Monday, September 30, 2013

Wrapping up September

I'm supposed to be folding laundry, that's the deal, he does the laundry and I fold it.  Think that is fair, I don't spend a day on the weekend dealing with the whole process.  Hubb/Dave spends most of the day in and out of the basement with his business so, perfect.

September is nearing it's end, how did THAT happen?  Walking out of work with Number One Smart Guy, now named Como Libro after his recent trip to Puerto Rico...  neither here nor there or germane to the story; he was pleased with his new nick name, he liked Number One Smart Guy, somehow the new one makes him smile more.  Anyhoodles, Como Libro comments that September is the best month of the year, and it was horribly hot in PR last week.  I added in October is also beautiful, and it is!

Checking Strava to see my monthly stats:

216 miles, wish it broke the totals down, if it does, I can't figure it out...  anyone?

Run:  114.7
Ride:  93.9

The rest are walking and hiking miles...  (7.4)  

I missed the Mount Fuiji Challenge, the last miles were treadmill and didn't count, oh well...  

All in all, not too shabby!  Considering I've missed two weekends in September with other commitments!

So what was my point?  I don't know that I actually had one.  I DID have a point for "Living the Dream"  I've been following Kristina Folick-Welts, Saturday she ran, well started UROC.  She and her husband spent the week acclimating from the low lands, the NH White Mountains, and that didn't go so well (her linked blog post goes into some pre-race details).  Friday night she was active on FB with her worries and concerns and we had a few messages back and forth and all I could say was "you are living the dream, go forth and be awesome"  She wanted that buckle so badly, and I believe she will get it, she and Ryan (and Jack Puppy) now have a vendetta to conquer, a little motivation never hurt any one when conquering a goal.   Plus she has such a great attitude, she is bummed, extremely positive about the whole thing.  See, living the dream, running is her job, so awesome.

Anyhow, I was so happy to run today, I aimed for 10, by 6 I could tell my knee wasn't happy and I better wrap it up soon, 8.9 it was, as I hobbled to the guard shack to collect my badge, I knew that when I realized I forgot to put on that stupid strap (pre run) I should have turned around.  Live and learn, right?

I took a try at the airport road, nice, nice and flat and wide and not a lot of traffic.  Thanks Mike!  Then did the rest of the usual loop.

So ends September, 30 wonderful days and now into October 31 days which will prove to be very challenging and beautiful as the leaves start to change here in Southern Rhode Island.

Beth, can't believe how fast time flies, feels like it was just January....  oh and I better fold that laundry :)

Friday, September 27, 2013

Living the Dream

It has been since when since I babbled? Monday... oh my...  

I suppose some have missed me?  Those who have have probably been inundated with stream of consciousness eMails, no? well ask me for my eMail and I'll blather at you incessantly...

Monday I was supposed to go to NYC to get my mid year performance review.  Yes, I realize it is SEPTEMBER....  I got half way to the train station when my boss called me to determine if I read the 10:30 p.m. eMail regarding the cancellation of Monday's meeting.  Well, no I last checked at 8:30 p.m. just when my connecting flight from Atlanta took off.  I figured if it hadn't been cancelled by 8:30 it would be ok...  apparently not.  So at 6:30 a.m. I turned around and headed back to the Groton, CT offices.  Remembering WHY when we moved here I lived East of the site, so I didn't have to drive into the sun to and from work.  Seriously, 7 years of that nonsense was enough for me living in Ann Arbor and commuting to Dearborn then Detroit.  

Figuring I got home at midnight, and up at 5:30 a.m. (I slept in).  4 hours of sleep had me, well, slightly on the goofy side. I left early 2 p.m..  Hubb/Dave, missed the message and the text and was surprised to see me!  I napped on the couch till 5:25 p.m. he woke me up to tell me we were going to Captain Scott's for dinner.  OK, sure...

Tuesday was a designated Groton, CT day.  All went normally, I got in 5 and some change at work.  So happy to be running outside.  

After work Ro and I met up with a new running group, TRALP - Tuesday Running And Libations Professionals, meet at the Mystic Harp and Hound at 5:30 and run River Road, miles of your choice. The whole loop is 7 miles.  Ro and I opted for 3 out and back.  9:20 mile... not bad, no wonder why I couldn't keep up my side of the conversation!!.  I was sucking some major wind and Ro did all the talking.  I need the 'speed work' so this was a perfect follow up to my 5 and change earlier in the day. 

Wednesday,  I got all the way to New Haven, this is an hours drive for me.   Todd, the platform dude, informed me the train was going as far as Stamford.  I asked when is the next train to Grand Central?  Todd said, none, Con Ed feeder line is out, no power,  you can go to Stamford and hope for a train or a bus ... hmmm.... I saw a few co-workers on the platform and decided, well guess I'm working in Groton, again...  back into the sun, OMG how much I don't miss that horror, and wow I really need to get a new windshield.  Being sans gym bag I planned on leaving a little early!

Left a message for Hubb/Dave, that I'd be home and let's go for a ride, I need some help with my tire pressure and this sqeaky grinding noise I'm hearing from my chain.  Based on the surprised look I got at 4 p.m. he had not checked messages, in fact he hadn't taken his phone from his hydration pack from Tuesday nights ride!!!

Tires were low.  I let more air out then I put in with the hand pump.  Dave got a good laugh out of that.  For each psst he said "That's 10 lbs."  Crap.  The floor pump was more helpful  100 psi in those skinny tires is wow, kinda scary, and tough to get in those last few pounds.  Any suggestions from the bikers out there? An easier way? Better floor pump?  Better hand pump? 

The squeaking noise was all the sand I've manage to pick up riding along the beach.  Dave lubed the chain and all seems better...

We did a nice easy 20, we both thought it was pretty easy, it was actually a nice effort, topping many of my 'segments' in Strava.    Huh.  I so missed my bike in the last two weeks, my last ride was 9/11.  Felt so freaking fantastic to ride again!!

Thursday, went on a walk at lunch time and a spin class.  Then the panic to get the house cleaned up for weekend guests.  That was thwarted by I'm not sure what, after dinner Dave and I had a few cocktails and started watching the 7th season of Entourage.  Amazing what you can check out of the library.   Don't judge, somethings you start you just need to finish.

Today (Friday) my aunt and uncle who live in LA were on this coast taking a fall cruise from NYC to Halifax.  I was so excited to spend the morning with them.  They were in port in Newport for the day.  It has been far too long since I've seen them.

Charlie, me, KJ,
Toes: I asked Dave what color I should get my toes done, yellow-orange... who knew there was yellow-orange nail polish...
I got to talk with my uncle (my mom's brother) about his athletics.  He is a biker, 7 times riding the San Fran to LA AIDS ride, 580 miles.  He said it was mostly down hill and you could really get cruising along.  HA!  SO modest.  I asked if he had ever done a tri.  Oh yes, he did one, a sprint.  His advice:  if you aren't planning on winning, take your time getting in the water, getting kicked, slapped, and punched in the water isn't fun, and he is a swimmer.  The bike was his favorite part, of course, and he said he nearly crawled across the finish line for the run.  He did it, one and done, and suggested going from sea level to 7,000 feet (his tri was in Big Bear, CA) wasn't really a good plan.  HA!  Excellent advice!

Oh let me also mention he is a cancer survivor, non-hodgking lymphoma (6 years remission) and low grade prostate.  And he is a writer, I totally forgot to ask if he had written any stories lately.  Funny how genes work, isn't it?  

He volunteered his marathon experiences, prefaced by saying his favorite distance is a 10K and he hated 5Ks unless he ran a 10K first then the 5K.  Marathon the first,  he over trained and ended up with knots in the muscles on TOP of his shins.  Krikies.  He did the second, and the last, to start and not finish in excruciating pain.  

My aunt said, you two are just crazy, and that's why I love you both.

Lots of video of their latest grandchild, OMG she is a DOLL, my cousin is a redhead married to a Japanese woman, OMG a redheaded Asian girl, Koa, so cute you want to eat her up!!!  She is just reaching her first year.

Hopefully the dog sitter Dave and I are interviewing will work out and we can use their beach house,  I think the LA marathon is in March?  Hmmmm.... 

And there you go... at least I feel caught up.  20 miler in the a.m. may turn in to a 15 miler... I am so not as focused on training for this marathon as I was last year.  Then again there are far better distractions (family) this year compared to last! 

Beth, kinda lacking focus, however for a good reason, family!!

Monday, September 23, 2013

Dallas 9/19 - 9/22

I have become a serial over-committer in my advancing age.  I'm also finding I'm less and less bashful, mostly, although all of a sudden there are times I feel like running and hiding.

A friend sent me a link to the National Lung Cancer Partnership ("NLCP") Lung Cancer Advocacy Summit ("Summit"), you needed to write several essays to apply for this 4 day summit in Dallas in September, over a weekend I have a 20 mile run scheduled.  I wasn't so sure, competing priorities being top of my mind, I'm gone all but one weekend in October; however I am passionately curious (to bastardize an Albert Einstein quote) and I really want to be a better advocate and this would supply me the tools for my tool kit (sorry for the corporate speak, if it quacks like a duck, it's a duck) .  So let's just do this.  I answered the questions from my heart, I forgot to make a copy of what I submitted so I have no idea the words used in my actual submission.  We were to submit by June 22nd, I submitted on the 21st and we would know in a month.  I got the acceptance letter!  I was thrilled and then I was terrified.  What have I done?  How do I balance everything, do I have the vacation time, does Dave/Hubb have out of town plans for that weekend, what sort of commitment is this going to be going forward (seriously, no organization is going to spend 4 days educating and entertaining you and expect nothing in return, even a non-profit, especially a non-profit)...

Nicole introduced me to a woman who lost her mother to Lung Cancer, on her 30th birthday, what a horrible present...  Sally will be 'celebrating' her 33rd birthday in November.  I cannot even imagine.  First, being in my 30's and loosing my mother (my mother lost her mother when she was 31).  Second, on her birthday, it was bad enough my youngest brother's birthday was preempted by my mother's diagnosis, and the only way I can remember the year my middle brother was married was the same year as my mother's diagnosis.  Third, do we really need a third?  Probably in some grammar book we do?  Or is that just in outlining?  Sally was accepted also and right on top of making plane reservations and sending them to me and just keeping me informed on all the logistics.  I managed to book the wrong airport, and fortunately Delta was wonderfully accommodating when I explained I booked Dallas Ft Worth and I should have booked Dallas Love Field.  Doh!!!

It was a ridiculously early flight, like the first one out of Providence last Thursday.  I'm not a great flyer, more I just find it all annoying, having to pull my hair out of its pony tail through security and getting my licence critiqued.  I've changed a lot in the last 6 years since the damn thing was printed, seriously that IS me...  My passport?  Oh that expired years ago, I don't fly internationally anymore... and then just the people, so many people, all stopping in the middle of the hallway to do what I have no idea.   See annoying.  The first flight out was a good plan on Sally's part!

So we got in early, enough time for me to hit the treadmill for 6 miles.  OMG... that wasn't fun.   And not fun for First, being on the treadmill and I've never managed more than 3.  Second, the guy next to me, after I got off the treadmill, said "I wouldn't want to compete against you in a foot race." on the treadmill next to me.  Oh really?  Gimme a break pal, I thought pickups just happened in the hotel bar because really, not buying it.  And y'all saw my Strava input...  right...  whatever...  Dave/Hubb got a kick out of that, he said, didn't he smell you? Because, really you stink, really really stink.   Honesty is of the utmost importance, but really, THAT honest?  LOL  Third, oh do I really have to say it...

Thursday night was the meet and greet.  98 advocates telling their connection to Lung Cancer.  17 are Lung Cancer survivors, from months and one at 18 years.   My curiosity is always how were they diagnosed, what were their symptoms.  My mother';s was a relentless and intensifying pain in her back.

From the NLCP website link
Lots of pains in the back, a few facial pain, and some, NOTHING, the Lung Cancer was diagnosed as part of a different test, one for a chest x-ray as a part of a screen for TB before a volunteer assignment, another chest x-ray because of a suspicion of swine flu, another a different chest x-ray due to other familial cardiovascular problems.... this disease doesn't make itself known easily and when it is in later stages.  

Most of those with loved ones with Lung Cancer, no longer had them in their lives.  I am one of the very.  I don't really enjoy being special like that, nor do I want to be one of the majority... tough stuff to deal with.

Oh, most important, if you have lungs you can get Lung Cancer.  Smoking status doesn't matter, this stuff doesn't care, 50% of newly diagnosed Lung Cancer is in never or non-smokers.  Yeah, never ever ever in their WHOLE life smoked 15%.  Scary eh?  Touch one, smoke (legal or not) and you jump in to the non-smoker category...

Ok enough lecture, but doesn't it make you think?  I'm hoping it does.  No one deserves this disease, it doesn't care if you smoked or not or even if you gave it up years ago, it simply doesn't.   Smokers deserving this disease or bringing it on themselves is a HUGE hurdle to over come.  Anyone remember the 80's and AIDS only being a gay man's or a drug addicts disease?  Not so much anymore.  

Many of you are runners, we use our lungs hard and daily and expect a lot from them.  My mother was a runner late in life, and ran till a few years before diagnosis. I as well as my father are sure her excellent health was key to her survival, her body was strong enough to heal from all the poisons used to kill the cancer.

The second and third days were full days of discussions, learning sessions, and a lab tour of some of the cutting edge research the NLCP grants fund!  Very cool.  I have a lot to process.

The fourth day was action planning, with what you have learned what are going to be your actions over the next year.  I am focusing on Education and Awareness.  One of the things my mother mentioned, and it never sank in, was there just wasn't any Lung Cancer information at her cancer center.  She goes to a Cancer Support group in Ann Arbor, MI, this is associated with the University of Michigan, one of the top cancer centers in the US... If they are lacking in materials, I am sure other places are to!  And don't worry I'll get back to posting about my running!  

That was my time in Dallas, by the numbers:  16 miles on the treadmill. 28 hours in meetings. 98 new friends (ok maybe not really but close).  Not too shabby and worth all the time I spent there and will spend in the future as a Lung Cancer advocate (oh, I should update my LinkedIN profile!!).

Beth, getting back to posting about her other passion, running, soon... hoping to run outside tomorrow... and what am I training for? Marine Corps Marathon with the Lung Cancer Alliance's Team Lung Love!!  And why am I doing this?  To double Lung Cancer survival by 2022!

Friday, September 20, 2013

Liebster Award

Today I was nominated to receive the Liebster Blogging Award by Missy at Missyspublicjunk, I've seen this around the blogosphere and not really sure what it was so what does one do?  They read the nominators blog post and the blogs nominated then the blog post of the person that nominated them and the blogs they nominated and so on and you tell two friends and they tell two friends.  I was going to write about what I've been up to here in Dallas.  I spent the afternoon at the University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center listening to Lung Cancer researchers talk about their research.   My thought was to enlighten you on my learning about DNA reproduction via the miraculous PCR (Polymerase Chain Reaction) process discovered by the very wacky LSD indulging Biochemist PhD Kary Mullis, who after wining the Nobel Prize in Chemistry, gave it all up (except the LSD) to pursue a surfing career.  (Some of the "facts" maybe slightly misrepresented)  And other equally notable and impressive progress in the research on finding a cure for and early detection of Lung Cancer.  Another day, perhaps?
Ok so this Liebster Award, it is given to undiscovered blogs, giving them the opportunity to be recognized and discovered!  How cool is that?  I really love why Missy nominated me. Someday's that is my favorite part of writing the blog.

I've been following Missy's running and writing career.  I was there cheering her on through her training runs and her races.  Her style is great, she loves quotes, and finds just the right ones to go with her blog post which can range from running to relationships to acting.  The diversity is great, I never know what I am going to see!
The requirements for the award:

  1. Link back to the author who nominated you.  (done)
  2. Answer the questions presented by the author who nominated you.  (done)
  3. Nominate up to ten other authors for the award. (done, with hesitation, I'm not always big on attention and never know how other people will react to it)
  4. Ask ten questions of those you nominate. (done)
The Nominees are:
  1. Running While Mommy - Witnessing and encouraging Nicole as she blooms into a distance runner has been a joy!
  2. Muddy's Miles - An entertaining recap of the miles he runs during the week and the trials and tribulations of the trail and other stuff.  And seriously check out my blogroll, I'd of put them all up here but really not sure if that would go over like a fart in a space suit or what...    
  3. Wanderlust - I just started following Debra on her journey to 26.2 and have been enjoying her honesty.
  4. Ransack the Rack - Fashion blog by a very pragmatic and practical woman, also a little sarcastic.
Missy's Questions:
  1. How old were you when you first realized that you were a writer?   I guess I never really thought of my self as a writer until a friend introduced me to NANO in 2010, I was 43.  The first foray in to writing a novel in a month was well, challenging, and oh so very rewarding!  It was at a time in my life when I was in a lay off wave and really trying to figure out what I was going to do about a job and try and do the best I could with the job I had.  That gave me a creative release to tell a story and escape my reality. Trying to figure out what the topic will be for 2013!
  2. If you had to choose one person in your life who was your biggest inspiration - good or bad - who would that person be?  On the good side I really need to say all the women in my family.  I come from a long line of tough and strong women, on my maternal and my paternal side.  I think in particular I will pick my great-grandmother Lizzie.  Oh mom, don't roll your eyes, you know we were both named for her because she didn't take any crap from anyone and was strong woman.   I only know Lizzie from the stories I've heard from her grandchildren, what I was able to gleen from the wife of a 2nd cousin, and the stories I've dug up in the newspaper.  In current times no one would think twice about the decisions she made - divorcing and raising her sons on her own, beating up a mugger, or even trying to drive over an opening draw bridge because she was in a hurry.   
  3. What do you consider your biggest vice?  Eating sweets, I'd love to have a nice rich sweet chocolate creamy dessert with every meal, but I don't want an ass the size of Texas as a result, been there done that, not going back, TYVM.
  4. Your biggest virtue?  Being dependable.  I'll never forget seeing my Aunt Sally at my Uncle Bob's funeral.  I drove out from RI to OH for it.  Sally just said, through her tear stained face "Old dependable Beth.  Thank you for being here."  Oh crap now I'm getting all misty.  
  5. What do you consider to be your biggest passion (non-human passion, that is.  If you're a parent, the standard answer is your children, I get it.  But I mean, what is your biggest passion)? My biggest passion, I really think I have two running and Lung Cancer advocacy.  The two do dovetail together as I run both for fun and to raise money for Lung Cancer research and resources.  Cancer has been in my life since I was 4, it has just always been there.  Running came later in life, my Jr year of HS I joined the track team, and promptly fractured my foot during our first meet, ending what may have been a brilliant sprinting career, ha!
  6. What's your favorite quote? And why?  This is a tough one, I like so many for so many different reasons.  I'll pick:  "Sweet are the uses of adversity, which, like the toad, ugly and venomous, wears yet a precious jewel in his head; and this our life, exempt from public haunt, finds tongues in trees, books in the running brooks, sermons in stones, and good in every thing." -- Duke Senior, As You Like It Act 2, scene 1, 12–17 , William Shakespeare  I like this because Caroline Ingalls used to say it and if I could have grown up to be Laura Ingalls Wilder I'd of been a happy girl.  As I grew up and began to appreciate Shakespeare I really like this sentiment, we have to embrace what we don't favor and learn to find the good in it.  Shakespeare can be left a bit up to interpretation though...
  7. What's your favorite book? And why? Little House on in the Big Woods, this was the first book I remember getting for my library.  I read it and re-read it through my childhood and in my adulthood.  The series was a gift from my favorite Aunt and it is something I will treasure for ever.  The stories, while I realize a work of fiction and romanticized Laura's life, were really a joy to me from the first time I read it till the millionth time I read it.
  8. What's your fondest childhood memory? Hmm... this is a tough one, I'm one that remembers trauma before all else.  My memories of the two weeks of the summer I used to spend with my paternal grandparents.  Scouting the Rocky River for crayfish shells, feeding the carp at Pymatuning lake, fried baloney sandwiches, and chocolate milk made by shaking Nestle Quick with milk in a jar.  
  9. Have you ever been published?  Do you want to be?  I have been.  In 2000, I wrote an article on "Outsourcing Analytic Testing" For American Pharmaceutical magazine (I have a copy in my files, I think that was the name of the publication)  I managed to escape having to actually present my article at a conference!!   PSHEW!!!  I'll pass on being published if it is technical writing and if I am under threat to present!
  10. How often do you write?  Do you wish you had time to write more, or do you feel like you spend too much time writing as it is?  I write at least 5 times a week, some blog entries get published, others do not, some times I get the bug to write a story and will spend sometime getting my thoughts on paper, or rather on the computer because my handwriting is atrocious, even worse than a doctors!  Sometimes I'd like to write more and most times I'd like to spend more time editing, but then I'd can pencil f*ck something to death and it is no longer in my "authentic voice".
My Questions:
  1. If you could be any vegetable what would you be and why?
  2. Who is your hero or heroine and why?
  3. What is your favorite quote and why?
  4. What is the best piece of advice you have ever gotten and why?
  5. Why did you start your blog?
  6. What memory makes you smile and why?
  7. If you could meet anyone living or dead who would it be and why?
  8. Where's Waldo?
  9. If you could be, and stay, any age what would it be and why?
  10. If you had three wishes what would they be and why?

Beth who is thrilled to be nominated and terrified of nominating bloggers.  I really need to call my therapist...

Thursday, September 19, 2013


On my run Wednesday, probably about mile 2.  I have no idea exactly when, I left my space watch at my desk and only had the iPhone (which stays in the SPI belt)  to record the run.  I came to the conclusion I am a runner I am not a racer.  I love to run, I really really really do.  Racing makes me crazy, I am competitive, mostly with myself, sometimes with others, mostly against myself.  Hence, checking back on race stats and run stats and the constant comparison. And beating myself about the head and neck and subjecting y'all to it.  Analysis paralysis, much? 

Once I finally got to this point, my run got easier, huh, how about that.  So I just kept going, and going, 8 miles on the nose.  How about that, and a sub 10 pace, how about that!  I also wonder if the inability to obsessively compulsively check my pace had anything to do with that too...

Getting back into the office Howie wanted to know if I made the full 10, I said I ran out of road and landed at 8 on the nose!   I threw out my little epiphany and he said, "I'm a racer, I feel that drive to just go out there and run hard till I puke."  Huh... maybe I am on to something.

On my run, I explored that little trail, it was little, no more than a mile in the, yes I remembered to memorize the name, Sparkle Lake Conservation area off of Thomas Road, next to Birch Plain Creek.  Kinda fun to run around in the woody prairie.  

Beth, who really really appreciates all the support and reminders to not pick on myself and apologizes for being whiney!!  

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Monday, September 16, 2013

There is no crying in TRX

The calendar was wide open today.  This is nice but it also makes me a bit nervous.  What to do with these nerves, why go for a run.  Mike had mentioned a hill by a certain name, it started with a B, maybe I'd try it.  I think it is the one on Poquonnock?  Make a left at the bottom of the hill to stay on Poquonnock versus right on to High Rock?  I wimped out.  This was supposed to be a fun run and I really didn't want to run by the defense plant at lunch time.   After all this is my absolute favorite weather to run in, cloudy, breezy, teensy bit of drizzle, and chilly, let's see what Thomas had to offer, nice and flat and wait, is that a trail?  Oh goodie, wasn't Jeff the Detroit Runner just talking about the merits of being able to see the world differently when running? It is all about the journey in everything we do and experience.  

MG, I know you don't read this blog much; in the event you've tuned in --> thanks for the insight "Life unfolds as it is meant to."  We take a bit of everyone we meet forward in our life, and those brief interactions were certainly life altering for me.

Anyhoodles, I took the trail, (the road less traveled?) nice wide grass covered, me and a couple white tail deer had the crap scared out of us by each other. (hmm proper grammar?) There is a little pond back there (like I can remember the name of the 'green space' and nothing is coming up on Google).  At the fork in the trail I took a right, I'll go straight next time and see what more is back there.  The right took me back to the parking lot. Looking on the map could be a mile or so of trails to putter around on!!  Fun place to explore.  Of course the guys at work suggested this isn't a smart thing for a woman to do alone.  Well come run with me!  *shakes head*   Back out on to Thomas to run the familiar roads.  

I was feeling pretty good, quads a little sore, do I take the right and go back to campus or left and continue on with the rest of the Native American?  Yeah, left.   I felt fantastic!!  Will I pay for this tomorrow?  Who knows, and really who cares.  I spend Thur - Sun at a conference and most likely running on a flipping treadmill.  Not complaining, just a little unsure of what I'll be faced with weather-wise and outdoor running-wise in Dallas.  

Although Syracuse continues to remind me that the treadmill will help my speed and pacing...  Thanks buddy!  I'll wear my orange socks, maybe that will help the mind numbing boredom?  I am dreading this and REALLY need to NOT dread it and just do it.

Oh, so tonight was TRX.  The Instructor/Drill Sargent had quite an ordeal the past few work days with a crying contractor.  So she relayed the stories and well, it wasn't due to lack of diplomacy on her part.  I had a boss that used to say "Beth, don't die on the vine."  And this is exactly what was going on.  Don't take on more than you can handle and when you need to say uncle, for pete's sake SAY IT!!  (I never did die on the vine, it was far better for me to be over worked during my 20's, it helped to keep me out of trouble I found quite enough, and more found me, thank you very much.)

At one point both of us were groaning about our backs.  We just heard "There is NO crying in TRX, man up!!"  Well it is hard to maintain a plank and laugh, but we somehow managed!!  Man I've missed our little trio of trouble makers...  

I think Emily Dickinson said it best:

Yesterday is History, 
'Tis so far away
Yesterday is Poetry
'Tis Philosophy

Yesterday is a Mystery
Where it is today
While we shrewdly speculate
Flutter both away

Beth, reflecting on the past looking forward to the future, living in the present!

Sunday, September 15, 2013

Surftown Half - Recap

After reviewing last years blog post, and other race results, I am officially getting slower.  On the up side I am less injured... give and take live and learn?  I love this race and this course.  I run and bike these roads weekly, so maybe the familiarity made me lazy?  Maybe running in pain has made me scared?  Maybe, just maybe I didn't go into this as a race with any strategy or plans?  Yeah, that's the ticket.  I barely remembered to lay out my clothes the night before and pack a bag with things like breakfast, water, a change of clothes and my knee strap.

I finished 2:19:07 / 10:38 pace,  Strava gives me a PR and some other medals.  I'll take them but I know this is only from October 28th 2012 and forward (Marine Corps Marathon - when I changed shoes and wanted to start keeping track of shoe mileage).  My PR is 10 minutes less.  Neither here nor there that was a different race I was in a VERY different place last year and I'm much happier with my current calm reality versus the excitement and craziness of THAT reality.  Although I do miss some of the craziness, it was fun and well exciting crazy!

Bib pick up was super easy, as long as you remembered your picture ID, which I did.  I took a walk downtown to pick up the bib and was able to chat with Jeff for a few and then took a nice stroll down town and up through the park and back home. There was a family sitting on a bench.  Their symmetry amused me: blue, yellow, blue, yellow.  Well in MY reality it is right to left yellow, blue, yellow, blue.   This is how my brothers and I used to line up, me, the eldest on the far right, then the middle, finally the youngest.  Same with my mom and her siblings...  Since traditional conventions require things left to right, there you go blue, yellow, blue, yellow.  Happy now Rod??

Hubb/Dave wanted to go for a bike ride but didn't want to go far.  I was up for a quick spin down Boombridge through Ashaway to that awesome down hill on Chase Hill?  or out to Watch Hill? but he didn't want to go THAT far.  Are you kidding me?  It is all of 10 miles or 15 miles...  blargh.

I was up on time and ready to go, figured it would be a quick car ride.  Whoopsie, not so much...  1,800 1/2 marathoners and how many 5Kers trying to get to the beach.  Things got a little jammed up.   I had enough time to find Monica and use the porta potty AND say hi to the WTAC crew, they are easy to find, all lined up in front.  GREAT JOB Muddy for the WIN!!!  And Matthew for your first race!  And all of you for a great showing!

This is a nice course, starts with an out and back, which I am loving more and more, and then looping into Watch Hill and back to Misquamicut.

Miles 1 - 2  (9:58 / 10:08)

Monica, who did the Bold R Dash in Yawgoo, RI yesterday hung with me for a few miles, she was pretty sore and achey.  Competing in 4 race in 9 days can do that to a person!  Rock Star!

Mile 3 (9:46)

Saw Ryan and Muddy clearly tearing up the pavement.  Caught sight of Jeff as he was rounding the corner back over the Breechway and I was off to the Weekapaug loop.

There was a cute couple, he said, "OK honey there is a hill here, just keep it steady." I think she beat him up that hill.  I lost sight of them after that.  She had the cutest argyle socks!  Nice to see couples running.  Co-worker Howie and his wife Alison, (killed it BTW @ 1:58, I'm going to hang my head in shame on Monday - but this was a training run for me, not a race, right?) ran together, their first 1/2.

Miles 4 - 6 (10:11 / 10:19 / 10:37) this is a not a good trend

Then the nice long flat along Atlantic Avenue.  Kinda sucks to have to pass by the finish, but the race is nearly half over at that point.  The wheel chair guy was just finishing up and I heard everyone say make way for the winner.  Which one of the WTAC guys was it going to be???

Mile 7 (10:40)  

Great course support, tons of people cheering everyone on. Although I was a little more than miffed at the runners running in the middle of the road and yelling at the cars to get off the road.  Really people, we don't own the road, we still have to share it with the vehicles.   Things like that give runners a bad name.  Sure sure I get a little grouchy when someone tries to smack me over in a cross walk when I'm certain I've made eye contact with them before dashing into the cross walk.  And that happened twice, with the same car on the same run, with cross walks only a few steps from each other.  I tried to explain that people actually LIVE here and have spent the summer dealing with tourists, cut them a little slack, we thought we had our little town back!  Oh Beth, why bother...

Mile 8 - 9 (11:24 / 10:39)  ok better

And then out to Watch Hill.  At this point I meet up with someone on her training run for MCM, she and her girlfriends and I ran together till mile 12.  This will be Michelle's 5th MCM and she asked me what my time was.  Oh groan, 5:09 I was waiting for something in the low 4s from her... 5:56.  Oh I didn't feel so bad now.  A very peppy 40 year old from MA.  Great company.  She runs for the Semper Fi fund.

Lots of chit chat, what was your first concert?  What was your first movie? And others I simply can't remember now.  Damn this woman knows how to make the time just fly by and I can't carry on that great of a conversation when I'm NOT running, let alone when I am running.

Oh if you are interested:  First concert: Jimmy Buffet  First movie: Grease (I think, it is the earliest one I can remember my mom taking us to)

Mile 10 (10:50) hill?

The gals I was running with asked about this killer hill they heard they would need to walk up.  Oh yeah, I said, it is about a block and a half up and the view at the top is SO worth it you'll have forgotten all about it.  Besides mile 7 hill at MCM is WAY worse!!   Michelle and Rebecka got a laugh out of that and then Michelle went on to tell us what she does at mile 18.5 on the MCM course, jumps up and down.  HA!!  Awesome perverse sense of humor!

Mile 11 - 13 (10:41 / 11:12 / 10:39)

The long straight away on Ocean View made me long for my bike seeing so many bikers.  Up ahead was the hedge row and Bayberry and soon the end.

The finish line was one of those moving targets again...  I swear it crawls forward.  Not much pep in my step (last 0.1 9:15) seeing the finish line.  I tried, I really tried to catch the guy in front of me, no dice...

Nice to see Crutch at the finish!  Monica wasn't too far behind and we had our usual several miles of walking to find cars and/or people post race.  Guess we have our tradition pretty set in stone now!  Run many miles, then take a long long walk.

Off to the beer tent, IDs in hand! Free beer is good beer, period.

After digging up a beer at home and taking it in the shower with me, hey, don't knock it till you've tried it, kinda like frozen towels in the arm pits, weird but does the trick!

The rest of my afternoon required me to socialize with the wives of the guys in Dave's RC Plane club, (he is the president of the club, so yeah) today was their end of the summer picnic.  I managed to spend an hour or so with Dave and the guys before depositing myself in the circle of hens.  I never know what the topics of discussion are going to be, I'm sure they have no idea what to do with me, the childless one, fortunately they had gotten past the bitching and moaning about their husbands hobby.  Hey, look, this makes Dave happy, he enjoys designing, building, and flying these things.  He is happy, what's not for me to like?  (I know, I know, epic fail on my part, I so totally flunked out of wife school it isn't funny)  I caught them up on my running a little bit on biking and prayed the conversation would turn funny.  

And one of the women said "So I'm flying to Florida to surprise my 83 year old mother for her birthday.  She calls me and tells me her boyfriend, who lives in Ohio, is coming down to visit her for her birthday."  She had us rolling with the stories of her mother and her boyfriends and how she decides she doesn't want to see them anymore so she doesn't answer the phone or the door, to the point one called the cops, he thought she might be dead...  I don't think anyone can even make this stuff up.  Oh and she met the Ohio man on a cruise, he's been visiting her once a month, and he is 10 years younger - cougar!  LOL

And so ends another day, Gizmo has alerted me it is past time to feed the dogs.

Beth, another race in the books, and more lessons learned!!  Life is Good!!

Friday, September 13, 2013

It isn't Saturday?

Thursday - Earlier in the week a running buddy sent around a note about a local fun run at a local bar.  She had to teach spin class, would we be interested in spinning and then going over to the fun run, we wouldn't run fast.  Sure, I'm up for a new challenge plus I love hanging out with this woman, she oozes positive energy and happiness!!

Of course Wednesday I biked to the beach and ran, Thursday my legs were a little tired, actually my whole me was a little tired.  Still I committed to this plan, and I kind of had a vision of Lucy and Ethel on the candy line...  "Yeah we can handle this."

Ro devised an amazing class, 2 minute seated sprint, 2 minute seated hill climb, 2 minute sit stand jumps, 2 minute standing sprint,  2 minute standing hill climb, 2 minute hover stand jumps, 2 minute hover sprint, 2 minute hover hill climb, 2 minute stand hover sit jumps  followed up by progression seated / stand / hover sprints / climbs for 10 20 then 30 seconds.  Ending with a weights and a cool down spin then stretching. This may not make a lot of sense, lets just say it was an intense class, but then with Spin you can 'fake it' but then what is the point, seriously why bother if you aren't going to work?  Getting off the bike and stretching my legs felt a little wobbly then the lead set in...   Probably could have used a few of those chocolates?

As an aside, spin is helping my actual biking. I'm far more comfortable and confident getting up out of the saddle for climbs and just to stretch my legs on a long straight away. Sometimes it just seems the right thing to do, who woulda thunk it?

During the class she kept encouraging people to come out to the fun run at Sneekers.  Think she may have found a few willing participants for a future run with spin as a warm up! Anyone else, Buller?

The run was fun, it starts (6 p.m.) and ends at Sneekers and set up to run what you want to run 2 or more miles meet back at the bar.  The Mohegan Striders worked out the details with the bar owner, a free drink after the run and a place to hang out.  Supposed to go on all winter!  Super awesome!

Concerned about it getting dark so wicked early?  Well the accurately named hill and its sibling hills are well lit!! After that hill work out you will have earned your beer!

Oh yeah and Amby Burfoot showed up!  Very cool!  Running greatness right there!

We ran 2.4 at a decent pace. Progressively faster splits, who could ask for more?

Friday - I woke up to Dave saying something about "Weren't you getting up at 6:30?"  To which I responded "It is Saturday and I have nothing planned, why would I get up THAT early?" in THAT tone...  poor guy.  He more than enjoyed telling me it was Friday NOT Saturday, he was taking the dogs to the beach, and I was now late for work.  Blargh...  Even in the rain the beach sounded way better than going to work.

Hey Beth, so sad you had to go to work, we had an awesome time at the beach!!!
I eased my disappointment with an apple filled frosted and drizzled with caramel doughnut.

Ro sent out a note about a walk at lunch, sure... I am now completely exhausted with a sugar buzz... ironically it was another 2.4 miles at a bit slower of a pace and it looks like it was walked by a drunken sailor, how's that for an accurate GPS map?

And so ends the work week.

Beth, looking forward to tomorrow actually being Saturday!

Wednesday, September 11, 2013


Monday - Just a little sore from Sunday's bike adventure.  TRX was supposed to be cancelled unless I wanted to work out with the instructor.  Sure thing! I planned to run Bluff Point, probably better not to.

Tuesday -  Figured a few miles would do me some good; and maybe work out a combination of a soreness I just could not shake from my hamstrings and gluteus maximus.  I'm guessing the bike ride on Sunday is a partial culprit?  It is a good sore feeling, not a bad sore feeling.

Dennis, a schoolmate, posted a couple pictures from Jalalalbad and commented Helos, Heat, and Mortars...  He needs to stay safe, only one purple heart buddy!  I gave him my usual stay safe and thank you.  He asked if I could run there.  HA!   Right, how about you get the next 5.  So the next 5 and change were for him.  Also fitting was the figure I ran, our HS mascot was a Redskin, the Indian, not the potato.

Pretty pleased with my pace on this one.  Nice breeze of the Long Island sound and who knows what just kept me clipping along nicely and fairly effortlessly.  Nice for a change.

Took Giz to the beach after I got home from work.  It has been a long time, he was ecstatic.  Seriously, once he caught that ocean breeze his head was out the window and I swear the old guy smiled.  So nice to see him get all playful on the beach, till I needed to leash him.  The WTAC race at the beach, I was too late to participate, figured I'd lurk / take a peek and see who was down there.  The usual suspects and a VERY handsome boxer boy!   Gizzy and I walked along the water and he didn't even get all wigged out when a wave came up a bit higher than either of us expected.  He can be a little funny about getting his toes wet, silly boy.    It was nice to get him out for a quick trip for both of us to get some sand in our paws.

Wednesday - NY was put on hold, there are some shakeups in the senior leadership and it has my boss a little wiggy and her boss even more wiggy.  In a nut shell the VP of my department is moving on to a new assignment in January.  Her replacement has been named.  Now it is just the shake out at the level below her (VP minus 1).  Who does her replacement get along with, the usual corporate crap to suss out.  My bosses boss is in that VP minus 1 level...   It was just easier to stay put and not immerse myself in the middle of the quagmire on the 19th floor, besides it was going to be like 90 some odd degrees, blarg.  Work schmerk...

I was able to duck out a little early and get in a ride to the beach, a run, and a ride back home.  It was a bit too dusky for comfort half way home.  Better get myself some lights or something.  I have a headlamp and reflective gear for running in the dark/dusk...  Oh more shopping, what a sacrifice!

The way out was nice, wind at my back, the ride out and the run out, the run back was a bit windy but that ride back, wowza, that was a strong wind!!

Last year I ran 9.11 for 9/11. Absolutely not planned, when I looked down at my Garmin to press stop, there were those numbers...    Perhaps this was my 9/11 tribute?  A little heat, a little sand, a little sweat?  Gave me plenty of time to think about my friends who serve and have served this country.  Doubtful this is of any consequence to them.  More for me to reflect and say a quiet thank you for their service and sacrifice,  my quiet way to remember them and our friendship.  In this grand universe I believe these simple good vibes make it to the person when they need them, giving them peace in a turbulent time.

Out to Quonnie

Run at Quonnie.  The tide was perfect, the sand a little squishy and very very sloped!!

And back home, into the wind holy wow it was a slog up Atlantic Avenue!!

Beth, always wishing peace to those around me

Sunday, September 8, 2013

MCM Training - Week 11

Four Seasons Run for Hope this a.m. didn't happen, well for me.  I was there in plenty of time, no on-site parking resulted in a nice tour of Boston and the Commons and my frustration level reaching an epic high.   Well crap...  another day I will run along the Charles River, so I had a nice long morning in the car. BLARGH. Poor planning on my part.  It happens, we live, we learn, and we make adjustments.

Dave was sympathetic. He suggested we ride out to Buttonwood Farms for some ice cream.  Sure, that would be good, let's go at 2:30, I need a nap, frustration wears me out.  By 2:25 he woke me up, remarking how amazing it is that 1) fell asleep with the the obnoxious neighbors and their dirt bike, and 2) slept through the chain saws taking down the 40 foot tree across the street.  Hey I am an expert napper, what can I say, we all have our strengths. 

Off we went on our adventure!  It was fun, we both had a blast and enjoyed our ice cream.  

So there you have it...  a nap, bike ride, and ice cream cures all ills.  Oh yeah and that downhill (9% grade) on 201 was AMAZEBALLS!!!!  The down hills on this route are truly a treat for the up hills. 

And so ends MCM Training Week 11 - the numbers:

Monday - 11.5 miles bike
Tuesday - Spin class
Wednesday - 6 mile run 2.5 mile hike
Thursday - 13.5 miles bike 2.8 mile run on the beach
Friday - 0
Saturday -  3.1 race 11 mile run
Sunday - 32 miles bike

I didn't get in all the miles on my schedule, or to the track... next week is another week!  

Next week is also the Surftown 1/2, last year 2:16, my PR is 2:10. Looking fun to seeing lots of familiar faces! 

Beth, moving forward

Saturday, September 7, 2013

Shawn Nassaney - Recap

The opportunity to run with friends and meet virtual friends in real life is hard to pass up.  Even at the cost (time, training miles, and $$) of this race the Shawn Nassaney Memorial Run/Walk I couldn't pass up the opportunity.  Nicole encouraged me to sign up with her C25K group, it would be ok, we are all runners and it was the perfect opportunity to meet Connie in person too.  Connie, who lives in Providence, and Nicole hosted a pre-race breakfast at Connie and her husbands home, gave us time to chat chat and get to know a few other runners in person versus virtually.  Funny how people meet with seemingly not much in common, well running, via the wonders of  FB Connie and I have found we also have similar appreciation for Mr. Jack Daniels, needlework, as well as sarcasm!  Brilliant!!!  It was so nice to sneak some peeks at Connie's cross stitch samplers, I'm getting a little inspired to pull out some UFOs (UnFinished Objects) out of the craft closet....

It was a nice race, a bit of a confusing course with the two laps and the go left or right and the directional-ly challenged were very challenged.  I wasn't wearing my hardware so had a hard time telling my left hand from my right.  Fortunately I remembered I wear my Garmin on my left wrist so there was only a MOMENTARY panic about going left after lap 1 and right after lap 2. Unfortunately one of our group got completely turned around about which lap was what and shorted herself 1 mile and what we are all sure would have smashed her 5K PR.

This is actually a trail PR (31:16)  for me, and I am impressed with my speedy progression from mile 1 - 2  - 3 - 0.1.  Is it bad to feel proud of oneself? No, no Beth, it isn't.

I also had the thrill of meeting someone from the blogosphere in person!  Nice to meet Seth of Roots and Rocks and chat a bit about running and dogs.  He is a reluctant dog person.  I think we could get Jax and Oliver together and that could be interesting.  Jax is a handful, however the most friendly and active of our boxer crew.  Gizzy is edging up on his 13 year and a curmudgeon, preferring to spend his time hiking with me or whining at me about when is dinner.  Gus, well 18 months in "puppy prison" (the kennel) made him even more neurotic than he was when he went into "puppy prison" @ 15 months old, when his owners could not manage him any further and surrendered him to Northeastern Boxer Rescue.  Jax is the least damaged (his owner ran over him with his truck and decided it would be better to put him down rather than have the operation and rehab him - his left back leg was crushed, and you'd never ever know only when you see the gnarly scars) of the three we have and always looking for someone to play with. He could teach Oliver LOTS of bad habits, though...  Dave assures me he has been teaching his buddy Bob's labradoodle Baron plenty of bad habits.  LOL

Hi!  I'm Jax, let's play!
Enough on the dogs...  So... I figured it would be fine I could get my long run in on Sunday, my usual long run day and the usual Saturday afternoon bike ride with Dave.

Well, Julia, a woman I know through the Lung Cancer Alliance, her mom was diagnosed with Lung Cancer the same year (2007) my mother was, unfortunately she lost her mother a very short time after diagnosis. Julia threw everything she had into starting the Lung Cancer Alliance's Team Lung Love, which is how I've gotten to know Julia.  She set up a team for the Four Seasons Run of Hope 5K benefiting the Massachusetts General Hospital Cancer Center.  I know, I know, I vowed to not drive for longer than I was going to be running... well, this is Julia, and it is Lung Cancer, and it is an excellent networking opportunity and I've so wanted to run in Boston.  I signed up.  3 hours driving, a couple hours socializing, 30 minutes running kinda put the kibosh on the Sunday long run.

I went out for 15 this afternoon, I managed 11, I'm OK with that. I ran the Oak Street hill to Tower to make up for the lost miles.

I'll take a long bike ride once I get home on Sunday.  At least my lungs will get some exercise?  I swear the biking is helping my running or maybe it is all in my mind...  in any event, I am enjoying the biking IMMENSELY, the exercise, the new challenges, and yeah, new clothes.  My mom found it very funny this added benefit of a new sport, shopping.  Dave beat me to the punch with jerseys! Tuesday there were three  on the dining room table to greet me when I got home from work. What a guy!!

Yippieee! Heavy jersey for when it gets chillier, short sleeved with arm warmers, and long sleeved
So I'm all over the place, sorry about that...  I got in my trail 5K, 11 miles on the roads, and will be running a second 5K tomorrow in Boston with my sites on a nice 20 - 30 mile ride in the afternoon!  I'm going to need to go back to work to rest from my weekend!!!

Beth, just a bit scattered....

Thursday, September 5, 2013


I bailed on my run with Nicole tonight, of course there is some guilt in that.  Damn my grandmothers for making my mother baptize me... sorry grandma and grandma, but really... this guilt thing is tough. We are running a race on Saturday and will get to spend some time together so I'm not a complete butt munch for bailing.

I've been wanting to experiment with riding to the beach running the beach then riding home.  This thing is called a brick.  I suppose what I did counts? 7 miles ride to the beach 2.5 mile run 6.5 mile ride back home.  I really wanted to see what it would feel like and it felt great.  Not hot fudge sundae great or Jack Daniels great but wow look what I can accomplish great, and honestly that is a better kind of great feeling.  Shhh don't tell anyone!

My legs don't feel like bricks, though, probably the excitement of just doing it?

After chatting with Mike B about this plan and which beach to run Napatree sounded best, nice hard sand. Plus I haven't been to Napatree since Sage died, thought that would be fitting as Sage was built like a brick outhouse and I've been missing her a lot lately. Sage and/or Giz and I got out to the beach nearly every weekend last fall and the previous winter, good memories. Although I lost some of the video (when I reformatted my iPhone) of the two old fogies getting crazy at the beach, I'm most bummed about that.

Sage and Giz - Jan 2012 Quonnie

I digress...

My ride out was uneventful.  Although I needed to reroute a little as Elm Street was torn up and then decided to not deal with the collection of filled potholes on Beach, wise move, I think.  The ride out to Watch Hill (just like the run out there) seems to get easier every time, funny how that works isn't it?

The run was as I remembered it.  I had only been out on Napatree a couple times since Super Storm Sandy and it's new normal is still pretty!  Not many people either!

Then to ride home.  I got harassed by some teenagers driving by close, then turning around to drive by close again and their capstone was to drive by close and screaming.  Fortunately I didn't flinch, well too much.  Of course I kept repeating the licence plate 466 448 sounding like Dory repeating "P Sherman 42 Wallaby Way Sydney" name that movie and now I'm not sure if that is the right licence plate.  Dave suggested the better idea would have been to stop and write it down, smart guy that husband of mine plus he knows that my mind is like a sieve sometimes, ok MOST times....

And a some of my favorite pictures of my tough girl 11/10/02 - 1/30/13

On the look out for some asses to kick!

Whaddya mean we have to go home, I OBJECT!

So young, so obnoxious August '03 with Diesel @ Napatree
Take this off or I swear I WILL bite you!
Beth, enjoyed the run down memory lane on Napatree!

Sunday, September 1, 2013

MCM Training - Week 10 - Recap

8 weeks till the Marathon!  Holy cow, how time flies. In 8 weeks from today I will have finished my 3rd marathon and sitting in the hotel bar drinking with my Marathon buddies, Maryann, Andrea, Gabe, and Erwin!!!  And probably a few other people the more social of our group have picked up along the way.

Erwin, Andrea, Gabe, Maryann, Me

Last year Super Storm Sandy bared down on the East coast, shutting down Washington DC October 29 - 30, the days after the Marathon.  Being stuck in DC with Maryann, Andrea, and Gabe was pretty awesome, Hubb was home with four dogs and no electricity.  I think by Wednesday it was pretty apparent Amtrak would not be operating and Maryann and I rented a car.  Andrea and Gabe flew back to CO on Thursday; Maryann and I drove said rental car taking her back to Princeton and then me on to RI.  

Andrea, Maryann, Sara, Me, Gabe, and Okan

Hubb and I had one night of lantern lit scrabble and then the power was on.  The thing that man puts up with always amaze me.  Then again his mother reminds me what a saint I am for dealing with her boy.  My mother's take on the whole thing: "You both met your match."  She may be on to something.

I digress...  today ends week 10 of training and my first 20 mile run of this training session.  I barely remember my first 20 mile run and even reading about it I still don't remember it in any vivid detail just bits and bobs.  Nice to see I haven't gotten THAT much slower in a year!!  Granted it was a different course...  whatever Beth, whatever.

Went out to Watch Hill and along Atlantic Avenue/Misquamicut beach and back home, parts of the Surf Town route.  Despite the narrow roads in some places it is a nice route to run.  I took a digger at about mile 11.5, you know, tripped on a piece of stand after navigating potholes and uneven asphalt and sidewalks the previous 11.5 miles, typical stuff.  I've fallen on the trails plenty of times, usually over something substantial like an actual rock or root sticking out of the earth, not for no apparent reason.  I dusted off the sticky sand best I could inspected the scrapes on my palms and right knee, nothing dire, just a little blood.  Fortunately the humidity has provided enough sweat to gather so I could wring my skirt out over the sandy and bloody parts and clean myself up a bit.  Thank heavens for small gifts, right?

In fact there was a lot of skirt ringing out and me wondering if I should have dug out a pair of running shorts, but I'd feel naked, but I wouldn't be carting around a pound or so of water... hmmm...

All in all it was a decent run.  I'm pleased, I started, I finished, in the immortal words of JoAnn, I didn't die.

Hubb had designs on riding Big River this a.m. he and his buddies arrived out there to find it lightening and thundering and raining.  Huh... they headed back to Burlingame where the weather was much more agreeable and rode. The weather out here is so wonky sometimes, seems like North of I-95 generally gets the brunt of the ugliness and the coast is saved.  Well other than hurricanes or what are we calling them now Super Storms...

We went for pretzel sammiches and beers (Wachusset Blueberry for me and Shandy for Hubb) at The Malted Barley and now I suppose I should attack that pantry...

Beth, thankful she was alerted to the healing and chromium replenishment attributes of beer!