Thursday, June 26, 2014

Weekly Recap 6/23 - 6/29

Ok so yeah I went on a 26 mile bike ride when I got home from NH.  I was a little bonkers after the drive and needed to do something, and vacuuming wasn't going to cut it!

Monday - Run 4 / TRX / Dog Walk

So fun to run on Monday.  I was amazed at the over flowing badge basket in the guard shack.  Got a nice high 5 from Mike B along Shennie.   The 4 felt good, glad it was under 10, my hips hurt a bit from NH, either the mountain or the strange bed, who knows.  The pounding on the asphalt seemed to realign what ever was off.  More my left hip than right, curious...

Karen came back for a second week of TRX, yeah!!! So hard to get someone to commit.  

Gizzy was not having any of me sitting, he got up in my face about it, boy can he whine at a piercing tone!  We went for a walk, not as long as Sunday.  He does so well in this dry weather, it is hard to keep him from his exercise, I am sure it helps keep my old guy young.
Tuesday - Bike to work / Walk with the usual suspects / Bike to Dog Watch / Run one lap with Steve / Bike home / Dog walk

Wowza, Saturday seemed to catch up with me, I couldn't my legs moving without any real effort.  Probably  not the best day to bike to work, it was the only day I could.  Wed there was rain in the forecast and Thur I am in NY for a Black Tie dinner thing.  Just glad the dress my friend picked out actually fit and looked as good as she said it would.  It is time to get back to regular NY visit, Lori is back from Medical next week and I am eager to get involved in some new projects.  Time to schmooze... blech...

The bike in was good.  The bike to Dog Watch was acceptable.  The wind was from the south so even the wicked cool downhill on 215 South was slow, I had to work at pedaling.  By the time I got to the Brook Street cut over it was pretty clear that hill might best me.  It didn't, pshew!

Ran with Steve for one lap, my heart wasn't in the second lap and he runs faster than me so go forth and speed away my friend.  It was fun taking pictures of everyone finishing up.  I have to post them!

Bike home was good, should have stuck around for Mike B and Gazelle.  However when I got home Dave was just getting home and had dinner so it was PERFECT timing.  

Again Gizzy won, he got a walk.  Spoiled much?

Wednesday -  Tom McCoy fun run w/Jennifer 3.1 / Bike to and from 10

Someone else who runs my pace!!  Whoop!  

Ok so I missed the first two fun runs, the first I have no idea and last week the plague... or maybe I only missed 1?  

Jennifer I met through the Red Felt Running Club I'm part of on FB.  I got involved with them with my first Marine Corps Marathon and eventually the New England chapter found me.  Very cool.  I scoped out her Daily Mile, totally in my pace range!  She isn't much of a run and talker so that was ok.  We chatted a bit for the 3.1 miles, and went to the Andrea for drinks afterwards.  May not be the free beer of the Dog Watch it will do!!

Biked home, my first post beer biking venture.  A little weird, all good though.

Annnnddd Gizzy lost - he laid by me on the chair/ottoman whining up a blue streak....  sorry pal.

Thursday - NY (2 mile walk)

I attended the A.Leon Higginbotham Corporate Leadership Award Dinner in NYC on Thursday night.  Fabulous event.  I think, in general, people forget or simply don't truly understand the Civil Rights Movement and the lasting impact it has on society today.  What it means to be equal and have the same rights black white man or woman. 

This was also a nice opportunity to get to know, outside of work, lawyers and non-lawyers I've worked with over the years.  Funny how we have these connections be it running, yoga, or the awesome beaches of South County RI and probably never would have known about them otherwise. 

The 50th anniversary of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, one of the gals and I looked over at each other and said, imagine what this room would be like, we've come far, and she has come even further having the double whammy of black and female.  We chuckled a bit, noted that we don't feel worthy, and went back to listening to Eleanor Holmes Norton's acceptance speech.  Truly an amazing woman, 77 years old, full of life and passion.  An event I am so glad to have been able to take part in.

Friday - Lunch run with Ro / Bike ride? / Dog walk - per Gizzy

Set out for 4 miles with Ro, neither of us were really feeling it, as evidenced by the last 8/10 of a mile, the easiest part of the run!!  Good to just jibber jabber about girl stuff for 40 minutes.  I am getting much better about talking and running, kinda impressed myself especially because my lungs are definitely not back.   Maybe tomorrow?

Saturday - Rest! (oh and a dog walk - I might even take Gizzy somewhere!)

Sunday - New Haven Century Ride / please no dog walk...

After talking about what was the worst scenario I signed up for the full century.  The worst case is my butt is so sore I have to get hauled back in the SAG Wagon...  I think it will be fine,  the tough part (read: hilly) of the ride are the middle 40 miles.
Beth, running and riding and glad to nearly be done with the cold/plague/allergies


  1. Oh my gosh, you are doing a century ride on Sunday! I love you!

    1. Yes, but I don't think I could make it. Not quite there. Yet.