Sunday, May 29, 2016

Weekly Recap: 5/23 - 5/29 Week 3

Wow we are at Week 3 of 28 weeks of training - I was ready to throw in the towel, not so much anymore.  I'm going to give it a few more weeks and I'll be able to run the course on June 4th, so that may be the kicker to make me get my butt in gear.

Monday (3.5) - Rest day, but I swam and biked on Sunday so really I needed to get some time on my feet in, and I wanted to see what the old attitude was doing.  It's better.

Tuesday (6) - Back on track mile wise, my mind is catching up.  A friend suggested a person to talk to, he's done several 100 milers, and may be able to help.

Gizmo left this earth peacefully, and that has gotten me out of the bit of a fog I have been in.  I've been struggling with his declining health and Dave's in ability or just plain not wanting to face the sad fact G's quality of life was close to zero and he was miserable.  I'll miss my buddy.  It's been a year since I'd been on a real walk with him, he lost use of his back legs about a year ago. And a couple months ago he stopped shuffling across the floor, on a rare occasion would he get off the couch and shuffle, to greet me.  We had our routine and he was happiest snuggling in bed, and if we went to bed early, all the better, he snuggled in to my back and was calm and content leaning against me, he was at peace.  He liked the occasional adventure, it was clear on our last one, he was ready for all of this to be over.  I could see it in his eyes, he was tired of not being able to to what he could do a month ago, let alone a year ago.

Wednesday (8.4) Power hills with Ro.  I'm counting this as running, it is a solid well earned 5.6 miles at about a 14 pace and some wicked steep hills.

Spin class in the evening.  I was tempted to bail but knew it would be good and i was able to get the new spin bike they are testing out.  It tracks RPM, Mileage, calories all sorts of things.  I tracked 17 miles for the class so I'm satisfied my 15 I've been using is accurate, some weeks may be more some less, depends on how much climbing she has us doing versus interval work.

Thursday (3.2) -  Got some new shoes, ON Cloudcruiser, I was really looking forward to try them out for the scheduled 6 miles.  I forgot a sports bra. I did a 3.2 mile walk and that was it. The shoes felt nice, my knees didn't give me as much trouble as they usually do...  6 miles would have been the true test.

My mouth engaged before my brain in the locker room at work. One of the gals was going on about her daughter and make up and another about her son and clothes and bitch moan crab complain....  
Then it happened, the though bubble came out of my mouth:
"You ladies make me so glad for my decision to never have kids."
"You never seem to have anything nice to say about them. It really sounds like a horrible experience."
Then it was like chickens cackling over a bug, a cricket, perhaps?
The gal next to me, one who never remarks about children so I assumed she had none, told me the story about how her daughter found a dating website for professional women with a very strict criteria for clientele and how this would be perfect for her if she did want to date.   I said "Thank you.  You raised a very thoughtful loving daughter.  I knew there had to be an upside to kids."  the conversation drown out  all the cackling about grades or athletic ability. 

Dave went off to Maine to visit with a friend and pick up some curly maple and walk in the woods.  He needed to get away for a couple days.  It took A LOT of encouragement to get him to go up for a 2 day trip versus a 1 day trip. I was happy for a quiet night at home with the boys.  They are stressed, I am stressed, Dave is stressed.  They crashed after dinner, I kind of expected that.  I cleaned up Gizmo's feeding area and replaced Gus's station with Giz's.  Gus got Diesel's and the foot rusted off.  Jax had his own and he inherited Sage's so all three matched.  Guess we are down to two dogs and two feeders, other than the odd shaped one in the attic.

Rambling... it's my blog, I'm allowed!!

I probably won't catch up on my miles however I will get the full 16 on the schedule for Saturday. The long runs are the important ones, right?  And it's 5 months away...

Friday (6.3) - Got out in the a.m. for 3 miles.  The Cloudcruisers are nice, I think they may be a bit big in the toes, but who knows at this point.  I'm not really pleased with the laces, they are hard to tighten up, I do love the soles and my knees didn't scream at me so that's good.

I caught up on work work and a bit of house work, working at home is really distracting for me, I can't do it when I have actual things to accomplish.  I know my limitations.

After having to wake the boys for dinner.  Guess they had no clue since G wasn't there to start the whining chorus!  It reminded me of my parents cat Frick.  When Frack died he was lost, he had no idea how to get the people to open the door to let him in or out how breakfast got served.  My mom said he would sit at the door quietly, waiting to go out, he never did learn to make a ruckus so one of the hoomans would open the door for  him.  Poor Frick.  If you ever watched My Name is Earl, it was like when Earl went to jail and his brother, Randy, was clueless.

Evening walk with Gus, it cooled off nicely so I was hopeful the 16 in the a.m. wouldn't be complete torture.

Saturday (16.6) - Met up with the 'Gansett Gals at 7am for some miles.  Nicole committed to 10 with me last weekend and totally stuck with that promise!!  The rest were in for 6, cool!!  Nothing was going quite right internally, I haven't quite nailed it down yet, but it has something to do with porter I'm pretty sure.  Despite the monster in my bowels, I really really enjoyed my 6 with the gang and then Nicole and I got to catch up for 4.  It's nice to be with my people, we all get out there and give it a go and have no desire of BQing we just love to run for the camaraderie and to save what little sanity we have.

Finished up my last 6 with 5.6 on the beach.  I'll call it good for a 16 mile run, it's the first one I've come close to completing since I started training.  I forgot how much I love to run barefoot on the beach, nothing hurts and when I'm done I can actually walk pain free, it is so lovely.  I enjoyed a little stroll with Gus to return a library book and at least get him out of the house for a few minutes.

Sunday (2.5) - Got out for a bike ride.  Decided I should see what was on the schedule for my PMC training long rides - 50 miles.  I mapped it out and set out for 50.  I may have started out a little to optimistically attacking the Wyassup Hills as part of a long ride when I haven't been riding long.  No matter.  I still did it and stopped for a break at 15 miles, then at 20 miles and slugged down a icy creamy sweet drink to hopefully recharge my batteries.  It didn't kick in for a while, but it did for a bit and by the edge of 30 miles I was toast.  I took the direct route home and shorted myself 10 miles.

I'm not disappointed, it was a tough ride, and one of the first humid sunny days we have had.  I've learned there is no point beating myself up, it is stupid and I need to not do it, bottom line.

40 miles and 2,270 of elevation gain is respectable, I wonder what the Gazelle's fancy watch would get for elevation on this one.  I'm a little concerned about the hills from Sturbridge to Bourne, well actually Sturbridge till we join up with the riders from Wellesley.  I think I'll be mostly by myself on this portion, and hopefully link up with the LUNGStrong gals coming out of Wellesley for lunch time.   Feh, gives me some nonsense to obsess about.

Dave and I took the dogs to Grills, they enjoyed it, mostly, it was humid and the air was still in the woods, probably not the best choice.

Jax does NOT like bridges!

Jax struggling across the Polly Coon bridge
(he wasn't sure of the two small ones before this one either)

But they were having fun running ahead and waiting for us!

Weekly Mileage:
Feet:  46.5  Run:33.7  Walk: 12.8  Yearly:  881.2 against a straight-line target of 826.5
Bike: 55  Yearly:  335 against a straight-line of 826.5

Beth, gaining focus on training for the 100K and the PMC

Sunday, May 22, 2016

Weekly Recap: Week 2 - 5/16/16 - 5/22/16

Monday (8.8) -   Run with Faith has changed to Monday due to her rotating work schedule.  After my 10 or 14 whatever you want to call it miles on Sunday I was feeling less than stellar and told myself if Faith could run nearly 20 miles with 13.1 of them being racing, I could suck it up and not bitch and moan during our run.  She had run 8 with Crutch on the trails before meeting up with me.  

Crutch was finally getting in a long run before his upcoming 50 mile race (June 4th)  I cannot fathom how he can piece together short runs with lots of elevation and still manage to successfully complete long and ultra races.  Boggles my mind.  Running really does have a HUGE mental component to it and his positive happy go lucky attitude serves him well.  

So anyhow, Faith and I met up and went the way we'd been running, both a little dubious about the gusting 20 MPH NW winds up the back side of the route along the golf course.   The wind really was all over the place and the back side isn't a true North there is a bit more of a West to it, so we catch the West wind, and it's a long but not steep, just relentless up hill of over 80 feet.  

So we ran and she pushed me, she claims I pushed her.  A 5+ mile run at a sub 10 pace for me is not ordinary anymore.  Clearly I have gotten lazy.  Or maybe I really do enjoy running with people because I have someone to talk to and to keep up the tempo? It's not like I can't run faster...

Gus got a walk, boy oh boy is he adamant about these things.  I had dinner out and was home by 7, so not a late night by any stretch of the imagination.  Still Gus was there tapping his doggy watch at 7:25 letting me know I wasn't getting off the hook.  We took a bit over an hour stroll in a quiet neighborhood.  Now that I know which house is Jeff V's I will wave.  Gus really enjoys the empty lot between you and the crazy barking beagles.  There are all sorts of good things to sniff in there. 

Tuesday (4.7) -  Meetings sucked up the middle of my day and I ate a salad around 11:15 and figured that would be done and dusted before my run after 1.  Yeah, it sat there like hunk of tres leches cake and combine with my aching joints made the run miserable.  I cut it short and ended up with a whopping 2.5 miles.  Yeah me....    After my shower I noticed I only had in one earring.  I know I had two before I ran.  Perhaps taking off the buff that was supposed to collect the sweat before it got in my eyes I snagged it? Hopefully it ended up in the shower drain because the maintenance guys and gals are super good about saving them and putting them up on the front desk.    If not my collection of single earrings is growing and I need to start wearing them in the second hole in my left ear...  

Dinner out again!  This time I was home just at 7:30, but Dave had just fed the hounds so Gus wasn't giving me that disapproving look while tapping his doggy watch immediately, he finished his meal and wiped his food face on my pants first.

Gizmo has mellowed out and is rather calm and relaxed so we are holding off on any euthanasia for the time being.  He has his routine in the evening and seems content.  I've talked this situation through with several people and ultimately it is our decision to or not to...  as long as he holds his bladder, can navigate around on his front feet, and is happy we are all happy.

Wednesday (o) - After spending the evening ignoring all of the Metro North inbound/outbound delay alerts I realized at 5:35 a.m. that the trains were running on a Saturday schedule and not all tracks were being used.  Due to a fire under the tracks in the vicinity of 118th street in Harlem.  A garden center was ablaze to a 4 alarm fire.  One of my co-workers who lives two blocks from there was rather surprised to hear about this happening.  I asked if perhaps she noticed any increase in the noise level, perhaps the air having the smell of a fire? She looked at me thoughtfully and said, "Um, no. But I did find it odd to get a Taxi right away when I left my building to come to work."  Needless to say she is, has been, and always will be a favorite co-worker.

My 1 hr 47 minutes a.m. commute was 2 hours and 30 minutes and the train was stuffed to capacity. I didn't get my right hand side seat by the window, so no nap.  I didn't really mind the guys hip hitting me in the ear from time to time.  I was rather concerned he'd let go some gas and I'd be hard pressed not to have a frothing fit about it, especially being at nose level and all.  But he was fine.  It was the girl who bathed in her fragrance that squished into the wee space left in the aisle I wasn't so sure what to do with as my head started pounding and my eyes watered and I berated myself for fearing a Methane and Hydrogen Gas emission.

The horrific commute to led to a day of downs and up and fortunately it was not an even more horrific commute home...

Thursday (8.7) - Hills with Ro.  I feel a little guilty for a crap run then a day off, and then a power walk.  I think it was what I needed.  I fully woke up, finally, on that walk, I felt like I'd been in a haze since Wednesday morning.  I don't do well when I don't get my hour nap on the train!  Even two huge vats of coffee never shook me fully awake yesterday.

Gus got me out for walkies and that helped me feel a little less out of sorts. 

Friday (4.6) - Lunch run thwarted due to lack of socks.  I could have run sockless and run (ha ha) the risk of mangling the skin on my feet and making my 14 mile run on Saturday miserable.  I opted to not do that and deal with some work and then head home and take Gus, still a little out of sorts from liberating what was left of a box of Lara Bars from the pantry counter, to Grills to pick up empty beer cans and go for a hike or run.  Gus wasn't in the running spirit and actually spent most of the walk behind me! 

Saturday (7) -  Shit run.  Shit mood.  Shit nights sleep.  Ready to throw in the towel.  I had a good cry,  took the old guy on a trip to DQ and he finished up his DQ and we had a sit in the park doing some people watching.  

We got home and had a nice 2 hour nap that included drooling.  I always know I've slept well when I drool.

Sunday (3) - After attempting to pour my coffee into the wrong side of the mug (yeah another crap nights sleep)  I thought I better not do anything risky today.  So I went swimming at the Y.  In the drizzle I walked so I could run some errands on the way there and on the way home.  I forgot my credit card so getting milk was kind of out of the question now.  Whoops.

Made more coffee, then took Gus out for a walk on the beach.  Crap May 2nd starts no dogs on the beach from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m.  we broke the law, there were maybe 10 people on  a 3 mile stretch of beach in Watch Hill.  He loves the beach and I've not been taking him there and I'm not really sure why.  Probably because I used to take Giz and Sage to the beach every Sunday afternoon and after she passed I stopped and never got back in the habit.  I really forgot how soothing the sound of the ocean is.  It's 3 miles from the house and I don't get there often enough.

He is a handsome boy for sure and happy to be out on the beach and in the surf

The rain never really materialized so I switched my seats on my bike, I think the seat is the problem not the chamois, and took off for not exactly sure but I was going to get the part of Jeff V's Tour de Farms correct and I did then I decided to test my crown and see if it would hold up through the craptastic road - Clarks Falls - this is where they put all the pot holes when they are finished filling them.  The crown stayed and I managed to not chip any teeth so I decided to explore, got a little turned around, so glad for the maps in my Garmin.  This meandering took me to Chase hill where I was tired but still wanted to see what I had left in me for the Chase Hill Gut Punch to be able to enjoy the long winding cruise DOWN the back side, ahhhhhh....

View atop the climb on Chester Maine - Heaven

My butt was much happier in the bike shorts they used to hate.  Figured I might as well go for the gusto and test the hypothesis I worked up in my head with the most offensive bike shorts I had.  At the end of the nearly 30 mile ride, when even after a summer of cycling my butt would be unhappy, it wasn't at all concerned, huh, it really was the saddle.  Crap I endured pain for a whole summer with that seat and this was such a simple solution.

Weekly mileage:  36.8  (r: 20.7 w: 16.1)
Yearly mileage: 834.7 against a straight line target of 787.9

Bike mileage:  279,9 against a straight line target of 787.9  - I'll catch up!

Beth, at the end of a not a great week, not a bad week, a week.

Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Wordless Wednesday


Beth, this made me laugh because sometimes my grasp of the English language and its rules are beyond me!

Sunday, May 15, 2016

Weekly Recap: 5/9/16 - 5/15/16 Week 1 100K Training

Not sure how to do these recaps, so my format may change as time progresses....

My schedule:

Monday (6.4) - yeah I know I'm already violating the rest day Monday - this may be a fairly common occurrence, I plan on biking on Sunday and running on Monday and probably should update my schedule but I'm not quite ready to do this at this time.  Monday was my Birthday recap here.  Because it was my birthday I ran and because I was driving back to MI on Tuesday I also ran...

Tuesday (0) - Drive from MI to RI, the worst part of this drive is getting through CT.  As soon as I hit the border everyone loses their bloody minds...  It is the most painful part of the 12+ hour drive.

Wednesday (8) - 5.5 miles of power hills with Ro and a walk with Gus rounds out this 8 miles for Tuesday - also off my plan a bit, however there is importance to time on feet and to maintaining friendships through training.  And now I may have discovered why I've not slept more than 4 hours most of this week!!

Thursday (6) - Solid run for me, however I have a mild sun burn.  My Irish ancestry (and as a result of the raping and pillaging through that tiny island there is some Nordic blood) never fails me!  Being nearly 70F with a UV index of 5 (yes, 5) I wore a tank top, and I have the burn to prove it, yes, after an hour in the sun.  Tis very sad.  Time to get the super SPF out!  Shoot!

Friday (4.5) - Took Gus out for an outing in Grills, it was drizzling and miserable and that perked us both up!

Saturday (2.8) - I had a morning appointment I couldn't move and really needed to get into the gardens and move plants around so I knew this was not going to be my long run day. Plus it was hot.  And I may have had one too many beers with dinner on Friday and stayed up past 11...  Got Gus out for a walk while dinner cooked, and so went Saturday.

Sunday (14.1) - 12 on the long run schedule I ran 10 and then called it, filled with doubts about my mental stamina for 100K.  A little early in the training cycle for that nonsense, none the less there it is...  My left knee hurts, my hips ache, I'm old and maybe this isn't an achievable goal for me.  And we will segue from the morose diary part of this to the happy go lucky blog part of this.  I ran/walked the last mileish home, knowing I'd take Gus to Barn Island later in the day and we'd run the 3 mile loop and call it good.

I haven't been sleeping well and that is a combination of the nerves I get at the start of something and the end of Gizmo's existence on this planet.  He isn't going to make this easy for us like Diesel and Sage did, so the appointment will be made and the deed done.  This is a real struggle, do we or don't we, when he isn't sleeping he is anxious and miserable.  There are the rare times where he sits and snuggles and is content.  I ask Diesel and Sage to come get their big brother, I think they aren't listening or don't want to deal with the old curmudgeon.  The two of them always did gang up on grouchy Gizmo.  It wasn't until after Diesel passed that Sage and Giz bonded.  Although Sage did enjoy her rambunctious outings with Jax, she was never quite sure about Gus.


Week:    41.8  (R: 29 W: 12.8) - missed the 34 miles running target, I did get over 8 hours on my feet.
Year:     797.9 against a straight line target of 749.3

Beth, who needs to be reminded to "suck it up buttercup" and give it a month before throwing in the towel.

Thursday, May 12, 2016

Happy Birthday to me!

Happy Birthday to me!

For quite a few years I’ve been going to my parents’ house for my birthday which is also around Mother’s Day so it works out well for hitting two special occasions with one visit.  Why you ask?  Simple -- Dave forgot my 40th birthday,  I had had quite enough of no one making an effort for my birthday, I decided to go visit my people who made a big deal out of birthdays!

So I'm going to tell you about my day!  It was really a good birthday and day, and the last birthday of the decade was not nearly as depressing as having my husband forget the beginning of a new decade.  I may let him try and redeem himself for my 50th....

My last visit was just in March so it seemed rather soon to visit again but with my upcoming 100K training and my utter distaste for running the boring straight flat roads of farm country in the Midwest I knew getting in a good long run while I was visiting was going to be a struggle, so May it was.

Although a nice out and back of 15 flat straight corn and soybean field filled miles probably wouldn’t have been a bad thing, not being in my own space after a long run would be not so much fun.

My plan for my Birthday Run - I wanted to run in The Arb (Nichols Arboretum).  Only having walked through years and years ago I was not unfamiliar with it and knew this would be a great place to run.  I did an Activity Search in Strava for “The Arb” figuring someone had to name an Ann Arbor run after where they ran.  This gave me a lay of the land and that I could start in Gallup Park (another favorite) and run to The Arb, crossing train tracks illegally, oh how fun is this going to be.  From the heat maps in Strava it was clear this was done with some regularity, the crossing of RR tracks as well as the path I chose.  

I clued my parents into my plan and my mother was thrilled that I could take her to and meet her support group at the Cancer Support Community of Ann Arbor.  I was really glad this was presented as an option.  I've always been curious about the center.  She gave me a quick tour and I headed to Gallup Park.

Back when I lived in Ann Arbor I used to bike to and from and in Gallup Park and regularly to roller blade there with my neighbors Norm and Ed (we used to scope out all the cute guys!!) .  When I lived in Ann Arbor, I didn’t run, the nightmares of High School Track wind sprints and hills were still pretty fresh and raw, and one nearly fatal run in grad school made me consider never stepping foot outside again!  Running was reintroduced in the last 6 years.  I wasn't sedentary, I road and mountain biked and taught step aerobics.  I don’t roller blade anymore, it just wasn’t as fun without Norm and Ed, I stopped shortly after they moved out of the house next door to me.   And as for step aerobics and biking, those activities disappeared when I got involved in having nervous breakdowns and excelling at competitive eating when I moved to New England in 1999.

This was going to be fun, to revisit many of the paths I had roller bladed and biked and also The Arb I spent quite a bit of time in when I lived in Ann Arbor oh so many years ago.

It was fun!!  The Arb was bigger and more beautiful than I remembered (I know usually things from the past seem so small!!).  I ran up the big hill and took in the gorgeous view.  

Stopped to take a drink at the people and doggy fountain.  

Spied a deer.  

There is quite the controversy over an in town deer cull.

Notice the house? So you can see some concern for hunting in town...
Lots of paths in every surface imaginable, roots and rocks, dirt, gravel, cinder, cedar mulch, and bog bridges complete with skunk cabbage and jack in the pulpits!  

It was a joy!!  I did my lap and then headed back towards Gallup Park making my second illegal RR crossing.  

I felt like such a rebel, however it was pretty obvious this was a common occurrence.

Back to Gallup Park to make a circle around crossing over the islands

 and on to the canoe sculpture (Sheila I think you need one of these!!)

and then gave the cement goose a neck wringing.  

Although my beef is with domesticated female geese (those were the ones who attacked me as a child) this was a reasonable substitute.  The woman walking her dog laughed out loud when she watched me take my selfies.  

After my run I plopped down on a dock to stretch and watch a beautiful swan fish for his lunch.  

Then back to the Cancer Center to meet my mom’s group buddies and her leader and have all of them show me around.  I felt like a small child.  It was sweet.  I’m glad she has a group she can laugh and cry with about cancer and the trials and tribulations of diagnosis, treatment, and living with the aftermath of treatment.

I didn’t have enough time to get to my beer shopping, so I dragged mom to the very store she used to take me grocery shopping as a child, when we lived in Ypsilanti in the early 70's, way back in the stone age it was much smaller and called Meijer Thrifty Acres, she used to let me and my brothers play in the play area, it is long gone as children can’t be left unattended anymore.  I remember ours  having a big turtle that was fun to climb on.

She was quite shocked as I filled up the carriage with more and more beer, and commented, "Well now I know why you couldn’t get this done after your run!"

My parents took me out for a nice meal at Mac's where I had Great Lakes Perch a Saugatuck Bonfire Brown and a Short's Bellaire Brown and could not find room for my dessert, so I took that home to Dave (chocolate torte)  he said it was amazing!  (I really am too nice ...)

Beth, whose parents spent two days sleeping and recovering from having their daughter visit for 4 days!

Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Weekly Recap: 5/2/16 - 5/8/16

Monday (8.7) -  Smart people take a shorter run after a big effort.  I felt like I was tripping over my legs for the first 1/2 mile of my run, but then things sort of sussed themselves out and it just kept getting better and feeling easier, so what was going to be a 3 mile slog turned into a 6 mile progression run.  I felt so damn good!

BARRE was what I needed to work the last of the kinks out from Saturday's  3 hours and 30 minutes on the trail.

Gus and I had a lovely stroll, I taunted him with a trip by Dairy Queen, he can smell the sugar, I'm sure. 

Tuesday (5) - Well I paid for my excess on Monday, it was a pretty evenly paced run, should have been what I aimed for on Monday.  I hobbled back to my desk with my knees giving me hell.  Yeah, shut up, I'm stupid.  Guess what knees you don't have to run on Wed or Thur, so Phtttttttt.......

Gus paid me back by doing a little counter surfing and destroying the tinfoil that wrapped the last piece of banana bread Dave saved for me.  When I came home to spy the shredded tinfoil on the floor I asked the two idiots "Which one of you did this?".  They ran over to Gizmo.  For starters, Gizmo can barely shuffle across the floor and for enders, he was never a counter surfer.  Jax didn't freak out with my tone of voice; clearly was Gus who had himself a little snack.  Great...  He got me, didn't he?

Wednesday (5.6) - Ro and I made it out for the power hill loop and missed the rain. Her fracture is healing and my left knee needed a break  from pounding.  I have a feeling it's going to be a tough road getting over 40 running miles a week.  I will take full advantage of my cut back weeks so it can heal and strengthen. Crikies it's been like Michigan lately with the gray skies, with a lighter shade of gray being a sunny day.

Thursday (0) - Rest day and drive to MI.  Not a bad drive, cloudy, I finally saw the sun when I crossed over into Ohio, so that was quite the treat.

Friday (6.5) - Ugh that first run after a long drive, and then to have it first thing in the morning, double ugh.  I took a little side trip down Hack Road to see what the "Dead End" sign was all about.  There was a sketchy bridge down there and it was out for a while and now it appeared to be gone?  Was there a way through the ditch or not?  All rather curious.  Well it wasn't a dead end, the bridge was in the midst of being repaired, I could probably get through on the road or through the ditch on foot for Saturday's run, if I chose to run a trapezoid.  Gak I really do get tired of the 5 mile around the block grids of my childhood...

Saturday (7.5) - Decided I wanted to run on some hard top roads, so I took a  run out to Macon to run around the triangle.  Not as much fun as I thought it might be, not really a surprise.  But I did see actual cars, so that was exciting!!

The evening's fun was my brothers, their wives, and the nephew visiting for a bon fire.  We haven't had one since John and Julie's wedding reception in 2007, shortly after that my mother's pain in her back was diagnosed as Lung Cancer.  For 9 years my dad has been piling up brush in the pit, the pile was reasonable for a small family bonfire and my mother was ready to have one, just not a big deal,  burn what was in there and not add onto it from the bonfire wood piles in the field.

Mark and Judy brought ribs and we all had a great meal with relatively little fuss.  We all played baseball with Jin (the nephew), mom "watched" (read: napped) from the back porch, the "kids" had fun and left Dad to deal with the dishes in what is now his kitchen.  He REALLY doesn't want anyone helping because they put EVERYTHING away incorrectly!

After a water break and to let the soon to be 6 year old mellow out a bit we all traipsed to the back pond to do a little fishing.  Well John and Jin fished the rest of us spectated.  

We got back to the front of the property to find Mark and Dad busy getting the bonfire started the slow way with saw dust and wood shavings and matches.  No diesel fuel... that was kind of disappointing, but hey, it was supposed to be a mellow event. 

Once the dry wood caught it was a "Raging Ball of Awesomness" to quote Jin.

9ish years of sticks and a couple house joists.

From the right side of the pit, I couldn't stand being in the smoke

Half way - we could move closer now!!

Jin enjoying the "raging ball of awesomeness"

At this point is when the stumps and other wood not good enough for a fire in the house would be burned,
1 maybe 2 pickup loads
It was perfect for some marshmallow toasting!!

Sunday (0) - Planned not to do anything.  I can't deal with the straight roads three days in a row and it was nice to lazy about all day knit and watch videos with my Mom.  I didn't even break 10,000 steps on my FitBit I was that big of a slug.

Weekly Mileage:  33.2  (run:  25  walk: 8.2)
Yearly Mileage:  756.1  against a straight line target of 710.8

Beth, happy to have had some time in MI and now on to real life...

Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Weekly Log: 4/25 - 5/1

Crap it's May on Saturday!!  I remember waiting what seemed like my whole life for May and my birthday.  This year, not so much...  It's not till the 9th but still...  I'm a little apprehensive, it will be a year of lasts for me, the last time I X in my 40's.  So, gentle reader, allow an aging gal some leniency till I finally hit 50 and have a whole new decade to embrace and explore!

See and you thought I was going to get all morose and weepy about aging.  Actually I am very happy and excited to be alive, active, and healthy.  I haven't quite finished my list of who I shall haunt and taunt when I pass; I'll keep putting off putting the finishing touches on that list!  Muwahaaaaaaaaa

Monday (8.5) - Nice 6 miler at lunch.  It was nice to take two days off from running.  I needed the recovery time.  All my joints had their regular pains.

BARRE was excellent, she upped the tempo a bit which was nice.  I feel so limber when I get out of that class.

Gus got a walk, nothing of note there either...

Tuesday (6) - Cold, wet, windy 6 miler at lunch, my hands were frozen and the stinging commenced on my walk back from the cafe with my lunch.  Ugh...  I have gloves, they were in my bag.  I did think I ran the clockwise route faster than the clock stupid route alas, I did not do that this time.  Slower than Monday, but not by much.  I probably should compare similar efforts instead of opposite efforts.  I like going clockwise because that is how I had always run it, it's familiar.  Except I take the longer up slope than the shorter upslope to hit 6 miles with out having to lap around the sign in front of the building multiple times.

I felt like being lazy, no Gus walk.  Besides, Dave's band didn't work out.  Nice to have him home another night this week on a craptastic weather day.

Wednesday (6) - I hate running on Wednesdays, what is it with this day?  I had no motivation no nothing, until Mikey came running up on me in the last 1/2 mile and goaded me in to "give it a kick" "it's downhill"  I have to admit it feels better running a non-sloggy pace like I've been running.  I just can't kick my own ass.  I need it kicked.  Thanks Mikey  that 1/8 of a mile was probably the best I've felt in weeks.

Dave had a photo shoot for his latest Arch Top Electric Bass design.

Christopher Arch Top Electric
The rest of my day was spent driving to New Jersey for my company's annual shareholder meeting.  I was designated as an Ambassador, assisting our allies and proponents, handing out orders of business and ballots, and question and answer.  I had no idea what to expect.

Thursday (0) - The annual shareholders meeting was mostly a non-event.  I got to mike run for 2 angry retiree shareholders, 1 happy retiree shareholder (a complete anomaly), a proponent (he submitted a shareholder proposal), and two protesters.  Fortunately I was able to sit next to a security guard so I had a friendly person by my side as I jumped up and down and all over with these duties.   In the middle of a lengthy back and forth between one angry retiree and the CEO I looked desperately at my bosses boss (Chief Counsel for the company) for some sign of what to do.  He gave me a big shrug and winked.  Thanks, thanks a lot.

The protesters took advantage of the CEO not getting the cue for 'last question' and getting the last question.  Fortunately or unfortunately I may make my YouTube debut saying rather tersely "pictures aren't allowed"....  Oh well, these things happen.... as far as I know I still have my job.  Stay tuned.

I didn't get in my FitBit steps and I ate all the crappy food available.  So much for that pound I managed to lose!!!

Friday (10) - The day I run with Faith, she let me know after last Friday's run she had a specific deliverable for her VT100K training schedule.  "Are you perhaps able to do some hill repeats on Friday? I need to do a 100m hard uphill 6-8 times."  I said "Sure. Because what else was there to say?"  She gave me some specifics  "The plan is to run it fast, walk 30 secs, jog to bottom and repeat 6-8 times.  Then I need to finish out whatever is left of 45 minutes with easy running."

We met at our usual spot 1/4 of a mile from campus for me and did the warm up.  She needed to be a bit faster but didn't push me.   After, when she told me that she didn't get her heart rate where it needed to be, I suggested that it is perfectly OK for her to push me if she has a specific goal and she knows pretty well I'll dog the run from time to time.

Faith measured it out and knew were we would stop and start and what point to walk to to follow the protocol her trainer laid out.  We did the first repeat and she said, I think 6 will be good.  I said, nope, you said 6 to 8, that means 8, always target the higher number.  She made 8 I made 7, I got this wicked side cramp on the way down from #5 so I skipped #6 and did her #7 and #8.  I didn't start and stop at the beginning and end, I really didn't want to know I was there for, oh what did Faith say... I can't remember, something like I was along for the ride. HA HA.

Then we had 8 minutes left, and were at about 3.5 miles, and it was about a mile back to campus.  Soooo.. what to do what to do, she knows my weird thing with 6 miles and I thought it was about 2.5 miles back to campus a different way, it was 3.5, whoops!  She was under on her minutes for a few runs this week so it all balanced out. Plus we did run it easy so it was fun to talk through our diversified topics and follow up on things we talked about last week.

Gus got a walk after dinner, he was in full on panic mode ensuring he got his walk...  he even licked me on the nose... quite odd behavior for him!

Saturday (16) - Big River 1/2 recap here.  Then a hike with Gus, Faith, and Joe.  It's good to move a bit after a long run.  Everything hurts.  A couple (ok three) Vitamin I and a nice 3 mile walk with a faithful hound and two friends and I felt much better.   It's a nice place to run, I haven't run there much mostly hiked with Gus.

Sunday (0) - If I was up before 7 I was heading to Providence to cheer on folks I knew running the marathon.  I was up well before then and got myself pulled together and out the door only waking up two of the four house residents.  I texted Dave to let him know where I was off to.  We never confirmed plans for the day.  He was zonked after 52 miles on the mountain bike, and really needed to sleep not having me wake him up, and that waking up Gizmo and him having to start his day.  The other two hounds would curl back up in bed once I left.

Had a great time cheering, I found a perfect spot for mile 6.5 and mile 20.  Surprised to see one of the guys from work there, he saw and recognized me before I saw him.  Totally unexpected.  I had scanned the participant lists for likely suspects after Mikey B let me know Tommy was running his first marathon (and he KILLED IT).

Got home to have a quick chat with Carol Ann about going for a bike ride.  I said how about 2 at the Y, or something like that, so we met up and went on my second attempt to get Jeff V "Tour de Farms" correct.  I missed a turn off and we ended up tackling the Wysassup hills in the rain.  Good way to tackle the hills, with a friend.  I'm sure they would have seemed steeper and tougher alone.  We did manage to pick up the last 1/2 of the ride.  It is a nice route (even with this missed turn) very few cars.

Weekly Mileage:  46.6  (Run:  38.1  Walk: 8.5)

Yearly Mileage:  722.9 running  against a straight line of 672.2;   236.7 biking against a straight line of 672.2

Overall a great week.  I had no idea how much I'd grow as a person when I started running 5 years ago.  I was only looking to shrink in size! 

Beth, one week to go till serious training starts!!