  After a fun day of VLookup tables in Excel I ventured off to the Groton Planet Fitness to meet up with Jennifer for stationary bike and torso weights. Super nice the PF has a program where you can bring a friend for free, the Y, not so much.  

50 minutes on the bike for 12 miles, not too shabby.  Weights, torso, I'll feel that on Saturday.  Planks 90 seconds for 2 and 60 for 1.  Jennifer made 150 second for her first (2:30 - scared of that woman)

Saturday - after a morning of watching Sons of Anarchy and petting Gizmo I collected a huge pile of dog hair.  Guess shedding season is beginning.  Oh joy.   Dog bath?  Dog bath? Dog bath?  Three dogs baths and a clean bathroom and it was really getting warm outside and time for a run.

I've pitched my sub 2 goal for Ocean's Run out the window.  Sub 2:17 (my course PR) will suit me just fine.  1/2 PR is 2:09 set in 2012.  And since I made that decision running has been so much more enjoyable and a wee bit speedier.  Goals?  Who needs em?

Had a nice 10K around town, when I got to the parkk it was still icy and walked up the hill to home.  I did set a Strava segment for that uphill on US1A South.  It's a long climb.  May prove useful to keep track of it.

Sunday - Big fun on my run in the slop!   I missed the snow globe run as I had a few things I had to get done in the a.m. I left just as the snow stopped and the temps were in the 30's and it was slushy and nasty.   Tied on the screw shoes and took off for a 5K!  I was splashed (possibly on purpose) by drivers, I ran through icy puddles.  Once your feet are wet, which they were before I even got out on the road you might as well just have fun with it.  I had to stop my run at one point I was laughing so hard.    I'm sure I looked like a lunatic in my bright shirt, glove, hat, and shorts laughing and smiling and splashing through the slushy slop!  

Afternoon at the casino spa.  Love a good deal (voucher for $200 in services for $99) and it was like summer at the pool, with the potted palms all around the solarium, we had some drinks, lunch, spa services (massage for me) and a nice dip in the hot tub for as long as we could stand it.   The only hint it was winter were all the snow banks and drifts!

Beth, happily added "Red Solo Cup" to her playlist and sings it out loud!


  1. Full disclosure: I heard the term "Satan's Conveyor Belt" elsewhere, related to it, and perpetuated it.