Sunday, January 19, 2014

50K Training - Week 3 - Easy

Week 3 of 50K training, an easy week!

Monday - 6.2 Run / TRX / 2.2 Walk the dog.  I was scheduled for NYC on Wednesday and I slacked off on my Sunday miles and couldn't even muster up anything to take the old grouch Giz out for a walk, I was enjoying being a slug on Sunday afternoon!  Figured I could better my Strava 10K challenge time on the roads and I had the time so off I went.  

I started wearing the Heart Rate Monitor, to see what level of effort I am putting in, and forked over the $60 to Strava for the suffer score.  After reading about Seth's HRM belt.  (Yes, I do go back and read old posts.  There are days I don't feel like doing anything but rotting my brain in front of the computer.  Plus it is fun to see how blogs evolve over time.) I made sure it was securely on.  I scored a 114 on this run!  Wait, is that good or bad?

And I can't get the Strava picture to load... I like the picture to break up the words...  hmmm...  found some pictures to break up the words and be somewhat relevant...

Tuesday - 3.5 Run / Spin.  Rain, blarghy rain, but the good thing was I didn't have to go to NYC on Wed!  Yippiee, so this made the mind numbing treadmill bearable (no not really), I wanted to get in some semblance of miles.  Spying Don I made sure I was several treadmills away because, yeah this might happen and I could end up tying my legs in knots.  

Wednesday - 4 Hills / 4.5 dog walks.  I did commit to myself to do hills on Wednesdays and I did them.  I ran the mile to some hills Mike B clued me in on and ran down and up them three times and then back to campus.  Figured that was good for a start.  I haven't done hills for a while, like a year, bad runner I know...  4 miles were on my schedule so that is what I did.  After all it is an EASY week!

Kinda fun finding some barely relevant pics!

Thursday - 4 Run / Spin / Weights.  Wow, it is true the hills do help speed a person up!  A whole 10 seconds!  Yippiee!!   Tired me was keeping up a pretty good clip while Tom Petty was Running Down a Dream.  I love that song, lots of memories.  

Ro did intervals in Spin and then I succumbed to pressure and stayed for the weight class afterwards - another one of those goal thingys. 

I did have a Mike B sighting, thanks for the note ;), figured you forgot where work was after a month off!!  I did have to take a second glance, where was the crap on his face?   Good luck picking up the younger chicks.  HA HA HA!!

Friday - 2.3 dog walk.  Gizzy was happy to get out for a stroll...  I'd of rather run, but it was a rest day... 

I did get a new knitting project started, a replica hat from the 2010 winter olympics. SO cute!  Yeah yeah we are approaching the Opening Ceremony of the 2014 winter olympics... Did you know that during the 2010 olympics these hats were going for $400 on eBay.  That is crazy...

Pattern by Clever Knits
Saturday - 5.2  Earlier in the week, Nicole posted she was getting a group together 7 a.m. on Saturday at the Town Beach in Narragansett to run 5 for Meg.   

Meg's Miles, dedicated to a young woman killed by a drunk driver while out on a training run for Boston.  Truly sad.  It is scary to run and ride the roads from time to time.  We couldn't even imagine what was going through Meg's mind as that vehicle kept coming towards her. 

Jenn, Jackie, Beth, Mary, Kelly (four footed), and Nicole
Photo credit Nicole
I've missed running and talking with these gals, it has been since the fall...  nice easy conversational pace.  This was also Nicole's longest run since Philly when her PF went into overdrive.  Good to give her some support as she gets back up to speed after being sidelined for 6 weeks!!   We thought for sure we could get Crutch up and out running before 7 a.m., no dice, see guys even 5 women to run with won't inspire Wakey Wakey to get up early... 

The rain held off until we were all in our cars, thanks Meg!!

A rainy Saturday is perfect for doing not much of anything, I missed my daily naps during the 12 days off at the end of the year, so I did that.  I suppose I could have cleaned the house or something productive, ah, no...

The Big Guy  (Diesel) was always the best napper!!
I did get the cleats put in my new winter riding boots and the cleats switched over to a new pair of bike shoes.  Felt good to get out on the bike and ride to the end of the block to test the cleats. Hopefully Monday I'll be able to get in a ride and try out the new boots.   The weather is supposed to cooperate and not be so windy.   

Sunday - 8 /3.1 dog walk.  No long run this week, I did get out on the trail, eventually, today.  I had no real time goals for the Burlingame loop, just to run through most of the places I normally walk through.  I succeeded only stopping to tip toe through rock gardens and mud a couple times.  I'm getting a little better with the Li'l Rhody Rise, don't worry guys,  your times are safe, I have no idea how you manage to scramble up those rocks so quick!!  It wasn't until a nice flat straight part (mile 6.5) that I caught a root with my right toe and took a nice sliding digger!  Whoopsie.  Kinda glad I didn't have any clean capri tights and was forced to wear long tights, probably saved my knees from some icky scrapes.  Brushed off the dirt somehow managing to press the lap button on the space watch, now it was all wonky with some 59 minute pace, oh whatever, I better pay attention to the last little bit of the trail.  

Lord Giz of the Mo was in rare form when I got home, whining up a blue streak, after warming up and cleaning up we went out for my 5K loop which worked well as a recovery walk for me.  Wow is it windy out there, so glad I was in the woods and not out on the road today, brrrr...  Giz is now sacked out helping Dave watch 'the game'.

Tough life...

Beth, happy to not have scraped up knees!


  1. So happy you are enjoying running again. I think this was a pretty successful week.

    I loved every minute of our run on Saturday and look forward to our next one.

  2. Good job this week! I may not have been able to join you guys at 7 for the group run, but you better believe I'll be pushing you at the Super 5K for a PR...HA!

    1. When is that Super 5K again? I may be sorry I poked the bear.... ;)