Thursday, June 12, 2014

Weekly Log 6/ 9 - 6/15

Monday - 4.2 / Dog Walk

I may be turning over a new leaf and running on Monday.  Nice easy loop around campus in the rain, ahhhh.  Biking is low impact I'm not ready for a break on Monday.  TRX was off the table and I did nothing core strength-wise, I'm so lazy when it comes to that stuff.  I have great intentions just no execution. 

Tuesday - Walk with the usual suspects / 5K fun run @Dog Watch / Dog Walk

Able to participate in the fun run at the Dog Watch in the Stonington Borough.  Met up with the usual suspects (Don and Ro) briefly caught up with Jana, Mike B, and Jeff.   

The view off the back deck (The Dog Pound) of the Dog Watch is beautiful

Gizzy and I had a nice walk, he was rather insistent and I am a complete pushover for that gray mug.

Wednesday - 6.2

A building is being demolished on campus.  The usual exit and the entrance to the gym was blocked off.  So traipsing through the buildings was necessary to get out the the road. Fortunately I was walking with a few other runners, so it wasn't so bad.  Beautiful day for a run.  The Morgan (the last wooden whale ship in the world) was sailing into New London Harbor.  I saw it at the Ledge Light Lighthouse as I was on the UCONN Avery Point campus, and then up the Thames as I ran Eastern Point Beach. It was like I was running it in to the New London harbor.  HA!  Very cool to see.

Walking back to the locker room required walking among the clean non-sweaty non-stinky people.  Thankfully I saw another runner (all cleaned up) as he was walking back to his office.  The only thing I could think of was and said out loud (I have no filter) "I feel like I'm walking the walk of shame."  He laughed.  I laughed.  What else could either of us do?

When I got back to the locker room I did find out that I could have come in the back gate.  Oh well...

Thursday - Bike 39 / Dog Walk

After insanely checking the NOAA site Wednesday night it looked like the rain would hold off so I could bike to work on Thursday.  Checked again first thing in the a.m. and looked clear.  Woke up feeling a little 'fragile' after drinking a bit to much Wednesday night (dinner with a friend and more at home, some nights are just like that, right?), I figured the exercise would help purge the last of the ick from my system, it did.  A little rough the first few miles. Whaddyagonna do, right?  Yeah yeah, put the booze in the top cabinet and hide the step ladder.

After a cleansing ride into work the day started with a disorganized conference call from someone who apparently wanted a new policy reviewed and approved however wasn't willing to give me any information.  She had a very cutsie British accent and while that may work with some people, um not me, please send me the document.  The day wrapped up as it started, I was informed by my procurement contact (after sending my usual monthly follow up note on the contract) he had moved to a new job on May 1st.  And the new guy has been working on it.  New guy let me know he just got the contract that morning. 

The ride home was into the wind and pleasant and I took 10 seconds off my Fort Hill climb, so yeah, me!  

Friday - Nothing 

The only reason I met my FitBit steps for the day was because my failing memory caused me to go up and down the stairs as I kept for getting things!

Saturday -  66 Bike / Dog walk

Pan Merrimack Challenge 100K  (with bonus miles because well sometimes it is fun to take the scenic route OR I found my people, they get lost too!) with Team LUNGStrong.  Rode with 5 great women, Diane, Sarah, Mary Ellen, Monica, and Corky.  

Monica had a crash, ambulance ride, and is ok.  Minor concussion and very bandaged up.  Lesson learned:  PAY ATTENTION, cracks in the asphalt are dangerous.

Diane is a 10 year lung cancer survivor, rider, runner with 3/4 of her lungs left.

Sarah a tri athlete has been living with MS for over 20 years.

Mary Ellen, Corky, and I are boring...  riding, running, and tri-ing to support our friends!

My butt survived the ride!  

Sunday - Run and ride - see how close to my mileage goals I can get?

Beth, Absolutely in awe of people overcoming challenges

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