Friday, September 13, 2013

It isn't Saturday?

Thursday - Earlier in the week a running buddy sent around a note about a local fun run at a local bar.  She had to teach spin class, would we be interested in spinning and then going over to the fun run, we wouldn't run fast.  Sure, I'm up for a new challenge plus I love hanging out with this woman, she oozes positive energy and happiness!!

Of course Wednesday I biked to the beach and ran, Thursday my legs were a little tired, actually my whole me was a little tired.  Still I committed to this plan, and I kind of had a vision of Lucy and Ethel on the candy line...  "Yeah we can handle this."

Ro devised an amazing class, 2 minute seated sprint, 2 minute seated hill climb, 2 minute sit stand jumps, 2 minute standing sprint,  2 minute standing hill climb, 2 minute hover stand jumps, 2 minute hover sprint, 2 minute hover hill climb, 2 minute stand hover sit jumps  followed up by progression seated / stand / hover sprints / climbs for 10 20 then 30 seconds.  Ending with a weights and a cool down spin then stretching. This may not make a lot of sense, lets just say it was an intense class, but then with Spin you can 'fake it' but then what is the point, seriously why bother if you aren't going to work?  Getting off the bike and stretching my legs felt a little wobbly then the lead set in...   Probably could have used a few of those chocolates?

As an aside, spin is helping my actual biking. I'm far more comfortable and confident getting up out of the saddle for climbs and just to stretch my legs on a long straight away. Sometimes it just seems the right thing to do, who woulda thunk it?

During the class she kept encouraging people to come out to the fun run at Sneekers.  Think she may have found a few willing participants for a future run with spin as a warm up! Anyone else, Buller?

The run was fun, it starts (6 p.m.) and ends at Sneekers and set up to run what you want to run 2 or more miles meet back at the bar.  The Mohegan Striders worked out the details with the bar owner, a free drink after the run and a place to hang out.  Supposed to go on all winter!  Super awesome!

Concerned about it getting dark so wicked early?  Well the accurately named hill and its sibling hills are well lit!! After that hill work out you will have earned your beer!

Oh yeah and Amby Burfoot showed up!  Very cool!  Running greatness right there!

We ran 2.4 at a decent pace. Progressively faster splits, who could ask for more?

Friday - I woke up to Dave saying something about "Weren't you getting up at 6:30?"  To which I responded "It is Saturday and I have nothing planned, why would I get up THAT early?" in THAT tone...  poor guy.  He more than enjoyed telling me it was Friday NOT Saturday, he was taking the dogs to the beach, and I was now late for work.  Blargh...  Even in the rain the beach sounded way better than going to work.

Hey Beth, so sad you had to go to work, we had an awesome time at the beach!!!
I eased my disappointment with an apple filled frosted and drizzled with caramel doughnut.

Ro sent out a note about a walk at lunch, sure... I am now completely exhausted with a sugar buzz... ironically it was another 2.4 miles at a bit slower of a pace and it looks like it was walked by a drunken sailor, how's that for an accurate GPS map?

And so ends the work week.

Beth, looking forward to tomorrow actually being Saturday!

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