Sunday, September 15, 2013

Surftown Half - Recap

After reviewing last years blog post, and other race results, I am officially getting slower.  On the up side I am less injured... give and take live and learn?  I love this race and this course.  I run and bike these roads weekly, so maybe the familiarity made me lazy?  Maybe running in pain has made me scared?  Maybe, just maybe I didn't go into this as a race with any strategy or plans?  Yeah, that's the ticket.  I barely remembered to lay out my clothes the night before and pack a bag with things like breakfast, water, a change of clothes and my knee strap.

I finished 2:19:07 / 10:38 pace,  Strava gives me a PR and some other medals.  I'll take them but I know this is only from October 28th 2012 and forward (Marine Corps Marathon - when I changed shoes and wanted to start keeping track of shoe mileage).  My PR is 10 minutes less.  Neither here nor there that was a different race I was in a VERY different place last year and I'm much happier with my current calm reality versus the excitement and craziness of THAT reality.  Although I do miss some of the craziness, it was fun and well exciting crazy!

Bib pick up was super easy, as long as you remembered your picture ID, which I did.  I took a walk downtown to pick up the bib and was able to chat with Jeff for a few and then took a nice stroll down town and up through the park and back home. There was a family sitting on a bench.  Their symmetry amused me: blue, yellow, blue, yellow.  Well in MY reality it is right to left yellow, blue, yellow, blue.   This is how my brothers and I used to line up, me, the eldest on the far right, then the middle, finally the youngest.  Same with my mom and her siblings...  Since traditional conventions require things left to right, there you go blue, yellow, blue, yellow.  Happy now Rod??

Hubb/Dave wanted to go for a bike ride but didn't want to go far.  I was up for a quick spin down Boombridge through Ashaway to that awesome down hill on Chase Hill?  or out to Watch Hill? but he didn't want to go THAT far.  Are you kidding me?  It is all of 10 miles or 15 miles...  blargh.

I was up on time and ready to go, figured it would be a quick car ride.  Whoopsie, not so much...  1,800 1/2 marathoners and how many 5Kers trying to get to the beach.  Things got a little jammed up.   I had enough time to find Monica and use the porta potty AND say hi to the WTAC crew, they are easy to find, all lined up in front.  GREAT JOB Muddy for the WIN!!!  And Matthew for your first race!  And all of you for a great showing!

This is a nice course, starts with an out and back, which I am loving more and more, and then looping into Watch Hill and back to Misquamicut.

Miles 1 - 2  (9:58 / 10:08)

Monica, who did the Bold R Dash in Yawgoo, RI yesterday hung with me for a few miles, she was pretty sore and achey.  Competing in 4 race in 9 days can do that to a person!  Rock Star!

Mile 3 (9:46)

Saw Ryan and Muddy clearly tearing up the pavement.  Caught sight of Jeff as he was rounding the corner back over the Breechway and I was off to the Weekapaug loop.

There was a cute couple, he said, "OK honey there is a hill here, just keep it steady." I think she beat him up that hill.  I lost sight of them after that.  She had the cutest argyle socks!  Nice to see couples running.  Co-worker Howie and his wife Alison, (killed it BTW @ 1:58, I'm going to hang my head in shame on Monday - but this was a training run for me, not a race, right?) ran together, their first 1/2.

Miles 4 - 6 (10:11 / 10:19 / 10:37) this is a not a good trend

Then the nice long flat along Atlantic Avenue.  Kinda sucks to have to pass by the finish, but the race is nearly half over at that point.  The wheel chair guy was just finishing up and I heard everyone say make way for the winner.  Which one of the WTAC guys was it going to be???

Mile 7 (10:40)  

Great course support, tons of people cheering everyone on. Although I was a little more than miffed at the runners running in the middle of the road and yelling at the cars to get off the road.  Really people, we don't own the road, we still have to share it with the vehicles.   Things like that give runners a bad name.  Sure sure I get a little grouchy when someone tries to smack me over in a cross walk when I'm certain I've made eye contact with them before dashing into the cross walk.  And that happened twice, with the same car on the same run, with cross walks only a few steps from each other.  I tried to explain that people actually LIVE here and have spent the summer dealing with tourists, cut them a little slack, we thought we had our little town back!  Oh Beth, why bother...

Mile 8 - 9 (11:24 / 10:39)  ok better

And then out to Watch Hill.  At this point I meet up with someone on her training run for MCM, she and her girlfriends and I ran together till mile 12.  This will be Michelle's 5th MCM and she asked me what my time was.  Oh groan, 5:09 I was waiting for something in the low 4s from her... 5:56.  Oh I didn't feel so bad now.  A very peppy 40 year old from MA.  Great company.  She runs for the Semper Fi fund.

Lots of chit chat, what was your first concert?  What was your first movie? And others I simply can't remember now.  Damn this woman knows how to make the time just fly by and I can't carry on that great of a conversation when I'm NOT running, let alone when I am running.

Oh if you are interested:  First concert: Jimmy Buffet  First movie: Grease (I think, it is the earliest one I can remember my mom taking us to)

Mile 10 (10:50) hill?

The gals I was running with asked about this killer hill they heard they would need to walk up.  Oh yeah, I said, it is about a block and a half up and the view at the top is SO worth it you'll have forgotten all about it.  Besides mile 7 hill at MCM is WAY worse!!   Michelle and Rebecka got a laugh out of that and then Michelle went on to tell us what she does at mile 18.5 on the MCM course, jumps up and down.  HA!!  Awesome perverse sense of humor!

Mile 11 - 13 (10:41 / 11:12 / 10:39)

The long straight away on Ocean View made me long for my bike seeing so many bikers.  Up ahead was the hedge row and Bayberry and soon the end.

The finish line was one of those moving targets again...  I swear it crawls forward.  Not much pep in my step (last 0.1 9:15) seeing the finish line.  I tried, I really tried to catch the guy in front of me, no dice...

Nice to see Crutch at the finish!  Monica wasn't too far behind and we had our usual several miles of walking to find cars and/or people post race.  Guess we have our tradition pretty set in stone now!  Run many miles, then take a long long walk.

Off to the beer tent, IDs in hand! Free beer is good beer, period.

After digging up a beer at home and taking it in the shower with me, hey, don't knock it till you've tried it, kinda like frozen towels in the arm pits, weird but does the trick!

The rest of my afternoon required me to socialize with the wives of the guys in Dave's RC Plane club, (he is the president of the club, so yeah) today was their end of the summer picnic.  I managed to spend an hour or so with Dave and the guys before depositing myself in the circle of hens.  I never know what the topics of discussion are going to be, I'm sure they have no idea what to do with me, the childless one, fortunately they had gotten past the bitching and moaning about their husbands hobby.  Hey, look, this makes Dave happy, he enjoys designing, building, and flying these things.  He is happy, what's not for me to like?  (I know, I know, epic fail on my part, I so totally flunked out of wife school it isn't funny)  I caught them up on my running a little bit on biking and prayed the conversation would turn funny.  

And one of the women said "So I'm flying to Florida to surprise my 83 year old mother for her birthday.  She calls me and tells me her boyfriend, who lives in Ohio, is coming down to visit her for her birthday."  She had us rolling with the stories of her mother and her boyfriends and how she decides she doesn't want to see them anymore so she doesn't answer the phone or the door, to the point one called the cops, he thought she might be dead...  I don't think anyone can even make this stuff up.  Oh and she met the Ohio man on a cruise, he's been visiting her once a month, and he is 10 years younger - cougar!  LOL

And so ends another day, Gizmo has alerted me it is past time to feed the dogs.

Beth, another race in the books, and more lessons learned!!  Life is Good!!


  1. I love this race and I'm so upset that I missed it this year. Damn money issues!!

    Great recap. It put me right back in this race. Great job with your finish!

    1. Blargh to money issues... next year? I am up and down on the race, going from feeling good about it to feeling like I didn't push myself. Thank you Jose!!!

  2. What a great recap! So wish I was there! Great time and you can tell you had fun.

    My first concert was Olivia Newton John bu I have no idea what my first movie was. I couldn't even guess. Fun conversation though.

    Sounds like a great day!

    1. Argh I miss running with you! Hope you had a great time, can't wait to hear all about it!!

      Olivia Newton John? The movie one is tough, isn't it? Between Jaws and Grease. Guess I should see which one came out first? OH wait Jaws was first... still scares the crap out of me too!!

      It was fun and I did have a great time, I'm just at that up and down point with what if or why didn't I ... all in all my pace is my pace and I loved the race!!

    2. Oh wait Jaws was 1975, it would have been after that, I was in 6th grade, we snuck in with a friends older sister... to the local theater, which didn't have first runs!! Love small towns!!!

  3. Great write-up! You had a solid finish today, and my cat-like reflexes weren't fast enough to catch you before you crossed, but I got the post-race shot! As the newest and best WTAC recruit, you're an awesome addition to the group, so thanks, and keep going! I'll let you know about any upcoming trail madness I'm doing :)

    1. My finish line face is pretty horrid, you caught a good pic and I still need to give you credit on it... I'll take newest, best, that is debatable, I am glad to be part of the group!! Very keen on your trail madness, I have some brewing for next May!! Cheers!

  4. Congrats!! Don't be too hard on yourself--remember, this was just a stepping stone to bigger and better things.

    And I'm totally with you on the beer in the shower thing....I do it all the time.


    1. Thanks Muddy! It is all part of the process live and learn, absolutely! I bet you are one of the most awesome teachers too, so encouraging and supportive. Thank you!

      Beer in the shower really is a treat. Clink!

  5. Good catching up with you in the beer tent. I second Muddy that you're too hard on yourself. Most importantly - I hope you had a lot of fun at Surftown.

    1. Jeff - I know I know... this is part of my genetic make up... And YES! I had a blast!! No matter what I do find the fun / humor / sarcasam in everything, sometimes it is just a wee bit self depricating! It was great catching up with you at the beer tent too!!