Thursday, June 19, 2014

Weekly Recap - 6/16 - 6/22

I'm enjoying this weekly log stuff.  Nice to assemble what happens day by day week by week.  Now to review what has happened.  Specifically,  I need to rehash my 50K training as I have been romanticizing the experience, time to remember the hours of training and the mental challenges during the race and pick an appropriate race for my skill level and ambition.  Suggestions?

Monday - 6 miles / TRX / Dog Walk

Same old same old work route.  I had a frustrating phone call and still owe someone an apology for my reaction.  I'm getting there, slowly.  

TRX was good, Ella recruited a friend!  Always good to have a new person, helps remind us the correct way to do things.  Like lunges!  

Gizzy demanded his walk, he is so cute and impossible to resist.

Tuesday - 13 miles bike / Ro Walk (1/2 of the usual suspects) / Husband walk

I was going to commute into work, woke up feeling a little iffy so I slept in a bit.  As the day progressed so did this summer cold/allergies.  I left work early and took a bike ride, figuring that may help sweat some of whatever out and I wanted to move and it is hot, I'm not a fan of temps over 70, at most 75.

The fog was rolling in , eerie and cool to see all at the same time, nice temperatures by the shore.  Nothing spectacular on the ride, I could tell I am a little worn down. 

Dave and I went out for our wedding anniversary and took a long walk after dinner.  We went somewhere neither of us have been in Stonington Borough, Noah's.  His first comment was "I think we are the youngest people in here."  not sure what tone that was setting.  Oysters were on the appetizer menu, oh stop...  we had a dozen they were very good.  Better than the ones at Matunuck Oyster Bar.  Then again I only eat the MOB ones in December.  All the food was spectacular.  The Stonington scallops (mine) were perfectly sweet and melted in my mouth.  Dave had the cod and that was light flaky and perfectly done.  Definitely some place we will go again.  Walk down to the beach and back was nice.  

Wednesday - Dog walk

Oh yeah, I woke up miserable, no bike commute to work.  Left early, took some Mucinex D crashed on the couch and woke up as Dave was off for a road bike ride.  Even in my insane jealousy I couldn't get up.

Took Gizzy for a stroll after the sun started to set, it is getting a little warm for him, he was fine and happy to stroll along checking in on whatever updates the other dogs left in the neighborhood and adding in his two cents.

Thursday - Nada - 

Coughed up a lung, good core workout...  

Friday -  Nada

Travel to NH - pretty sure I'm going to wake up feeling like a million bucks this ick will be behind me....  yeah, that didn't happen... but compared to the previous morning, MUCH better.

Saturday - Mt. Washington 7.6 Miles  recap here:

Sunday -  26 Miles Bike / Dog Walk

Beth, summer colds suck, glad to get it over before summer actually starts!


  1. Mt. Washington beckons (or does it loom darkly) in the distance...have fun!!!

  2. Sounds like you have a nice anniversary. Good luck on Saturday!