Saturday, January 25, 2014

Week 4 - Cough, Sneeze, Groan

Monday -  Run 0 / Walk 3 / Ride 15 - The day started with a walk to the eye doc for the annual eye dilation, my doc is just over a mile from the house and it was a nice a.m. for a walk.  She plops the drops in my eyes, 15 minutes later my pupils look like I've been partying since 1999.   All was well and the usual comment, wow your eyes really react to this, ah yeah, they are blue and sensitive, do you not take notes?  I decided to take a less direct route home and check out Tin Tin Bakery across  from the Packy.  The owner of the shop suggested a cream bun and asked "Will this make it home?" considering I only bought one and really wasn't in a sharing mood I munched on it as I walked through the park and headed up the hill home.  Missed Mike B's run through the park!

After several hours my pupils un-dilated to the point it looked like I've only been high since yesterday, it was time to do something...   I pumped up my bike tires and put on warm biking gear and the new winter biking boots Dave gave me for Christmas.  Headed out for a ride to Watch Hill.  It was a nice 15 miles, my feet stayed nice and toasty!  

And yeah still can't load the Strava thing...

I'll spare you the photo of my uber dilated eyeballs!  It is pretty disturbing.

Tuesday -  Run 4 / Walk 2 - With snow predicted I got out just as it started and it was lovely, light snow falling.  Woods would have been better, but it was nice running along the Thames river.  I really didn't have any concerns till a car slid a bit at a stop sign and I thought oh that could be bad if one slides into me. 

The office population thinned out as the snow continued.  NYC meetings for Wed were cancelled, due to the snow.  It was nice and quiet in the office, I turned off the lights when I left.

After I got home I took Giz for a walk, to the park where he could perform a little civil disobedience by running leash free!  He was quite pleased to do this.   

Love the park in Westerly!

Wednesday - ZERO - I went to bed Tuesday night feeling like my head was in a vice and my ears plugged, not much improvement Wednesday morning.  Blargh.  I worked, took a couple hour nap, worked some more, moved my car to the street, worked, napped, knitted and went to bed.  Damn. I was not pleased with this turn of events.  I haven't been sick in over a year.  Dave has been and I've dodged the bullet, until now...  damn it.

Reindeer Hat, the first (there is enough yarn for a second)
Thursday - Run 3 / Spin 55 min - With all hopes (hope springs eternal in the mind of a fool to bastardize Alexander Pope - sorry) of this head cold being gone I packed up my gym bag before bed and woke up feeling a little bit better.  I lugged the bag into work.  There would be no running outside, I wanted to but knew I'd feel worse for it.  A couple miles on the treadmill before spin were just fine.   Of course Mike B went outside... now I feel like the wimp!!    I have to remember the reason for my pansy ways, I've got my eye on those 20 miles in the woods on Saturday.

Friday - Zero - I think I felt worse than Thursday...  But I did get a couple packages of summer running clothes in the mail, so that was fun!  

Saturday - 8 - Yeah, the 20 didn't happen.  One lap of Burlingame took me 2 hours.  The Yaktrax worked well, no slipping and sliding.  I was ready to be done with them by the time the last stretch of hard top hit and they fit nicely in my hands, I just had to remember not to try and wipe my snotty nose with them. 

The woods were beautiful and I met up with some nice hikers and their dogs and chatted a bit.  Hey, obviously I'm not out to beat any land speed records, and now I've got my slowest ever Burlingame lap!  Dave had mentioned there was one set of tracks when he rode Burlingame on Friday, there were a couple sets by the time I got out there, but just one lone set for the rock scramble I think this is the Li'l Rhody Rise?  The lens was a bit foggy, but kinda adds mystery to the picture.    

Interesting to see how this person navigated that part of the trail and they were the only tracks for a while (other than those damn bike tires).  I'm always curious how people run certain areas, got a couple answers.  But then it is probably different when there is no snow. 

All in all it was a slog and I kicked myself a bit and then told myself to stop it and just enjoy the experience, and it was a beautiful day.  Even with the cloud cover the woods were bright with all the white snow. I was protected from those 20 MPH winds others running the roads were experiencing.  And it isn't like I spent the week on my victorian fainting couch sighing and bemoaning what should be for what is.  As Scarlett says 'Tomorrow is another day' and there are more days after that.  Well they aren't guaranteed, but hey I'm trying to be positive here!

A deer and I scared each other.  HUGE beautiful buck too. He stopped in the trail, stared, I yelped, he ran.  Whoops.   A biker I met up with was telling me he sees Coyotes near the campground.  The dogs along the trail had impeccable manners, their owners even seemed surprised!  I know I am when mine behave less than abysmally when meeting a new person.

Sunday -  TBD - On the schedule is 8 miles and a deep tissue massage in the afternoon.  A friend hooked me up with a good deal and I figured I'd really appreciate that after a 20 mile run in the woods.  I'll appreciate the treat without the run!

Beth, remembering things don't always go to plan, so go with the flow!

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Wordless Wednesday

Beth with a wicked head cold.  Blargh...

Sunday, January 19, 2014

50K Training - Week 3 - Easy

Week 3 of 50K training, an easy week!

Monday - 6.2 Run / TRX / 2.2 Walk the dog.  I was scheduled for NYC on Wednesday and I slacked off on my Sunday miles and couldn't even muster up anything to take the old grouch Giz out for a walk, I was enjoying being a slug on Sunday afternoon!  Figured I could better my Strava 10K challenge time on the roads and I had the time so off I went.  

I started wearing the Heart Rate Monitor, to see what level of effort I am putting in, and forked over the $60 to Strava for the suffer score.  After reading about Seth's HRM belt.  (Yes, I do go back and read old posts.  There are days I don't feel like doing anything but rotting my brain in front of the computer.  Plus it is fun to see how blogs evolve over time.) I made sure it was securely on.  I scored a 114 on this run!  Wait, is that good or bad?

And I can't get the Strava picture to load... I like the picture to break up the words...  hmmm...  found some pictures to break up the words and be somewhat relevant...

Tuesday - 3.5 Run / Spin.  Rain, blarghy rain, but the good thing was I didn't have to go to NYC on Wed!  Yippiee, so this made the mind numbing treadmill bearable (no not really), I wanted to get in some semblance of miles.  Spying Don I made sure I was several treadmills away because, yeah this might happen and I could end up tying my legs in knots.  

Wednesday - 4 Hills / 4.5 dog walks.  I did commit to myself to do hills on Wednesdays and I did them.  I ran the mile to some hills Mike B clued me in on and ran down and up them three times and then back to campus.  Figured that was good for a start.  I haven't done hills for a while, like a year, bad runner I know...  4 miles were on my schedule so that is what I did.  After all it is an EASY week!

Kinda fun finding some barely relevant pics!

Thursday - 4 Run / Spin / Weights.  Wow, it is true the hills do help speed a person up!  A whole 10 seconds!  Yippiee!!   Tired me was keeping up a pretty good clip while Tom Petty was Running Down a Dream.  I love that song, lots of memories.  

Ro did intervals in Spin and then I succumbed to pressure and stayed for the weight class afterwards - another one of those goal thingys. 

I did have a Mike B sighting, thanks for the note ;), figured you forgot where work was after a month off!!  I did have to take a second glance, where was the crap on his face?   Good luck picking up the younger chicks.  HA HA HA!!

Friday - 2.3 dog walk.  Gizzy was happy to get out for a stroll...  I'd of rather run, but it was a rest day... 

I did get a new knitting project started, a replica hat from the 2010 winter olympics. SO cute!  Yeah yeah we are approaching the Opening Ceremony of the 2014 winter olympics... Did you know that during the 2010 olympics these hats were going for $400 on eBay.  That is crazy...

Pattern by Clever Knits
Saturday - 5.2  Earlier in the week, Nicole posted she was getting a group together 7 a.m. on Saturday at the Town Beach in Narragansett to run 5 for Meg.   

Meg's Miles, dedicated to a young woman killed by a drunk driver while out on a training run for Boston.  Truly sad.  It is scary to run and ride the roads from time to time.  We couldn't even imagine what was going through Meg's mind as that vehicle kept coming towards her. 

Jenn, Jackie, Beth, Mary, Kelly (four footed), and Nicole
Photo credit Nicole
I've missed running and talking with these gals, it has been since the fall...  nice easy conversational pace.  This was also Nicole's longest run since Philly when her PF went into overdrive.  Good to give her some support as she gets back up to speed after being sidelined for 6 weeks!!   We thought for sure we could get Crutch up and out running before 7 a.m., no dice, see guys even 5 women to run with won't inspire Wakey Wakey to get up early... 

The rain held off until we were all in our cars, thanks Meg!!

A rainy Saturday is perfect for doing not much of anything, I missed my daily naps during the 12 days off at the end of the year, so I did that.  I suppose I could have cleaned the house or something productive, ah, no...

The Big Guy  (Diesel) was always the best napper!!
I did get the cleats put in my new winter riding boots and the cleats switched over to a new pair of bike shoes.  Felt good to get out on the bike and ride to the end of the block to test the cleats. Hopefully Monday I'll be able to get in a ride and try out the new boots.   The weather is supposed to cooperate and not be so windy.   

Sunday - 8 /3.1 dog walk.  No long run this week, I did get out on the trail, eventually, today.  I had no real time goals for the Burlingame loop, just to run through most of the places I normally walk through.  I succeeded only stopping to tip toe through rock gardens and mud a couple times.  I'm getting a little better with the Li'l Rhody Rise, don't worry guys,  your times are safe, I have no idea how you manage to scramble up those rocks so quick!!  It wasn't until a nice flat straight part (mile 6.5) that I caught a root with my right toe and took a nice sliding digger!  Whoopsie.  Kinda glad I didn't have any clean capri tights and was forced to wear long tights, probably saved my knees from some icky scrapes.  Brushed off the dirt somehow managing to press the lap button on the space watch, now it was all wonky with some 59 minute pace, oh whatever, I better pay attention to the last little bit of the trail.  

Lord Giz of the Mo was in rare form when I got home, whining up a blue streak, after warming up and cleaning up we went out for my 5K loop which worked well as a recovery walk for me.  Wow is it windy out there, so glad I was in the woods and not out on the road today, brrrr...  Giz is now sacked out helping Dave watch 'the game'.

Tough life...

Beth, happy to not have scraped up knees!

Monday, January 13, 2014

Resolution 5K Beach and Trail Race - Recap

The first race of the year!

My decision to participate was based on how my knees felt when I got out of bed in the a.m.  They were pretty achy after Saturday’s trail run.  Not sure if it was the trail or I may need to switch shoes, neither pair in rotation have much over 200 miles on them, so I’m not really sure what is going on.  Both of them hurting equally is a little mysterious.  Usually the left is achier than the right. Maybe the right was having sympathy pains for the left?  After my run (6.2 on asphalt) today they felt like they normally feel. Probably the uneven surfaces.

All felt fine when I got out of bed, so off I went.

After 15 or 17 per Johnny (and Muddy) GPS math, on the trails I wondered how this concept of moving faster (it was a shorter distance) would process.  It didn't process too quickly on my warm up, so I figured 35 minutes at the very most.  Set your expectations low and you are bound to beat them, right?  I didn’t look up what I ran on this course in 2012 before the race, I’m pretty consistently in the 10:30 neighborhood on shorter distance trail runs.  I missed the race in 2013 (one of the 5 DNS) because I thought it was an 11 start and it was a 10 start or something like that, I remember 2012 being very late morning race.  This prompted me to write the start time down to not have that problem again (Newport Bridge  we will chalk up to alarm issues).  Anyhoodles, 10:30 lands me shy of 33 minutes.  We all run at our own pace!  I’m done feeling out of place because of my pace!

We were warned there were a “few puddles” on the trail.  I knew I should have run through the first few because the first big one wouldn't have been such a shocker.  Just a little bracing.  I may have yelped "son of a bitch" my go to swear phrase, actually my first as that is also one of my mother's go to swear phrases.  

Nice course, sand, asphalt, crushed stone, venturing through an old flooded stone house, and back to the beach!  I wanted to ditch the shoes, I prefer running the beach barefoot …  

Old Stone House & Beach    Photo by Jana Walker

Crutch met me with a few 10ths of a mile to go to run me in.  This time my ‘don’t push me’ was in jest!   

The last few tenths of a mile...  Photo by Jana Walker

Results: WTAC for the overall and team win!!  

Team WTAC (Westerly Track and Athletic Club)  Photo by Jana Walker

The team won a case of yummy beer.  Thanks for handing me a bottle Johnny, nice to be part of the team!!  I enjoyed the benefit of running with fast boys while I knitted and watched Downton Abbey. 

The 26.2 from the glasses Joe made me is nearly visible!
My results: 32:48 (10:35 pace)  2012 was 31:59 (10:19) 2 years younger and hadn’t run 17 on the muddy trails the day before.  I’ll take this as a personal win, 49 seconds slower or not!  I had a good time on a beautiful course on a beautiful January day with a group of great people.

Beth, with the first of a very very few race recaps for 2014.

Saturday, January 11, 2014

No Sloshing

Monday: 0/TRX

Tuesday: NY and frigging cold.  I checked Strava and was admittedly a little jealous over the outside runs.  I couldn't even bear the thought of a walk with the wind whipping up my skirt, no thank you!

Wednesday: I skipped on down to the gym to take a run at lunch.  No sports bra.  Bloody hell, after reading Mike’s post about no socks, and admittedly snickering, remembering my problem forgetting sports bras and how I thought I had that problem fixed by always packing an extra.  Well shit…  So I wandered my way back to my desk, feeling rather dejected looking at all that beautiful sunshine and temps above 10 degrees.  

My co-workers had no sympathy or understanding why this was a problem.  Can't you just run without one? Ah, this isn't Baywatch, Jackass (obviously this one lives up to his nickname). The smarter of the two suggested I come to lunch with them, that will cheer me up.  Well why not…  

I did get my run in after I got home from work!   Fed the beasts, changed, donned on the old headlamp and off I went!  Yippieee!!!  I did a circle of sorts not being much more than a mile (ok sometimes as the crow flies) away from home.  The first mile in I was in an internal debate of just doing 4 and doing 6 on Thursday or doing the whole 6.  My legs were enjoying the run.  They really were, if they could talk I am sure they would have said don’t stop, ever.  They won and I took them on for another 5 miles.   I kicked myself a little for not just doing a lap around the track to better my Strava 10K challenge time.  It was a little chilly and I was really getting hungry, the handful of sea salt dark chocolate caramels I ate at 3:30 were just not cutting it!

Detroit Runner posted about this FitSnap app and I had down loaded it so I had fun taking a selfie and fiddling with the app to produce this.   Athletic narcissism at its finest…  

Thursday: 4.3  I had hoped to go to spin class.  My boss needed to talk to me.  Oh crap…  we lost the head of the Division, and then our Department head, and this mysterious, do you have 45 minutes to chat meeting pops up on my calendar during the spin class time.  Well, things are always changing, my boss is leaving to pursue other career interests, she has been here for 10 years and it is time, now that both her daughters are out of college, to pursue the career she wanted to when she left law school.  She also was clear, this is also something that has been in the works for a few months, nothing to do with the two recent departures.  Before giving me any real detail on her plans, she assured me this was the land of opportunity and I believe her.  My entire career has been built on stumbling into jobs, why should that change now?  I stumbled into the one I am in now. 

On June 3rd, the day before what was to be my  “Last Day Worked” a phone call changed that.  There had been some back and forthing with another colleague over a project I had worked on for my current division and this other division really needed my expertise.  Would I consider staying and working for someone I had never  heard of in the Legal Division.  Heck, what did I have to lose I already didn't have a job as of June 42010.  Which was also the first time I ran the Bluff Point Twilight Trail run.

As I walked out to my car I agreed to take on this assignment, 3 months to write a divisional SOP and training on a law that was enacted in 1977 and just recently (the last decade) our government has has started enforcing (they found a gold mine in corporate fines). The project went along well, and as milestones were hit my "Last Day Worked" was extended a month at a time until 12/31/2010.  That was the date the 'good' layoff packages ended.  The next package was still good, just not as good, and the first wave didn't start until the end of March 2011.  A job offer made, accepted, then rescinded was quite the slap in the face.  An external job was down to final decisions, salary and start date being discussed. seemed like a good opportunity and I knew they couldn't meet my salary and I was ok with that, they were not so sure.  I did the math and if I could stay on until the new package kicked in it would be a net the same from the money I would "lose" for the severance package change and still be able to work.  It is easier to find a job when you have a job.  I ran this logic by one of my co-workers and she said “Go for it, what do you have to lose.”  Nothing I wasn’t already going to lose. 

My boss said, sounds good to me, and that was it.  Huh…  After the holiday shutdown and I was back to work, she asked if I would be interested in staying on this project and taking on other projects.  Sure.  She forwarded me the job posting and the offer letter, which was a grade bump too!! And now here I am, 3 years later nearly to the day with her telling me she is moving on and she couldn’t of gotten done what she has accomplished without me and she sees good things for my future.

Then she told me what she was going to be doing.  I have never worked for a woman who has been such a great boss and a great person, considering my shock first before sharing her excitement.  Kudos to her. 

The next three months as she transitions out will be interesting and slightly stressful.  I am looking forward to my Saturday long runs in the woods to pound out, think through and process what is going to be quite an exciting corporate roller coaster of decisions hopefully resulting on me taking on more responsibilities and stumbling into more interesting and eye opening projects.

Friday: 0.  I've been looking for Spinning Podcasts and had hoped to find one and use it on Friday.  Well that didn't happen, finding a podcast, they exist, I am sure they do. Any suggestions?  I have some leads I just need to spend some time on this project.  Finalizing a data submission took up most of the morning and then trying to calm down a very excitable person about the errors and corrections on the data submission took twice as long as it should have.  All went as I expected it would, actually smoother than I expected, this totally threw my teammate into a tailspin.  Eventually she stopped spinning long enough to listen.  Hey, there WAS some spinning in my day!  The conversation ended with the usual comment on how can you stay so calm about this and keep track of all this data.  I dunno, I'm amazing? *snark*

The second Friday of the month is Fiber Fest, no not a baking class on bran, a group of knitters meeting at a local watering hole to knit, chat, show off projects, and drink.

It is called "Wingspan" a scarf consisting of a series of triangles, very addictive to knit, this is #3 since December 20th
Pretty nifty shape, wraps twice around the neck, warm and pretty!

Saturday: 15.4  The plan was 18 and some exploring.  Check on the exploring, I'm three short on the 18, I'll chalk that up to bad GPS signal and not lose any sleep over it, ok I won't but it is a nice thought, right?

Taking Greg's advice, not that Dave hasn't mentioned this to me a bazillion times, but what wife actually listens to their husband, I 'burped' my hydration bladder.  Huh, no sloshing.  Took a few miles to get used to the lack of noise.  I really didn't need to keep my ears peeled for anyone, not a great day to be on the trails for the bikers.  It was muddy, messy, and a looming threat of rain according to the forecast, the sky kept telling me a different story, well till it didn't all in all a perfect day to run on trails!  (well maybe not for the trails)

Tracking Trailis Runnerous Animalis (not my tracks, not even sure if these are running shoes)
I have no idea what changed, running started being fun and enjoyable again!  I hadn't realized how much it wasn't until well it started to be enjoyable again.  I'm sure I am not a statistical anomaly, well maybe in the fact I didn't actually realize I wasn't enjoying running for the past few months, not in the running isn't enjoyable.

My pace wasn't anything to write home about, lots of slogging, a few hikers and dogs to stop and meet, trying not to get my feet soaked until I absolutely had to, checking out the gutted deer along the trail, sliding in mud, and trying not to break my ass by slipping and falling.  It was fun, my knees are killing me at the moment, otherwise the rest of me is happy and I haven't even properly rehydrated with a beer and vitamin I, yet!

Saw this on a friends blog and thought, oh how appropriate!

I ran Burlingame, the main loop, a couple off-shoots and ventured on the North South Trail until it was too much asphalt.  And I really didn't relish running up the hill I turned around on when I was about halfway down, I can be wimpy and I own it when I am.  The rain kicked up a bit and tampered back down and kicked up and tampered back down; I knew when I got to the car I'd call it a day, my hips and quads were burning and I knew my knees would be chiming in with their own complaints later in the day.

I can't get any of the Strava thing to load... buggers...  Oh well, anyone else having this issue?  Maybe it is time for a new laptop for me?  (hey anything to get something where the C key works without me having to wiggle it would be nice!)

Beth, may not know how to burp a baby but can burp a hydration bladder.

Saturday, January 4, 2014

Why are your running shoes in the sink?

Four days into the new year, and I may have landed on some goals. 

Weight Training:  TRX once a week has shown some great progress, time to step up the game a little bit.  Plus with this pending cruise and the *shudder* possibility of being in a *shudder* bathing suit some serious measures must be taken.  I avoid, like the plague, any public venue with bathing suits as the attire.  A cruise is going to be difficult, I fear, and I may have to join the status quo *shudder*.  A little weight training will help make me feel less like an albino Shamoo.  There is nothing to be done about the permanent runners tan on my legs, once the Irish/Eastern European skin catches a few burning rays those marks stay for eternity.  I'll continue with  TRX and add in a weekly weight or boot camp class at the gym. Should be fun!  The weight part not the bathing suit part (blargh).

Speed Work:  I'm not exactly sure how this will play out in the long run.  My current training plan has three back to back days Tue/Wed/Thur during the week with a longest of the week day runs on Wednesday.  There are hills around campus so my plan is to run hills once a week. My understanding is this will improve my speed.   I'm opting for Wednesday as that is generally a slower work day and I'm in NY on Tue or Thur.  I'm going to pick the set of hills in the projects across from campus, there is a nice block with hills, run to them, run down one, run a block over, run up,  run a block over, run down, and so on and so forth.  Once I'm done with the last up I can run back to campus.  On the day before hill day I'll incorporate "The Bitch" on my way back to campus and see if I'm seeing any improvement over the course of time.  Should be fun!

Committing: One of the things that really got me down last year was over committing and ending up not enjoying quite a few experiences I should have enjoyed.  I'm making it a point to not do that.  Today there was a race, a part of a series, so I hemmed and hawed last night taking down the Christmas tree.  The discussion with Dave went something like this:

Me:  "I need to talk something through, will you participate?"
Dave: "Huh?"
Me:  "Tomorrow I have lunch with Nicole and Connie in Narragansett at 12:30. I have 6 miles on my training plan for tomorrow.  And that trail race in Wakefield at 10.  I could probably run the race be home from Wakefield by 11:30, quick jump in the shower and head out to Narragansett at 11:50."
Dave: "That really doesn't leave you a lot of time.  Can you reschedule lunch?"
Me:  "No, that is a set time and place.  I really need to stick to my training plan.  I could  swap the Sat 6 and the Sun 4 and be even at the end of my run on Sunday"
Dave: "It is supposed to rain on Sunday."
Me: "Ah."
Dave:  "Well what do you really want to do?"
Me:  "My Saturday miles and lunch."
Dave:  "So what is there to discuss?"
Me: "I'm not really sure, anymore."

So I ran my 6 miles this morning (more on that later) had a great lunch and am happy. 

Last year I would have attempted to do EVERYTHING would have not been happy at the end of the day.   Not happy with my running in the race, rushing home, rushing to and through lunch, rushing home to get in the last 3 miles, and at the end of the day not actually have enjoyed any of it.   That truly is sad, why be disappointed with an entire day of my life, our time is so limited. 

This is going to be an on going internal battle for me. 

Anyhoodles, I should SMARTen these goals up a bit?  Not quite Gazelle style, but here goes:

Specific - yep they seem specific enough  (add in a weight class, run hills, think before I commit)
Measurable - feh, not absolutely measurable, although each one should help me attain a bit more speed and stamina and feel less stressed as the year progresses.
Actionable - yep either I did it or I didn't
Realistic - yep I think so
Time bound - yepish we will see how the next 12 months go...

Wednesday: Mohegan Striders New Years Day Run and Plunge, met up with Ro, Mark, Don, Steve, and Steve's son in the Esker Point parking lot.   Several other people joined in with our run and by the time we got to Mystic we were a dozen people.  The plan was to run to Mystic meet up with all the plungers and run back to Esker Point and not partake in the plunge part.  Don said it was 4 miles, so we met at 11, to have an easy run to Mystic and not have much standing around time before the heard took off to Esker Point.   The first hill did me in a little bit and by the second I dropped back.  Steve was kind enough to run with me, made some comment about being a lazy runner too...  oh, wow, yeah...  that stung a little, it wasn't meant to. We jibber jabbered as we ran along, not letting the gap widen too much between us and the rest of the group.  The last couple hills I could tell were going to be a struggle for me. Completely out of character I said "This hill is tough, have any tips."  Steve simply said "Don't look up."  Then he thought a minute and said "Look at the runners feet in front of you. That will pull you forward.  Eventually your feet will start running their pace and you will catch up."  I did it and holy shit, by the top of the next hill we were back with the group!!

The run back to the beach was slow,  about every 3/4 mile we stopped until everyone was all caught up.  Very cool! 

When we got to the beach I was surprised at the number of people jumping in...  brrrrrr.  I'll pass on the plunge part.  It was a cold and beautiful sunny day!

Esker Point plungers and non-plungers
Why won't I plunge?  Beside the obvious there is this memory:  One hot early April day I remember getting off the school bus and the three of us harassing our mother with pleas to let us go swimming, it was hot, we were hot, can't we go swimming.  Eventually she finally threw up her hands and said "Fine, but you have to jump off the dock."

That water was cold.  I'll never forget that extreme shock of being plunged in cold water and the feeling of breathlessness.  

One would think after the icing incident a few years earlier we would have listened when our mother continually said no to our pleas to do something.  She got us good both times!  

Thursday:  Back to work!  Ok so I wasn't really exclamation point excited about going back to work... 

Nothing much had changed since I was last at work (the 30th of December, for all of 4 hours), although it was nice to see people I hadn't seen in nearly two weeks and get back to the work schedule.  

There was a threat of snow, and it was a little snowy in the early a.m. and looked more and more like this epic storm of 2014 was going to be a bust.  I managed to get out for almost 4 miles during work.  It was a little cold, had I turned left and not right and possibly running down by the water, it may have been a little less cold.   That wind is wicked.

The gym was incredibly busy for a Thursday and really not a lot of people on campus.  Oh, yeah, it is January 2nd, it will be like this for a while.  I waved at the regulars I know and went out for my run.  

I hope that a few of the newbies stick around and make good on their resolution to get fit and healthy. 

Took Ro's spin class in the afternoon, ahem, Don, the clock reset on the 1st, there is still time to catch up!

Wanting to get on this one weight training class at the gym a week, I joined Chris's TRX torture session after Spin.  Learned some new exercises and did 5 pull ups, yeah I rock. 

Friday:  Snow day! Rest day!  I did take each dog out for a mile or so walk on the snow covered roads, they enjoyed getting out and about. 

Saturday:  We slept late, surprisingly late, 9 a.m.  Dave said "It looks like summer with the sun streaming in the front windows."  It did.  Oh glorious sun, spraying your lovely rainbow through the water prism hanging in the big window in the front hall.  Even the dogs slept in.  Huh... well it was a whopping 0F outside, so yeah, no one was much into moving to early.  Dave wasn't riding until it warmed up.  I had 6 miles on the schedule, and off I went.  8F outside, practically a heatwave!  Again I should have gone left not right.  People just don't shovel and I spent a lot of time running through snow until I got to the top of the hill and could get back in my neighborhood on partially shoveled walks and not heavily traveled roads.

I ended up running the hills in my hood for about 3 miles that became wickedly boring. I lamented not wearing my Yaktrax, but knew if I ran the few blocks home to put them on, it would be difficult to get back out the door.  From the minute I woke up, I lacked motivation to get out of bed, it was all warm and comfy and snuggly.  Of course the rainbow dancing on the wall was pretty.  It was the thought of Jax attempting to scratch off my left eyelid (the scratch on my right eyelid is slowly healing) while wrestling finally got me up and moving.

So up and down the hills I went, in some sort of pattern and finally ended up near the bottom.  A man was out shoveling his walk and I stopped and thanked him and ran along his lovely shoveled walkway.  Hey, I appreciated his efforts.  He said I should be commended for my dedication or committed, I'm not really sure!!  I ran around town and back home, a little more inspired to get the last few miles over and done.  Less than stellar speed, hey I did it and I feel better for it.

There are some people who are shoes in the house people and some who are not, I am a not.  They come off the minute I get in the door.  Not sure what to do with my snow covered and packed shoes I plopped them in the kitchen sink as I wandered around the house trying to warm up!  

Lunch with Nicole and Connie was awesome.  So odd seeing people in real clothing, versus running clothes!  Very enjoyable to talk about things other than running too!!

Looks like the Old Mountain Field 5K was fun!   Great job guys and gals!

Beth, sighting up some goals and happy she didn't over commit today!