Sunday, May 15, 2016

Weekly Recap: 5/9/16 - 5/15/16 Week 1 100K Training

Not sure how to do these recaps, so my format may change as time progresses....

My schedule:

Monday (6.4) - yeah I know I'm already violating the rest day Monday - this may be a fairly common occurrence, I plan on biking on Sunday and running on Monday and probably should update my schedule but I'm not quite ready to do this at this time.  Monday was my Birthday recap here.  Because it was my birthday I ran and because I was driving back to MI on Tuesday I also ran...

Tuesday (0) - Drive from MI to RI, the worst part of this drive is getting through CT.  As soon as I hit the border everyone loses their bloody minds...  It is the most painful part of the 12+ hour drive.

Wednesday (8) - 5.5 miles of power hills with Ro and a walk with Gus rounds out this 8 miles for Tuesday - also off my plan a bit, however there is importance to time on feet and to maintaining friendships through training.  And now I may have discovered why I've not slept more than 4 hours most of this week!!

Thursday (6) - Solid run for me, however I have a mild sun burn.  My Irish ancestry (and as a result of the raping and pillaging through that tiny island there is some Nordic blood) never fails me!  Being nearly 70F with a UV index of 5 (yes, 5) I wore a tank top, and I have the burn to prove it, yes, after an hour in the sun.  Tis very sad.  Time to get the super SPF out!  Shoot!

Friday (4.5) - Took Gus out for an outing in Grills, it was drizzling and miserable and that perked us both up!

Saturday (2.8) - I had a morning appointment I couldn't move and really needed to get into the gardens and move plants around so I knew this was not going to be my long run day. Plus it was hot.  And I may have had one too many beers with dinner on Friday and stayed up past 11...  Got Gus out for a walk while dinner cooked, and so went Saturday.

Sunday (14.1) - 12 on the long run schedule I ran 10 and then called it, filled with doubts about my mental stamina for 100K.  A little early in the training cycle for that nonsense, none the less there it is...  My left knee hurts, my hips ache, I'm old and maybe this isn't an achievable goal for me.  And we will segue from the morose diary part of this to the happy go lucky blog part of this.  I ran/walked the last mileish home, knowing I'd take Gus to Barn Island later in the day and we'd run the 3 mile loop and call it good.

I haven't been sleeping well and that is a combination of the nerves I get at the start of something and the end of Gizmo's existence on this planet.  He isn't going to make this easy for us like Diesel and Sage did, so the appointment will be made and the deed done.  This is a real struggle, do we or don't we, when he isn't sleeping he is anxious and miserable.  There are the rare times where he sits and snuggles and is content.  I ask Diesel and Sage to come get their big brother, I think they aren't listening or don't want to deal with the old curmudgeon.  The two of them always did gang up on grouchy Gizmo.  It wasn't until after Diesel passed that Sage and Giz bonded.  Although Sage did enjoy her rambunctious outings with Jax, she was never quite sure about Gus.


Week:    41.8  (R: 29 W: 12.8) - missed the 34 miles running target, I did get over 8 hours on my feet.
Year:     797.9 against a straight line target of 749.3

Beth, who needs to be reminded to "suck it up buttercup" and give it a month before throwing in the towel.


  1. Yes, a month maybe two...

    Thinking of you and Gizmo. It is never an easy decision but whatever you decided, it will be the right one.

  2. I know that Gizmo is old and has had a wonderful life with you and Smith, but that does not make the end any easier to take. I know; I've been there, too. No advice, I wouldn't presume, but my heart is with you as you make this difficult decision.

    I know about doubt, too. You'll figure it out and do what is best for you head, your heart, and your body, which, by the way, isn't so old. ((( <3 ))) .

    Sending love and hugs to South County from up north.