Monday, June 2, 2014

Back Road Ramble 5K - Recap and Other Musings

The local YMCA hosts a "Back Road Ramble 5K" at camp Watchaug.  I signed up, knowing that it would be on somewhat familiar grounds and with the usual suspects and really a reason to push me to run with a bit of intention and support the Y, or who knows...   plus one the WTAC president mapped out the course and I was curious to see what hell fun he would come up with.   If I was smart I'd of paid attention to his Strava feed, wait, I like surprises so why ruin the fun?

Mike B mentioned it started up hill, why of course it would...  At least it wasn't this run in the RI desert the same day! 

Camp Watchaug was somewhere I've never been, beautiful facility on Watchaug Pond.  I had a deprived childhood, no summer camp -- in my parents defense I did have 80 acres of fields, woods, ponds, dirt bikes, and go karts -- I really didn't know what to expect and was just stunned when I walked down the hill to the camp and thought what an awesome place for kids and families.  I think Friday the 13th movies were my impression of summer camps!

Anyhow, I pre-registered, easy bib pick up, forwent the t-shirt, I have plenty of them.  It was hard, it was red and that is my favorite color.  Did a little warm up mile, I hadn't run since Wednesday, plenty of biking and dog walks.  My legs were tired or I'm not really sure and decided I'd stop thinking about running and enjoy the view.  

The course was well marked and easy to navigate, showed the best of what the area has to offer with back roads, tarmac in the camp area, and single track  (well that SHARP left off the single track was a little bit hard to see).  I think this was the first time I'd run Burlingame since I did 3 laps of the 8 mile loop back in April.  Tons of volunteers cheering people on.  I always like that.  I got passed, passed a few people towards the end and the guy on my tail, who I said "Just let me know when you want to pass"  he said he was fine with my pace and then the last little incline on the dirt road before the finish, my weak spot, he over took me and while I tried to watch his feet to close the gap, nope, oh well.  I was still on track for a good off road 5K for me and that was just fine and dandy.

Results here

My results  32:13 

Photo Courtesy of Jana Walker!  Thanks for waiting for me to finally get to the finish!!

Overall  I am happy with the race.  50K in May and a 5K in June, I think the 5K was harder, ha!!


Went for a no real route in mind bike ride after the race.  Dave was out fluke fishing so just me, no planning required!

A dangerous time for a biker is when they are going straight and someone is turning left.  Yep the left cross.  Had I trusted the driver I might have gotten smushed. Fortunately I noticed he had on his left turn signal was turning left and not looking at the road.  I was more shocked he used his turn signal not that he wasn't looking where he was going!  

And again, it seemed like the route I chose was into the wind most of the way...  good training right?    Saturday North on Rte 91 was into the wind, today South on Rte 91 was into the wind.  Gahhhh, can I ever catch a break?  Um... no?  Oh well...

A long slog West, wind, of course, on Atlantic, by the ocean wasn't too awful, again, good training and always an interesting glimpse into humanity 'down the beach'.  It seriously cannot be warm enough to be on the beach sunbathing or even in the water, can it?  There were quite a few beach umbrellas up, so maybe yes? Then again I'm not a lay on the beach sorta person, so what do I know?

Got home to discover --> no food in the fridge!!!  Crap.. guess my dad doesn't live here and isn't doing the grocery shopping (he took over for mom after she got sick).  Time to be done being a child running around in the woods and biking in the neighborhood, time for grown up stuff, grocery store (yuck) and a trip to the Pack (always fun building my own 6 pack).

Beth, not so keen on this grown up stuff, well the grocery shopping part.


  1. Fluke fishing results are important too! Be sure to report out on the doormats he slays!

    1. So noted! It was 18", just the legal limit. He surrendered it to Jim (the boat owner) because, yeah, thats the right thing to do, and he like fishing! Jim caught two under the limit...

  2. Being a grown-up is the worst.

  3. Grocery shopping is the worst chore there is!

    Nice race!

    1. IKR!!! The trip to the Packy was fun, otherwise it was horrid!!