Sunday, June 8, 2014

Weekly Log – June 2nd – June 8th --- Editorial note on Friday's entry

Monday – 13.6  /  dog walk / TRX

Ran with the Housewives of Narragansett – recap here.

Late afternoon I needed to move a bit, I was stiff and cold from sitting so long after a long run.   Gizzy and I went for a walk around the high school.  Westerly HS has an amazingly beautiful campus, the school opened in 1938.  While the exterior is gorgeous the inside is still being refurbished, and even being childless we always vote for school funding.  The school always seems to make top marks so they have to be doing something right!   The school makes the community and one of the reasons Dave and I decided to live in Westerly.  

After TRX Ella’s pup, Henry got to meet Joy’s rabbit, Kabookie.  It was funny.   The rabbit is all of 7 lbs and the dog 11.  We had fun watching them to interact and Henry get into his big dog attitude, then Ella sweeps him off his feet and he is all confused, silly pup!

Tuesday – 16 on the bike / afternoon walk with the usual suspects

Tuesday kicked off the Dog Watch runs for the summer and I was bummed I wouldn't be running the first one (the story isn't really all that interesting - mostly be being annoyed by changing plans).  I decided I would bike out to wish well the folks I knew running.  I contemplated turning this into a brick, nahhhh… another time.  

When Dave and I were out riding on Saturday he said, why are your breaks loosened?  I gave him that screwed up looking face he hates so much and a “Huh?”  Then he pulled the lever down on the back and the front break.  I tested them.  Wow they worked great!  Very touchy and grabby,  I’d been wondering if something was off because my breaks didn't seem to be working.  Must have been like that since the Tour de Lyme, I took off the back tire when learning how to change a tire and then the front tire to put the bike in the car.  DOH!!!  Now I know, those lever thingies are supposed to point down…  must be why I was having such a hard time stopping quickly?

Wednesday – 3.7 / dog walk

National Running Day!   I celebrated by running in Bluff Point, one of my favorite places to run.  Recalling my run with Ro last week I focused on pushing myself and not backing down.  I lost focus on this a few times and just ran to enjoy the run.  The woods are losing their Day-Glo green and are starting to become a more rich deep green.  It was so beautiful along the tree-lined fire roads.  Dave and I met for lunch at St. Sophia to load up on Greek food.  YUM. Perhaps not the best lunch before a run, oh well.  We were clued in on this dessert: Galaktoboureko  AKA Greek Gold.  OMG it was delicious!

Bailey came over in the evening to take a walk with Gizzy and me so they could get to know each other better and she could see what his habits are.  She will come back in a couple weeks to take him on a solo walk.  He was far more energetic than he usually is and once we got home and Bailey was gone he crashed on the couch big time.  Silly dog.  

Thursday – 5.1

I was supposed to go to NY for a meeting, it was supposed to rain.  I decided not to go, I’ll run in the rain, I’d rather not deal with NY in the rain.  Probably not the best political move on my part.  Honestly my time was better spent on work rather than 6 hours of commuting and 8 hours of work and being exhausted on Friday.  I got a little kudos for my 15 year service anniversary (6/14) whoopie twang...  

The rain was scheduled to be done about 4 p.m. as was the 2 hour meeting I was supposed to go to NY for, kismet, right?  

5 miles after the rain felt good and helped drum out a big hunk of the apathetic grouchies I'd been accumulating since Tuesday.  

Friday - Nada 

Annual "Got Tossed" party at a co-workers house.   While my boss suggested I finish out the work day like a good girl when he gave me my lay off notice by phone, these gals boss said "You can take the rest of the day off."  So they did, stopped at the packy for booze and another store for swim suits and 'enjoyed' the afternoon in the pool.  I still flip the hipster doufus the finger (behind his back because I'm classy like that) when he dares to show his face in Groton.  Who uses a weekly catch up call to drop the "your laid off bomb"? a hipster doufus that's who!   Phtttt....    Point of clarification - this was the ANNUAL "Got Tossed" party, celebrating the anniversary of lay off notices.   Some bosses are human and say -- "Go home, no point in finishing out the day."  While the Hipster Doufous told me that it was his preference I didn't leave work early, or discuss our conversation. Sorry to alarm anyone!! And thank you all for your concern!!

Saturday - 41 bike / dog walk

Dave was my back up biking partner for the morning.  Nicole was debating on a swim and bike clinic.  She went and I'm glad she did.  Her first open water swim.  I'm incredibly bummed I won't be there to cheer her on for her first sprint tri....   I'm running up a mountain the day before and well who knows what shape I'll be in.  Dave is getting a lot of mileage out of being second choice and if 30 miles gets me ice cream what does 40 get me?  (A kick in his perpetually sore shin?)

After mapping out a route on Friday night, I sent it to Dave so he could load it to his super cool Garmin Edge 800.  That thing worked great! It told him when we were off course and on course and worked very well.

All in all a good ride, I feel like I'm going slower, there is some physics lesson in here somewhere, I'm sure.  Not too many comments from the peanut gallery (Dave) just to not lock out my arms.  A lesson I learned very well when the road got choppy on a down hill in a shady part and there was a stick and things looked like a big pile of crash for a moment before I got it all righted.  After asking what happened the peanut gallery suggested had my arms not been straight that wouldn't of happened.  Thanks, thanks a lot and so noted, I was much more careful and probably too cautious on the rest of the down hills from that point forward.

Sunday - Brick the first, 12.9 / 3.6 / 8.3

Went to bed with the idea of a brick for breakfast.  You don't even want to know what sort of dreams my subconscious came up with, suffice it to say I"m glad this part of my personality only comes out in my own mind, and occasionally Dave is subjected to it when I talk (or sing) in my sleep.  Fortunately for him I stopped throwing punches before he met me.

Up and at 'em for a nice day.  Dave's ride didn't start until 9, so I could skate out with out a lot of hullabaloo (really that is a real word, huh).  I aimed for a minimum of a 10 mile ride to Weekapaugh Point to run Quonnie Beach (just shy of 4 miles), and then take the most direct way home.  Isn't it funny how you spend enough time running and riding the same roads  you know just about how many miles (or in some cases exactly how many miles) from one point to the next? I wasn't sure I wanted to go all the way into Watch Hill and ride up that hill by Taylor Swift's house (If she was home I'd probably trip over most of the male population in the WTAC, ha, ha. ha ).  I did want to see what I could manage on the Ocean View Ave Yosemite to Bayberry segment.  1.1 miles nearly pancake flat with no wind this a.m. with my probably tired legs from yesterdays adventure.  Dave teases me unmercifully about these segments.  I think they re a good measure of my progress.  This particular one is a favorite, it is a beautiful stretch of road in one of the most scenic and beautiful place to run and ride.  That helped me determine how I'd get out to Weekapaug.

Once I got 'down the beach' lots of vehicles lined up to get into the State Beach at Misquamicut, huh.  I'm not a spend the day at the beach person, it certainly looked to be shaping up for a nice day for those who do.

Got to Weekapaug, took off my shoes, wandered around, took some pictures, and then ran.  It was lovely, low tide was at 11 a.m. so the nice to run on  hardish softish sand was getting exposed little by little.  There were very few people out.  I ran along remembering when I'd take the old fogies there, before Sage passed away.  I should take Gizzy out there soon before it gets too warm for the old guy.  They used to have such fun running around in the sand and the surf.  After she passed I really didn't go out there much with any of the dogs, I did ride out there to run to the breach way and back.

July 17th 2012 - they were having a fun time being crazy boxers -
Sage the brindle on the left, Gizmo the fawn on the right.

Rinsed off my feet with the members only foot shower, shhhh.... put back on the shoes, socks, helmet, and gloves.  Time to go back home and deal with being a grown up... or maybe I'll mow the lawn with my space watch on and see how close I can get to a mile in my teeny tiny yard!  

Beth, feeling a less blah and unmotivated...


  1. Aww, I wish I could cheer you on going up the mountain! We will be with each other in spirit. I think you had a pretty good week and you will figure tomorrow out. It's all good.

  2. That's a full week young lady - I get tired just running! Great pic with the pups!

    1. Young lady? You are now my most favorite person!

  3. Thanks for the clarification, whew!!!

    1. I thought the "annual" was enough! Sorry. All is good!!

  4. Indeed, thanks for the clarification!

    1. Sorry!!! I know this is a subject you know all to well. I do fear having another one of those meetings, but don't see one on the horizon despite my recent slacker ways. Didn't mean to worry you!