Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Weekly Log: 4/25 - 5/1

Crap it's May on Saturday!!  I remember waiting what seemed like my whole life for May and my birthday.  This year, not so much...  It's not till the 9th but still...  I'm a little apprehensive, it will be a year of lasts for me, the last time I X in my 40's.  So, gentle reader, allow an aging gal some leniency till I finally hit 50 and have a whole new decade to embrace and explore!

See and you thought I was going to get all morose and weepy about aging.  Actually I am very happy and excited to be alive, active, and healthy.  I haven't quite finished my list of who I shall haunt and taunt when I pass; I'll keep putting off putting the finishing touches on that list!  Muwahaaaaaaaaa

Monday (8.5) - Nice 6 miler at lunch.  It was nice to take two days off from running.  I needed the recovery time.  All my joints had their regular pains.

BARRE was excellent, she upped the tempo a bit which was nice.  I feel so limber when I get out of that class.

Gus got a walk, nothing of note there either...

Tuesday (6) - Cold, wet, windy 6 miler at lunch, my hands were frozen and the stinging commenced on my walk back from the cafe with my lunch.  Ugh...  I have gloves, they were in my bag.  I did think I ran the clockwise route faster than the clock stupid route alas, I did not do that this time.  Slower than Monday, but not by much.  I probably should compare similar efforts instead of opposite efforts.  I like going clockwise because that is how I had always run it, it's familiar.  Except I take the longer up slope than the shorter upslope to hit 6 miles with out having to lap around the sign in front of the building multiple times.

I felt like being lazy, no Gus walk.  Besides, Dave's band didn't work out.  Nice to have him home another night this week on a craptastic weather day.

Wednesday (6) - I hate running on Wednesdays, what is it with this day?  I had no motivation no nothing, until Mikey came running up on me in the last 1/2 mile and goaded me in to "give it a kick" "it's downhill"  I have to admit it feels better running a non-sloggy pace like I've been running.  I just can't kick my own ass.  I need it kicked.  Thanks Mikey  that 1/8 of a mile was probably the best I've felt in weeks.

Dave had a photo shoot for his latest Arch Top Electric Bass design.

Christopher Arch Top Electric
The rest of my day was spent driving to New Jersey for my company's annual shareholder meeting.  I was designated as an Ambassador, assisting our allies and proponents, handing out orders of business and ballots, and question and answer.  I had no idea what to expect.

Thursday (0) - The annual shareholders meeting was mostly a non-event.  I got to mike run for 2 angry retiree shareholders, 1 happy retiree shareholder (a complete anomaly), a proponent (he submitted a shareholder proposal), and two protesters.  Fortunately I was able to sit next to a security guard so I had a friendly person by my side as I jumped up and down and all over with these duties.   In the middle of a lengthy back and forth between one angry retiree and the CEO I looked desperately at my bosses boss (Chief Counsel for the company) for some sign of what to do.  He gave me a big shrug and winked.  Thanks, thanks a lot.

The protesters took advantage of the CEO not getting the cue for 'last question' and getting the last question.  Fortunately or unfortunately I may make my YouTube debut saying rather tersely "pictures aren't allowed"....  Oh well, these things happen.... as far as I know I still have my job.  Stay tuned.

I didn't get in my FitBit steps and I ate all the crappy food available.  So much for that pound I managed to lose!!!

Friday (10) - The day I run with Faith, she let me know after last Friday's run she had a specific deliverable for her VT100K training schedule.  "Are you perhaps able to do some hill repeats on Friday? I need to do a 100m hard uphill 6-8 times."  I said "Sure. Because what else was there to say?"  She gave me some specifics  "The plan is to run it fast, walk 30 secs, jog to bottom and repeat 6-8 times.  Then I need to finish out whatever is left of 45 minutes with easy running."

We met at our usual spot 1/4 of a mile from campus for me and did the warm up.  She needed to be a bit faster but didn't push me.   After, when she told me that she didn't get her heart rate where it needed to be, I suggested that it is perfectly OK for her to push me if she has a specific goal and she knows pretty well I'll dog the run from time to time.

Faith measured it out and knew were we would stop and start and what point to walk to to follow the protocol her trainer laid out.  We did the first repeat and she said, I think 6 will be good.  I said, nope, you said 6 to 8, that means 8, always target the higher number.  She made 8 I made 7, I got this wicked side cramp on the way down from #5 so I skipped #6 and did her #7 and #8.  I didn't start and stop at the beginning and end, I really didn't want to know I was there for, oh what did Faith say... I can't remember, something like I was along for the ride. HA HA.

Then we had 8 minutes left, and were at about 3.5 miles, and it was about a mile back to campus.  Soooo.. what to do what to do, she knows my weird thing with 6 miles and I thought it was about 2.5 miles back to campus a different way, it was 3.5, whoops!  She was under on her minutes for a few runs this week so it all balanced out. Plus we did run it easy so it was fun to talk through our diversified topics and follow up on things we talked about last week.

Gus got a walk after dinner, he was in full on panic mode ensuring he got his walk...  he even licked me on the nose... quite odd behavior for him!

Saturday (16) - Big River 1/2 recap here.  Then a hike with Gus, Faith, and Joe.  It's good to move a bit after a long run.  Everything hurts.  A couple (ok three) Vitamin I and a nice 3 mile walk with a faithful hound and two friends and I felt much better.   It's a nice place to run, I haven't run there much mostly hiked with Gus.

Sunday (0) - If I was up before 7 I was heading to Providence to cheer on folks I knew running the marathon.  I was up well before then and got myself pulled together and out the door only waking up two of the four house residents.  I texted Dave to let him know where I was off to.  We never confirmed plans for the day.  He was zonked after 52 miles on the mountain bike, and really needed to sleep not having me wake him up, and that waking up Gizmo and him having to start his day.  The other two hounds would curl back up in bed once I left.

Had a great time cheering, I found a perfect spot for mile 6.5 and mile 20.  Surprised to see one of the guys from work there, he saw and recognized me before I saw him.  Totally unexpected.  I had scanned the participant lists for likely suspects after Mikey B let me know Tommy was running his first marathon (and he KILLED IT).

Got home to have a quick chat with Carol Ann about going for a bike ride.  I said how about 2 at the Y, or something like that, so we met up and went on my second attempt to get Jeff V "Tour de Farms" correct.  I missed a turn off and we ended up tackling the Wysassup hills in the rain.  Good way to tackle the hills, with a friend.  I'm sure they would have seemed steeper and tougher alone.  We did manage to pick up the last 1/2 of the ride.  It is a nice route (even with this missed turn) very few cars.

Weekly Mileage:  46.6  (Run:  38.1  Walk: 8.5)

Yearly Mileage:  722.9 running  against a straight line of 672.2;   236.7 biking against a straight line of 672.2

Overall a great week.  I had no idea how much I'd grow as a person when I started running 5 years ago.  I was only looking to shrink in size! 

Beth, one week to go till serious training starts!!

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